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28 Best Spectacle Shops In Singapore [2023]

Spectacle Shops Singapore

Best Spectacle Shops Singapore
Best Spectacle Shops Singapore

With our busy lifestyles, some of us might neglect taking care of our eyes. The presence of technologies, such as smartphones and laptops, have been vital in our daily lifestyle. Whether it’s for studies or your late-night Netflix binge, our eyes will definitely be glued to the digital screens without us realising it. Worse still, there are some who will place their devices near their eyes. Consequently, the eyes will definitely be damaged by these intrusive habits.

Usually, the solution to this problem is to wear a pair of spectacles. It is seen as a short-term solution for those who have deteriorating eye sights. In Singapore, there is a wide range of spectacle shops that sell prescription glasses, frames as well as lenses that caters to the different needs and wants of customers. Hence, we will be sharing with you the best spectacle shops in Singapore!

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Key Consideration Factors

  • Quality of Products: One of the most important considerations when looking for a good spectacle shop is the quality of their products. Look for a shop that offers high-quality frames and lenses from reputable brands.
  • Range of Products: Another key consideration is the range of products available at the shop. Look for a shop that offers a wide selection of frames and lenses to choose from, so you can find something that suits your style and needs.
  • Customer Service: Good customer service is essential when shopping for spectacles, as you’ll want to work with experienced professionals who can help you find the right product for your specific needs.
  • Price: The cost of spectacles can vary widely depending on factors such as frame material, lens type, and brand name. Be sure to compare prices across different shops before making your purchase.
  • Warranty and Return Policy: Finally, consider the warranty and return policy offered by the shop. Look for a shop that offers a solid warranty on their products, as well as a flexible return policy in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

Best Spectacle Shops Singapore

1. Monocle

Monocle - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Monocle – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Monocle)
Key ServicesGlasses with good design and fair pricing
Address7A Haji Lane, Singapore 189200 (Bugis MRT)
Phone+65 8736 1649
Operating HoursWed-Fri: 2pm-8pm 
Sat: 11.30am-7.30pm
Sun: 11.30am-5.30pm

Monocle’s Italian tortoiseshell glasses are ideal for anyone who wants to look their best while dressing up. The costs of glasses begin at $85 per pair thanks to high-quality stainless steel and titanium. The environmentally friendly store acts as a great role model for other retailers. For every pair of glasses sold, the shop sponsors a tree planting. Not only will you save money, but you’ll be assisting the environment in a tiny way.

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, quality glasses with affordability
  • Secondly, direct-to-customer model
  • Thirdly, 1 year warranty on all products

2. Oblique Eyewear

Oblique Eyewear - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Oblique Eyewear – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Oblique Eyewear)
Key ServicesSpectacle Shops Singapore:

Eye test
Contact lens fitting
A custom tinted lens with / without degree
Custom clip ons / nose-pads
Wide range of latest eyewear trend frames
Wide range of contact lens brands
All lens type available
Express service
Express online delivery 1-2 days
Address2 Handy Road, The Cathay #01-07
Operating Hours12.30-9 pm daily

In Oblique Eyewear, they differentiate themselves by providing the finest selection of the latest eyewear trends while keeping their prices affordable. By constantly improving their processes and supply chain, Oblique Eyewear is able to produce faster, better as well as cheaper. They are also always in the search for better materials and optical technological advancements to provide the best Vision and Aesthetics for their consumers.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, the selection of eyewear at Oblique Eyewear is targeted specifically towards a fashionable audience.
  • Secondly, they make ordering online an easy process and a personalised experience even for overseas orders.
  • Thirdly, Oblique Eyewear provides individualised frame recommendations based on the consumers’ needs

3. - Spectacle Shops Singapore – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit:
Key ServicesSpectacle Shops Singapore: Primary Eye Care services including screening and detection of eye conditions, eye power check, prescription of optical appliances like Contact Lenses and Prescription Glasses, Myopia Management services and Secondary Eye Care services – Optical Coherence Tomography and Visual Field Tests
Address148 Potong Pasir Ave 1 #01-51 Singapore 350148 | 827 Tampines Street 81 #01-146 Singapore 520827 
Phone6288 2013 | 678 123 88
Operating Hours11-9 pm daily

They are a Myopia Specialist Clinic that provides the highest level of eye care to all their patients as well as provides vision care to your whole family. exists to treat, manage as well as prevent myopia. They educate, advocate and they prevent vision loss.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, impactful solutions
  • Secondly, differentiated service
  • Thirdly, personalised consultations

Client Testimonial

Highly recommended. Been wearing contact lens for a very long time and my eye doctor suggested that I should wear glasses more often to rest my tired eyes. I have had prescription glasses before that were not great. So when this place came highly recommended, I decided to pop by. Indeed, the glasses prescribed was spot on. Plus, the service provided was professional and the staff was friendly and approachable. I would recommend this shop for anyone looking for professional optical services.

