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Our group experiences are specially designed to maximize group bonding and engagement. Starting from only $25/person.

50+ Unique Group Activities

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#1 Group Experiences & Team Building Company In Singapore

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FunEmpire® Singapore

Best Group Experiences & Team Building Company In Singapore

FunEmpire® is Singapore’s leading group experiences that creates unique and fun group experiences for team building, celebrations and gatherings.

Founded in 2014, we are the experts in providing unique indoor, outdoor and virtual group activities to over 50,000 events for more than 1,000,000 clients!

We offer over 50 adventure, creative, quest, leisure and virtual group activities. Our award-winning group activities include Saber Tag® , SaberFit®, Ninja Tag™, Combat Archery Tag , Bubble Bump™ Soccer, Poolball™ , Laser Tag, Art Jamming, Terrarium, Candle Making and Leather Workshop and more!

FunEmpire is the perfect solution for team building, cohesion, casual game plays, birthday party, celebrations and many other occasions!

We always strive to give the best experience to our clients, and our diverse clientele of thousands of happy customers is a testament to our team’s commitment to excellence. You have definitely come to the right place for a fun-filled and awesome group experience!

Learn about our story here.

Our Unique Group Experiences For Team Building, Celebrations & Gatherings

50+ Super Fun and Cool Group Experiences  That Cater To All Interests


Unique and exciting group activities that will get your team’s adrenaline pumping in an exciting and dynamic environment. Our adventure group experiences will quench your thirst for adventure. Perfect for team building, cohesion, celebrations, birthday parties, gatherings and more!
Laser Tag Singapore - FunEmpire

Laser Tag

From $25 / person

Adrenaline-pumping Laser Tag experience where you battle it out to eliminate your opponents and emerge victorious.

Group Size: 8 - 1000 people
Combat Archery Tag Singapore - FunEmpire

Combat Archery Tag

From $25 / person

Exhilarating and fast-paced game combining archery, paintball and dodgeball that will get your adrenaline pumping.

Group Size: 8 - 1000 people
Bubble Soccer Singapore - FunEmpire

Bubble Soccer

From $25 / person

Bounce your way to victory with the fun-filled action of Bubble Soccer. Bump your opponents without getting a red card!

Group Size: 8 - 1000 people
Poolball Singapore - FunEmpire


From $25 / person

Highly fun and entertaining game combining football and pool, played on the world's largest pool table

Group Size: 8 - 1000 people
Ninja Tag Singapore - FunEmpire

Ninja Tag

From $25 / person

Channel your inner warrior and feel the excitement with Ninja Tag! Engage in close combat in a safe and exhilarating way

Group Size: 8 - 1000 people
Saber Tag Singapore - FunEmpire

Saber Tag

From $25 / person

Embark on an unforgettable adventure of epic duels with Saber Tag. Harness your inner Jedi and battle it out!

Group Size: 8 - 1000 people
Bullet Ball Singapore - FunEmpire

Bullet Ball

From $20 / person

Experience dodgeball like never before with Bullet Ball. It's dodgeball on steroids - fun, engaging and with a twist!

Group Size: 8 - 1000 people
SaberFit Singapore - FunEmpire


From $35 / person

Experience a workout like no other with SaberFit, the Galaxy's most exciting fitness workout. Burn calories in a fun way

Group Size: 5 - 100 people
Giant Whack A Mole Singapore - FunEmpire

Giant Whack A Mole

From $30 / person

Relive the joy of your childhood with Singapore's only Giant Whack-A-Mole experience. Guaranteed laughter and fun!

Group Size: 6 - 80 people
Bullet Strike Singapore - FunEmpire

Bullet Strike

From $25 / person

Feel the ultimate adrenaline rush with the Bullet Strike. It's paintball without the pain but all the excitement and fun

Group Size: 8 - 80 people


Unique and novel creative workshops that will unleash you and your group's creativity. Our creative workshops help to foster creativity and innovation within your group in a relaxed environment. Perfect for team building, cohesion, celebrations, birthday parties, gatherings and more!
Art Jamming Singapore - FunEmpire

Art Jamming

From $25 / person

Unleash your inner artist with an Art Jamming experience like none other - specially designed for teams!

Group Size: 5 - 1000 people
Terrarium Workshop Singapore - FunEmpire

Terrarium Workshop

From $30 / person

Discover the therapeutic joy of terrariums. Build your very own personalised miniature garden in a jar!

Group Size: 5 - 1000 people
Leather Workshop Singapore - FunEmpire

Leather Workshop

From $38 / person

Learn the craft and design leather products that are uniquely yours. Bring home your very own creation!

Group Size: 5 - 1000 people
Candle Making Workshop Singapore - FunEmpire

Candle Making Workshop

From $32 / person

Experience the magic of candle making by creating your very own scented candle.

