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8 Best Female Gynaecologists in KL & Selangor [2023]

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Female Gynaecologist KL Selangor

It is not easy for women to find the best female gynaecologist in KL & Selangor. That’s why we have compiled a list of 8 Best Female Gynaecologists in KL & Selangor, who are highly trained and well-qualified to handle any medical situation with expertise. They provide patient-centred care, which means they will always put your needs first.

1. Dato’ Dr. Siti Zaliha Zainal, Subang Jaya Medical Centre

Dr. Siti Zaliha Zainal is a well-known prenatal care expert in the country who has established her reputation among ‘going-to-be moms.’ She is very competent and experienced in her field. Her patients regard her as a kind and patient listener, providing them with comprehensive answers.

2. Dr. Tang Bong Nee, Subang Jaya Medical Centre and Taman Desa Medical Centre

Dr. Tang Bong Nee works at SJMC and Taman Desa Medical Centre (TDMC). Her pleasant and happy demeanour makes it easy to get along with her. She is an excellent listener, kind, and attentive to her patients’ demands. Dr. Tang is extremely thorough in responding to her patients’ inquiries, which helps a lot in calming worried moms.

3. Dr. Noor’ Aini Kassim, Subang Jaya Medical Centre

Dr. Noor Aini Kassim is a gynaecologist at SJMC. She is a straightforward individual to the point that it might occasionally hurt her patients’ feelings. She’ll tell you exactly what you need to do after your treatments. She’s a no-nonsense doctor who cares about her patients’ health.

 4. Dr. Jean Woo Lee See, Gleneagles, Kuala Lumpur

Dr. Jean Woo Lee See is a gynaecologist at Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur, located near Jalan Ampang. She is both quick and thorough in her work, constantly putting the needs of her patients first. As she has more expertise with cases of infertility, she specializes in this area.

 5. Dr. Lim Lei Jun, Sunway Medial Centre and Sunfert Fertility Centre

Dr. Lim Lei Jun is a private gynaecology service provider at Sunway Medical Centre (SMC) and Sunfert Fertility Centre. She focuses on fertility issues and enjoys assisting couples in achieving their goals of having children. She is regarded as a wonderful gynae who is very caring and informed.

 6. Datin Dr. Kamaljit Kaur Manocha, Bangsar Women Specialist Centre & Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Dr. Kamaljit Kaur Manocha, a gynaecologist at the Bangsar Women Specialist Centre, specializes in neonatal care and medication (medical treatment for newborns). As a member of the Malaysian Medical Association, she is one of the most renowned gynaecologists in Kuala Lumpur. In addition, Dr. Kamaljit Kaur Manocha is also a visiting obgyn (obstetrician-gynecologist) at Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

 7. