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7 Best Lion Dance Troupes in Malaysia [2023]

Lion Dance Malaysia

Best Lion Dance Malaysia
Best Lion Dance Malaysia

If you’re looking for an exciting and unique cultural experience, then look no further than a lion dance performance! Lion dances are a traditional form of dance that originated in China. Today, they can be found all over the world, and Malaysia is home to some of the best troupes in the world. In this blog post, we will take a look at 7 Best Lion Dance Malaysia.

Key Consideration Factors

  • Authenticity: Look for lion dance troupes in Malaysia that uphold the traditions and cultural heritage of lion dancing. Authenticity ensures a captivating and genuine performance that reflects the rich history and symbolism of the art form.
  • Skill and Experience: Consider lion dance troupes with experienced performers who have honed their skills over the years. Skilled lion dancers can execute intricate movements, acrobatics, and stunts with precision and grace, enhancing the overall performance.
  • Customization: Find lion dance troupes that offer customized performances to suit your specific event or occasion. Whether it’s a festival, corporate event, wedding, or other celebration, a tailored lion dance performance can add a unique touch and create a memorable experience.
  • Music and Instruments: Pay attention to the accompanying music and instruments used during the lion dance. The rhythmic beats of drums, cymbals, and gongs contribute to the energy and excitement of the performance. A well-coordinated and harmonious musical ensemble enhances the overall ambiance and impact of the lion dance.
  • Costumes and Props: Consider lion dance troupes that have visually appealing and well-maintained lion costumes and props. Vibrant colors, intricate designs, and high-quality craftsmanship showcase the attention to detail and professionalism of the performers. Eye-catching costumes contribute to the visual spectacle of the lion dance.
  • Coordination and Synchronization: Look for lion dance troupes that demonstrate excellent coordination and synchronization among the lion dancers. Smooth and precise movements, synchronized jumps, and seamless transitions showcase the expertise and teamwork of the performers, resulting in a captivating and flawless performance.

Best Lion Dance Malaysia

1. Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance Association

Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance Association - Lion Dance Malaysia
Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance Association – Lion Dance Malaysia (Credit: Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance Association’s Facebook)
Key ServicesLion Dance, Dragon Dance, and more.
AddressLot 477, Taman Aman, Off Jalan Abdul Rahman 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia

The Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance Association is a worldwide champion from Malaysia. Tan Chong Hing, an amateur lion dance enthusiast, established KSK in January 1988.

In May, 1991, KSK won their first national title in Johor, and in December, 1992 they captured the Hong Kong crown. They have been recognized as a cultural association since 1996.

Tan Chong Hing achieved success step by step due to his devotion to lion dance and his commitment to the goal of lion dance art. After 27 years, they had earned 70 national champions and 60 international champions. This outstanding track not only raised KSK’s profile but also made Malaysia proud of it.

Key Differentiators:

  • International champion
  • Creative skills
  • Drive the art of dragon and lion dance around the world

Customer Testimonial

Good service

liew yin

2. Hong Yi Dragon & Lion Dance Association

Hong Yi Dragon & Lion Dance Association - Lion Dance Malaysia
Hong Yi Dragon & Lion Dance Association – Lion Dance Malaysia (Credit: Hong Yi Dragon & Lion Dance Association’s Facebook)
Key ServicesTraditional Lion Dance Performance, Acrobatic High Pole Lion Dance, Plucking the Greens Ritual, Festive Season Drum Percussion, LED luminous Lion / Dragon Dance, Freestyle Dragon Dance, and more.
Address52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Operating hoursDaily 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

The Hong Yi Dragon & Lion Dance Association began as an NGO and has since expanded into a multi-faceted cultural service. It now serves families, clients, and corporate gatherings from all around the world, not just locally.

The Hong Yi Dragon & Lion Dance Association has a variety of unique performances available for events ranging from birthdays to weddings.

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, you may go to one of Hong Yi Dragon & Lion Dance Association’s spectacular lion dance performances. The LED brilliant lion and dragon dance would be ideal for a nighttime party, while the acrobatic high pole lion dance would be exciting to watch.

Whatever you pick, Hong Yi Dragon & Lion Dance Association is enthusiastic, dedicated, well-trained, and ready to put on a fantastic performance for you.

