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8 Best Soundbars in Singapore [2023]

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Best Soundbar Singapore
Best Soundbar Singapore

Soundbar Singapore

Looking for the best soundbars in Singapore? You’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, we will be discussing 8 of the Best Soundbars in the Singapore market today. We’ll be taking a look at soundbars from a variety of different brands, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

We have carefully chosen these soundbars based on their sound quality, features, and price. So whether you are looking for a soundbar to use with your TV or home theatre system, or that can offer surround sound or one that is simple and easy to use we have got you covered!

1. Bose Soundbar 700

Key FeaturesFeaturing immersive sound, deep bass, and easy access to your entertainment
Bose Music app
Where to buyShopee

If you enjoy music, you’re certainly aware that Bose is one of the most well-known manufacturers of excellent sound.

Bose Soundbar 700 produces bone-rattling audio from movies and shows, and it may be expanded with extra Bose speakers and subs for a more powerful configuration

Despite its simplicity, the soundbar can create a light and spacious audio environment by broadcasting sounds throughout the room.

The powerful subwoofer ensures a deeper bass response for superior clarity. It may also be used alone as a music system, with the Bose Music app allowing you to conveniently change songs wherever you are.

Key Differentiators

  • Built-in Alexa
  • TV voice control
  • Bluetooth or SoundTouch speaker for synchronized music playback

Buyer’s Testimony

timeless brand and product over the decades with product speckless, box came in speckless and glass top speckles shiny smooth and solid sound melodious to the ear, best effect with companion bass module and Surround Speaker 700 (not available in Singapore: to import from United States of America)


2. Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar

Key FeaturesDual subwoofers built in for deep bass from an all-in-one sound bar
Where to buyLazada

Yamaha is well-known for producing high-quality musical instruments, and the company’s YAS-109 Sound Bar demonstrates its strengths in the realm of bass with twin built-in subwoofers that produce bone-rattling bass and enable you to not just hear but also feel the music when it pounds your heart.

With DTS Virtual:X technology, the soundbar projects sound around the room, allowing listeners to fully submerge themselves in the sharp, encapsulating cinematic experience.

The feature Clear Voice improves on dialogue, so you won’t have to repeat things during the film.

Key Differentiators

  • Built-in Alexa voice control for easy control of your sound bar, smart home devices, music and more
  • Clear Voice for enhanced dialogue clarity
  • DTS® Virtual:X™ virtual 3D surround sound
  • Bluetooth® streaming for your music and podcasts

Buyer’s Testimony

Item well packed and works like a treat!

Wayne L.

3. Xiaomi Mi Soundbar

Key FeaturesWired and Wireless TV SoundBar 
Where to buyShopee

The Xiaomi Mi Soundbar, for the occasional television viewers who just want something to enhance their TV audio experience without having to spend a fortune, will be ideal.

The TV’s built-in speakers aren’t especially powerful, and the subwoofer provides excellent bass. It is a wise upgrade from most TVs’ built-in speakers in terms of bass quality.

Finally, this soundbar looks excellent because of its unique fabric covering that gives it a sleek and elegant appearance with your television centerpiece.

Key Differentiators

  • Excellent sound effects, 30W speaker with ducted sound cavity
  • Simple appearance fashion design, strip black matte
  • Wired and wireless connection, bluetooth 5.0 / SPDIF / AUX
  • Built-in wall mount, can be wall-mounted or desktop
  • Immersive, brings the effects of movie theater
  • Support wall mounting and desktop mounting

4. Harman Kardon Citation Soundbar

Key FeaturesDedicated to delivering luxurious audio experiences
Where to buyHarman Kardon
PriceS$ 1,199.00

The Harman Kardon Citation Soundbar is probably the most advanced soundbar ever made.

The Harman Kardon Citation Soundbar distinguishes itself with its easy-to-use color LCD touchscreen, allowing you to operate it without the need for apps or remotes.

You may also use the Soundbar’s Movie Mode to concentrate the sound on the three front speakers for designated movie nights. For high-intensity Blockbusters that keep you on edge of your seat, it will provide a more focused soundstage.

