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7 Best Wine Chillers in Singapore [2023]

Wine Chillers Singapore

Best Wine Chillers Singapore
Best Wine Chillers Singapore

In this article, we will be talking about the best wine chillers in Singapore.

A wine chiller is an important wine accessory that wine lovers need to have in their wine cellar. The wine chiller provides the perfect environment for storing and preserving your wine collection, so you can enjoy them when you want without worrying about spoilage or oxidation.

We have done a lot of research and found the 7 Best Wine Chillers in Singapore. These wine chiller products are all available online too so if you want to find out more information about wine chillers, make sure to read and stay ’til the end!

1. Kadeka KA39WR Wine Chiller

Kadeka KA39WR Wine Chiller - Wine Chillers Singapore (Credit: Kadeka)
Kadeka KA39WR Wine Chiller – Wine Chillers Singapore (Credit: Kadeka)
Key FeaturesSeamless stainless steel handle and door frame
Where to buyKadeka

The many wine cooler alternatives on the market might make selecting the appropriate one to match your contemporary house a difficult and stressful task. If you prefer a clean, modern look or simply like the masculine stainless steel style, take a peek at the tiny Kadeka KA39WR Wine Chiller.

This wine chiller, which comes with six sliding wooden shelves with stainless steel trim, can store a total of 31 bottles of wine.

The Kadeka KA39WR Wine Chiller is equipped with an adjustable cooling system that’s meant to keep your wine at a proper serving temperature. The temperature range is 5-18 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for aging wines.

The fact that this free-standing chiller has an auto-defrost mechanism, a humidity box, and a charcoal filter to help optimize the storage conditions ensures that it adds more value to its price.

Key Differentiators

  • LED temperature display
  • Internal control panel
  • 3 layered anti-UV tinted glass door
  • 6 wooden shelves with stainless steel trim
  • Built-in lock

Customer’s Testimony

Just the right size. Fast delivery and works well so far. Bought at slightly discounted price.


2. Brandt 126 Bottles Wine Cooler CB377V 

Brandt 126 Bottles Wine Cooler CB377V  - Wine Chillers Singapore (Credit: Brandt)
Brandt 126 Bottles Wine Cooler CB377V  – Wine Chillers Singapore (Credit: Brandt)
Key FeaturesBrandt has designed wine cellars for wine storage and aging that provide accurate temperature control
Where to buyTolay

The bottle storing capacity of Brandt’s wine cooler is approximately 126 bottles of Chardonnay or champagne, divided among 7 wooden shelves. The temperature is simply changed, and the device generates 47dB of noise, making it non-distracting.

A wine cooler with a classic design is an excellent match for traditional homes. The Brandt 126 Bottles Wine Cooler CB377V  is built into your kitchen, taking up less space. It has a capacity of 126 bottles, which is still plenty to fit in.

Key Differentiators

  • Aesthetically pleasing. Brandt wine storage will appeal to you with their sobriety and wood shelves.
  • 126 bottles wine cellar
  • Noise level: 47dBa

3. Mayer 46 Bottles Wine Chiller MMWC46MAG

Mayer 46 Bottles Wine Chiller MMWC46MAG - Wine Chillers Singapore (Credit: Mayer)
Mayer 46 Bottles Wine Chiller MMWC46MAG – Wine Chillers Singapore (Credit: Mayer)
Key FeaturesEquipped with dual zone function, you can now store your fine wine with separate temperature control
Where to buyMayer
PriceS$ 1,899.00

With 6 adjustable wooden shelves, Mayer’s wine cooler can hold 46 bottles. It includes adjustable feet and is suited to keep wine at optimum temperature ranges of 5°C-22°C.

The wine cooler’s digital thermometer and humidity control device maintain the temperature and moisture levels at an optimum level. The UV protection provided by the tempered glass is ideal for preserving the quality of your wine. The LED lighting, stainless steel construction, and black interior complement each other to produce a stylish look.

Key Differentiators

  • LED light
  • Black interior
  • Seamless design
  • Digital thermometer

4. Vintec Classic Series Wine Cellar 120 bottle V160SG

 Vintec Classic Series Wine Cellar 120 bottle V160SG - Wine Chillers Singapore (Credit: Vintec)
Vintec Classic Series Wine Cellar 120 bottle V160SG – Wine Chillers Singapore (Credit: Vintec)
Key FeaturesMain Function: Cellar Red & White
Where to buyVintec
PriceSGD 1,200.00

The Vintec Classic Series is a wine rack with six wooden shelves that can hold up to 120 bottles of delicious full-bodied reds, crisp whites, and sweet roses for serious wine enthusiasts.

