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Best Ecofriendly Brands and Stores to Encourage a Zero Waste Singapore [2023]

Zero Waste Stores Singapore

Best Zero Waste Stores Singapore
Best Zero Waste Stores Singapore

Getting on the zero-waste bandwagon may take some time for some, especially if you are unsure where to begin. Hence, to give you a headstart, we’ve gathered the best ecofriendly brands and stores to encourage a zero-waste lifestyle in Singapore for you to check out.

Change takes time so we’re not telling you to suddenly adopt a completely different lifestyle. But rather encouraging you to take it one step at a time! Incorporating little things into your daily life will help. From using ecofriendly or zero-waste (or low waste) aimed products like reusable metal straws to wearing sustainable jewellery and more!

But before we get to it, if you’re looking for things to do during this period, check out the following links below.

1. Neis Haus

Neis Haus - Zero Waste Stores Singapore
Neis Haus – Zero Waste Stores Singapore (Credits: Neis Haus)
Key services:Online retail store, wholesale and corporate gifts!

Neis Haus is a Singapore-based business built out of the desire to offer easy access to a wide range of affordable, good quality eco-friendly products that are safe and better alternatives to single-use plastics and other nasties, thereby providing you and your family with greener options for everyday living. Their products make beautiful yet functional earth-friendly gifts for your friends and loved ones too!

Key Differentiators

  1. Affordable
  2. High Quality
  3. Wide range

2. Unpakt

Unpakt - Zero Waste Stores Singapore
Unpakt – Zero Waste Stores Singapore (Credits: Unpakt)
Key services:Zero-Waste Grocery & Lifestyle Store
Address:6 Jalan Kuras, Singapore 577724
Phone:8399 3552
Operating Hours:Tues-Sun, 10am-7pm
PH, 10am-4pm

UnPackt is Singapore’s first zero-waste bulk store and a homegrown social enterprise with the mission to build a green and mindful Singapore, one community at a time.

Key Differentiators

  1. 1st zero-waste grocery and lifestyle store
  2. A registered social enterprise that hires elderly and single Mums

Client Testimonial

I love that they deliver bulk groceries using reusable containers that you then return on your next order. I can buy how little or how much I need. Definitely helps with my goal of producing less packaging waste.

3. The Eco Gem

The Eco Gem - Zero Waste Stores Singapore
The Eco Gem – Zero Waste Stores Singapore (Credits: The Eco Gem)
Key services:Online Jewelry Store
Website/ / @theecogem
Phone:+65 9130 9510
Operating Hours:9 AM to 6 PM (only apply to email replies and IG DMs only)

Started by a team of 5 polytechnic students, The Eco Gem is a local social enterprise that transforms everyday items into sustainable accessories. Utilising recyclables such as soap dispenser tubes and plastic bottles, they creatively design and handmade these beautiful yet sustainable accessories. They want to provide everyone with a choice to be green and fashionable in their daily life.

Follow The Eco Gem on Instagram @theecogem for updates on new designs and environmental-related information.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Handmade beautiful & sustainable accessories
  2. All accessories are upcycled from recyclable such as plastic bottles, soap dispenser tubes and table mats
  3. Besides upcycled accessories, The Eco Gem also have bio-resin accessories, a more ecofriendly resin. They utilise packaging materials and salvaged flowers for their designs.

Customer Review:

I think it was an innovative business idea and it really sends out the idea that upcycled materials can also be made into beautiful items. It also took everyone a lot of effort to make the accessories and because they are handmade, each product is unique so well done!! I love them!

4. Your Sustainable Store

Your Sustainable Store - Zero Waste Stores Singapore
Your Sustainable Store – Zero Waste Stores Singapore (Credits: Your Sustainable Store)
Key services:Your Sustainable Store is a Singapore-based online store created to make a wide range of curated, stylish and affordable sustainable and ecofriendly products easily available.
Website/ / @yoursustainablestore
Operating Hours:24/7

Your Sustainable Store is a Singapore-based online store created to make a wide range of curated, stylish and affordable sustainable products easily available. They hope that by offering practical yet stylish alternatives, they can inspire more to lead an environmentally aware lifestyle.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Curated – Products are researched on and tested by the Your Sustainable Store team for quality before taking them on board. They do not list products that they would not use themselves.
  2. Stylish – Sustainable products can be stylish too and Your Sustainable Store hopes to bring joy through beautiful designs.
  3. Wide range – Your Sustainable Store is a one-stop resource for sustainable products. From products to be used in the kitchen, on-the-go and even skincare.

