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All About That Bus: Useful Facts On How To Navigate Around Singapore Like a Local [2023]

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When traveling to a new city, it’s important to know the basics about getting around. For visitors to Singapore, that means learning about the bus system.

This article about Bus Tips On How To Navigate Around Singapore Like a Local will teach you everything you need to know so that you can travel like a local! We’ll cover topics such as fares, routes, and tips for navigating the bus system. With this information, you’ll be able to explore every corner of this amazing city with ease!

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Singapore’s Bus System

The bus system in Singapore includes a wide network of routes that go to most locations there.

You can pay for your bus fare using an adult stored value smartcard or the Singapore Tourist Pass. In addition to being a cost-effective method of transportation, taking it is also one of the most scenic options because you can relax in air-conditioned comfort while admiring the stunning architecture of our “city in a garden”. Simply keep an eye out for the card reader as you board, which is adjacent to the bus driver.

Different Bus Services

Despite the fact that Singapore is a small island, 576 different lines operate there. It is a more reliable way to travel than other systems in many major cities throughout the world since it is safe, comfortable, economical, and reliable. In 2018, 4.037 million people utilized Singapore’s system, compared to 3.501 million who used the MRT on a daily average.

How To Pay

Singapore’s massive MRT (metro), LRT (light rail), and bus network make up the majority of the country’s highly developed public transportation system.

In Singapore, there are three primary methods of payment for public transportation: cash, credit cards, and EZ Link cards.

1. EZ Link

The reloadable smart card known as the EZ Link can be used to pay for all types of public transit, as well as taxis and even some eateries. Due to its convenience, it is the primary method for locals to pay for public transit; based on my years spent in Singapore, by estimated around 99.9% of the locals utilize it.

2. Cash

This goes without saying, you can use cash to pay for public transport in Singapore

Normally, we don’t advise using cash to pay for public transportation because it’s such a bother, especially with buses where you have to board quickly and pay swiftly to prevent holding up the line behind you.

However, because the EZ Link card has a $5 non-refundable cost, it will be less expensive to pay in cash if you only intend to make a brief excursion into the city from Changi Airport.

3. Credit card

Credit cards are the final primary mode of payment for public transportation in Singapore. Particularly, only Visa and MasterCard are now accepted.

Credit cards are perhaps the most practical means of payment for the majority of tourists, and in Singapore, you may use them to pay for the MRT and buses.

Use a contactless Visa or MasterCard and tap your card as you board to make a credit card payment (and of course again tap your credit card again when you exit). Unlike MRT tickets, which can be purchased at a machine by inserting or swiping your credit card, bus tickets cannot be purchased in this manner.


Now that you know the basics about getting around Singapore by this mode of transportation, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test! Grab a map of the city and start planning out some routes. Once you have a few trips in mind, head to the nearest bus stop and give it a try. Be sure to bring along some small bills or coins for your convenience.

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