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Sharlotte from the Singapore Prison Service department was tasked to organise a team building event for her department. With the objective of having a fun and relaxing, Sharlotte decided to go for something that would not require a lot of physical exertion. After coming across FunEmpire’s art jamming session, she found that it met her team’s requirements and decided to go with it.
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Singapore Prison Service

Sharlotte from the Singapore Prison Service department was tasked to organise a team building event for her department. As the team needed a getaway from their usual work envrionment, they decided to have a relaxing team building activity. They also wanted something that would not require a lot of physical exertion. When she came across FunEmpire’s website, she was attracted by the art jamming workshop due to its creative nature and our stress free workshop environment. As such, she decided to find out more.

Sharlotte got in touch with Julia, one of our salesperson who assisted her planning. During the liasing, Sharlotte expressed her concerns which were: wanting a session under two hours and preferred an air-conditioned space.

Knowing this, Julia recommended the tote bag art jamming. The tote bag art jamming session could be completed within one and a half hours unlike the canvas art jamming which was minimally 2 hours. Julia also proposed FunEmpire’s newly launched express canvas art jamming which would be done in an hour. However, after much weighing, Sharlotte and her team found that they preferred the tote bag since they would all get a functional tote to use after the event.

The Activities

Early on, Sharlotte and her team were already leaning towards creative workshops rather than the adventure games from FunEmpire. This was mainly because they did not want a team activity which would require being physically active. Under creative workshops, FunEmpire offers terrarium making, candle making, leather making and art jamming workshops an art jamming workshops. However, with their time concerns and their preference for tote bags, the team went with tote bag art jamming. Typically, our art jamming workshops are conducted in our air conditioned venue near Mountbatten Mrt and participants can expect to express their creativity without the pressure of competition one may find from our sports activities.

Since this was more of a casual team bonding session, Sharlotte and her team did not require any additional customisations which we normally offer.

The Event

The participants arrive separately and were a rather quiet. They took their respective seats quietly while waiting for the rest of the team to reach. Once everyone reached, the room got a little livelier.

The head facilitator, Daryl, started the workshop with a warm welcome. He jumped right into the briefing in the interest of giving the participants more time later to do their sketches. The participants listened attentively especially when it came to how to mix colours.

After the briefing, the participants fished out their phones and started searching up designs they would like to create. It was heartwarming to see them communicate their ideas with their table mates. As everyone was working at a different pace, they were rather focused on their own creation, dropping an ocassional joke of two with their peers.

Remarkable Results

A few of them finished up really quckly and started walking around to offer assistance to their peers. This made the whole atmosphere lively as they enthusiastically showed each other their designs.

Overall, the participants definitely had a great time and carried their bright smiles with them. We are also thankful for this opportunity to host this event for Singapore Prison Service and look forward to having another one with them soon!

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