Group Size: 5 - 200 people
Clay Making Workshop Singapore - FunEmpire

Clay Making Workshop

From $25 / person

Unleash your imagination and create your very own clay figurine! A great bonding experience for both adults and kids!

Group Size: 5 - 500 people
Balloon Sculpting Singapore - FunEmpire

Balloon Sculpting

From $25 / person

Bring your imagination to life and discover the magic of Balloon Sculpting. Guaranteed fun for both adult and children!

Group Size: 5 - 1000 people
Cooking Class Singapore - FunEmpire

Cooking Class

From $95 / person

Cook up a storm of flavour and delight your taste buds! Works as a team to accomplish your culinary challenge.

Group Size: 5 - 80 people
Perfume Workshop Singapore - FunEmpire

Perfume Workshop

From $85 / person

Enter the world of perfume making and create fragrant memories. Personalise your own unique scent!

Group Size: 5 - 80 people


Solve puzzles, find clues and achieve team objectives together, enhancing your group’s problem-solving skills and team work.
Escape Room Singapore

Escape Room

From $28 / person

Unravel mysteries and challenge your team to solve mind-bending puzzles. Guaranteed teamwork, engagement and excitement!

Group Size: 5 - 200 people
Amazing Race Singapore - FunEmpire

Amazing Race

From $35 / person

Discover the spirit of adventure. Race around different parts of Singapore and solve fun challenges as a team!

Group Size: 8 - 1000 people
Art Heist Singapore - FunEmpire

Art Heist

From $38 / person

Unleash your creativity and embrace your inner detective in Singapore's first ever Art Jamming Escape Room experience!

Group Size: 5 - 200 people


Leisure group activities that is all about relaxation, fun and providing your group with a laid back environment to enjoy each other's company.
Giant Board Games Singapore - FunEmpire

Giant Board Games

From $20 / person

Level up your fun with larger-than-life board games in Singapore. Relive your nostalgic childhood games with your team!

Group Size: 5 - 200 people
Bowling Singapore - FunEmpire


From $40 / person

Turn up the excitement with cosmic bowling and enjoy an out-of-this-world experience. Enjoy bowling under neon lights!

Group Size: 8 - 200 people
Yacht Rental Singapore - FunEmpire

Yacht Rental

From $50 / person

Escape to paradise with our exclusive yacht rentals. Relax and chill with your group over drinks and unforgettable views

Group Size: 5 - 50 people
Funsical: 100 - FunEmpire

Funsical: 100

From $28 / person

Experience a series of fun telematch games, inspired by the hit Physical: 100 series. Guaranteed fun like no other!

Group Size: 5 - 200 people
Fun & Furious Singapore - FunEmpire

Fun & Furious

From $28 / person

Spark unforgettable fun with our collection of Party Games. Fastest team to collect all the points emerge victorious!

Group Size: 5 - 200 people

Virtual Games

Online team games that require collaborative problem-solving and team work to accomplish game objectives.
Virtual Escape Room Singapore - FunEmpire

Virtual Escape Room

From $20 / person

Get ready to be blown away by the ultimate Virtual Escape Room adventure. Perfect for bonding with remote team members!

Group Size: 5 - 1000 people
Virtual Amazing Race Singapore - FunEmpire

Virtual Amazing Race

From $25 / person

Singapore's 1st Online Amazing Race For Remote Teams. Travel virtual around the globe to solve mysterious and challenges

Group Size: 5 - 1000 people
Hybrid Amazing Race Singapore - FunEmpire

Hybrid Amazing Race

From $36 / person

Embark on a thrilling adventure where offline exploration meets digital puzzle-solving. Perfect for teams!

Group Size: 35 - 1000 people
Virtual Squid Escape Singapore - FunEmpire

Virtual Squid Escape

From $20 / person

Be blown away by the best Virtual Squid Escape Experience, inspired by the popular netflix Squid Game series!

Group Size: 5 - 1000 people
Virtual Travel Experience Singapore - FunEmpire

Virtual Travel Experience

From $20 / person

Icons of Singapore - Discover Singapore iconic locations virtually while solving mysteries and puzzles as a team!

Group Size: 5 - 1000 people
Virtual Food Quest Singapore - FunEmpire

Virtual Food Quest

From $20 / person

A fun virtual team game revolving food challenges! Explore different cuisines and learn about different food cultures!

Group Size: 5 - 1000 people
Virtual Time Travel Singapore - FunEmpire

Virtual Time Travel

From $20 / person

Travel virtually to different eras with your teams to solve challenges along the way. Hurry the clock is ticking!

Group Size: 5 - 1000 people
Virtual Game Show Singapore - FunEmpire

Virtual Game Show

From $20 / person

Virtual Wheel of Fortune is a perfect virtual game for remote teams! Outwit your opponents in a fun and engaging way!

