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19 Best Wedding Videographers Singapore Options To Capture Life’s Moments [2023]

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Wedding Videographers Singapore

Best Wedding Videographers Singapore
Best Wedding Videographers Singapore

A couple’s wedding day is one of the most special days in their lives, and it deserves to be documented on camera. With the best wedding videography in Singapore, couples can have their most important day immortalized on video!

If you’re having a bit of trouble looking for great wedding videographers on the island, worry no more. We explored the island in search of the ones that can provide the best wedding videography in Singapore so you won’t have to.

In this article, we share a list of the best wedding videography services in Singapore that you can look into!

But before that, if you are looking for activities to do for your hens party or bachelors party, do check out the following links as well. These team building activities (both onsite and virtual team bonding) are great for group bonding within your bridal squad, and we are sure it will make your special day even more memorable.

1. Tuckys Photography

Tuckys Photography - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Tuckys Photography – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Tuckys Photography)
Key Services:Wedding Videography & Photography 
Address:15 Yishun Industrial Street 1, Win5 #08-19, Singapore 768091
Phone:+65 9863 2706
Operating Hours:By Appointment Only

Tuckys Photography is a full service-wedding photographer that also provides printing, digital imaging and processing services. The mastermind behind Tuckys Photography is Tuck Hong, with 12 years of bridal, wedding and commercial photography experience under his belt. What sets him apart from the rest is his ability to listen with heart, see with passion and capture with precision.

Tuck Hong takes great effort to build rapport with couples to derive creative ideas and suggestions that truly reflects the characters and relationships. his versatility and ability to experiment, conjure and capture expressions in variety of styles in different settings makes him and his photography unique.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Underwater portraits in the sea or pool
  2. Wedding Day Journal
  3. Extensive experience of over 12 years in bridal, wedding and commercial photography

2. Sugartofu Production

Sugartofu Production - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Sugartofu Production – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Sugartofu Production)
Key Services:Wedding Videography Singapore
Address:27 Signature at Yishun, Level 3 (By Appointment Only)
Phone:+65 9003 3055
Operating Hours:N.A

What started in passion has become a profession and the fruit of this is Sugartofu Production. Amanda founded the studio in 2014 after working as an Assistant Producer in Mediacorp, various production houses, and also 6 years as a Flight Stewardess. We are dedicated to capturing beautiful moments on your wedding day through our lenses to create the best memories for you and your partner.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Female Videographer
  2. Fast Lunch Same Day Edit 
  3. Competitive Rates

3. Analogue. by Terry & Sylvia

Analogue. by Terry & Sylvia - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Analogue. by Terry & Sylvia – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Analogue. by Terry & Sylvia)
Key Services:Wedding Videography, Wedding Photography
Address:Block 320, Ubi Avenue 1, 400320
Phone:+65 9010 1216 (Whatsapp Only)

Terry & Sylvia captures the mood of the wedding in colors that accentuate beauty. Be intrigued by the contrast between shadow and light that brings out the texture of wedding details creating images that are utterly stylish.

For wedding cinematography, the memorable moments in each scene is timed effectively to keep the film at the right intensity. The way the videographer plays with artistic angles, speed and motion to showcase the highlights of the event is quite a breath of fresh air. There is a strong focus on audio and story-telling in the film as each wedding video is uniquely tailored for each couple.

Key Differentiators:

  • Photos and Films are captured and crafted by Terry & Sylvia, and not outsourced.
  • High-resolution images. 45 megapixels for photos, and 4k 50fps for video.
  • Husband & Wife team. 

Client Testimonial:

A huge thank you to Terry & Sylvia for our brilliant wedding day film. They were professional, creative, and super organized – which of course a bride loves! They captured all the special moments of our wedding and we are forever grateful for the memories you have created for us. We have a video that captures our day and our story perfectly!

