15 Proven Virtual Ice Breakers for Remote Workers [2022]

Virtual Ice Breakers
Virtual Ice Breakers

Virtual Ice Breakers

Working from home certainly has its perks, but it can also be difficult to feel like you're a part of a team. This is especially true for remote workers. Fortunately, there are plenty of team-building activities that can help remedy that!

In this blog post, we will discuss 15 virtual ice breakerss that are perfect for remote workers. We'll also provide tips on how to make the most out of these activities.

Let's get started!

1. Start with sharing Good News

It can be tough working remotely on occasion, and you may use a dose of non-work-related good news to brighten your day.

You can use a ‘good news’ discussion channel to give your employees a place to share things that make them happy. For example, a coworker may tell everyone they've been able to get their toddler to eat vegetables after a long struggle, or someone has just played a fantastic song and made them feel good.

Whatever the situation, sharing good news may be a wonderful conversation starter, allowing teams to feel closer as they celebrate each other's small accomplishments.

2. Celebrate Fridays together

After a long week of work, most of your team members will just want to relax with a cold drink on Friday night. So why not have it together! Host this last thing at the end of the day so that it counts as "work," even though everyone is there to socialize.

Now's the time to go through the team's past week's recognitions. This serves as a conclusion to the week and gives everyone a chance to connect before Friday arrives.

3. Do virtual workshops

Many members of a team may have similar interests, but it's difficult to determine who else is studying Italian, learning to code, or otherwise interested in personal development when working remotely.

Consider if any outside events or classes might be appealing to your staff and see whether you can set up fun virtual workshops. However, it's critical that the themes and abilities are freely chosen and do not appear compulsory. This is all about enjoyment and finding that relationship. Check out different creative workshops such as Clay Making, or if you know someone who loves leather, why not go for Leather Making Workshops, of if you are a team who loves painting, try Art Jamming!

Virtual Leather Making - Virtual Ice Breakers
Virtual Leather Making - Virtual Ice Breakers

FunEmpire, which provides online workshops and virtual activities like team-building exercises, maybe a fun addition to your team-building events, especially if your team can track their progress and compare.

4. Organise virtual workout sessions

It's time to add the 'exercise' to your team-building exercises. People who work from home tend to get fewer steps or workouts than they would while commuting to an office. There is no gym on the route from your bedroom to your home office, and there is no bike ride to get to work.

It's essential for team members to stay healthy and move enough on their own. Virtual workouts, however, may also be a fantastic team-building experience when done together. This method of working out also encourages others to keep each other accountable. Try Virtual Saber Fit!

5. Play online games

There are several internet games that you may play together. You can do this during the day while on the phone with a little icebreaker game during meetings. Alternatively, you could set up team-building activities that might be played over multiple days and tracked in your own communication channels.

The benefit of online games is that you have a lot more options than if you choose in-person games. You could play the virtual version of classic board games, but there's so much more to discover.

6. Channel dedicated to your cute pets  

This could be your next favorite ice breaker!

Set up a groupchat called #pets, where you could share images of your pets making comical faces and performing amusing activities.

This channel is both straightforward and little time-consuming, yet it delivers a substantial return on investment in terms of team building and culture improvement! In essence, this channel is a success when it comes to offering fast and easy team-building activities for telecommuters.

7. MTV Cribs

Your remote employees may never have the opportunity to meet face-to-face. Colleagues, on the other hand, can still invite one another for MTV-style fun by opening their homes to them.

This activity is both educational and entertaining, providing a unique look into your coworkers' personal lives while also allowing you to get to know your entire virtual staff better.

8. Virtual Dance Party 

The Virtual Dance Party is a fast and simple way to create a virtual team. You may either run your virtual dance as a stand-alone event or include it as part of a meeting's brief one-minute session.

You don't need to perform intricate dances; all you have to do is turn on a song and dance to the music! Dancing may help you break the ice during tense moments, boost your energy levels, and add some joy into your team meetings.

9. Virtual Pub Trivia

Your staff can't go out to the pub together, but they may play virtual happy hour games and similar real-time activities.

To begin, gather everyone together for a drink whether it's tea, brew or wine. Then, the host creates smaller teams and reads out queries. Participants must answer as a group and each correct response is worth points. Trivia with themes like Netflix series, musical clues, and scientific facts is possible.

10. Spreadsheet Wars

The goal of Spreadsheet Wars is to promote Google Sheets and other spreadsheet-type applications.

To play Spreadsheet Wars, you select a theme such as "most advanced calculation" or "minigame design," and that's all there is to it. Only one condition applies: participants may only use the spreadsheet software to create a solution. If your company could benefit from scrappy ideas, you might choose a topic like "cost reduction calculator".

11. Share your location

If your teammates are all over the world, start your session by sending a virtual hello to each of them.

Run a word cloud with the question: "Where are you coming from?" at the start of your conference call.

This is an excellent virtual icebreaker for big meetings or virtual gatherings since the larger the number of sites, the better the word cloud will appear.

12. Say it with an emoji

Here's another approach to check how your team members are feeling while they're working: let them use emojis to express it. As an example, at the beginning of your meeting, inquire about feelings with your coworkers:

“Which emoji best describes your current state of mind?”

13. Draw your mood

Instead of asking your coworkers how they are at the start of your meeting (which usually results in a half-baked "fine" or "okay"), ask them to draw how they're feeling. It's a lot more entertaining, and it'll get your colleagues thinking creatively.

On a whiteboard, ask them to express their present mood. So channel your inner Picasso and create something that resembles art in some way. We promise it was lots of fun!

14. Appreciate a colleague today

This is more than just an icebreaker; it's also a morale lifter. And, in particular, when working alone. Give high fives to the folks on your team. Start your meeting with a word cloud poll such as: “Who was your quiet hero in July?”

Nodding your head in agreement is a simple and effective way to begin a meeting. Expect plenty of hearty "awws" in response.

15. Take a team photo

A group picture is a must-have, whether you're arranging a virtual icebreaker event or just want to get the party started.

This is just as enjoyable to watch over a video chat as it is in person. And you may do it again and again by capturing a different shot each time — make funny faces, bring your pets, make an odd gesture, be inventive.

Virtual Ice Breakers

Team building activities are a great way to help employees feel connected to one another. When team members feel like they are part of a team, they are more likely to be productive and happy at work.

Unfortunately, many team-building activities rely on employees being in the same physical space. This can be a challenge for remote workers. Hopefully, you have found the virtual ice breakers that can be enjoyed by your remote workers!