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6 Best Supper Clubs in Singapore [2024]

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Supper Club Singapore

Best Supper Club Singapore
Best Supper Club Singapore

If you are looking for supper clubs in Singapore, then look no further than the 6 best supper clubs that this island has to offer. Each supper club listed below is different and offers a unique experience. Whether you’re looking for an elegant supper club Singapore with fine dining or just something fun and casual, there is bound to be one of these supper clubs that will suit your needs perfectly!

1) Dearborn

Dearborn - Supper Club Singapore
Dearborn – Supper Club Singapore (Credit: Dearborn)
Key ServiceModern American fine casual concept
Address51 Chai Chee Street, Singapore 460051
Operating HoursMon to Sat 9 AM to 5 PM

If you and your guests prefer more healthful options, Dearborn may be the finest supper club in Singapore for you! They have a six-course menu prepared by a qualified chef with years of culinary expertise that includes vegan and seafood dishes.

The owners of this small, family-owned diner in Durban’s fast emerging CBD have crafted a menu that caters to everyone. Their hearty dishes are even enjoyed by non-vegetarians, and they can cater up to six people at a time.

Key Differentiators:

  • Modern American fine casual concept
  • Focuses on traceability and sustainability.
  • Accepting dietary restrictions

Customer Review:

Overall, I thought it was ok. I did feel that it was much on the sweeter side, to be honest. The different elements were well executed and I could make them out equally, the textured layering was great too but I just felt that it could have been a bit…more. Perhaps more of a flavour burst, more unique flavour combinations etc.

It was a good bowl of granola bowl to try but I’m not sure it is great enough to want this 14 dollar granola bowl again. On the flip side, the yuzu and citrus soda were really good – well balanced, fragrant and a good thirst quencher. Would have that in a heartbeat.

Kenneth Lim

2) Ampang Kitchen

Ampang Kitchen - Supper Club Singapore
Ampang Kitchen – Supper Club Singapore (Credit: Ampang Kitchen)
Key ServiceTraditional dishes
AddressThe Ampang Kitchen, 39 Jalan Ampang, Singapore 268625
Phone9029 3884 (David) | 9618 7107 (Raymond)
Operating HoursOpen on Tuesday – Saturday. Closed on Sunday and Monday

Do you want to try some Peranakan dishes for your Singapore supper club? If that’s the case, Ampang Kitchen is a fantastic destination! They’re well-known for their exceptional taste of genuine Peranakan cuisine, which is prepared with organic ingredients from local and international suppliers.

The ambience is minimal, but it may also accommodate small party gatherings! It truly is one of the finest supper clubs in Singapore, with its warm atmosphere and carefully prepared home-cooked meals!

Key Differentiators:

  • No minimum order required
  • Traditional dishes
  • Catering services for small events

Customer Review:

Delicious home restaurant, beautiful home and very friendly chefs. They also offer to take away service so if you are hosting a home party, you can order some of their dishes and pick them up and reheat and serve them at home. Never disappoint in taste. Reservations required. Highly recommended, email uncle Raymond and they will send you a catalogue for your reference.

Dan Ho

3) Lynnette’s Kitchen

Lynnette’s Kitchen - Supper Club Singapore
Lynnette’s Kitchen – Supper Club Singapore (Credit: Lynnette’s Kitchen)
Key ServiceCustomised menus for special occasions
Address118C Jln Membina, Block 118C, Singapore 163118
Phone+65 90102901
Operating HoursTues, Thurs, Fri, Sat 7 PM to 10:30 PM

If you’d like to throw a little party in Singapore and enjoy some delicious food, Lynnette’s Kitchen is the place to go. It’s fantastic if you want to celebrate with a supper club in Singapore because it offers an award-winning chef’s special menu. You may also try the chef’s choice of vegetables, meat, and seafood dishes, as

This restaurant is well-known for its own version of mushroom risotto and original buah keluak fried rice. They use only the highest-quality ingredients and spices, providing customers with home-cooked meals that are as genuine as can be. Their extensive menu features Asian and European cuisine in which you may enjoy a multi-course meal.