Li Ying & Barney

4. Byte Size Productions

Byte Size Productions - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Byte Size Productions – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Byte Size Productions)
Key Services:Motion Pictures, Film Making, Wedding Cinematography, Wedding Videography
Address:3 Woodlands Road, The Tennery, #09-09, Singapore 677901
Phone:9793 8043
Operating Hours:Everyday

Byte Size Productions is a local video production company founded in 2015 by Felicia Toh. They have served over 300 corporate clients like L’Oréal, Estee Lauder, Unilever, Mandom, Grab, RE&S, Amcor, Alexandra Hospital, and across different industries like government agencies, charity organizations, hospitals, tourism, and private clinics!

Byte Size Productions also provides wedding videography and photography. They believe that their years of professional experience creating videos for known beauty brands and FMCG companies will inspire a different style of wedding videos that the couple will appreciate.

Since their incorporation, Byte Size Production has received compliments on their directing style and their ability to ease couples who are shy on camera. They have a creative eye for capturing important moments and are great story-tellers.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Comforting for camera-shy participants
  2. Professional skills in the corporate field translated into higher standards in their work
  3. Client-focused and solutions-driven

Client Testimonial:

Working with Felicia has been nothing but great. She is extremely efficient and speedy in her work and delivers every single detail with absolute perfection. Working with her is like a breeze. She always puts in her 101% and goes that extra mile to deliver all that we require. There isn’t a single thing we ask for, that she is unable to do. We look forward to working with her more in the future!

5. Beyond Pictures

Beyond Pictures - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Beyond Pictures – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Beyond Pictures)
Key Services:Motion Pictures, Film Making, Wedding Cinematography, Wedding Videography
Address:6 Ubi Road 1 Wintech Centre #05-13 Singapore 408726
Phone:8233 7399
Operating Hours:10am to 10pm

We’re storytellers. Film is just a medium. As a painter masters the brush and colours, we master light and motion. We master the moment, the search for emotions which best tell your story. But beneath every shot lies intention and purpose. We want to build every wedding film around who you are as people and as a couple.

Layered on top are the little moments: the interactions with your family, your friends – the people who’ve made you who you are. They’re a part of your story too. Every story is different because of the people in it, which is why our films are never the same. While our films are always different, our constant is intention.

Our hope is that the images we create will be memories for you to relive for years to come. We want our films to be timeless, never out of season.

Key Differentiators:

  1. We have all-rounded team handling all aspects including motion graphics and scripting
  2. Unintrusive approach in capturing moments
  3. Organic way of shooting

Client Testimonial:

Wenkai and his team were very warm and friendly; and this helped to make our friends and family comfortable and able to express their emotions more naturally and readily. His attention to details and people’s feelings are truly extraordinary (:
The whole team was also very professional and dedicated in their work, and our same day highlights were highly praised by family and friends at our wedding.  Thank you Beyondpictures for translating the feelings and moments from our special day into a love story that we can rewatch and immerse in again and again! 
We would highly recommend Wenkai and his team to all couples looking for someone who shoots with his heart (:

6. Daniel Baci Photography

Daniel Baci Photography - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Daniel Baci Photography – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Daniel Baci Photography)
Key Services:Wedding Videography
Address:Icon Condominium, #14-01, 10 Gopeng Street,, Singapore 078878
Operating Hours:24hrs

Daniel Baci describes his photographic, visual style as a combination of documentary photography, fine art photography, and portraiture, and it is very evident in his portfolio how he is able to weave together a compelling series of photographs that make for an excellent and elegant retelling of the wedding, capturing not only the fine details but also incorporating the beauty of the scenery that surrounds his subjects. Coming from a family of artists, he is born with a natural, artistic eye. He is inspired by sunsets and have captured many beautiful wedding photos that highlight this wondrous natural phenomenon, translating that beautiful warm glow into stunning, unforgettable photographs. The best short description is “unrehearsed and unscripted”.

Key Differentiators:

  1. 10 years of experience in weddings
  2. Multi-cultured
  3. English Native 

Client Testimonial:

I booked Daniel and his team for our wedding in Phuket. It came with a challenge as two my friends had gotten married here before and had fantastic photos – so I had a certain level of expectations already. But the photos came out even better than anticipated! All my guests loved them so much, too that even they printed them out. I especially loved how Daniel feels comfortable amongst the bridal crew when getting ready but also making us feel as if he’s part of the furniture. I was even adjusting nipple stickers in his presence but it all seemed very normal, haha!

