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7 Best Pet Insurance in Singapore [2023]

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Singapore Pet Insurance

Best Singapore Pet Insurance
Best Singapore Pet Insurance

Pets are a part of the family and pet owners want to make sure they have their pet covered in case anything happens. Pet insurance is a way for pet owners to be able to afford veterinary care, treatment, or medication that would otherwise not be possible because of its high cost. In this blog post, we will look at six pet insurance Singapore that provides coverage for cats and dogs, as well as offers other pet-related services such as boarding facilities and vet clinics.

1) Happy Tails

Happy Tails- Singapore Pet Insurance
Happy Tails- Singapore Pet Insurance (Credit: Happy Tails)
Insurance EligibilityAge 4 months to 9 years old
Fully vaccinated
Must not be a working pet or one used for breeding
PetsCats and dogs
Address2 Shenton Way, #26-01, Singapore 068804
Phone+65 6827 7660
Operating HoursMon to Fri 9 AM to 5 PM

Happy Tails is the only standalone online pet insurance in Singapore that gives lifelong coverage for your pets, including hereditary and congenital conditions.

Premiums are available for their plans, which provide comprehensive coverage for accidents and illnesses, including particular hereditary and congenital disorders, for your cherished pets. You will be able to receive up to 80% reimbursement of your veterinarian expenses before a $250 Deductible is required. The policy is immediate following purchase and lasts for accidents or sicknesses for 3 months after commencement. A 12-month waiting period will apply to the six specified hereditary and congenital diseases.

Key Differentiators:

  • Comprehensive coverage for accidents and illnesses
  • 80% reimbursement of your vet bills
  • 1 complimentary video consultation

2) Prestige Pets Insurance

Prestige Pets Insurance - Singapore Pet Insurance
Prestige Pets Insurance – Singapore Pet Insurance (Credit: Prestige Pets Insurance)
Insurance EligibilityAge 8 weeks to 9 years old
Residing with you
Must not be a working pet or one used for breeding
PetsCats and dogs
Address71 Bukit Batok Crescent, #10-08, Singapore 658071
Phone+65 8188 0301
Operating HoursNIL

Prestige Pets Insurance is Singapore’s first and only pet insurance policy that covers veterinary care for sicknesses. Their extensive coverage for your beloved pet dog or cat ensures that you are financially secure if you incur medical and surgical expenses as a result of illness or injury.

You may get a 50% discount on non-surgical charges and 70% for surgical expenses with Prestige Pets Insurance (up to $10,000). With qualified SG veterinarians of your selection, you can rest assured that your cherished pet will receive the finest care. There are no pre-medical exams needed and you can register online.

Key Differentiators:

  • Online insurance registration
  • Covers medical and surgical expenses
  • No pre-medical checkups required

3) CIMB My Paw Pal

CIMB My Paw Pal- Singapore Pet Insurance
CIMB My Paw Pal- Singapore Pet Insurance (Credit: CIMB My Paw Pal)
Insurance EligibilityAge 3 months to 7 years old
Licensed with AVS and microchipped
Must be microchipped and residing in Singapore.
Must not be working dog
PetsCats and dog
Address30 Raffles Pl, 03-03, Singapore 048622
Phone+65 6333 7777
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 9:00am – 4:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 1:00pm

CIMB My Paw Pal is a comprehensive pet insurance plan that covers accidents and sickness for your dog or cat. With CIMB My Paw Pal, you may claim up to S$3,000 per year in medical expenses due to accident and illness, both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Starting at $74.90 per year, premiums are available for additional covers including loss of dog due to theft, medical and cremation, or burial expenses caused by illness. All you have to do is apply online for 10 minutes, and your pet will be adequately covered.

Key Differentiators:

  • Up to S$3,000 per year on medical expenses
  • Covers surgical and non-surgical expenses
  • 10-minute online application

4) Dash Pet Insurance

Dash Pet Insurance - Singapore Pet Insurance
Dash Pet Insurance – Singapore Pet Insurance (Credit: Dash Pet Insurance)
Insurance EligibilitySingtel Dash users aged between 17 to 75 with a valid Singapore NRIC or Singapore residency/work pass
PetsCats and dogs
Address304 Orchard Road, #01-11 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 9am to 8pm

Have you heard of pet insurance that protects the owner rather than the pet? Dash PET, a one-of-a-kind pet insurance savings plan, allows your pet to care for you.

