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18 Best Subscription Boxes In Singapore [2024]

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Subscription Box Singapore

Best Subscription Box Singapore
Best Subscription Box Singapore

A subscription box is a type of subscription service that delivers a monthly selection of goods for a predetermined fee. Over the last few years, subscription boxes have been growing in popularity.

Many subscription box companies allow you the chance to try a variety of different items before committing to them or purchasing them at their full price. You’ll have fun receiving your monthly subscription boxes in Singapore and all over the world.

You will be able to find the best subscription box in Singapore by reading this article today!

1. TangyTangerineSG

TangyTangerineSG  - Subscription Box Singapore
TangyTangerineSG – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: TangyTangerineSG)
Key ServicesFruit subscription box
Address31 Bukit Batok Crescent
Phone8588 0688

The vegetable section of NTUC may be perplexing since we don’t know what to prepare or how it’ll taste. We might not know what’s in season and what’s not when it comes to veggies, much as with fruits. Don’t worry! You’ll get a taste of some of the finest foods while also receiving some of the best. If you want to munch on something in between meals, fruits are nature’s answer. This is hands down Singapore’s healthiest and most convenient online snack subscription!

The monthly TangyTangerine mystery subscription box gives you a sample of meticulously picked and sourced produce with care and integrity. The majority of their ingredients originate from the United States, Israel, Thailand, and Australia.

2. Tinkerer

Tinkerer  - Subscription Box Singapore
Tinkerer – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: Tinkerer)
Key ServicesChildren’s educational subscription box
Address17 Shing Wan Rd, Tai Wai
Phone917 6920
Price RangeFrom SGD29.9/month

Tinkerer encourages kids’ natural inquisitiveness and creativity by equipping them with inventive tools and amazing projects to dream big! Tinkerer was created by educators and tested by children, providing award-winning subscription services that use hands-on, creative, and super-fun activities to engage kids aged 3–12 in STEAM! Each box contains high-quality materials for open-ended activities, clear instructions, and an informative magazine.

Wonder Range (Age 3-5) focuses on educational tasks, techniques, tools, and themes that promote natural science learning in toddlers.

The Odyssey Range (Ages 6-8) is designed to complement the primary school curriculum and assist children learn about topics such as Force, Light, Energy, and more through fantastic and entertaining projects.

The Explore range (Ages 9-12) encourages kids to develop, investigate, and explore independently. From our Pinhole Camera to the Hydraulic Arm, the Explore collection exposes youngsters to science and engineering in depth.

3. Box Green

Box Green - Subscription Box Singapore
Box Green – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: Box Green)
Key ServicesSnack subscription box
Address23 Kian Teck Rd, #02-00, Singapore 628774
Phone+65 9771 6648
Price Range$19.90

Snacks from BoxGreen are all-in-one packages that cater to a wide variety of tastes. With a plethora of options accessible on the site, you can pick from a Kids box (to snack with your child), a Low-Calorie box (if you’re trying to lose weight), and even an Apollo box (inspired by local flavors BoxGreen currently offers a Protein-Packed Bundle for Father’s Day. BoxGreen is a fantastic online snack subscription service in Singapore!

4. One Happy Book

One Happy Book - Subscription Box Singapore
One Happy Book – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: One Happy Book)
Key ServicesBook Subscription box
Price RangeFrom $19.90 to $45.90 a month. We have affordable family bundle packages for families with two or more children.

For parents, One Happy Book enables a simple book distribution method for youngsters aged 0-7 years old. There are no refunds due to the fact that we only sell brand new books each month to our target audience via monthly curated brand new books that fit their learning and development stage. There is no need to return anything.

Through their selection of amazing sensory-stimulating stories, they hope to encourage a lifetime reading habit in kids. They were recently interviewed by The Straits Times as one of the best children’s book subscription services in Singapore.

They are one of the most inexpensive book subscription companies on the market, and they were also among the first to offer family packages (siblings) discounts.

