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Things To Do As A Couple For Valentine’s Day [2023]

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Valentine’s Day Ideas Singapore

Valentines Day Ideas Singapore
Valentines Day Ideas Singapore

Another year to celebrate the power of love and affection. On February 14 of each year, you would undoubtedly witness loved ones hanging out with each other despite it not being an official holiday in many countries. Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day is not all about commemorating alongside your partner, but could also be with your friends, family members or anyone you cherish spending time with. Take this opportunity to treat those you treasure to activities and events as a show of appreciation. What events you say? If you’re in a dilemma and is unsure of what to do during the special day, I’m here to provide a list of options.

1. Art Jamming

Partake in our ever-popular Art Jamming session, which is not only held in an indoor and air-conditioned area, but also a non-judgemental environment. Therefore, for those who are anxious about showing off their artistic side, you have no worries! We provide additional materials such as inspirational artworks and color guides to assist you along the way, not to mention the number of professionally-trained facilitators stationed who would offer assistance when needed. Art Jamming would be perfect for participants who are looking to unwind and relax, yet is still able to engage with each other, making this an unconventional date idea!


2. Terrarium-Making

Terrariums carry many benefits, and as we’re the only events company in Singapore to have multiple collections of figurines, there’s no excuse why you should not attend our Terrarium workshop. For this Valentine’s Day, we are featuring a Love Collection. Terrarium-Making does not require any professional artistic or design skills, as all you have to do is heed the instructions and decorate the Terrarium in any way you like and prefer! Once you’re done, simply bring it back and placed it at your office or home to spice up the surroundings. It’s incredibly fuss-free, and provides an opportunity for you and your loved one to bond through nature.


3. Cooking Classes

Foodies rejoice! Whether you’re a baking enthusiast or a lover of Japanese food, we provide a plethora of food options for you to choose from! Yes, you hear that right. You have the opportunity to select which kinds of food you’ll be making during our session. We have Ice-Cream or Desert Making workshops dedicated to those with a sweet tooth, or the Healthy Cooking and Dim Sum workshops for those who are a little more conscious of their diet. Regardless, we have the specific workshop targeted towards your preference. Our Cooking Class workshops are also incredibly inclusive, offering vegetarian and halal options as well. If you’re seeking to participate in a cooking session alongside your friends and loved ones, you know where to go.

4. Flower Arrangement

Embrace your romantic side by bringing your loved one to a flower arrangement workshop. Contrary to popular belief, flowers aren’t just meant for girls! Flowers are a great investment to be placed in offices or homes to brighten up the atmosphere. While bouquets are no doubt one of, if not the most, widely-brought item during Valentine’s Day, why not stand our from the crowd and make one yourself? You will be guided during the session by our professionally-trained facilitators and florists so you’re in good hands.

5. Leather Workshop

Test your DIY skills with our Leather Workshop, which allows you to craft your very own leather goods! Takes place in an incredibly therapeutic environment, you and your friends or loved one could be creating these leather items as gifts for each other. The leather material provided comes in light and dark colors, and could be used to make two or three products; a key chain, coin purse and luggage tag. It’s extremely simple to do, and you’ll be constantly guided by our professionally-trained facilitators. As such, rest assured you’ll produce an appealing leather item worthy as to commemorate the day of love.

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