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8 Best GPS Trackers in Australia [2024]

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GPS Tracker Australia

Best GPS Tracker Australia
Best GPS Tracker Australia

Every year, more Australians are installing gps trackers in their cars. This is because car gps trackers offer a way for drivers to stay connected with their vehicle no matter where they are. It also offers peace of mind knowing that if the worst were to happen, your gps van tracker will be able to be traced and found quickly. We have compiled a list of gps car trackers in Australia 2024 that we believe are some of the best options on the market right now!

1. Trackimo Universal 3G Global Tracking Device

The Trackimo Universal 3G Global Tracking Device is an excellent choice for anybody seeking for a rechargeable battery GPS device to keep an eye on their automobile’s position. This GPS tracker is ready to use right out of the box and has simple installation instructions. Set it to every minute updates so you can follow your car’s position in real time, and also set up speed alerts, geo fence warnings, motion notifications, and an SOS alert. Keep in mind that in order to get the most out of a battery life of 30 days, you’ll have to keep your alarms on the lowest setting.

Key Differentiators:

  • Works out of the box worldwide in all countries, no roaming charges
  • Battery last up to 30 days in battery save mode, up to 1 Year with extended battery power
  • Works for unlimited distance
  • 5 tracking modules, indoor and outdoor

2. IDRIVE Australia LiveTrack GPS Vehicle Tracker

The LiveTrack GPS Vehicle Tracker by iDrive Australia is a simple, low-cost vehicle tracking solution with no monthly costs. It comes with a sim card that has enough credit for approximately three months. The LiveTrack GPS tracking device is simple to set up and use. This tracker draws power from your car’s battery, so you won’t have to worry about gps tracking device battery life. You may connect as many tracking devices as you like to the phone app, making this gadget ideal for fleet management.

Key Differentiators:

  • 2 Wire install
  • No external antennas
  • Encrypted tracking app
  • Track unlimited vehicles
  • G sensor notification activation

3. Elinz 3G GPS Tracker Real Live Tracking Device

The 3G GPS Tracker by Elinz is a free car tracker with no monthly fee. This vehicle tracking gadget works with all of Australia’s major telecommunication companies and includes a sim card. This GPS tracker provides real-time information on your vehicle, updating it as needed. Put up a fence alert to find out when your automobile moves into or leaves a certain location. A power disconnected and low battery alerts are also included. This device uses 4G LTE networks to send the GPS coordinates of your vehicle to a free online tracking service, which displays the location on Google Maps.

Key Differentiators:

  • 4G GPS Security Tracker
  • Real time Positioning & Tracking
  • Free Lifetime Tracking
  • Web and App Tracking System
  • Dual Mode Tracking
  • Cut off fuel/power
  • Multiple Alert or Alarms

4. TomTom Link 530

The TomTom Link 530 is Webfleet’s most sophisticated vehicle tracker, which is compatible with their online platform Webfleet. You’ll get the benefits of a real-time tracker and all of the Webfleet tracking software’s basic features with simple installation. The device is easy to use and provides excellent end-user support.

TomTom Link 530’s capabilities are expanded with a variety of third-party apps that include fuel tracking, dispatch management, and detailed reporting on both the PC dashboard and mobile applications. This tracker is particularly beneficial for businesses that operate fleets.

Key Differentiators:

  • Fixed installed into the vehicle for reliable tracking
  • Monitors driving behaviour
  • Fits into any vehicle
  • Add-on function­ality easily available

5. Vyncs GPS Tracker

The Vyncs GPS measures location data, bad driving habits, engine diagnostics, battery life, maintenance requirements, recall warnings, and gasoline levels. It can also assist you in saving money on automobile insurance. Vyncs assesses your driving to provide a Tip Performance Index (TPI) score that might help you save money on auto insurance.

Key Differentiators:

  • Engine alerts
  • Low yearly fee
  • Driver scoring system
  • Mileage tracker app
  • Roadside assistance

6. Tracki 3G Real-Time Worldwide GPS Tracker

The Tracki 3G is a popular battery-powered GPS tracker. Unlike most others, the Tracki is ready to go out of the box and can be used to track other objects as needed, making it great for a hassle-free setup. It doesn’t need a sim card, and setting up your monthly payment plan is all it takes to get started. The Tracki works with any 3G GSM network. With a geo-fence option, you may set alerts for vehicle’s location, speed, movement, and low battery.

Key Differentiators:

  • Unlimited distance real time tracking
  • Rechargeable battery life is 2-3 days tracking real time every 1-5 minutes
  • Works with GPS satellites when outdoors and when indoors

7. Tramigo T23 Fleet

The Tramigo T23 Fleet tracker is perfect for managing large, complex fleets or those in the service sector. Real-time data is sent straight to your phone or PC, allowing you to track your fleet wherever they are and get access to TLD landmark information if mapping isn’t accessible. With the Tramigo T23 Fleet, you get comprehensive data on driving habits and performance, including speeding and idling, as well as two-way communication for monitoring driver behavior and operating within route constraints.

Key Differentiators:

  • Real time tracking
  • Automated alerts
  • Trip reports
  • Driver behaviour monitoring

8. SpyTec STI GL300 GPS Tracker

The tiny SpyTec STI GL300 GPS Tracker is small enough to be carried in a pocket or attached to the underside of a car. This tracking gadget is powered by batteries, so you’ll need to replace them occasionally. The manufacturer promises a two-week battery life.

Key Differentiators:

  • Small enough for pockets and bags
  • Available with 30-day cancellation policy
  • Able to track more than vehicles

GPS Tracker Australia

The GPS tracker Australia market is a booming place with many options for businesses that want to keep their fleet on the move. With these best GPS tracker in Australia, you’ll find something that suits your needs; whether it’s monitoring driver behaviour or locating objects without cell service. These are just some of our top picks for vehicle GPS trackers in Australia. Let us know which one you think would be perfect for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are real time GPS trackers?

Real time GPS vehicle trackers are devices that allow you to track the exact location of a vehicle or other object in real time, as opposed to tracking their location at a later time. This means that you can see their current location on a map and follow their progress in real time.

Does a GPS tracker work accurately?

Some GPS trackers are more accurate than others, and the quality of accuracy can also vary depending on the type of terrain or environment you are trying to track in. Generally speaking, though, most GPS trackers do work accurately.

Is it worth it to install GPS vehicle trackers on private vehicles?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the value of a GPS tracker will vary depending on the needs of each business. However, in general, installing a GPS tracker on private vehicles can be a valuable way to improve fleet management and track driver behaviour.

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