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Yong Le, from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) was tasked to plan an exciting and fun cohesion session for over 100 cadets!
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Singapore Armed Forces

Yong Le, from the SAF Officer Cadet School (OCS), was tasked to organized a team building session for his unit with over 100 cadets that best suits their interest while at the same time, strengthening their team dynamics.

Organising an event for a large group of over 100 participants might be a difficult task for most people. However, for an experienced company like FunEmpire who has facilitated countless number of events for large corporate companies such as DBS and Prudential, 100 participants were manageable for us. In order to encourage more involvement and reduce time wastage, the participants were split into groups of 10.

The Activities

At FunEmpire, we pride ourselves in our flexibility - to be able to accommodate to the requests of our clients to increase their convenience.

Yong Le’s main concern was that he might not be able to find a venue large enough for such a big group. Furthermore, he was worried that finding a transportation for so many people might be difficult and costly.

After understanding their concerns, we came to a consensus that the ideal venue would be held at their own camp, SAFTI MI. This provides a hassle free experience, enabling them to cut down not only their budget expenses but also save time from travelling.

Upon the suggestions by our helpful and experienced sales team, they decided to select an activity that they were familiar with, Laser Tag! As it resembles their own trainings, this allowed them to put their skills to the test!

The activity definitely helped the participants to de-stress while having fun! It will also encouraged them to hone their communication skills as they have to strategize together to ensure that they are able to achieve the game’s objective.

The Event

Together with Yong Le, our well-trained facilitators customized the gameplay to expand the playing field, increasing the number of levels to make it more exciting for the participants.

After a detailed briefing, the participants were split into teams and began their quest. Throughout the activity, the entire block was roaring with laughter as they chased and dodged each other with their laser guns.

With the usage of all the levels in the block, it definitely made the game much more interesting and difficult, as the participants had more running space and were required to dash up and down to find exactly where the flags were.

Remarkable Results

At FunEmpire, our greatest reward at the end of the day is to see the satisfied smiles on our participants’ faces!

Yong Le was extremely satisfied and thanked us for the successful and enjoyable event.

It was a nice break for the cadets to release stress and unwind amidst their gruelling training.

In stark contrast with the participants first arriving for the workshop, they left the events space with a smile plastered on their faces, and have fully understood the importance of possessing an inspiring, contented and united workplace culture. We are sure that we will see them very soon for their next team-bonding day!

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