With a single temperature zone and a double-layered glass door that can be positioned on either the left or right side, you may change the temperature from 6°C to -16°C to your liking. It features a security lock so it can’t be easily broken into, as well as a security thermostat.

Vintec is a Swedish- and Danish-based firm that integrates Scandinavian elements into its designs. Their wine cabinets utilize a Thermal Recycling Pump to maintain humidity levels by heating condensed water to create the air within the cabinet, which then disperses throughout the cabinet. This wine chiller ensures continual clean air supply via internal and external vents.

Key Differentiators

  • Scandinavian Design
  • Humidity recycling system
  • Energy Efficient R600a Gas
  • Security lock
  • Winter function for cold climates

5. Takada Wine Chiller

Takada Wine Chiller - Wine Chillers Singapore (Credit: Takada)
Takada Wine Chiller – Wine Chillers Singapore (Credit: Takada)
Key FeaturesPortable wine chiller
Where to buyTakada

Takada’s wine chiller is a small, transportable cooler that takes up little room and can be kept in storage while not in use. It is computer-controlled, so it maintains the ideal drinking temperature to sip a glass of your favorite wine or a cool beverage at the end of a long day or week.

The Takada Wine Chiller has a temperature range of 5°C to 50°C, and you may switch between these eight settings with ease. It’s quiet and energy-efficient since it uses thermoelectric cooling technology, so it doesn’t even need ice to keep your bottle cool for hours.

Key Differentiators

  • Wine Cooler is programmed to automatically chill the wine to the perfect drinking temperature
  • Wine Cooler’s cooling system is computer controlled to achieve the perfect drinking temperature
  • Convenient and portable

Customer’s Testimony

Great product. Had been looking for it for a while. Chill the drinks in short time.


6. Tecno 16 Bottles Wine Chiller TWC52CDN

Tecno 16 Bottles Wine Chiller TWC52CDN - Wine Chillers Singapore (Credit: Tecno)
Tecno 16 Bottles Wine Chiller TWC52CDN – Wine Chillers Singapore (Credit: Tecno)
Key Features16 bottle storage
Where to buyTecno

For smaller families or newly married couples, the Tecno 16 bottle mini wine chiller is highly suggested. It takes up less room when put together and offers excellent wine chilling capabilities with a one-year warranty. The stainless steel handle and double tempered glass of its twin tinned thermally welded walls provide superb grip while opening and closing the door.

Nowadays, space limitations are a problem all throughout the world, and the Tecno 16 bottle small wine chiller is ideal for cramped residences. Its compatibility and simple design ensure long-term effectiveness. Plus, when it comes to using Tecno TWC52CDN, homeowners had no issues.

Key Differentiators

  • Double tinted tempered glass door
  • Removable metal racks
  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • Compact minimalist design
  • Quiet, energy saving compressor
  • Equipped with stainless steel handle

7. Chateau Wine Cooler CW 36TH SNS

Chateau Wine Cooler CW 36TH SNS - Wine Chillers Singapore (Credit: Chateau)
Chateau Wine Cooler CW 36TH SNS – Wine Chillers Singapore (Credit: Chateau)
Key Features5 Full-size Wooden Shelves (Telescopic)
Ventilation Circulatory System
Active Charcoal Filter
Reversible Door
Where to buyChateau

To safeguard your valuable wine collection from outdoor UV light and heat, the low emissivity glass installed in the Chateau wine chiller CW 36TH SNS door keeps it safe.

Only the visible light allows you to explore the interior. With this unique feature, the firm provides extra value to its clients. Only wine connoisseurs understand the significance of this feature.

Active charcoal and efficient air filtration purify the odors and noxious gaseous compounds from the cooling air inside the wine chiller. Single wine flavor storage, such as immediate consumption or long-term preservation, is best suited for this model.

Key Differentiators

  • Single Temperature Zone
  • UV-Insulated Double Glass Door
  • Low Emissivity Coating (Low-E)
  • Adjustable Temperature : 5 – 18°C
  • Digital Touch Control (Located inside)
  • 1 Year Spare Parts & Service
  • 5 Years Compressor

Wine Chillers Singapore

There are wine chillers available in Singapore for wine lovers to keep their wine collection fresh and ready to enjoy. However, not all wine chillers are created equal; some work better than others at maintaining the perfect temperature that preserves your wines without spoiling them or letting them go bad.

We have compiled a list of 7 different wine chiller products from various brands which you can find here if you’re interested in learning more about this topic!

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