Nadia Haarhoff 

7. Simple Cloud Films

Simple Cloud Films - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Simple Cloud Films – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Simple Clouds Films)
Key Services:Wedding Videography Singapore
Address:Blk 223B Compassvale Walk
Operating Hours:10 am to 8.30 pm

Simple Clouds Films believes the feelings you feel when watching a film is important. We don’t just film your wedding day, but we want to tell a real story about your love through conveying the emotions between both of you. Since every aspect of filming is important, we strive to create a perfect synergy between what was filmed, spoken with a beautiful soundtrack. Through evocative storytelling, beautiful imagery and artistic colour treatment, we aim to create a visual experience that touches the hearts of any who watches it. All aspects are equally important to tell your story in the best way possible and for you to look back at your wedding film in 30 years and feel exactly what you felt on your wedding day. 

Key Differentiators :

  1. Emotional Wedding Videos
  2. Artistic.
  3. Cinematic.

Client Testimonial:

We engage Dean for our wedding day and pre wedding shoot. Dean is friendly and patient with us. He guided us through the pre-wedding shoot. We were really impress with his work and love his style of shoot and video. We played our pre wedding shoot video during our wedding ceremony. lots of friends and family were impressed with the pre wedding video. Will highly recommend Dean and his service

– Jabez Tan

8. Momentold

Momentold - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Momentold – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Momentold)
Key Services:Actual Day Wedding Videography, Pre-wedding Videography
Phone:+65 98371152
Operating Hours:N.A

Momentold crafts narrative wedding films with the notion “dialogues encapsulate relationships”. Each wedding film produced carries a strong personal touch, made possible by Momentold’s ability to seamlessly weave the heartfelt words of love and blessings from each wedding together with the wedding processions. This unique style pioneered by the company has become their trademark that won the hearts of many couples. Momentold’s wedding films are also kept authentic, clean and timeless to last generations.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Narrative and authentic
  2. Strong personal touch
  3. Clean and timeless

Client Testimonial:

There were a lot of different VGs in the market but only Momentold caught our attention – their narrative video style and the consistency in each of their production. They were the only one we met and we never felt we needed a second option to compare. Yunyun, Melvin and Mabbel were really really friendly and had this very happy vibe when they arrived my place in the morning.

It definitely helped the nervous me to cool down a little! They were really professional and have their own set of standards to meet e.g. angles not ideal or background a little messy haha when the bride was more than willing to settle with just one take haha, which I’m really grateful for their persistence if not I would have regretted for not having pretty videos!

9. Love Confetti

Love Confetti - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Love Confetti – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Love Confetti)
Key Services:Actual Day, Pre-wedding Videography & Photography Services, Wedding Videography
Phone:+65 9189 4327
Operating Hours:Mon-Sun, 9am-9pm

A big hello from us at Love Confetti! We are a little team of 3 who are in love with wedding days. We adore the stolen glances, the tears of joy and the passionate kisses. And these are the moments we want to capture for you. At Love Confetti, we believe the deepest of conversations are held in the interactions between two lovers, surpassing all forms of speech. We capture these little yet significant moments and tell your story through our lenses. Approaching every photoshoot in a fun and friendly manner, we want it to be as intimate and as personal an experience for you, creating even more joyful memories for you and your partner.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Relationship Centric- Focus on building a strong relationship with our couples prior their wedding.
  2. Experiment and explore- We constantly explore new ideas to work with our couples 
  3. Make a mark- as we constantly go out of our way to make sure our couple are enjoying their time with us.