Key Differentiators:

  • Multi-faceted cultural service
  • Members are dedicated and well-trained
  • Offer customizable Dragon & Lion Dance Performance

Customer Testimonial

I just want to thank them for their great services !! Amazing!!! Highly recommend them. 👍

Janet Chow

3. Sheng Wai Dragon & Lion Dance

Sheng Wai Dragon & Lion Dance - Lion Dance Malaysia
Sheng Wai Dragon & Lion Dance – Lion Dance Malaysia (Credit: Sheng Wai Dragon & Lion Dance)
Key ServicesLion Dance, Dragon Dance, God of Prosperity, War Drums, Led Lion Dance, Big Head Buddha, Led Dragon Dance, And More.
AddressNo. 2A Jalan 6, Kawasan Perindustrian Ehsan Jaya, 52100 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
Phone+6010 661 6888

Sheng Wai Dragon & Lion Dance was established over a decade ago and has undoubtedly seen action if you go about town during the Lunar New Year.

The members of Sheng Wai Dragon & Lion Dance have performed at a variety of well-known sites with huge audiences as a team of enthusiastic and energetic individuals.

Sheng Wai Dragon & Lion Dance should be your first choice this Chinese New Year, as the group has gained experience and recognition in a number of local and international events and competitions. You may pick anything from a conventional performance to one that is modern and distinctive, made up of 56 talented individuals.

Key Differentiators:

  • Trained not only to excel in lion dancing but importantly to form respect and discipline among members.
  • Participated in various local and international competitions
  • Bringing a hope to spread the traditional folk-art culture to every level of the society

Customer Testimonial

Very friendly owner, Heng. He’s got lots of experience in the lion dance business, including organizing events and competitions of lion dance in Malaysia.

Jer Ping Chan

4. Junwai Dragon & Lion Dance

Junwai Dragon & Lion Dance - Lion Dance Malaysi
 Junwai Dragon & Lion Dance – Lion Dance Malaysia (Credit: Junwai Dragon & Lion Dance)
Key ServicesLion Dance, Dragon Dance, Mascot Doll, Drumming, Third Prince of Taiwan, and more.
AddressNo. 37, Jalan Kuchai Maju 6, off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Operating hoursAlways open

With their guarantee to provide you with unbridled enthusiasm, Junwai Dragon & Lion Dance pledges to bring their exceptional abilities to the table.

Junwai Dragon & Lion Dance is highly regarded for its lion dance shows, and they’ll wow you with their skills on any event, large or little.

With an LED lion dance performance or a high-stake lion dance performance, make your event stand out and tie it in with festive drumming. Furthermore, don’t let the celebration end there. Enhance the fun by adding a martial arts, Kirin, and face-changing performance to the mix.

Key Differentiators:

  • Professional team
  • Lion and dragon dance performances for all occasions, big or small.
  • Make your event stand out

Customer Testimonial

Selling good quality liond and dragon head


5. Heng Kok Dragon & Lion Dance

Heng Kok Dragon & Lion Dance - Lion Dance Malaysia
Heng Kok Dragon & Lion Dance – Lion Dance Malaysia (Credit: Heng Kok Dragon & Lion Dance’s Facebook)
Key ServicesTraditional Lion Dance, Acrobatic High Pole Lion Dance, Competitive Dragon Dance, and more.
AddressNo. 11, Jalan Perdana 6/8A, Pandan Perdana, 55300 Kuala Lumpur
Phone+60392828788, +60103299299   
Operating hoursAlways open

Heng Kok Dragon & Lion Dance is a lion dance company that has received several honors. Heng Kong Dragon & Lion Dance is backed by a variety of well-known companies, ensuring high quality and dependability.

Are you looking for a thrilling acrobatic high pole lion dance? Heng Kok Dragon & Lion Dance can provide you with an amazing performance that will leave you breathless. What’s more, if you want a more colorful display of people, you may hire a deity of fortune or a laughing Buddha along with the lion dance show.

Key Differentiators:

  • Award-winning lion dance company
  • Local and international services
  • Sponsored by a wide variety of well-known brands

Customer Testimonial

Excellent Dragon and Lion Dance team. Always spectacular to watch. Master Albert Fong has not only the breadth but also the depth when it comes to these arts! Fantastic!