5. Seastainable Co.

Seastainable Co. - Zero Waste Stores Singapore
Seastainable Co. – Zero Waste Stores Singapore (Credits: Seastainable Co.)
Key services:A social enterprise supporting marine conservation in Southeast Asia, Ecofriendly products
Website/ /
Phone:+65 8877 3302
Operating Hours:Always online

Seastainable is a social business that supports marine conservation in Southeast Asia – particularly in the Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, and Malaysia. They do this by encouraging individuals to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, and be increasingly aware of their impact on the environment and at the same time channelling their profits to environmental organisations in need.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Seastainable Co. commits its profits from their reusable alternatives to single-use plastic items to marine conservation initiatives by organizations and individuals in Singapore, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
  2. Since Seastainable began in 2017, they have contributed S$32,000.00 to over 34 marine conservation projects, 12 of which are organized by individuals funded by the Seastainable Grant.
  3. Seastainable began with [Sam’s] personal advocacy for healthier and plastic-free oceans. As a small business, they started offering metal straw sets to encourage zero-waste and sustainable living that can encourage behaviour change for individuals that can result in less single-use plastic usage. Today, Seastainable has grown to provide other reusable alternatives as well as highlighting local brands from Singapore (The Tinkerbox) and the Philippines (Rags2Riches, Cat+Kai Handmade, Silent Beads)

Customer Review:

Sam, who was part of last year’s SEA Camp-ASEAN, has started Seastainable Co., providing sustainable alternatives like reusable straws and bamboo toothbrushes to replace single-use items in Singapore. These individuals, as well as your other mentors in the program, are great examples of what determined and visionary young leaders can do for their communities.

Ambassador Sung Kim, United States Ambassador to the Philippines

6. Eco·Le

Eco·Le Store - Zero Waste Stores Singapore
Eco·Le Store – Zero Waste Stores Singapore (Credits: Eco·Le Store)
Key services:Bringing zero-waste lifestyles essentials to you, Ecofriendly products
Website/ / @eco_le_sg
Address:170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #03-56 Bukit Timah Shopping Center, Singapore 588179
Phone:+65 8766 5074
Operating Hours:12 PM to 6 PM (closed on Tuesdays)

Eco·Le offers general groceries without the packaging and refills. Bring your own container (BYOC) or purchase or pick up from the free cleaned reusable containers that may meet your needs. A store that tries out the new concept of the sharing economy at very affordable rates – rent a sewing machine for 3hours or rent a kiddy rental plates/cups and cutlery for up to 24 pax instead of disposables. It’s all about refills and minimising packaging waste.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Key focus on sustainability. Products sold here are environmentally friendly and sustainable where possible.
  2. A knowledgeable owner who will explain the pros and cons of products for your needs so that you will not buy a product that you will regret and not use it.
  3. Refill of candles, essential oils too!

7. Thryft

Thryft Team - Zero Waste Stores Singapore
Thryft Team – Zero Waste Stores Singapore (Credits: Thryft)
Key services:Selling of second-hand books and providing trade-in value for second-hand books, Zero-waste initiative
Website/Instagram: / @thryftsg
Address:10 Petain Road
Phone:+65 9483 4017
Operating Hours:24/7

Thryft is an online bookstore operating with sustainability at its heart.

As all their books are second-hand, Thryft offers an affordable and sustainable alternative for readers looking to get books from the comfort of their homes. Readers can also trade-in their own books with them and receive Thryft credits to spend on their online store for other books that they want.

Driven by doing good, Thryft is more than just a business. Besides their packaging being plastic-free, Thryft uses repurposed paper as packaging to reduce environmental footprint.

Beyond environmental sustainability, they also strongly believe in social sustainability. Thryft donates 10% of all profits to causes that they believe in. This initiated various programmes to support others in making sustainable and positive changes in the world.