Key Differentiators:

  • Accommodates exclusive private dining
  • Customised menus for special occasions
  • Guest chef services for home dining events

Customer Review:

Lynnette never disappoints with her quality food and service. Her portions are as big and generous as her heart and hospitality. Hers is the place I always choose for a relaxed, convivial evening and a deeply satisfying meal.


4) HIBIKI Sake Bar & Dine

HIBIKI Sake Bar & Dine - Supper Club Singapore
HIBIKI Sake Bar & Dine – Supper Club Singapore (Credit: HIBIKI Sake Bar & Dine)
Key ServiceMouth-watering Japanese dishes
Address2 Tanjong Katong Road, #01-07, PLQ 3, Paya Lebar Quarter, S437161
Operating HoursDaily 11:45AM- 2:45PM, 5:00PM-9:00PM

If you want to serve Japanese cuisine for your Supper Club in Singapore, this is the place to go. HIBIKI Sake Bar & Dine is the greatest spot to visit if you’re looking for real Japanese foods. They aspire to bring Japanese food culture into the international culinary scene and expose people around the world to the Japanese spirit.

To top it off, they want to assist you in your quest for good health, assisting you to live a long and happy life with their nutritious and delectable cuisine. They offer a large range of foods. The Ebi Hotate Yaki, which is a grilled prawn and scallop roll with pork belly, is one of their specialities.

Key Differentiators:

  • Delicious and healthy
  • Wide array of meals
  • Mouth-watering Japanese dishes

Customer Review:

High quality food and a lovely place to gather, lovely location with a green garden as a view. Even the outside seats are pleasant.

Andy Lim

5) Ben Fatto 95

Ben Fatto 95 - Supper Club Singapore
Ben Fatto 95 – Supper Club Singapore (Credit: Ben Fatto 95)
Key ServiceCurated degustation menu
Address95 Paya Lebar Crescent, Singapore 536179
Phone+65 9653 1366
Operating HoursDaily, 7–11pm

If you love pasta, Ben Fatto 95 is a must-see spot where you can sample some fresh and hand-shaped noodles with unique sauces. The cosy atmosphere at the outdoor dining area will also be appealing to you.

The shop’s specialities include artistic presentations of kinds of pasta that you’ve never seen before. Chicken and vegetable dishes are also available on the menu.

Key Differentiators:

  • Focused on old and new world techniques unique in the field of pasta making
  • Curated degustation menu
  • Maximum party of 10

Customer Review:

Pasta is the hero.! An interesting concept is usually restaurants boost about the strong flavour and decadent ingredients used in sauces. Certainly, pasta-making techniques are the crux because not everyone is a Ben Fatto. Beautiful grounds, wood and mustard, evokes moods of Tuscany.

Winnie Heng

6) Lucky House

Lucky House - Supper Club Singapore
Lucky House – Supper Club Singapore (Credit: Lucky House)
Key ServiceCountryside experience
Address267 Upper East Coast Rd, Singapore 466413
Phone+65 9823 7268
Operating HoursWeekdays: 6:30–10:30pm

If you’d like to share some of your favourite Cantonese food with your friends and family for a supper club experience in Singapore, bring them over to Lucky House. Roasted duck and soups prepared over a charcoal fire are just a few of the traditional Cantonese dishes offered here.

You may also enjoy a beautiful view of an organic vegetable garden where you can pick produce and put your stone mill to the test. This might be the finest supper club in Singapore for providing a wonderful rural experience.

Key Differentiators:

  • Garden view
  • Countryside experience
  • Spacious and rustic looking backyard 

Customer Review:

It was really a jolt in memory lane for many whom I went with. Got reminded of my childhood where charcoal was a stable source of heat for cooking. There were enough proteins on the table that no one can complain about. But nothing was wasted as it was so good. Thank you Lucky House.

Rajendran Vijayanaman

Supper Club Singapore

Supper clubs are a great way to engage with your customers in an intimate setting. You can also create supper club events where you invite family and friends over for dinner parties, birthdays or other special occasions. It’s one of the best ways to spend quality time with people who matter most while enjoying delicious food at the same time! If you need help finding supper club Singapore that will be suitable for your needs, please reach out and we’ll do our best to match you up with some supper clubs near you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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