With a guaranteed capital return and complete control of funds, Depository Receipts from WiBank are an excellent choice for customers looking to save money. You may earn up to 1.3 percent p.a. on what you save, save up to S$50, receive capital certainty, and get monthly interest payments. You may select from three different protection plans, with premiums as low as two cents a day. COVID-19 is included in the coverage of all Dash PET life insureds for life protection and indemnity. There is no lock-in period or monthly commitment required.

Key Differentiators:

  • High returns with capital guaranteed
  • Receive interests every month
  • No lock-in period or monthly commitment

5) AIA Paw Safe

AIA Paw Safe - Singapore Pet Insurance
AIA Paw Safe – Singapore Pet Insurance (Credit: AIA Paw Safe)
Insurance EligibilityAge 3 months to 7 years old
Dog must be licensed
Breeds that are not eligible: Mastiff, bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, pit bull terrier, American pit bull terrier, Argentina dog, Canary dog, American bulldog or dogs crossed with any of these breeds and/or wolves
Address3 Tampines Grande #09-01, AIA Tampines, Singapore 528799
Phone1800 248 8000
Operating HoursMondays – Fridays
8.45am to 5.30pm

AIA Paw Safe is at the top of our list of the finest pet insurance in Singapore. AIA Paw Safe was created with dogs between the ages of 3 months and 7 years old in mind. AIA Paw safe understands how important your dog is to you, which is why they want to let you protect your devoted companion without worrying about money.

AIA Paw Safe’s premiums are as low as S$6.63 per month, and the policy goes above and beyond delivering him with the necessities and ensuring that he has the finest life possible. AIA Paw Safe will cover up to S$1,000 in medical expenses if your furry companion needs treatment within 30 days of an accident.

Key Differentiators:

  • Up to S$1,000 reimbursement
  • S$6.63 a month premium
  • Up to S$1,000 reimbursement for stolen pets

6) Liberty Mutual Insurance Group

Liberty Mutual Insurance Group - Singapore Pet Insurance
Liberty Mutual Insurance Group – Singapore Pet Insurance (Credit: Liberty Mutual Insurance Group)
Insurance EligibilityAge 2 months to 9 years old
Pet is residing with you
Must not be a working pet or one used for breeding
PetsCats and dogs
Address51 Club Street #03-00 Liberty House Singapore 069428
Phone1800-LIBERTY (5423 789)
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 8.30am – 5.30pm

Liberty Mutual Insurance Group is a diversified worldwide insurance underwriter founded in Boston and the sixth-largest property and casualty insurer in the United States based on 2019 direct written premium. You can rely on them for your furry children’s needs since to their reputation.

You can save money on veterinary care by participating in PetCare. For any surgical procedure, your pet may require, you may get a 30% co-insurance with PetCare. This will assist you to cut back on the costs of veterinary care while still obtaining the treatments your pet requires. The most generous accidental death compensation for your pet, up to S$3,000, is a selling point that appeals particularly to pedigree pets.

Key Differentiators:

  • Up to 30% co-insurance
  • Up to S$3,000 for accidental death
  • High benefit for accidental death

7) PolicyPal FA Pet Insurance

PolicyPal FA - Singapore Pet Insurance
PolicyPal FA – Singapore Pet Insurance (Credit: PolicyPal FA )
Insurance Eligibility – Aged 8 weeks to 9 years old
– Microchipped
– Must not be a working dog, used for breeding purposes, or reside in a different home from you
PetsDogs & Cats
AddressJustCo, OCBC Centre East 63 Chulia Street, #15-01 Singapore 049514
Phone+65 3163 9184
Operating HoursMonday to Friday 9am to 7pm

Baoxianbaobao Pte. Ltd., a registered insurance broker/exempt financial adviser licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, is a leading provider of motorcycle insurance in Singapore. Baoxianbaobao Pte. Ltd., also known as “PolicyPalFA,” currently works with over 19 different insurance carriers to help clients obtain access to better insurance coverage.

The average annual cost is $350. For new pet owners, this may seem like a lot of money up front, but seasoned pet parents would know that you can easily spend this much on a visit to the veterinarian!

Key Differentiators:

  • Get 5% cashback in PolicyPal Credits
  • Customer Oriented
  • Time-saving

Singapore Pet Insurance

When it comes to pet insurance, Singapore offers a variety of options that will suit any pet owner’s needs. Whether you are looking for comprehensive coverage or simply want a plan that covers accidental death, there is an insurance policy available that fits the bill. Make sure to do your research before deciding on a policy, as some offer better benefits than others. And remember, pet insurance Singapore is not just for accidents – many policies also cover routine care and illnesses.

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