“Partners for Change” is one such programme, where Thryft partners with non-profit organisations and list their books on its platform at no cost, and 100% of profits from sales going back to their cause.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Besides buying books, users can also trade-in their own books for credits to be spent in their store. They also offer free pick-up services for those who are trading in 20 books or more.
  2. Through their use of e-commerce and smart algorithms, they offer a centralised platform for second-hand books and consistent pricing mechanisms that are convenient and fair for both sellers and buyers.
  3. They believe in doing well by doing good. Thus, are committed to building environmentally and socially sustainable ecosystems through their various initiatives.

Customer Review:

So happy to receive these @thryftsg books! Thank you so much for the free delivery and bookmark (super cute!).Thryft is a local startup that saves and sells secondhand books at a great price, and even have sections of books that go to charity/non-profit. The books are in great condition! It’s a great way to service the bookworm in you while being environmentally friendly.

8. The First Green Store

The First Green Store - Zero Waste Stores Singapore
The First Green Store – Zero Waste Stores Singapore (Credits: The First Green Store)
Key services:Ecofriendly Products
Website/ / @the_first_green_store
Address:10 Anson Road, #10-11 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Phone:+65 6515 1106
Operating Hours:Always open online (calls between 9.30 AM to 7 PM)

With the rising need to conserve and protect our environment, the first green store (TFGS) encourages individuals and enterprises to adopt environmentally responsible lifestyles and advocate for Corporate Social Responsibility policies, through the products given away during various occasions and events. TFGS works with partners who are certified for Ethical Practices in their manufacturing process, and their retail brands are very carefully chosen to keep in mind their design, environmental and social impacts.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Sustainable
  2. Unique
  3. Ethical

9. The Zero Ways

The Zero Ways - Zero Waste Stores Singapore
The Zero Ways – Zero Waste Stores Singapore (Credits: The Zero Ways)
Key services:Lifestyle Store, Movement and Educator, Ecofriendly products
Website/ / @thezeroways
Operating Hours:24HRS

The Zero Ways Pte Ltd is a lifestyle store, movement and an educator. Being an eco-social business enterprise, they learn from nature where ecosystems do not produce waste and every living thing complements each other. The Zero Ways Pte Ltd revolves around four elements which are needed for us to survive – Food, homeware, well-being and clothing.

What makes The Zero Ways different from others is they provide holistic zero-waste lifestyle solutions, suitable for everyone. Our mission is to normalise the environment and social consciousness not only nationally but also globally through the practice of the Circular economy.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Educate the community, from young to old
  2. Link The Zero Ways zero-waste lifestyle products to education
  3. Content creator suitable for the majority of culture-rich locals

10. The Sustainability Project

The Sustainability Project - Natural Deodorant - Zero Waste Stores Singapore
The Sustainability Project – Natural Deodorant – Zero Waste Stores Singapore (Credits: The Sustainability Project)
Key services:Retail sale of sustainable and zero-waste products through our showroom and online store, Ecofriendly products
Website/Instagram: / @thesustainabilityproject_
Address:10 Jalan Serene, Serene Centre, #02-5a, Singapore 258748
Operating Hours:Visit Our Showroom (Strictly by Appointment Basis)
12 PM – 6 PM (Monday – Friday), 11 AM – 4 PM (Saturday – Sunday)
Do note that there might be days when the showroom is closed due to other obligations.

The Sustainability Project is a Singapore-based business which aims to inspire the adoption of low or zero-waste lifestyle in your life. This is done through 3 arms – Educate, Transform and Inspire.

Educate – The Sustainability Project first started off as a blog in June 2017, to share their knowledge and passion towards sustainability. In their blog, you can find tips on a sustainable lifestyle, chats with other green business owners and other related information to sustainability.

Transform – Their shop was founded in 2018 to enable low or zero-waste lifestyle by providing consumers with a wide range of sustainable products that are of high quality and at affordable prices.

Inspire – The Sustainability Project plan and attend events (corporate/school) such as talks, workshops, educational trips and more to continue inspiring the next generation to be a change-maker and fight for Mother Earth.