Client Testimonial:

“We are so thankful for Yukee to be a part of our big day He really went the extra mile to interview our loved ones and came by to video me re-making my husband’s late mum’s wedding gown It’s been an incredible process especially with his good spirits and high energy! Really helped us on our wedding day. Especially when the couple is so busy with the hectic day’s schedule, his team was there to capture the important moments that we can look back fondly on later

More importantly, I really appreciate how raw he wanted to portray us to be; just in our simplest and most precious moments. We love and appreciate Love Confetti Stills & Motion and we highly recommend them to all couples getting married! 

10. One Button Film

One Button Film - Wedding Videographers Singapore
One Button Film – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: One Button Film)
Key Services:Wedding Videography Singapore
Phone:+65 8282 0709
Operating Hours:8am to 8pm

Passionate about capturing the uniqueness of every moment, we find the emotional connection to give you with a film that catches the essence of your personality and special day.Over the years of filming, we’ve learned that the best videos focus on what YOU value most. Whether you’re emotional, fun, traditional, deeply in love or artistic, we bring your vision to life on film. 

Key Differentiators:

  1. We are a all women team
  2. Not just good in technical but also intuitive to getting the emotions and precious moments during the wedding
  3. We shoot every couple’s wedding story video according to their individuality and not use cookie cutter template

Client Testimonial:

Christel & Taylor were great person and talent! My husband and I are thankful that we engaged them on our Wedding Day to capture the moments from vow exchange, tea ceremony to dinner reception. They’re very dedicated to ensuring that every single special moment on ‘once-in-a-lifetime event’ was captured; and they did it beautifully! They also went the extra miles, by meeting us before the actual day, to know the details of the actual day, timeline of events, special guests, family members, etc; to learn our expectations – to ensure that they would give nothing but the best. My family and I are very grateful to their team. Thanks Christel and Taylor! 

11. Ichiro Films

Ichiro Films - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Ichiro Films – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Ichiro Films)
Key Services:Wedding Videography, Pre-wedding concept, Event, Parties, Family, Corporate Videography
Address:73 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub, #10-60, Singapore 408733
Phone:+65 98427458
Operating Hours:Monday to Friday 10 am to 7 pm (By appointment only)

Founded in 2008, Ichiro Films is a leading Singapore Wedding Videography company. We are a family of film-makers who are dedicated and passionate about telling your story. Pre-wedding and Wedding Videography in Singapore may seem like a cliche to many. However, our videographers know that every couple is different, and have their unique love story to tell. We are dedicated to bringing out your love story through our dedicated and meticulous team. With the right combination of lighting, composition, and framing, we are able to capture and tell your story in a more enchanting way.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Unique Storytelling and customization
  2. Personalize Theme
  3. Dedicated & Meticulous 

Client Testimonial:

We strongly recommend Ichiro Films because they not only deliver what they promise but more! Quality, professionalism, heartfelt, and beautifully captured moments that will last for a lifetime. Chronological order is effortless and runs off the mill, so what they do is craft a story that is personalized to each couple. That’s what sets them apart from the rest, and it’s exactly why we chose them.

The mesh up of a sequence of events was impeccable – so thoughtfully and perfectly positioned that evokes so much emotions and aligns with the storytelling theme. We are also very grateful to have them with us on our special day as we look back at the raw footage through their lens because there were so many precious moments that we could have missed if it weren’t for them! So thanks once again!

12. Steph Lee Films

Steph Lee Films - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Steph Lee Films – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Steph Lee Films)
Key Services:Wedding Videography Singapore (Pre Wedding and Actual Day)
Address:1 Kallang Junction, #06-01 S339263
Phone:+65 9455 0507
Operating Hours:N.A

Steph Lee Films is founded by Steph Lee. Trained in the fine art of film making and incorporating his vast experience in wedding photography, Steph has come up with his own unique style of wedding cinematography to perfectly capture each wedding moment at its very best.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Cinematic style of wedding day videography
  2. Fresh concepts applied to Pre Wedding short films
  3. Raving testimonials from couples

Client Testimonial:

Steph is an amazingly friendly videographer with no airs and instantly made us feel comfortable. He is very professional and committed to produce what he has committed to his clients. Highly recommended videographer that you can rely on for your videos needs. Huge thumbs up!

