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5 Telegram Groups, You Have To Follow Today [2023]

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5 Best Telegram Groups To Follow

Telegram Groups Singapore
Telegram Groups Singapore

Telegram is a messaging app that is getting increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. Compared to WhatsApp, Telegram is jam-packed with numerous features and tools, all designed to enhance its users’ experience. Such features include secret chats, self-destructing messages, AI bots that can perform multiple tasks, and groups, also known as channels.

Telegram Channels are “groups” that broadcast public messages to large audiences. With no limit to the number of subscribers, These channels are mainly used to provide useful “insider” information for any topic under the sun. Joining one is relatively straightforward: All one has to do is click on the ‘join’ button, and they will automatically be added to the Telegram channel as long as it is a public one!

Whether you are looking for the best food, best deals, places to hang out, or fun things to do in Singapore, you can definitely find a Telegram channel for it! Here are the 5 Best Telegram Groups You Have To Follow Today!

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5 Top Telegram Groups To Follow Today

1. The Fun Empire (@thefunempire)

Want a multi-purpose channel, with the best lobang? Now you can, with The Fun Empire’s Telegram channel! The channel features a curated list ranging from: the best deals, best places to eat, services to engage, interesting things to do, and fun team building activities in and around Singapore. Join The Fun Empire’s Telegram Channel and you’ll always be kept up to date with the best and coolest things in Singapore!

Subscribe here.

2. ShopBack Moolah Savers 💸  (@SBMoolahSavers)

The channel offers regular updates on the best Cashback deals and blog post by ShopBack SG! Get the best of your money and never miss out on other top deals when you join @SBMoolahSavers!

3. SG Food Lobang 👍 (@sgfoodlobang)

Good, but cheap food is hard to find in Singapore’s ever-increasing society; this is where @sgfoodlobang comes to play! With 39k subscribers within the channel, SG Food Lobang offers some of the best food in Singapore. Deals ranging from restaurants, cafes, fast foods, and many more, Local foodies can now get to feast without breaking their bank!

Click here to join.

4. Singapore Part Time Jobs (@singaporeparttimejobs)

Are you looking to find jobs? But don’t feel like looking through multiple webpages of job advertisements?

Time to join: @singaporeparttimejobs, the perfect group for individuals looking to find part-time jobs, to earn side income, Jobs ranging from brand ambassador positions, event setup crews, full -time jobs and many more!

Allow @singaporeparttimejobs to help you with your job and recruitment search today!

5. SG Student Promos (@sgstudentpromos)

With 37K+ subscribers within the group, Sg Student Promos is a dedicated telegram group for students with affordable deals, ranging from 1-1 voucher, School and career opportunities, and events, providing students with the best lobangs!

Click here to join.

5 Best Telegram Groups To Follow

These are just a few useful telegram channels in Singapore, If you are looking for other interesting and fun games and activities, check out these other articles as well! 🙂

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