Qxela J

4. sightonomy

sightonomy - Spectacle Shops Singapore
sightonomy – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: sightonomy)
Key ServicesPrescription eyewear and contact lenses
Personalised progressive lens consultation and fitting
Myopia management for children and teenagers
Occupational and lifestyle management for digital eye strain
Address60B Smith Street Singapore 058963
Phone+65 8028 9690
Operating HoursMonday – Wednesday: 11am – 8pm
Thursday: 11am – 6pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 8pm
Sunday: 11am – 6pm
Closed on public holidays, first and third Fridays of the month

sightonomy was founded with the focus of creating value for the bespectacled population of Singapore. By adopting a direct-to-consumer model, sightonomy works directly with manufacturers and cuts away the middlemen and is thus able to offer stylish and quality eyewear at affordable prices. As an omni-channel retailer, sightonomy not only empowers customers to purchase online, they also have a cosy studio in the heart of Chinatown for customers to try on their favourite frames and to engage their professional eye care services.

Co-founded by an optometrist with more than 15 years of experience, sightonomy offers professional services with a particular interest in managing myopia in children and combating digital eye strain. They also offer personalised progressive lens consultations with the focus on each individual’s occupational and lifestyle needs.

Key Differentiators

  • Stylish, quality eyewear at affordable prices from only S$75 inclusive of standard lenses
  • Professional progressive lens assessment and personalised fitting process for new and existing progressive lens wearers
  • Myopia management services for children and teenagers

Client Testimonial

I am very happy to find sightonomy! Designs of specs are very modern, and prices very competitive. Love the overall shop design, very open, modern and cosy layout. They were very friendly and patient, and provided many recommendations until I found the perfect specs!


5. foptics

Foptics - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Foptics – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Foptics)
Key ServicesSpectacle Shops Singapore
Address58B Pagoda Street #03-01 Singapore 059217
Operating HoursMonday 12–8:30 pm
Tuesday 12–8:30 pm
Wednesday 12–8:30 pm
Thursday 4–8:30 pm
Friday 12–8:30 pm
Saturday 12–8 pm
Sunday 12–8 pm

Here at foptics, they don’t believe in paying exorbitant prices for a pair of glasses. Foptics is an eCommerce eyewear retailer with a mission to bring trendy and affordable glasses to the masses, at the same time enabling everyone to be able to purchase a pair of glasses conveniently both online and offline. They aim to deliver an experience like no other. In their physical stores, they create a cosy environment where their customers can shop as well as browse freely, very much like shopping for new clothes! Since they believe in transparency, their prices are for all to see. As a result, they are widely loved by their customers, with a rating of 4.8/5 based on over 300 reviews. You can be sure to have a #seebaehappy experience!

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, you can get a pair of glasses (frame and lens) AT $35.90 ALL IN
  • Secondly, they do not compromise on style, and you can be sure to find a wide assortment of spectacle frames, from the classics to the latest trendy glasses.
  • Thirdly, you can buy a pair of glasses on their website if you have your full prescription. They will then process and mail the glasses to you via courier.

Client Testimonial

Superb service and really efficient! They talked me through the eye checkup (e.g. told me what they are going do, whether its better to increase my degree, etc) and was very informative and detailed. Additionally, they were attentive and ensured that i was aware of their purchasing schemes. they left me alone to pick my frames without stressing me out (yall know how it usually is when you try to pick clothes and stuff)Highly recommend for its price point too! 🙂 keep it up!!

Livana Ho

6. Eye Zone Optical

Eye Zone Optical - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Eye Zone Optical – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Eye Zone Optical)
Key ServicesSpectacle Shops Singapore: Prescribe Frame + lenses, Eye Prescription Check, Progressive lens troubleshooting, Contact lens suitability check, Contact Lenses eye health check, Tropia/phoria Management, Myopia management
AddressToa Payoh: Blk 184 Toa Payoh Central, #01-366, S(310184) 
Teck Whye Lane: Blk 143 Teck Whye Lane, #01-233, S(680143) 
Bedok: Blk 213 Bedok Central, #01-127, S(460213) 
Yishun: Blk 101 Yishun Ave 5, #01-97, S(760101) 
Woodlands: Blk 301 Woodlands St 31, #01-259, S(730301) 
PhoneToa Payoh: 6251 9202
Teck Whye Lane:  6763 6036
Bedok: 6241 7445
Yishun: 6755 4811
Woodlands: 6368 6637
Operating HoursToa Payoh: Daily (11am-9.30 pm)
Teck Why Lane:
Daily (10.30am-9pm)
Daily (10.30am-9pm)
Daily (10am-8.30pm)
Daily (10.30am-9pm)

Established in 1997, Eye Zone Optical is an optical shop that believes in delivering professional as well as individualized eye care services catering to all their customers. Every person is different. Likewise, your vision care should be catered uniquely to your own eye. In addition, their opticians/optometrists are trained to recommend products based on customer’s need and not “push” for what isn’t necessary.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, only optical shop in in Singapore with more than 1000 5-star Google Review.
  • Secondly, strong emphasis on customer service & satisfaction
  • Thirdly, extensive knowledge on troubleshooting issues like progressive lens discomfort, Tropia/Phoria & Aniseikonia.

