1st & Only Art Jamming Escape Room in Singapore

Art Heist Singapore

Unleash your creativity and embrace your inner detective in Singapore's first ever Art Jamming Escape Room experience.

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Enjoy the best Art Heist experience in Singapore with FunEmpire:

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Art Heist Singapore
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Packages and Pricing

Award-winning Art Heist experiences. Starting from only $38/pax.

Art Heist Singapore

Art Heist

Starting From $28/Pax

5 (204)

Min. 1 Hour

Min. 5 Pax

For All Ages

  • First Ever Art Jamming + Escape Room Experience In Singapore
  • Dive into a thrilling mystery and spark your creativity, all within one immersive experience.
  • Transform clues into colors as you transition from detective to artist.
  • Craft and take home your very own unique painting!
Key Highlights
  • Immerse yourself in the first-ever Art Jamming + Escape Room adventure in Singapore, combining creativity and mystery for an unparalleled experience.
  • Delve into an exciting mystery while igniting your creativity, all within one immersive journey that promises excitement at every turn.
  • Create and proudly take home your very own unique painting, crafted during this unforgettable fusion of mystery solving and artistic expression.
  • Perfect for team building, birthday parties, gatherings
Package Includes
  • Activity Facilitator(s)
  • Art Jamming Materials
    • Canvas
    • Paints
    • Brushes
  • Basic Photography (Mobile Phone)
  • Add-Ons Available:
    • Catering, Corporate Gifts, Sound System, Bus Transport
Recommended Locations
  • FunEmpire HQ
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How Art Heist Works?

An immersive experience combining Art Jamming & Escape Room experiences.

Booking Your Event

Begin your experience by filling out our event booking form. Simply provide your event details, and our dedicated event consultant will promptly get in touch to confirm your booking.

Dress Comfortably

On the day of the event, all you need to do is don comfortable attire and wear a cheerful smile. We handle all the event logistics and arrangements to ensure a worry-free experience for you.

Escape Room

Our friendly facilitators will guide you through the process of finding clues and solving puzzles in your Escape Room Puzzles journey.

Create Your Masterpiece

Once you’ve succesfully completed the Escape Room Puzzles portion of the activity, it’s time to create your masterpiece by Art Jamming with your team!

Locations Available

Multiple locations across Singapore. Conveniently near MRT Stations.

Ar Jamming Singapore

FunEmpire HQ

60 Tannery Lane, S(347803)

  • Within Walking Distance of Mattar MRT
  • Up to 7 Workshop Spaces Available

  • Fully Air-Conditioned

  • Parking Available (Chargeable)

  • Catering & Add-Ons Allowed

  • Additional Venue Fees Apply

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Why Choose FunEmpire

Best-rated Art Jamming + Escape Room provider. Award-winning. Highly experienced.

Dedicated Team Of Experts

Our dedicated team of event experts consistently deliver the most fun event experiences to our clients. We combine the most unique activities, professionally trained facilitators with our extensive events experience. ​

Highly Rated & Industry Recognised

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Won multiple awards such as Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, Brands for Good Champion and Spirit of Enterprise. The ONLY Events Company in Singapore & Asia that has attained ISO 9001 & BizSafe Level 3 Certifications.

Client Testimonials

Loved by over 1  million happy clients and participants

Best-rated Art Jamming + Escape Room provider in Singapore

Received over 7,000+ 5-Star reviews

Award-winning provider of Art Jamming & Escape Rooms in Singapore

Convenient locations across Singapore (near MRT Stations)

Professional facilitators to organize a successful event for you

Art Heist Singapore

Suitable Occasions

Exhilarating Art Heist experiences for all types of occcasions.

Benefits - Team Building

Team Building

Perfect for team building and cohesions, experience our fun and exciting Art Heist! Bring your team closer together as Art Heist is more fun with groups. Enforcing some strategical thinking, teamwork, communication and a bit of creativity to win!

Benefits - Team Building

Celebrations & Special Occasions

Looking for a unique way to celebrate someone’s birthday? Or perhaps it’s your anniversary or your friends’ party? Maybe a school event or carnival? Our Art Heist is perfect for birthday parties, celebrations and social gatherings! Create and share fun memories now! 