Group Size: 5 - 1000 people

Virtual Workshops

Unique creative workshops conducted online, with workshop materials sent conveniently to your home beforehand.
Virtual Art Jamming Workshop Singapore - FunEmpire

Virtual Art Jamming Workshop

From $38 / person

Unleash your creativity and paint your masterpieces at the comfort of your own home! Perfect for remote teams!

Group Size: 5 - 500 people
Virtual Terrarium Workshop Singapore - FunEmpire

Virtual Terrarium Workshop

From $35 / person

Create your very own miniature garden at home! All materials delivered to your doorstep, perfect for remote teams!

Group Size: 5 - 500 people
Virtual Leather Workshop Singapore - FunEmpire

Virtual Leather Workshop

From $43 / person

Immersive leather crafting workshop at the comfort of your own home. All materials delivered to your doorstep!

Group Size: 5 - 500 people
Virtual Candle Making Workshop Singapore - FunEmpire

Virtual Candle Making Workshop

From $43 / person

Solidify your team culture with our Virtual Candle Making Workshop! Professional virtual trainer perfect for remote team

Group Size: 5 - 500 people
Virtual Clay Making Workshop Singapore - FunEmpire

Virtual Clay Making Workshop

From $28 / person

Discover the fun of creating your very own clay figurines at home! Perfect bonding activity for teams and with your kids

Group Size: 5 - 500 people
Virtual Balloon Sculpting Singapore - FunEmpire

Virtual Balloon Sculpting Workshop

From $28 / person

Tap into your creativity to make your very own balloon sculptures! Perfect for teams and bonding with kids at home!

Group Size: 5 - 500 people

Our Services

We are experts in organizing amazing group experiences and activities for a variety of event types and occasions.

Team Building

Team Building Singapore - FunEmpire

Team Building

We offer unique & cool team building activities that maximize bonding. We're a one-stop solution for any group size!

Check out our Team Building service.
NS Cohesion Singapore - FunEmpire

NS Cohesion

We organize unique & fun cohesion activities that maximize bonding within your NS unit, all at affordable prices.

Check out our NS Cohesion service.
Virtual Team Building Singapore - FunEmpire

Virtual Team Building

We offer unique & engaging Virtual Team Building experiences in Singapore for remote teams that maximize bonding.

Check out our Virtual Team Building service.
Corporate Fitness Singapore - FunEmpire

Corporate Fitness

We offer the most unique and fun corporate fitness experiences to promote health and fitness in your corporate teams.

Check out our Corporate Fitness service.


Celebrations Singapore - FunEmpire


Coolest activities for all types of celebrations in Singapore! Hen's night or bachelor's party, we've got you covered!

Check out our Celebrations service.
Carnival Singapore - FunEmpire


We provide a turn key solution to a successful and fun carnival and family day in Singapore!

Check out our Carnival service.
Birthday Party Singapore - FunEmpire

Birthday Party

We create the most unique and fun group experiences for birthday parties in Singapore! Fun and laughter guaranteed!

Check out our Birthday Party service.


Home Kits Singapore - FunEmpire

Home Kits

Get our award-winning creative home kits delivered to your door step! Enjoy creative fun at home!

Check out our Home Kits service.

T-Shirt Printing

Looking for customised T-shirts for your event? We've got your covered!

Check out our T-Shirt Printing service.

Corporate Gifts

We have a large variety of Corporate Gifts that can be customised for your event!

Check out our Corporate Gifts service.


Video Production

Relive your event with our professional and high quality videos. Capture and share your wonder memories!

Check out our Video Production service.


Capture leads and engage your audience with our suite of different advertising solutions!

Check out our Advertise service.

Why Choose FunEmpire®

#1 Group Experiences & Team Building Company In Singapore with over 10 years experience organizing more than 50,000 successful events

Largest Group Experiences & Team Building Provider In Singapore

We can accommodate different group activities at the same time for both small and large group sizes. There is no limit to the number of participants we can accommodate for our group activities in Singapore! We can cater to as many people as you want!

One-Stop Group Events Solution​

FunEmpire is a vertically integrated, one-stop event solutions provider that offers a wide range of group activities, workshops & add-on services (corporate gifts, catering etc), all tailor-made to your needs.

Fully Customisable Event Packages

We offer competitive & customisable event solutions to meet your requirements & budget. We provide the perfect event solution for any group occasion such as corporate team building, school programmes, celebrations, parties and more.

Convenient, centrally located locations near MRT stations

Our recommended event venues are fully air-conditioned, private venues located within walking distance of MRT Stations. We work with multiple event venues located near the city and across Singapore, ensuring convenience for your event.

Highly rated by clients, with over 8,000+ 5-Stars

We have received over 8,000+ 5-Stars from happy clients on Google, Facebook, TripAdviser, Yelp and other platforms. We have an industry-leading recommendation rate of over 98.6%.