Nelson Ferreira

6. Khuan Loke Dragon & Lion Dance Association

Khuan Loke Dragon & Lion Dance Association - Lion Dance Malaysia
Khuan Loke Dragon & Lion Dance Association – Lion Dance Malaysia (Credit: Khuan Loke Dragon & Lion Dance Association’s Facebook)
Key ServicesAcrobatic Lion Dance, Traditional Lion Dance, Northern Lion Dance, 24 Festive Drums, Dragon Dance, and more.
AddressPlaza Seri Setia, Jalan SS9/2 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone+60 16-383 4947

The Khuan Loke Dragon & Lion Dance Association was formed in 1980. Their primary goal is to safeguard and promote Chinese culture, as well as the art of lion dance, both domestically and internationally. Everyone from infants to seniors are welcome to join.

They are actively engaged in the He Shan Sar Ping Lion Dance Technique from their Chief Instructor, Master Siow Ho Phiew. With his help, they were able to emerge not just as one of Malaysia’s finest teams, but also as one of the best in the world.

Key Differentiators:

  • Amazing High Pole Lion Dance Performers
  • World Championship 7 Times Champion
  • International Dragon and Lion Dance Virtual Competition

Customer Testimonial

They have international-level performances and are worth recommending to everyone.

kong fook fong

7. Lion Dance Performance

Lion Dance Performance - Lion Dance Malaysia
Lion Dance Performance – Lion Dance Malaysia (Credit: Lion Dance Performance)
Key ServicesLion Dance for House Blessing, Lion Dance for Corporate Event, Lion Dance For Wedding Ceremony, Lion Dance for Grand Opening Ceremony, Lion Dance for Gala Event, Lion Dance For Launch Event, and more.
Phone+60122689322, +60123226004    

Lion Dance Performance is a firm that offers low-cost lion dance entertainment packages for every occasion. This Lunar New Year, Lion Dance Performance should be the company of choice for you.

With numerous lion dance routines to select from, including acrobatic, Cai Qing, traditional, and 24 lively drums, you’ll be thrilled and will remember it for a long time.

Furthermore, if you’re having a Chinese New Year house party, Lion Dance Performance provides home blessing shows. Contact Lion Dance Performance to perform this lucky ceremony and dispel evil spirits from your property for the new year.

Apart from that, Lion Dance Performance provides corporate events, weddings, and a variety of other performance services.

Key Differentiators:

  • Specializes in home blessing performances
  • Affordable custom entertainment packages
  • Acrobatic Lion Dance, Cai Qing Lion Dance, 24 Festive Drums

Customer Testimonial

Good lion dance

Mannrally Rally

Lion Dance Malaysia

Malaysia is home to some of the best lion dance troupes in the world. These troupes have received accolades for their amazing performances and high-quality work. If you’re looking for an exciting and engaging Lion Dance Malaysia performance, look no further than the talented teams here in Malaysia.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Lion Dance in Malaysia, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Lion Dances in Malaysia below:

What is a lion dance?

The lion dance is a traditional form of performance art that originated in China and is now widely celebrated in Malaysia. It involves performers wearing colorful lion costumes and mimicking the movements of a lion to bring good luck and fortune and ward off evil spirits.

What makes a lion dance in Malaysia special?

Lion dances in Malaysia have a unique blend of cultural elements, incorporating traditional Chinese customs with local influences. Malaysian lion dances often feature vibrant costumes, intricate choreography, energetic music, and acrobatic movements, creating a captivating and mesmerizing spectacle.

Where can I watch the best lion dances in Malaysia?

The best lion dances in Malaysia can be witnessed at various festive occasions, cultural festivals, temple celebrations, and significant events throughout the year. Check local event listings, community gatherings, and cultural festivals to experience vibrant and awe-inspiring performances.

How long does a lion dance performance typically last?

The duration of a lion dance performance can vary depending on the specific event and requirements. Generally, a performance lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, but it can be longer for special occasions or grand performances that involve multiple lion dancers and intricate routines.

Can I hire a lion dance troupe for my event?

Yes, many lion dance troupes in Malaysia offer their services for private and corporate events. Whether it’s a wedding, business opening, anniversary celebration, or cultural event, you can hire a lion dance troupe to add a vibrant and auspicious touch to your occasion.

Are lion dances suitable for all types of events?

Absolutely! Lion dances can be enjoyed at various events and occasions, including festivals, temple ceremonies, weddings, corporate events, and community gatherings. They create a lively and festive atmosphere, symbolizing good luck and prosperity.