Client Testimonial

Had a very lovely and smooth experience. They had a wide range of spectacle frames available which were of quality, and were able to provide many options that were similar to my previous one. The person who was assisting me was very knowledgeable and patient as well. Spectacles were ready in half an hour which was a major selling point!

Canice Chow

7. Just Eyes

Just Eyes - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Just Eyes – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Just Eyes)
Key ServicesSpectacle Shops Singapore: Glasses and Contact lens prescription, optometric services, comprehensive eye examination, myopia control, complex Contact lens fitting, paediatric primary eyecare
Address10 Anson Road, #02-50 International Plaza, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore 079903
Phone+65 62239150
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday 12 pm to 5 pm
(Before 12 pm and after 5 pm by appointment)

They are an established practice with 24 years behind them. They are trusted for their accurate refraction, expertise in opticianary dispensing, genuine advice as well as the commitment to delivering trustworthy quality optometric care. Their wide range of frames, as well as deep knowledge of lenses as well as products, will cater to a wide range of individual needs. With a strong culture in providing excellent aftercare, they recognise that adjustment, as well as aftercare maintenance of your glasses, are important.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, tried and trusted name in the optometric community
  • Secondly, they pride themselves in being professional
  • Thirdly, they believe in holistic eye care that goes beyond just checking your eye power but rather encompasses screening for eye conditions

Client Testimonial

We’ve been with Just Eyes for close to 30 years and Just Eyes has done well by us. The eye testing process is professional, quick, and accurate. The family trusts the tests because we’ve no problems with our lens fit over all these years. The frames and lenses are fitted to your lifestyle and needs. There’s a good range of frames to choose from, mostly top quality and of recent make. Most of our frames lasted 5 or more years under the rigours of NS, babies, and general mishandling, so I can safely say that the build quality of the frames here are pretty good. Optometrists walk the fine line between good medical advisors and everyday lifestyle/fashion consultants (because – come on – you’re buying glasses when contacts are prevalent, so these are lifestyle accessories at least as much as visual aids…) and Just Eyes does its business very well.


8. Yi Eyecare

Yi Eyecare - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Yi Eyecare – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Yi Eyecare)
Key ServicesSpectacle Shops Singapore: Optometry & Eye Health Services, New Frames and Sunglasses, Repairs, Services, Contact Lenses
Address624 Choa Chu Kang Street 62, Yew Tee Square, #01-236
Phone6762 4961
Operating Hours11am – 9pm

Presently, they are a homegrown optical shop in the heart of West Side, Yew Tee. Yi Eyecare was founded in 2001 and they are a family-owned local business. Over 20 years in Yew Tee Square, providing every eye care and eyewear services they have to their families, friends, neighbours as well as customers. Relationships were provided with their partners as well as their community to provide the best service as a Singapore Heartland Store. In addition, they provide full eye examinations, contact lens fitting as well as many other eye care services available. They offer a variety of designer eyeglass frames and prescription glasses to inexpensive frames as well as glasses at affordable prices.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, they are the pioneers in Eye Health services in Yew Tee, the shop has been around for 20 years
  • Secondly, they are a family-focused business
  • Thirdly, they embrace new trends as well as innovations in the eyewear industry

Client Testimonial

The staff are very friendly and helpful. I was served by Joe and he is very professional in helping the customer choosing suitable frames and lenses. He recommended different options for me as I wanted affordable glasses. He also explained the uses of different kind of lenses and whether it was actually necessary to do so. Overall, the service was great with affordable and beautiful frames, lenses. I would definitely come back here again!

Phoebe Yulin

9. EMME Visioncare

EMME Visioncare - Spectacle Shops Singapore
EMME Visioncare – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: EMME Visioncare)
Key ServicesSpectacle Shops Singapore: Comprehensive Eye Examination, Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) Shaping System, OSS, Different Ophthalmic Lenses Discussion, Fundus Photography (Funduscopy), Myopia Control Solutions, Eye Glasses & Contact Lens Examination
Address1 Maritime Square, #02-91 HarbourFront Centre, Singapore 099253
Operating Hours11 am to 9 pm daily

At EMME Visioncare, they provide their customers with access to state-of-the-art facilities along with the most experienced, dedicated Optometrists as well as Opticians. From Comprehensive Eye Examinations to Eye Care Solutions and Myopia Control Solutions, their personalized services allow them to manage any eye health concern their clients might have. Whether you’re coming in for a simple check-up or a more complex treatment regimen, their dedicated team of Optometrists and Opticians has the skills and resources to manage all your eyecare needs. Your vision is their priority, and they are dedicated to making sure you always feel welcome and at ease. Hence, they can’t wait to help you see better today.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, they are an independent family of optometrists and opticians located in HarbourFront Centre, dedicated to providing the highest standards of personalised eye care to both adults as well as children.
  • Secondly, they welcome you to experience state-of-the-art eye testing technologies in their modern practice and individual attention and care with their highly experienced optometrists and opticians.
  • Thirdly, with their expertise in health, children’s vision, orthokeratology, advanced contact lens fitting and myopia management, you can expect clinical excellence, great care and accurate results regardless of the complexity.