5. The Edible Co

The Edible Co - Subscription Box Singapore
The Edible Co – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: The Edible Co)
Key ServicesSnacks subscription box
Address230 Pandan Loop, #02-03, Singapore 128415
Phone65 6684 2402
Price RangeAt a minimal cost of $5.90

Did you know that granola is a snack? It’s a snack as long as you can eat a little piece. Although The Edible Co currently offers just one subscription plan (Just their Granolas), you may always remind yourself to get one of their wonderful collections every month, and no, it’s not simply granola.At a low price of $5.90, enjoy some activated nuts or their variety of paleo-friendly cookies!

6. My Messy Box

My Messy Box - Subscription Box Singapore
My Messy Box – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: My Messy Box)
Key ServicesKid’s subscription box
Phone+65 8420 0200
Price Range$148 for a 4-month subscription package

My Messy Box is one of Singapore’s most established kids subscription companies, having been operational since 2013. It was founded by full-time in-house early childhood teachers to allow every kid and their parent’s access to sensory play. Each box comes with all of the materials and instructions you’ll need to have fun experimenting with your child’s senses. The themes are vibrant and colorful, encouraging your youngster’s creativity in a variety of ways.

You may expect to find 3 – 4 activities in each pack, which you and your child can complete together in a single sitting or over several sessions. Parents may select a collection they enjoy at any time without having to commit to long-term subscriptions by grouping the themes into four-month subscription collections.

7. Pint Society

Pint Society - Subscription Box Singapore
Pint Society – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: Pint Society)
Key ServicesDesserts’ subscription box
Address5 Burn Road, #01-01 (1,490.23 mi) Tai Seng, Singapore, Singapore 369972
Phone+65 62824680
Price Range$38/month and goes as low as $29/month for a year, with free delivery to boot

Have you heard of The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.? They offer the Pint Society monthly subscription, which gives you various ice cream and cookie flavors. Pint Society is a monthly subscription service with mouth-watering desserts like Chocolate Fondue, Toasted Marshmallow Tea, Chendol, and many more. Every month, you’ll receive two unique flavors that aren’t readily available in your local store, so Pint Society is perfect for ice cream fans.

8. Kombynation Co.

Kombynation Co. - Subscription Box Singapore
Kombynation Co. – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: Kombynation Co.)
Key Services Kombucha subscription box
Address9 Chin Bee Dr, Singapore 619860
Phone+65 8789 7492

If you’re a fan of Kombucha, Kombynation Co’s subscription services are guaranteed to be right up your alley. You can also get free delivery if you order more than 11 bottles of Kombucha, and they provide a variety of tastes. They can also give you great service if you don’t enjoy the process of making numerous orders. They will automatically send your order to you every month if you don’t want to set up a new account and reorder monthly shipments.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, your gift will arrive. You’re also saving the environment because for every ten empty bottles you collect and return, they’ll give you a free drink. Not only that, but if you want to pick up your order, they’ll accommodate you. You can also cancel your membership at any time after the first three deliveries have been made. The Kombynation Co. is a hassle-free subscription service for Kombucha enthusiasts. Not to mention that you are reducing carbon emissions by one bottle at a time.

9. Brainy Play

Brainy Play - Subscription Box Singapore
Brainy Play – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: Brainy Play)
Key ServicesEducational subscription box
Address308A Punggol Walk Singapore 821308
Phone+65 8829 2934
Price Range$6.90 onwards.

The Chinese learning site for kids aged 1.5 and up (preschool to primary school), BrainyPlay offers learning tools (subscription boxes, busy bags, playing cards, and creative crafts), enrichment classes, holiday programs, and other bilingual fun.

10. No Makeup, No Life

No Makeup, No Life - Subscription Box Singapore
No Makeup, No Life – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: No Makeup, No Life)
Key ServicesBeauty box subscription services
Price Range$35 monthly

Do you enjoy the Korean and Japanese waves that have swept the world? They not only create some of the best material, but their beauty products are also constantly one step ahead in terms of innovation. It’s no surprise why they’re so popular, from their charming packaging to the use of top-notch ingredients. Look no further if you want it to be delivered in your doorstep.

