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10 Best Travel Backpacks in Singapore [2024]

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Travel Backpack Singapore

Best Travel Backpack Singapore
Best Travel Backpack Singapore

Choosing the best travel backpacks can be difficult, especially if you are new to traveling. There are many different styles and sizes of bags that you have to choose from, which can make it hard to know what is worth investing in. We’re here to provide you with some great options for your next adventure! In this list, we will go over the best travel backpacks in Singapore. These are perfect for any traveler looking for a comfortable bag on their next vacation or business trip.

1. Nordace Siena – Smart Backpack

Nordace Siena – Smart Backpack - Travel Backpack Singapore
Nordace Siena – Smart Backpack – Travel Backpack Singapore (Credit: Nordace)

Our Siena Smart Backpack is essential for any trip, whether you’re trekking in the woods, going shopping, or staying at a peaceful place overnight.

This beautiful, compact bag has everything a traveller would want: a discrete luggage strap, secret compartments to safeguard your valuables, a USB charging port, a cushioned laptop compartment, and of course, an elegant design.

SpecialtyAll-rounder bag
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2. Osprey Porter Travel Backpack

Osprey Porter Travel Pack -  Travel Backpack Singapore
Osprey Porter Travel Pack – Travel Backpack Singapore (Credit: Lazada)

If you want the most durable backpack, the Osprey Porter Travel Pack is a great choice. It’s built of the finest quality materials and is meant to travel people all around the world.

The Strap-on Safe has a padded back, shoulder straps, and side walls for greater comfort during extended periods of walking. It also includes straightjacket protection, which allows users to carry more essential goods inside while still keeping them safe from pickpockets.

Another reason we think it’s one of the finest Singapore travel backpacks is because of its structural side walls, which make finding goods inside much easier. There are also side pouches where you may keep your favorite things. The interior contains a laptop sleeve for individuals who wish to work while travelling. Every compartment has two zippers for added protection, of course.

It’s a considerably larger bag than other travel backpacks, so if you have a tiny frame, you might wish to reconsider this one. The amount of room inside it, on the other hand, is something that several travelers look for in a travel backpack.


3. Thule Paramount Backpack

Thule Paramount Backpack - Travel Backpack Singapore
Thule Paramount Backpack – Travel Backpack Singapore (Credit: Lazada)

With the Thule Paramount Backpack, you can get a heavy-duty, stylish bag that fits all your essentials. It’s no surprise that we call it one of the greatest travel backpacks in Singapore because with this backpack, you can have both high-end and heavy-duty features in one lightweight bag.

The Thule Paramount Backpack is a waterproof nylon backpack that can carry up to 30 liters of essential items on your journey. It also has sturdy zippers that safeguard your things from being stolen. It features two storage compartments, one of which is large enough to hold a 15-inch laptop and an 11-inch tablet. It can store a 15-inch laptop and an 11-inch tablet in the padded storage pockets. Small things may be kept organized and cataloged in its main compartment.

Finally, in terms of comfort, you won’t be disappointed. Even if you’re carrying the maximum weight, you won’t feel any strain or discomfort from the thick padded back panels and shoulder straps.

The Thule Paramount Backpack, like the previous travel backpack, is big and bulky when packed with stuff. Travellers with smaller body types may have difficulties transporting a bag as huge and hefty as this.

SpecialtySophisticated Look

4.G4Free Lightweight Packable Backpack

G4Free Lightweight Packable Backpack - Travel Backpack Singapore
G4Free Lightweight Packable Backpack – Travel Backpack Singapore (Credit: Amazon)

If you’re searching for a backpack that can handle all of your hiking requirements, the G4Free Lightweight Packable Backpack is worth considering. It’s THE ideal hiking backpack since it’s constructed of lightweight but tear-resistant nylon fabric that provides more storage space for all of your trekking essentials.

It has a capacity of just under 40 liters, which is in line with the maximum capacity of most traditional travel backpacks. When compared to other travel backpacks on our list, it isn’t bad at all, especially given the low price tag of $50. It also includes a useful design that will make hiking a lot easier. It has straps for elastic ropes and trekking poles as well as fishing rods.

The G4Free Lightweight Packable Backpack’s only drawback is that it does not have enough compartments, but many hikers overlook this as long as there is plenty of room.