Client Testimonial

I did a few progressive glasses and this is so far the best shop in terms of fit and service. Pricey but totally worth it. Took a while to write this because I want to share my experience on their after-sales service as well. 5 stars for everything, from eye diagnosis, sales and after-sales service. The people there are friendly, responsive and more importantly, they really care. I went back twice to make some fitting adjustment (after-sales) and always felt welcomed and cared for.

Celia Foo

10. Eyecare Studios

Eyecare Studios - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Eyecare Studios – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Eyecare Studios)
Key ServicesSpectacle Shops Singapore
AddressJurong Point Branch:
63 Jurong West Central 3
01-13 Jurong Point 2
Singapore 648331

Serangoon Nex Branch:
23 Serangoon Central
NEX Mall
Singapore 556083

The Seletar Mall Branch:
33 Seng Kang West Avenue
The Seletar Mall
Singapore 797653
PhoneJurong Point Branch: 63160676
Serangoon Nex Branch: 6636 8223
The Seletar Mall Branch: (65) 6702 3412
Operating Hours10:30 am to 9:30 pm daily

Eyecare Studio is one of the optical shops in Singapore that provides comprehensive diagnostic eye examination as well as preventive care services to all its customers. Their qualified optometrists & opticians provide professional eye care services including disease detection & myopia management with different approaches including OrthoK. Their stores carry the latest range of high-quality optical merchandise such as contact lenses, innovative optical lenses, a wide variety of frames and sunglasses at competitive prices. 

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, specialised in kids myopia management including Orthokeratology
  • Secondly, comprehensive eye check including eye disease detection
  • Thirdly, wide selection of branded & trendy glasses & contact lenses

Client Testimonial

Staffs are very friendly and professional. Very good recommendations for the kind of lens that I need. They are able to explain clearly what will I be expecting for different kind of lenses according to my expectations. Will definitely recommend to my friends.

Jm Loh

11. New China Opticians

New China Opticians - Spectacle Shops Singapore
New China Opticians – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: New China Opticians)
Key ServicesSpectacle Shops Singapore: Frames and lens purchase, servicing, eye health and eye test consultation, contact lens fitting
Address3 Coleman Street #01-11 Peninsula Shopping Centre, 179804
Phone93362635 (Wendy)
63378441 (Shop)
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday: 11 am to 7 pm
Sunday and Public Holidays: 12 pm to 6 pm

Set up in 1925, New China Opticians is one of the oldest established opticians in Singapore with more than 95 years of experience in the industry. They are known to offer a wide range of affordable yet stylish quality vintage eyewear as well as accessories. Besides that, they also provide various optical services including eye examinations and eye health check-ups. Known for their service excellence as well as the creation of value for customers, there is no doubt that they consistently uphold the highest standards of professional eye care.

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, they offer a wide range of vintage eyewear
  • Secondly, frames and lenses made within 30 minutes! (Only applicable for degrees within stock range)
  • Thirdly, affordable, trendy, and high quality lenses with after sales servicing if needed.

Client Testimonial

New china optician is a family run business that is very reasonably priced, and very fast in its service. The owner is helpful and very attentive to detail. Even gave me a complimentary nose pad switch on my existing glasses while my new specs were done in just 10 mins! Amazing craftsmanship, service and price all in one shop. Very impressed and definitely not my last time coming back!

Jeromy & Nidia

12. One Optique

One Optique - Spectacle Shops Singapore
One Optique – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: One Optique)
Key ServicesSpectacle Shops Singapore: Retail & sale of spectacles and other optical services
AddressYishun: 293 Yishun St 22, #01-235, Singapore 760293
Sembawang: 604 Sembawang Road, #01-07, Singapore 758459
Yishun Ring Road: 598 Yishun Ring Road, #01-30, Singapore 768698
Hougang: 90 Hougang Ave 10, #01-29, Singapore 538766
Operating Hours11 am to 9 pm

One Optique is an optical shop that started from its humble beginnings in a HDB shop lot in the Hougang area since 2015. Now, they have 4 outlets which are growing steadily at Yishun, Khatib, Sembawang as well as Hougang areas. Customer service is their topmost priority and they take in customers’ feedback positively. They continue improving ourselves as well as promoting quality products to all their valued customers. They also carry a wide range of products at different brands and price range, at very affordable and competitive price, starting from only $ 48 (frame + lens). Over the years, they focus on customers’ needs and provide solutions by recommending the most suitable products to the users, and of course according to the users’ needs and budgets. Everyone can own a pair of comfortable eye wear, at an affordable price, from One Optique!

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, the frame + lens package start from only S$48
  • Secondly, provide 20 express services
  • Thirdly, wide product range – carry different brands of frames and lenses

Client Testimonial

The staff there were so friendly and professional. So patient because my daughter is taking her own sweet time to choose which glasses she likes. Definitely will recommend it to all my family and friends and I will definitely come back doing it for myself too. Great customer service.