No Makeup No Life is complete without a Korean or Japanese beauty box, which includes cosmetics, skincare, and even hair care. These boxes include well-known Korean firms like the Etude House, Toly Moly, and CANMAKE DHC as well as popular Japanese brands such as the DHC. The retailer’s website provides many pictures of past boxes so you can see what you’ll get in yours. You’ll discover all kinds of eye shadows, lip tints, face masks, hair masks, and more in this box. Even Pokemon-themed goods are available, which is the most adorable of them all.

11. Lolli Box

Lolli Box - Subscription Box Singapore
Lolli Box – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: Lolli Box)
Key ServicesEvents subscription box
Address52 Horne Road #04-01 Singapore 209071
Phone+65 6100 1680
Price RangeStarting at $84.9 for a three-month subscription

Engaging families since 2012, their work and event management services are highly raved (just look at our testimonials!) and you can be assured of our commitment and quality of our work, for always.

They will be with you every step of the way from early planning to event execution, from corporate family days to consumer engagement events to children’s parties. From there, have a look at what we can offer for you!

12. Squizzel Box

Squizzel Box - Subscription Box Singapore
Squizzel Box – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: Squizzel Box)
Key ServicesChildren’s educational subscription box
Price Range$39.90 a month

We all know how crucial it is for youngsters to learn new things during their early years, but doing so might be challenging. This is where Squizzel Box comes in. They are a monthly subscription box aimed at children aged three and above. These boxes are designed to assist youngsters in their most challenging years of development. Every month, the Squizzel box changes themes to focus on a certain area of learning, such as motor skills building, linguistic growth, cognitive growth, and so on.

You’ll find a wide range of products, including ceramic pots, board games, painting sets, and so on in their packaging. Check out their Instagram account to learn more about their previous boxes; there you can discover the themes from prior years such as Ancient Ingenuity Box, Transportation Box, and many more. The Squizzel box subscription is available in three, six, and twelve-month terms. They even provide special pricing for prepaid subscriptions if that’s what you’re looking for. You should consider them if you want to offer your children a pleasant learning experience.

13. Style Theory

Style Theory - Subscription Box Singapore
Style Theory – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: Style Theory)
Key ServicesDesigner clothes’ subscription box
AddressWoodlands Sector 1, #01-33 2, Singapore 738068
Phone+65 9023 4882
Price Range$99 monthly

Do you want to try out different kinds of designer clothes or even thinking of changing up your look, but lack the budget to do so? Style Theory has got your back. Over at Style Theory, you can rent designer clothing and with their subscription boxes, you get three clothing items in every box. The number of boxes that you receive depends on the plan that you’re subscribed to.

You do not have to pay for the shipping, and their return policy is pretty stress-free so you can choose to return the clothing anytime you want. They even offer plans where you have the option of trying out unlimited boxes per month. They have four plans to choose from, Starters plan, Basic plan, Unlimited plan, and Pro Plan. The Unlimited and Pro plans offer unlimited box options. This is perfect for individuals who need to travel frequently and will ensure that you look fabulous and put together, no matter where you are.

14. GummyBox Singapore

GummyBox Singapore - Subscription Box Singapore
GummyBox Singapore – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: GummyBox Singapore)
Key ServicesEducational subscription box
Phone+65 8878 1701
Price Range$10 to $48

The objective at GummyBox is straightforward: to come up with inventive exercises that inspire children to be creative and enthusiastic in learning. They feel that children should be allowed to explore freely; that hands-on play contributes to memorable educational experiences for kids. However, they are well aware of the difficulties involved in creating enjoyable and stimulating activities at home.

GummyBox provides a wide range of creative and educational possibilities. They put everything you need to do one to three projects right out of the box in their activity boxes! Their activities are crafted with a purpose in mind: to stimulate the imagination and increase knowledge. Explore fascinating learning areas such as rainforests, constellations, space travel, and medieval courts!

Their games are critiqued by kids to ensure that they offer interesting, open-ended experiences. GummyBox enjoys what they do and hope you like GummyBox!