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5. Bobby Compact Anti-Theft

Bobby Compact Anti-Theft Backpack - Travel Backpack Singapore
Bobby Compact Anti-Theft Backpack – Travel Backpack Singapore (Credit: XD Design)

The Flight 001’s Bobby Compact Anti-Theft Backpack is a stylish yet useful backpack that you’ll love! It has several hidden compartments only you would know how to use, and the backpack is constructed of sturdy fabric that is both cut-proof and water-resistant.

Inside, you may place a 10-inch tablet and a 15-inch laptop side by side, with their own compartments to minimize damage. It also has an integrated USB charging port, allowing you to charge your phone or other devices on the move without having to carry around a separate power bank.

Lastly, You won’t have to worry about pickpockets or robbers when you travel with the Bobby Compact Anti-theft backpack.


6.AGVA road tripper bag

AGVA Singapore Roadtripper Bag - Travel Backpack Singapore
AGVA Singapore Roadtripper Bag – Travel Backpack Singapore (Credit: AGVA Bags)

The AGVA Singapore Roadtripper Bag is a great choice for those who need a multi-purpose bag that they can easily bring as carry-on and yet contain a lot of stuff without looking disorganized.

The roadtripper backpack is a versatile bag that can fit all of your gear and more. It has compartments for separating clothes, electronics, and other items. It features an open area for your laptop as well as a lockable zipper to prevent theft.

It’s not only a fantastic backpack, but it also has excellent all-around characteristics that are worth purchasing at any price. Fortunately, it is only around $100, so you can buy it without breaking the bank.

SpecialtyMultiple Purpose / Flexible

7. Matein Backpack

Matein Backpack - Travel Backpack Singapore
Matein Backpack – Travel Backpack Singapore (Credit: Amazon)

If you frequently travel for business, we have one of the greatest Singapore travel backpacks for you! Here’s the Matein Backpack, and it’ll be perfect for a lot of business-related excursions!

Not only is it beautiful and professional looking, but it also has dual zippers that will keep vital documents safe. Its padded and custom-fit straps and back panels will also make your shoulders and back comfortable. It also has several compartments, a laptop sleeve, and more. Its main compartment is big enough to hold books, extra clothing, a lunch box, and other travel necessities.

The built-in charger inside ensures that you won’t have to worry about running out of battery life again. Furthermore, due to its affordable pricing, we feel this may be a good pick for you.

Specialty Business Travels
Price $87
WebsiteClick Here

8. Casual Travel Packback

Casual Travel Backpack - Travel Backpack Singapore
Casual Travel Backpack – Travel Backpack Singapore (Credit: Shopee)

We are aware that travel backpacks, especially branded ones, tend to have a steeper price tag. If you’re looking for the greatest value for your money, the Casual Travel Backpack is highly recommended.

It can carry up to 28 liters of essential products, which isn’t bad for the price. It may also be used as a work or school backpack because of its design, allowing you to store books and laptops inside.

We can’t comment on its longevity because it’s significantly less expensive than traditional backpacks. We can’t say anything regarding its durability since it’s much cheaper than normal backpacks. It’s made of polyester, according to reviews, which isn’t the greatest material for a travel backpack; nevertheless, you shouldn’t expect too much for the price you’re paying.

Despite that, it gets the task done. It has various compartments, mesh pockets, zippers, and is water-resistant.

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9. Hero Laptop Back

Hero Laptop Back - Travel Backpack Singapore
Hero Laptop Back – Travel Backpack Singapore (Credit: Timbuk2)

The wide-mouth opening of the bag makes this product perfect for daily usage and traveling. It may conveniently contain a laptop, gym clothing, an extra pair of shoes, or even a light jacket thanks to its huge mouth opening. The twin side pockets make it easy to transport a water bottle and umbrella.

Keeping things simple is essential.

Specialty Everyday Usage
Price $65

10. Svelte Waterproof Laptop Backpack

Svelte Waterproof Laptop Backpack - Travel Backpack Singapore
Svelte Waterproof Laptop Backpack – Travel Backpack Singapore (Credit: Luggage Outlet)

Keep your laptop and other belongings safe while traveling with the Svelte Waterproof Laptop Backpack. Its basic appearance not only makes it more attractive but also safeguards your items effectively.

The laptop compartment is large enough to fit up to 17-inch laptops. With an allowable weight of 815 grams, you can rely on this bag to transport your belongings successfully. Not to mention, it comes with a USB charging port which is definitely useful especially for outdoor-related activities or for long business trips.

Specialty Simple & Stylish
Price $33

Travel Backpack Singapore

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