– Valerie

13. YOMO

YOMO - Wedding Videographers Singapore
YOMO – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: YOMO)
Key Services:Pre-wedding YouTube-style Video (Main), Pre-wedding Casual Photoshoot, Wedding Photobooth
Address:158 Kallang Way, #08-09, Performance Building, Singapore 349245
Phone:8747 5087 (Mario)
Operating Hours: By appointment

YOMO turns couples into “internet celebrities” for a few hours and film YouTube-style pre-wedding videos for them! After observing that pre-wedding shoots were heavy on picturesque landscapes but light on storytelling, the founders conceived the idea of YOMO.

YOMO is here to make your wedding more exciting and relatable for those who think outdoor video is cliché, childhood montage is cringy, or do not have a gatecrash in the morning!

You can choose many formats such as Couple Q&A, Both Sides, and Him or Her. Go to their studio, be YouTubers for a few hours, and say, “Hi guys! Welcome to our channel!”

Key Differentiators:

  • (Probably) the first in Singapore to do so
  • Personal and relatable
  • No sweat (indoor with aircon)

Client Testimonial:

I cannot emphasize how much I love the video. The shooting vibes were casual, fun, filled with laughter, and Mario is like a friend at the end of the shoot. The edit was quirky and on-point, and he has managed to capture our essence brilliantly. I have watched our video numerous times and it still cracks me up! The guests really enjoyed it too! It gave them an idea of us as a couple, and we could hear their laughter before we marched in and that was such an awesome feeling! Hands down, best decision to get YOMO for our pre-wedding shoot.

Zoe (Google Review)

14. Treehouse Weddings

Treehouse Weddings - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Treehouse Weddings – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Treehouse Weddings)
Key Services:Wedding Videography & Photography
Address:280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, Harvest @ Woodlands (S)757322
Phone:+65 9856 6593
Operating Hours:24/7

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” – Annie Leibovitz. No two trees are identical. Similarly, anyone can have the same wedding location, or the same pair of heels. However, people and personalities are infinite and unique. Everyone has a story to tell. We love to keep things organic and honest. To capture the things that matter most to you. To produce work that’s true, and a memory that you’ll love – a piece of history that’ll be cherished, generations to come.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Getting to know you better, helps us shoot your wedding better. We value growing personal relationships with our clients.
  2. Have crazy plans? We’re up for it. We’ve shot vastly different formats of weddings, and we love them all.
  3. We’re very open to discussion!

One Client Testimonial Example (if any): 

We were in very good hands of many great professionals. We felt super at ease and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at our wedding. Thank you for all the hardwork and great effort, treating the job assignment like its for your close friends and not your clients. Thank you for the love!

Highly, highly recommended! ❤

15. Freya Films

Freya Films - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Freya Films – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Freya Films)
Key Services:Wedding/Pre-wedding Video, Wedding Videography
Address:030 ANG MO KIO AVENUE 5 #09-93 NORTHSTAR @ AMK SINGAPORE (569880)
Phone:+65 9643 9630
Operating Hours:Appointment basis

Founded by Jialiang with 10 years experience filming weddings. Through the years, he developed this style of cinematic documentary of the weddings incorporated with couples’ real emotions. Wedding day film making іѕ not merely a сhrоnоlоgісаl compilation of the day’s events, we аrtіѕtісаllу and creatively tell the ѕtоrу of your day and present it in true сіnеmаtіс form. Our goal is to capture the unnoticed mоmеntѕ, the otherwise forgotten memories, the unеxресtеd perspectives, and the unique personalities ѕресіfіс to each couple.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Cinematic style of presentation
  2. Real and honest storytelling
  3. Non-intrusive to the wedding, we do not need to direct the wedding much to get the shots

Client Testimonial:

We had the perfect wedding and Freyafilms played a major part in making that happen. Jialiang and his team displayed professionalism throughout the whole process allowing for us to relax and enjoy our special day while they captured the treasured moments. We were particularly impressed with Jialiang and the focus he had when editing our same day highlights amidst the sea of people. The end product was beyond what we expected.