15. TokyoTreat – Japanese Candy & Snack Box

TokyoTreat – Japanese Candy & Snack Box - Subscription Box Singapore
TokyoTreat – Japanese Candy & Snack Box – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: TokyoTreat – Japanese Candy & Snack Box)
Key ServicesJapanese Snacks Subscription Box
Address3 Chome-7-16 Mita, Minato City, Tokyo 108-0073, Japan
Price Range$35 monthly

Japan is known for its highly creative flavored snacks, flavors that are rarely seen elsewhere. TokyoTreat delivers a box full of treats that have been selected with snacks from all around the world as well as locally popular snacks. Even if they promise to give their private members a sneak peek, you’re likely to be surprised with TokyoTreat; even though they do provide such privileges.

The tastes are so unique that we may not be able to replicate the flavor using those references. TokyoTreat offers you two box choices: the Classic and Premium Boxes. If you’re looking for a quick introduction to the platform, The Classic Box is a good place to start. It can also be an excellent way to see whether you enjoy their tastes and services before committing to their Premium service. The Premium box contains an anime snack, a Japanese beverage, and more food items, which are exclusive to their premium service, so if you want to try a variety of Japanese snacks and like their services, the Premium one is the one for you.

16. Dandelion

Dandelion - Subscription Box Singapore
Dandelion – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: Dandelion)
Key ServicesChinese reading program subscription box
Address+65 9012 4900
Price Range$24.95 A Month

Dandelion is a Chinese reading program that may be completed at home by parents with children ranging from 0 to 8 years old in Singapore. Our comprehensive strategy enables you, as the parent, to have regular rich reading sessions with your child at home.

Choose from a range of story packs based on themes like National Heroes, The Communist Party, and much more. Each includes a storybook handpicked by our team of Chinese Language educators, as well as additional resources to help your group read.

Quality time spent reading and interacting with your child improves family ties, which help to foster learning as well as develop good reading habits.

17. Hook Coffee

Hook Coffee - Subscription Box Singapore
Hook Coffee – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: Hook Coffee)
Key ServicesCoffee Subscription Box

Nothing can compare to a nice cup of coffee to get you through the day. For some people, it’s soothing; for others, it’s just another addiction. You may join Hook Coffee’s program and receive the highest quality coffee at your doorstep. It’s not simply any coffee; it’s Arabica coffee, which is freshly roasted and of the highest quality. They provide a variety of tastes to select from. You’ll never be bored with this system since you can try a new taste every time you place an order. However, if you don’t enjoy experimenting with flavours, you may always order your favorite combination.

You may also select when your coffee is delivered, allowing you to adjust the length of delivery intervals if you prefer more than one cup of coffee or share it with family members. Hooked Coffee has drip bags and shot pods for Nespresso machines, in addition to whole bean or ground coffee. This might be beneficial if you want to offer your favorite flavor to someone who makes their coffee differently.

18. Avo & Co.

Avo & Co. - Subscription Box Singapore
Avo & Co. – Subscription Box Singapore (Credit: Avo & Co.)
Key ServicesReady to eat Subscription Box
Address31 Bukit Batok Crescent #01-49 The Splendour Singapore 658070

With the rise in competitive lifestyles, we rarely have time to prepare delectable meals at home. Isn’t it simpler if we could save time while grocery shopping by buying our food in bulk? Do you want to eat healthily but don’t have the time to go grocery shopping? Look no farther, Avo & Co. has your back. Avo & Co. is a subscription service that delivers ready-to-eat, fresh fruits and vegetables to your home. This service should be your first choice if you want to try new vegetables that aren’t available in your area.

This is where you can mix and match new tastes and prepare meals that will not only appeal to you but will also benefit your health. With so many different and strange favors available, you may learn how to prepare new foods. And you’ll never have to eat the same old boring meals again. They also provide a service where you may select what goes in your box, but if you want to see their hand-picked options, you can choose from the Regular Box, Signature Box, and even themed boxes like the Asian Cuisine box. You may save time and enjoy delicious meal.

Subscription Box Singapore

If you’re looking for a way to find new products or explore something outside of your usual routine, consider subscribing to one of these 18 best subscription boxes in Singapore. We promise they won’t disappoint!

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