Key Differentiators

  • Truly premium product
  • Cinematic wireless surround sound
  • Sophisticated and beautiful design

5. Samsung 7.1.4 Channel Soundbar with Dolby Atmos HWQ90R

Key FeaturesIndulge in True Cinematic Surround Sound with 7.1.4 Channels
Where to buySamsung
PriceSGD 1,180.00

Samsung has a long history of producing excellent home electronics, and the True 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Soundbar is no exception.

Harman Kardon, a renowned audio technology expert, was enlisted to create the product’s Adaptive Sound, which is a cutting-edge sound optimization technique.

It allows viewers to hear even the faintest of voices while simultaneously enhancing sound based on each film scene, allowing them to hear everything clearly. It has two wireless rear speakers that capture sound waves from the peak of space and reverberate them back down.

What is the result? An atmospheric, three-dimensional, surround sound experience that instantly enhances any home entertainment system to cinematic heights. This system can only be improved with its Game Mode Pro, which increases sound settings for the ultimate game night at home.

Key Differentiators

  • 17 speakers to recreate surround sound from front, side, rear & above
  • Analyze content to automatically deliver optimized sound effect
  • In collaboration with Harman Kardon
  • Game Mode
  • Adaptive Sound

6. Cambridge Audio TV5 (V2) Soundbase

Key FeaturesSoundbase with Bluetooth
Where to buyCambridge

The basic, black look of the Cambridge Audio TV5 Soundbase shouldn’t deceive you. Dual Subwoofers and a unique Balanced Mode Radiator Speaker are inside.

To better enhance battle scenes, psychological thrillers, live-action concerts, or other such events, the dual subwoofers double the low-frequency effects.

The BMR Speaker distributes sounds at a 180-degree angle from a small device, which is ideal for individuals with limited TV space and no room for big home systems.

Key Differentiators

  • Flexible connectivity
  • Strong but compact
  • Dual downwards firing subwoofers

7. JBL 2.0 Channel Bar Studio Soundbar

Key Features2.0 – Channel Soundbar with Bluetooth
Where to buyJBL
PriceS$ 299.00

When compared to the high-end JBL variant, this JBL Bar Studio 2.0 Noir is a great alternative for the budget-conscious.

You don’t have to worry about purchasing or connecting extra speakers or wires when you use JBL’stechnology. It also has a Dual Bass Port, which enhances deep sounds in movies and games by boosting low-end sound.

It also has Bluetooth and HDMI connections, as well as an easy-to-use TV remote control, which is typical of most soundbars in Singapore.

Overall, it’s not particularly pricey and doesn’t lose any of the essential features found on superior soundbars.

Key Differentiators

  • All-in-one Soundbar with built-in Dual Bass Port design
  • Wireless music streaming with Bluetooth
  • Can work with your TV remote control

8. Philips Soundbar Speaker HTL1508B

Key FeaturesSoundbar Speaker
Powerful sound for your TV
Where to buyPhilips

Philips Soundbar Speaker is one of the most cost-effective soundbars available in Singapore. It has two built-in speaker channels for basic, yet adequate sound quality.

It includes Bluetooth, so you may wirelessly listen to music from your phone or MP3 player. If you want to connect your phones or other devices to it, there is an Audio In port for you to connect it with.

It’s not designed to provide a whole-room stereo effect, but it’s adequate to give an enjoyable home theater experience at a reasonable price.

Key Differentiators

  • Audio in to enjoy music from iPod/iPhone/MP3 player
  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming from your music devices
  • Low-rise profile for the perfect fit in front of your TV

Buyer’s Testimony

Found thus at a great price..was later glad I purchased it Sounds great at higher volúmenes. Great soundbar.

Yes, I recommend this product


Soundbar Singapore

Since each person has different needs when it comes to music quality and features, there is something here for everyone.

If this article about soundbars in Singapore helped point out what type of soundbar would be perfect for your needs then feel free to share this blog post with friends who might also benefit from these tips.

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