After our first walk in, the first words out from both our parents’ mouth were, “The video was wonderful”. We couldn’t wait to rush back to the hotel room to watch it. It was replayed over 100 times the next few days. We were just so in love with it! Several of our guests shared the same sentiments and requested to watch it again. We simply cannot thank Jialiang and his team enough for all they have done.

– Haziq and Clarisse

16. Back Button Media

Back Button Media - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Back Button Media – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Back Button Media)
Key Services:Wedding Videography
Address:5001 Beach Rd, Singapore 199588
Phone:9126 5486
Operating Hours:10am – 7pm, Weekdays

Back Button Media has always been popular for being able to capture the most natural of moments, keeping things both sincere yet casual at the same time. Housing trusted videographers and editors in the field since 2014, their videos stand out in documentation as they mix music and montage with recorded conversations, speeches and interviews. 

One of its points of pride as a company is its experienced and professional team of creatives who are a fun bunch to hang out with – highly important for couples who’d want to feel comfortable during the filming process.

Couples seeking to remember their big day in ways that are more authentic and heartfelt can rely on Back Button Media to do the job

Key Differentiators:

  1. Casual & Light Hearted Style of Documentation
  2. Natural editing with usage of on-location recorded sound bites
  3. Fun & Experienced Team

Client Testimonial:

“The Team at Back Button Media are true professionals. They are an easy going and lively bunch who add joy and laughter to the wedding. Their fun and outgoing nature makes it easy for them to click with other vendors. What we really like about BBM is their style of filming where they are able to capture the happy moments, the funny scenes and the touching ones all in one video.

They are able to edit the flow of the video smoothly to keep the viewer engaged at all times, leaving them with a smile at the end of it. We had a wonderful experience with BBM and would truly recommend this to anyone considering to have a fun filled wedding shoot that will stay memorable in the years to come. 5/5 stars.”

17. Trio Films

Trio Films - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Trio Films – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Trio Films)
Key Services:Wedding Videography & Photography
Address:Singapore Handicraft Building, 72 Eunos Ave 7, Level 5 Singapore 409570 (Strictly by appointment only)
Phone:+65 9625 5505
Operating Hours:9am – 9pm, Weekdays

Since 2014, Trio Films has been covering weddings of numerous high profile actors and influencers in Singapore. We’ve honed our skills to a standard that turn your pre-wedding and wedding footages into music videos or trailers reminiscent of Hollywood romantic blockbusters. Another thing that set our team apart is our 3Rs that we continuously maintain and apply in our crafts: responsive, responsible, and remarkable. We provide fast & easy service and respond within 2 hours of your queries to make sure you have the smoothest, most stress-free experience when working with us.

Aside from excellent camera works, our team has a knack for listening to ideas, planning, and producing exactly what customers want. We also take pride in our core values, and corporate social responsibility – a percentage of our total profit goes to the SOSD Dog Shelter and various charity organisation in Singapore. You can take part in giving back to society while having your dream wedding video produced.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Customer Oriented (Flexible policy)
  2. Excellence in Work Produced (Quality Assurance by company’s own in-house Quality Check Manager)
  3. Fast & efficient service (Replies to customer will be given as soon as possible)

Client Testimonial:

Trio Films is really passionate on delivering good service and product to the customer. Throughout the whole period, June has been very attentive in assisting and responding to my numerous queries. These promptness really eased my worries. On the actual day, the professionalism that have been shown by the 2 videographers, Zack & Mars was wonderful, which not to my surprise, producing one of the best Express Highlight that I have seen. Highly recommended!

– LC Tay

18. Just Married Films

Just Married Films - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Just Married Films – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Just Married Films)
Key Services:Wedding Videography & Photography
Address:53 Dafne St Singapore 459573
Phone:+65 9776 3321
Operating Hours:Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm

At Just Married Films, they have always been passionate about story-telling, and what better story to capture than one of the most significant milestones in a couple’s journey together. Every couple’s story is unique and special, and it is their privilege to be serving in this industry, witnessing the marriage of so many couples for the past 8 years.