Siti Nur Fitri

13. Mimeo Optical

Mimeo Optical - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Mimeo Optical – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Mimeo Optical)
Key ServicesProSeries Custom Lenses, Myopia Control and Management, Comprehensive Eye Check, Prescription Lenses & Eyeglasses, Personalised Consultation
AddressMarina Square Shopping Mall 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-338 S039594
Operating Hours11.30 am to 5 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Friday
11.30 am to 7 pm on Wednesday, Thursday, and weekends

On a daily basis, we’re no strangers to gushing over our favorite K-Drama celebrities. If you want to acquire a pair of glasses that are specifically designed and produced in Korea, Mimeo Optical has a great selection.

They offer a wide range of eyeglasses at attractive pricing. They have deals on everything from $75 Spectacles to 1-for-1 Shamir Progressive Lens Package – ideal for those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer and require some TLC for their eyes.

You can quickly and easily estimate your next pair of glasses’ price based on your current prescription and choice of lenses before you even leave the house by filling out a short questionnaire on their website.

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, they have simple and transparent pricing with 3 simple prices for each category – either Single Vision or Progressive Lenses
  • Secondly, they will replace your lens free of charge if your eye prescription changes by more than 50 degrees within 6 months
  • Thirdly, they offer Preferred Vision Money-back Guarantee

Client Testimonial

It was a great experience having my progressive lenses made there. Windi was able to identify the issue with my previous pair when my previous optician could not. He was detailed in his prescriptions and very patient. Agnes and Anne were just as great. Giving lotsa advice without hardselling. It was a last chance I took on to make another pair of progressive lenses.. I m really glad I was there..

Amanda Tan

14. Glimpse

Glimpse - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Glimpse – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Glimpse)
Key ServicesA wide range of Chic and Stylish eyewear selection to cater for every different individual needs.
AddressCentury Square 2 Tampines Central 5 #01-24 Singapore 529509

Northpoint City 1 Northpoint Driven #B2-121 / 122 Singapore 768019

Westgate 3 Gateway Drive #02-35 Singapore 608532

The Centrepoint 176 Orchard Road #01-33 / 33A Singapore 238843

Bugis Junction 200 Victoria Street #01-102 / 103 Singapore 188021

Causeway Point 1 Woodlands Square #B1-03 Singapore 738099

Queensway Shopping Centre #01-48A / 57 / 26 Singapore 149053
PhoneCentury Square: 6260 3777
Northpoint City: 6886 9060
Westgate: 6261 7188
The Centrepoint: 6262 3133
Bugis Junction: 6261 6388
Causeway Point: 6219 5012
Queensway Shopping Centre: 6474 1033

You won’t have to go back to the shop just to pick up your order. Glimpse allows you to receive your new custom-made prescription eyeglasses in just 20 minutes. Choose from a variety of sleek frame designs, including rectangular, round, aviator, half rimless, and rimless. Are you a fan of their designs? At just $50 per pair, you may get a second pair of glasses. The frame and lens are included in this price.

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, the eyewear are ready in 20 mins
  • Secondly, a wide range of outlets across Singapore
  • Thirdly, they offer Frame + Blue Lens at just $88!

15. Lenskart

Lenskart - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Lenskart – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Lenskart)
Key ServicesHigh Quality and varied Designs Eyeglasses and Sunglasses at a very Affordable price. 
AddressMultiple outlets
Phone3158 7899
Operating HoursDifferent operating hours for different outlets

Customers can see how each frame looks on them without trying it on with the 3D Try On technology of Lenskart, which is available on their website and in store. This is ideal for germophobes, especially during cold and flu season. From $68 for a tasteful presentation of online-only designs, with delivery for purchases over $40 inclusive. You may also go to their physical stores if changes are required.

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, largest collection of frames with 2500+ designs
  • Secondly, free 30-day return or exchange
  • Thirdly, 3D try on

16. Zoff

Zoff - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Zoff – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Zoff)
Key ServicesProviding Japan quality, trendy and functional eyewear products at reasonable and affordable prices.
AddressChinatown Point 133 New Bridge Road, #B1-39, Chinatown Point  Singapore 059413

Funan 107 North Bridge Road, #01-28 Singapore 179105

ION Orchard 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-11, ION Orchard Singapore 238801 

ITE Epitome, ITE College Central ITE Epitome, 2 Ang Mo Kio Dr, Blk A Level 1 #01-05 Singapore 567720

Jem 50 Jurong Gateway Road #01-27 Singapore 608549

Orchard Central 181 Orchard Road, #B1-02/04 Singapore 238896 

Paya Lebar Quarter 10 Paya Lebar Road, #01-16  Singapore 409057
Phone6250 5604

Zoff is a Japanese brand that produces frames and lens sets for various prices. Zoff’s frame and lens sets start at $98. Not to mention that you can get your Zoff glasses cleaned and altered at any physical store for free. You may get 10% off a lens upgrade when you buy them on Lazada. For any prescription changes, children under the age of 15 are entitled to free-of-charge lens exchange, which is a significant savings. The Kids PC Package ($58) includes computer glasses with blue light blocking to safeguard children’s eyes while they use their iPads.