Key Differentiators:

  1. The Sustainability Project educate their followers by sharing knowledge and news on sustainability and living zero-waste through their blog content and our Instagram stories (@thesustainabilityproject_)
  2. They also have a series of imperfect products that are rejected by their suppliers due to aesthetics and slight flaws but are perfectly functional. Instead of throwing them away, The Sustainability Project put them on sale at a discounted prices. They also provide the sale of preloved books and the profits are donated to various organisations.
  3. Collects and reuses packaging (boxes, scrap fabric, tapes, envelopes) from their team, followers and suppliers to pack their orders.

11. The Social Space

The Social Space Cafe - Zero Waste Stores Singapore
The Social Space Cafe – Zero Waste Stores Singapore (Credits: The Social Space Cafe)
Key services:Cafe, Fair-Trade retail section, Organic nail salon, Ecofriendly products
Website/ /
Address:333 Kreta Ayer Road #01-14 Singapore 080333
5 Straits View, Marina One Residences, #01-03 Garden Tower Singapore 018935
Phone:+65 6655 0221
Operating Hours:Kreta Ayer – 9 AM to 5 PM (closed Tuesday)
Marina One – 9 AM to 4 PM (closed Mon & Tues)

The Social Space is a socially conscious multi-concept store, featuring a Tea Bar & Café, a fair trade retail area and a nail salon, all promoting greater awareness for sustainability, an appreciation for providence, and more accessible conscious living.

The mission of The Social Space is also to provide a platform for individuals who face a higher barrier to employment opportunities due to circumstances beyond their control. And to also equip them with varied skills sets that will allow them self-sufficiency in the long term.

The Social Space hopes to encourage its community to be more socially conscious in their daily lives by walking the talk. From the choice of product they use and sell to the services they offer and down to the people they hire. The Social Space aspires to dispel the perception that social enterprises offer sub-standard products and service. They aim to showcase high-quality, fair-trade, eco- and socially-conscious products and services that will affect change to you, the community and the planet.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Social Enterprise
  2. Inclusive Employment
  3. Ecofriendly

Customer Review:

Love this place! Randomly spotted it while walking and popped in. They have all sorts of sustainable products, a refill station for things like cleaning supplies and soaps, and a cafe with tasty nomz. Enjoyed seeing things like refillable floss containers and refills and package-free soaps and shampoo bars. Also found a pair of flip flops made from tires, which I bought cause my shoes were giving me blisters and we were at the start of a very long trip – they’ve been super comfortable and might be my new favourite pair of sandals! When we were there, they were donating a portion of all Cafe proceeds to a charity helping with the Australian wildfires.

Taly Matiteyahu (Google Review)

12. Peco Bag

Peco Bag - Zero Waste Stores Singapore
Peco Bag – Zero Waste Stores Singapore (Credits: Peco Bag)
Key services:Reusable bags made from recycled plastic bottles
Website/ / @pecobag
Operating Hours:Everyday 9 AM – 6 PM

Peco bag recognises the need for immediate action in order to repair the irreversible damage done to our precious ecosystems. The first step is introducing change conveniently. They mix trend, convenience, and sustainability all into one universal cheeky character. Peco bag encourages consumers to educate themselves on the war against single plastics.

Founder Yumika decided to design a reusable bag that was so convenient that one would never forget to bring it, aesthetically pleasing and made from a regenerated textile fabric that comes from a process of recycling.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Made from recycled plastic bottles
  2. Folds into a mini bag the size of a packet of tissues
  3. Can replace over 125 single-use plastic bottles in 1 year

Customer Review:

I absolutely love this @pecobag! I got one a few weeks ago and have been carrying it around with me everywhere to run my errands. Really super convenient, it can carry so many things. Can’t wait to see new designs and buy some more for my family. #sustainable living


Ecofriendly Zero Waste Singapore

And there you have it, the 12 Best Ecofriendly Brands and Stores to Encourage a Zero-Waste Singapore. Start your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Check out these ecofriendly brands and stores that encourage zero-waste (or lesser waste) in your daily routine.

If you know a business that would like to be featured or you would recommend to others and more, let us know so we can feature them too! Contact us here!

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