Award-winning group experiences

We've attained multiple awards such as Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, APAC Insider Best Team Building Provider, Brands For Good Champion, Spirit of Enterprise Honoree and more.

Value pricing for any group size

Our group experiences provide maximum value at an affordable price point, starting from $30 per person. Over 50+ unique group activities, workshops and games to choose from.

Certified and dedicated event facilitators

Our facilitators are trained with our proprietary ASEA Quality Training Management System that is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. This enables our facilitators to deliver the best group experience and event for you and your group

Our Group Experiences Are Loved By 10,000+ Customers

Highest ratings in the industry from real customer reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor and Trustpilot.

Based on 5898 reviews
yi xin
yi xin
staff Allen ZhemingVery fun, satisfied and happy😍
Baked Wif Love
Baked Wif Love
It was fun pkace to bond with friends and colleague. Edison! Good and attentive facilitator.
Keona D'Souza (kxyona)
Keona D'Souza (kxyona)
Very cool, very fun and super awesome facilitator, edison!
Ng Yi Hui
Ng Yi Hui
edison was great! cared for our fellow friend when she fell on her face!❤️🫶🏻
Janice Ng
Janice Ng
Had awesome fun! Facilitators Jonathan & Sally made this enjoyable experience for us.
Vaishali Jolhe
Vaishali Jolhe
Zhaf and Tianyi thank you for a wonderful experience
Suparwadee P
Suparwadee P
Rishab Sharma
Rishab Sharma
Great job to Zoey and Eddison for conducting our company’s team building- laser tag. It wasn’t easy HAHAHA but they slayyy
May Kin Wang
May Kin Wang
Wonderful team building. Edison and Zoey are wonderful facilitators. Thanks to them.
Fred Chiu
Fred Chiu
Zoey and Edison were great facilitators! Laser tag was very fun :)
Serene Ng
Serene Ng
Joey and Edison were awesome getting us into the game and making sure everyone has tons of fun. An afternoon well-spent with the team!
We have booked a tote bag artJam session for our recent team bonding event on 02Jul24 for 10pax with FunEmpire but leading up to the actual day we have 2 more colleagues signing up & I have made know to the online sale team Michael that I wanted to add and pay up the additional on the event day but I was very disappointed and upset to hear that i was not allow to add and pay on the day itself the very morning of our afternoon event. As we are all out for lunch before our art jam the 2 colleagues tag along with us to the art jam and on arrival, our event coordinator at site Ms Afiqah is so helpful and accommodating to allow us to pay on the spot and include our 2 colleagues and help settle our payment and the materials so that we can start our bonding event as planned. 10min into our artJam, there was a sudden blackout which could be due to a drilling work at a next door unit and Ms Afiqah quickly see to it that we have the lights back so that we could continue our artjam and some of my colleagues who are not able to get a certain shade of colour and she is able to give them advise on how to achieve the desired shade and even help some to get the shade they needed. Overall it was a short but pleasant artJam experience with excellent service we received from Ms Afiqah, everyone parted with a happy art piece on our tote bag that we proudly claimed as our very own and thanks for the additional freebies from the customer service manger which add a bigger smile to our afternoon. It is such pleasant experience that will made us wants to come back again for our future team bonding events. I hope FunEmpire will continue to groom and recognise these staff that goes the extra mile to help us, the customers to have such an enjoyable and memorable experience so much so that we can’t wait to come back again to organise our next team bonding session

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Frequently Asked Questions

Useful FAQs about FunEmpire, our group experiences and our services that we offer.

What is FunEmpire?

FunEmpire® is Singapore’s leading group experiences company that offers unique group experiences for team building, celebrations and gatherings. Founded in 2014, FunEmpire® has over 10 years of experience in organizing over 50,000 successful events for more than 1 million happy clients. We have also attained multiple awards for our unique group experiences, and have been featured in more than 200+ media publications.

What group activities does FunEmpire® offer?

We offer over 50+ unique and fun group experiences that cater to all interest types. Our group experiences are categorized into the following types – Adventure, Creative, Quest, Leisure, Virtual Games and Virtual Workshops. All our in-house group experiences are intentionally designed from scratch to maximize group bonding, interaction and fun.

What services does FunEmpire® offer?

FunEmpire® offers event planning services to organize group experiences for Team Building, Celebrations and Gatherings. 

Our Team Building services include corporate Team Building, NS Cohesion, Virtual Team Building and Corporate Fitness. Our Celebrations services include birthday parties, carnivals and private celebrations like hen’s parties, bachelor parties and casual gatherings.

In addition, provide corporate gifts like creative home kits and T-Shirt printing services. We also provide media production services such as video production, media advertising and content production.

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