Benefits - Team Building

Casual Fun Games

Be prepared to experience the most fun and exhilarating activity, our Art Heist! Never play a boring game again. Experience this unique, funtastic activity with friends and more! A casual hangout can also be this much fun.

Suitable Groups

Our Art Heist experience is highly rated by businesses, schools and consumers.

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Trusted By Both Small & Big Businesses

  • Promote strategic thinking and leadership
  • Enhance communication, teamwork, and camaraderie
  • One-stop event solutions for games, activities, catering, and gifts
  • Bond through play, promoting concentration, focus, and creativity
  • Accept multiple payment modes, including bank transfer, PayPal, PayNow, and credit card.
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Affordable Prices For Large Groups

  • Stress-free event planning with one-stop solutions for games, activities, catering, and corporate gifts
  • Host multiple sessions for an unlimited number of participants
  • Build team spirit and camaraderie through fun and play, promoting leadership, communication, and teamwork
  • Accept multiple payment modes, including GeBiz, e-invoicing, bank transfer, PayPal, PayNow, cheques, and credit card.
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The # 1 Choice For Schools’ Events

  • Exhilarating Art Heist experience suitable for both kids and adults
  • Learning and bonding through fun and play, promoting leadership, communication, teamwork, and school values
  • MOE certified instructors
  • Accept multiple payment modes, including bank transfer, PayPal, PayNow, cheques, and credit card.
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Friends & Family

Impress Your Friends & Family

  • Enjoy hassle-free event planning for both kids and adults with our one-stop solutions that include games, activities, catering, and gifts.
  • Bond and have fun with your friends and family
  • Accept multiple payment modes, including bank transfer, PayPal, PayNow, cheques, and credit card.


#1 Art Jamming Escape Room Provider In Singapore

Introducing FunEmpire’s Art Heist—an exhilarating fusion of creativity and mystery that promises an adventure like no other!

Step into a world where Art Jamming and Escape Room challenges collide, crafted with innovation and passion by the FunEmpire team.

This unique Art Jamming Escape Room experience is designed to bring your team together, fostering teamwork, unleashing creativity, and honing problem-solving skills.

Prepare to embark on a journey where creativity combines with mystery, as you work together with your team to complete the storyline and create your masterpiece.

A one-of-a-kind experience that promises to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, get ready to dive into the ultimate adventure where fun meets ingenuity—Art Heist!

Art Heist Singapore

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Art Jamming Escape Room (Art Heist)?

An Art Jamming Escape Room, also known as Art Heist, is a unique fusion of artistic expression and immersive puzzle-solving adventure. Participants work in teams to solve a mystery within the escape room, followed by a session where they paint their own masterpieces. It's a first-of-its-kind experience in Singapore designed for teamwork, creativity, and fun.

How does an Art Jamming Escape Room work?

In an Art Jamming Escape Room, participants are presented with a scenario or storyline, such as a heist to steal a priceless artwork. They must work together to solve puzzles and challenges within the storyline, before expressing their creativity through art jamming activities.

What kind of puzzles can I expect in an Art Jamming Escape Room?

Expect a variety of puzzles, including riddles, codes, hidden objects, and interactive challenges. These puzzles are designed to be both mentally stimulating and creatively engaging, requiring teamwork and critical thinking to solve.

Do I need to be artistic to participate in an Art Jamming Escape Room?

No prior artistic skills are required! Art Jamming Escape Rooms welcome participants of all artistic levels. The focus is on collaboration, problem-solving, and having fun while creating art together.

Can I participate in an Art Jamming Escape Room with a group?

Absolutely! Art Jamming Escape Rooms are designed for group participation, making them perfect for team building activities, family outings, or gatherings with friends. Teamwork and communication are essential for success.

Can we take our painting home?

Yes, absolutely! After you've created your masterpiece, you're welcome to take it home and display it proudly.

Do I need to bring any materials?

All materials required for both the escape room challenge and the art jamming session will be provided. This includes paints, brushes, canvases, and any other necessary tools.

Will there be facilitation during the Art Heist?

Yes, facilitation is provided to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all participants. Our facilitators will guide you through the escape room mystery and assist you during the art jamming session.

Is your Art Heist suitable for corporate events or team building?

Absolutely! The Art Heist is an excellent choice for corporate events, team building, or any group looking to foster teamwork, creativity, and communication in a fun and unique setting.