They offer Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography Services in Singapore. At Just Married Films, they tell stories that touch, create, and inspire.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Personalized Services – Every Couple is different. They cater services tailored to each couple’s needs, creating concepts and memories that they will remember.
  2. Help in Coordinating- They help to organise and assist in the coordination of the wedding.
  3. Top Quality Products – You’ll be impressed with the final deliverables.

Client Testimonial:

Me and my hubby did not regret engaging (Just Married Films) to be our videographer! They really are very hardworking, and is someone who would really go all out to make everything go smoothly for our wedding as he understands it is a once in a lifetime important event especially to the girl. He went the extra mile to do a pre-wedding video for us which included interviews from us individually a month before our big day, which really touches all of our guests from all the positive feedbacks we’ve received.

On the actual day itself they came like super early and started preparing his stuff and started videographing every single detail not to be missed. They are also very into it, organized, responsible, professional, flexible and inspirational throughout the entire process which we really appreciate. Most unforgettable thing is they are very jovial! They can really crack jokes to make us and our guests laugh.

They can also coordinate well with our photographer and work well together. I can truly say that we did not have to worry a single bit with Just Married Films around. Definitely, of course the end product turns out to be perfect! Many of my friends have been asking me who is my videographer and I am proud to introduce and recommend Just Married Films!

And for those who are concerned about the price, don’t be! Because it is really affordable and not demanding for the amount of work they do. As what Just Married Films always say, you can really go out and compare with other videographers (don’t bother). You will surely come back to them! I really really really recommend Just married Films to be your videographer! Go and contact him now! Call 97763321 and enquire! You will not regret! As you can see all the other clients positive feedback too! God Bless, and thank you again Just Married Films! 🙂

19. Highest Kite Weddings

Highest Kite Weddings - Wedding Videographers Singapore
Highest Kite Weddings – Wedding Videographers Singapore (Credit: Highest Kite Weddings)
Key Services:Wedding Videography Singapore, Photography and Makeup & Hair
Address:67 Ubi Road 1, #05-07, Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408730
Phone:+65 87770571
Operating Hours:Monday to Friday, 12 to 7pm

Here at Highest Kite Weddings, you can be certain that your story is being told in its rawest and most genuine form. Our team believes that the most beautiful aspect of a love story comes from deep within — we draw these emotions out and we embody them, leaving you and your loved ones lasting memories. Our philosophy and inspiration resonate through each of the stories we create, and we hope that we’ll be able to share yours with the world as well.

Key Differentiators:

  1. We draw our inspiration from the beauty of simplicity and all the heartwarming stories we’ve heard. It moves us, our creativity, and our imagination.
  2. We tell stories that are authentic and fervent — they are driven by love, passion, and emotion that two people share with each other and their loved ones.
  3. We pay attention to every detail, even the in-between moments. 

Client Testimonial:

“They did a fantastic job of managing our schedules, locations, shoots, and video editing. You really don’t get to witness the amount of effort they put in unless you get down and engage them. It is truly an honour to have Highest Kite Weddings to be a part of our wedding.”

– Shi Kang & Lai Yin

Wedding Videographers Singapore

There you have it! The Best Wedding Videography Services in Singapore. While it is both exciting and stressful to plan for the big day, we hope you will also take the time to enjoy the process.

Planning a wedding is no easy feat – there’s wedding venue, pre wedding photography, wedding gowns, hens party, bachelor party etc to say the least.

If you are keen to explore more to help you with planning your special occasion, here are more helpful links that might inspire you! All the best and Congratulations!

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How much does wedding videography cost in Singapore?

The cost of a wedding videography in Singapore does vary widely depending on your wedding videographer’s experience and level of expertise, in addition to your wedding’s location. u003cbr/u003eThere are different wedding videography packages that you can choose from, such as pre-wedding videography and actual day wedding videography.u003cbr/u003eThe average cost of a wedding videographer in Singapore is around SGD $1500 with most couples spending between SGD $1000 to SGD $2500

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