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, Made in Japan quality
  • Secondly, wide selection of glasses frames so that your eyewear style stays always fresh
  • Thirdly, glasses ready for collection in 30 minutes

17. Visual Mass

Visual Mass - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Visual Mass – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Visual Mass)
Key ServicesGood-looking and good quality glasses with a good price
AddressOrchard Gateway 277 Orchard Road B2-30 Singapore 238858
Phone6702 3480 
Operating HoursOpen Daily from 12.30 pm – 8.30 pm

At Visual Mass, where there’s a 1-for-1 offer for all glasses, grab a buddy and raise your style together. Each pair of prescription glasses with multi-coated high-index lenses costs $98. With every $250 spent on contact lenses, you’ll also get a free pair of prescription glasses. If you’re interested in adopting the transparent frame style, their beautiful designs from the Crystal Collection and Synthetic Resins Collections are a must-have.

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, buy one get one free
  • Secondly, free glass with contact lens purchase
  • Thirdly, collaborations with brands and celebrities

Client Testimonial

Service was excellent and the price was reasonable. Pretty chic designs too. Generally not a fan of buying specs cause its time consuming (I mean I need to choose a nice pair after all) and pressure inducing (service attendant can sometimes add pressure), did not encounter that here.

Ang Kheng Kiat

18. Eyecon Optical

Eyecon Optical - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Eyecon Optical – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Eyecon Optical)
Key ServicesSpecialising in fashionable eyewear for all age groups and personal tastes
Address200 Jln Sultan, #08-04 Textile Centre, Singapore 199018
Operating HoursMon – Fri 11.00 am to 8.00 pm | Sat 11.00 am to 5.00 pm (By Appointment Only)
Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays

You can get a pair of eyeglass frames ($35) and prescription lenses ($19.80), which is a great deal at $54.80, from Eyecon Optical. Eyeglasses are available in a variety of styles, including Chic & Retro, Classic & Casual, Limited Edition, and Titanium. Drop by for a consultation from the knowledgeable optician Marcus himself.

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, affiliated with the International Medical Consultancy, which provides integrated healthcare support services for hospitals and clinics in Singapore
  • Secondly, quality, affordable solutions and exercise a transparent pricing policy
  • Thirdly, offer Eyeglass Adjustment & Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaning

Client Testimonial

Excellent and friendly service from Marcus. He offers professional recommendation and is thorough/ patient. Wide selection of frames.

Adele Goh

19. ORIAN Eyewear

ORIAN Eyewear - Spectacle Shops Singapore
ORIAN Eyewear – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: ORIAN Eyewear)
Key ServicesProvide affordable spectacles to the masses with fair and honest pricing and service.
Address30 Tai Seng St, #02-04/11
18 Tai Seng St, #01-27
Phone6444 4864
Operating HoursOpen Daily from 11 am – 7 pm

ORIAN Eyewear is the place to go if you’d rather pick the safe option of more basic and clean designs. They offer a large selection of Korean-style glasses at an affordable price of $48. New and fascinating patterns are released on a monthly basis, with new colors and styles accessible in retail and online. Don’t forget about their unique online offer – quote ORIAN10 for $10 off your internet order.

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, honest pricing
  • Secondly, quality eye check and new designs
  • Thirdly, worthy customer service

Client Testimonial

I made my first progressive glass here just before CNY2022. 1 week later in unfortunate event my foc reading glass frame bent and one lens came off. Went back to Orian for help and they did it without asking any question and did not charged. Staff were friendly and helpful. Will surely come back to make specs for wife and daughter in near future. Thank you Orian

Isha Othman


OWNDAYS - Spectacle Shops Singapore
OWNDAYS – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: OWNDAYS)
Key ServicesQuick and affordable fashion-forward eyewear from Japan
AddressMultiple outlets
Phone6222 0588
Operating hoursOpen Daily from 10 am – 7 pm

Owndays is a well-known eyeglasses brand with numerous mall locations throughout Singapore. The frames are available in a wide range of prices, starting from $98. The 2-in-1 spectacles-cum-sunglasses frames from the SNAP collection are great for sunny Singapore, as they can be used as both sunglasses and spectacle frames. The frames on the Owndays line are constructed of light and sturdy materials, such as Air Ultem. You can also get cheap spectacle accessories like spectacle chains ($20), spectacle pouches ($10) and lens cleaners ($5).

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, 1-Year warranty on lens visual performance
  • Secondly, 2 months free exchange to regular lenses if you are unable to get used to progressive glasses
  • Thirdly, 2 months free exchange to regular lenses if colour lenses are not suitable

21. Eyecare Studio Optometrist

Eyecare Studio Optometrist - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Eyecare Studio Optometrist – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Eyecare Studio Optometrist)
Key ServicesSpectacle Shops Singapore: Comprehensive Eye Examination, Screen & Detect
Common Eye Diseases, Prescription check for Glasses & Contact Lenses, Myopia
Management including all types of Myopia Control Lenses & Orthokeratology
(Cornea Reshaping), Fundus Photography, Eye Pressure (IOP) Check, Complex
Contact Lens Fitting (high astigmatism or multifocal), Progressive Glasses
Troubleshooting, Sport & Industrial Safety Glasses
AddressJurong Point Branch:
63 Jurong West Central 3
01-13 Jurong Point 2
Singapore 648331

Serangoon Nex Branch:
23 Serangoon Central
NEX Mall
Singapore 556083

The Seletar Mall Branch:
33 Seng Kang West Avenue
The Seletar Mall
Singapore 797653
PhoneJurong Point Branch: 63160676
Serangoon Nex Branch: 6636 8223
The Seletar Mall Branch: (65) 6702 3412
Operating Hours10:30 am to 9:30 pm daily

Eyecare Studio is one of the optical shops in Singapore that provides comprehensive diagnostic eye examination as well as preventive care services to all its customers. Their qualified optometrists & opticians provide professional eye care services including disease detection & myopia management with different approaches including OrthoK. Their stores carry the latest range of high-quality optical merchandise such as contact lenses, innovative optical lenses, a wide variety of frames and sunglasses at competitive prices. 

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, specialised in kids myopia management including Orthokeratology
  • Secondly, comprehensive eye check including eye disease detection
  • Thirdly, wide selection of branded & trendy glasses & contact lenses

Client Testimonial

Staffs are very friendly and professional. Very good recommendations for the kind of lens that I need. They are able to explain clearly what will I be expecting for different kind of lenses according to my expectations. Will definitely recommend to my friends.

Jm Loh

22. SmartBuyGlasses

SmartBuyGlasses - Spectacle Shops Singapore
SmartBuyGlasses – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: SmartBuyGlasses)
Key ServicesExtensive range of over 200 brands with Best Price Guarantee, In-house Opticians and Virtual Try-On

This brand does not have a brick-and-mortar store since it only provides optical goods over the internet. It does not have a location to conduct eye tests. Instead, it collaborates with expert opticians from other optical shops to give the quick checks, allowing them to keep costs low.

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, frames from $14
  • Secondly, virtual 3D try-on
  • Thirdly, best online eyewear store since 2006

Client Testimonial

Bought this to replace my old raybans. The price is cheaper than retail. The quality is legitimate. The shipping is also very fast. Overall am quite pleased with my purchase.

Danial Hz.

23. Bolon

Bolon- Spectacle Shops Singapore
Bolon- Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Bolon)
Key ServicesEach frame is craftily designed to be extremely lightweight, guaranteeing maximum ease and comfort even when worn for long hours.
Address435 Orchard Road #03-11 Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877 

68 Orchard Road #02-31, Singapore 238839

3 Temasek Boulevard #01-320 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983

9 Bishan Place #01-12 Junction 8, Singapore 579837
PhoneWisma Atria: 6734 8170
Plaza Singapura: 6219 3242
Suntec City: 6254 4880
Junction 8: 6262 4026
Operating HoursOpen Daily from 10.30 am – 9.30 pm

Anne Hathaway, Hailey Baldwin, and Davika Hoorne are just a few of the celebrities who have been seen wearing this brand. Wear one of Bolon’s frames to elevate your style to a new level of class and nerdy sophistication, whether you’re an aviator, browline, or something in between.

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, high quality materials: Italian Premium Acetate-Resin and Memory resin TR90 made in Switzerland guarantee lightness and resistance
  • Secondly, hyper-elastic thin steel is fashioned by precision laser cutting
  • Thirdly, unique and stylish designs 

Client Testimonial

Really nice and helpful staff, excellent customer service! I really appreciate that they kept reiterating that there’s no obligation to buy & kept telling me to take time to decide first. Keep it up guys! Will definitely be coming back for anything else!


24. Molsion

Molsion - Spectacle Shop Singapore
Molsion – Spectacle Shop Singapore (Credit: Molsion)
Key ServicesEyewear (sunglasses and optical)
AddressPlaza Singapura #02-31 68 Orchard Rd, Singapore

Junction 8 #01-12 9 Bishan Place, Singapore
Phone6219 3242
Operating HoursOpen Daily from 10.30 am – 9.30 pm

Molsion is a scorching new brand that combines the comfort of authentic cotton with modern technology. It’s worn by such stars as Angelababy and Park Shin Hye, and it’s set to take the industry by storm. Metal-rimmed frames giving a throwback vibe would be a good idea for your next look!

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, design pieces that take a nod to trends while embracing our unique perspective merging function, fit, and flare.   
  • Secondly, drawing inspiration from design, art and pop culture
  • Thirdly, large selection of on-trend and innovative eyewear

25. O+

O+ - Spectacle Shops Singapore
O+ – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: O+)
Key ServicesSunglasses and eyewear
AddressMandarin Gallery 333A Orchard #02-04 Singapore 238897

OUE Downtown Gallery 6A Shenton Way #01-07 Singapore 068815
PhoneMandarin Gallery: 6219 3615
OUE Downtown Gallery: 6224 2277
Operating HoursMon – Sat: 11am to 9pm
Sun/Public Holidays: 11am to 9pm (OUE Downtown Gallery closed)

Customized designs, as well as high-quality eyewear with a vintage/retro feel to them, are the hallmarks of these O+ frames. You’ll have to replace the lenses on your own since this store does not make them. Sure, it’s a bit more work, but if you can’t locate any other pair of glasses that meet your demands, we highly recommend browsing through this brand’s large selection!

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, experienced craftsmen and designers, more than 30 years in business
  • Secondly, full ownership of the entire process
  • Thirdly, a price that excludes excessive mark-ups often seen with conventional luxury brands

26. Spectacle Hut

Spectacle Hut - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Spectacle Hut – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Spectacle Hut)
Key ServicesDesigner eyewear and eyecare needs, optical frames and sunglasses.
AddressMultiple outlets
PhoneDifferent contacts for different outlets
Operating HoursOpen Daily from 10.30 am – 9.30 pm

We are always spoilt for choices with Spectacle Hut. This store specializes in designer frames from Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Tiffany & Co., and other high-end brands. If you enjoy minimalist elegance, swap the wood for metal frames. Alternatively, go a little wild with a Tiffany blue spin on the classic tortoiseshell (of course, it’s from Tiffany & Co.) – who knew that such a coordinating color combination was possible?

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, free eye test and 40% off second pair
  • Secondly, Advanced MoistureSeal and ComfortFeel techology 
  • Thirdly, awarded the Influential Brands Award as the No. 1 Top Brand under the Optical Retailer category for 2016 & 2017 

27. Retrosuperfuture

Retrosuperfuture - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Retrosuperfuture – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Retrosuperfuture)
Key ServicesContemporary Sunglasses & Glasses Brand
AddressMultiple outlets
Phone8951 0095
Operating HoursDifferent operating hours for different branches

It’s well known for its super trendy acetate sunglasses, but the limited optical collection also meets all of your fashion needs. Round tortoiseshell glasses, metal framed aviators, black angular wayfarers… All of the trendy looks favoured by your favorite fashionistas.

Key Differentiators:

  • Firstly, entirely handmade in Italy
  • Secondly, optical frames are all carefully designed to be worn throughout the day, ensuring optimal comfort and wearability
  • Thirdly, 24 months of warranty

28. Visio Optical

Visio Optical - Spectacle Shops Singapore
Visio Optical – Spectacle Shops Singapore (Credit: Visio Optical)
Key ServicesSpectacle Shops Singapore:

Progressive lenses
Myopia control
Spectacles repair
Custom lens shapes
Address43 Holland Drive 01-67
Singapore 270043
Phone(+65) 6776 0052
Operating HoursMon-Sat: 9:30-20:00
Sun & PH: 10:00-18:00

Visio Optical is one of the most trusted optical shops in Singapore that has won many awards over the years. Google lists Visio Optical as one of the best spectacles shops in Singapore. Presently, VISIO OPTICAL is the brainchild of an Italian businessman from Milan who himself is an avid collector of fashionable eyewear. They carry premium brands of fashionable glasses, such as Lindberg, ic! berlin, DITA, Masunaga, Lafont, Hugo Boss, SwissFlex, Agnes b., SEIKO, Charmant, and more. Notably, they also import exclusive designer frames from Italy, Korea as well as Japan. In addition, all premium brand lenses are available. Visio Optical is recognized internationally for its spectacles repair services. With unique services such as customisable spectacles, engravings, and repainting, they take full control in the crafting of your desired spectacles from start to finish.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, direct import of fashionable spectacles from Italy, Korea as well as Japan
  • Secondly, qualified optometrists and opticians
  • Thirdly, spectacles repair, repaint as well as customisation

Client Testimonial

I’ve been using Visio Optical for many years. I love the professional service, I can trust this shop for my lenses. Over time I’ve got quite a lot of frames, I’m always satisfied. I’m also a frame collector, and would trust only Visio Optical with my precious frames


Spectacle Shops Singapore

With the best optical shops in Singapore featured in our list this time around, we hope that they will be useful for you. These shops listed are very experienced in this field and have provided good service to their customers at affordable prices. Hence, if you need a new pair of spectacles, please feel free to contact any one of these optical shops for more information.

If you know of any other optical shops or optometrists in the city that everyone needs to know about, do drop us an email here so we can feature them!

Since you have made it to the end, why not check some of our awesome articles?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Spectacle Shops in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Spectacle Shops in Singapore below:

What are the best Spectacle Shops in Singapore?

There are many opticians and fine spectacle shops in Singapore offering a range of services, but some of the most well-known and trusted ones include Vision Optical, Visio Optical, Clearvision Optics, Nanyang Optical, Grand Oculars and Eye Express. These have all earned positive ratings from customers for their quality service and products at affordable prices.

How do I know which Spectacle Shop to choose?

When choosing an optician or spectacle shop in Singapore, it is important that you consider your specific needs, whether they be for progressive lenses, high index aspheric lenses, myopia control, or just general eyeglass repair, as different shops specialize in different areas. You should also look into each shop’s track record by reading customer reviews online to get a good idea of the kind of service they provide before visiting them personally to make any decisions. The process of getting new glasses or new spectacles is not just a fashion statement from the numerous new collections of the spectacle shops for a public show, but it also addresses any vision problems to help clear vision. Also ensure that the shape and size of the spectacles suit your head and ears to avoid any unusual problems.

Are there any special offers available at Spectacle Shops in Singapore?

Many eye clinics and optical stores offer discounts on certain frames or lenses if you purchase more than one pair and some even offer complimentary eye exam – so be sure to ask about these when looking around!

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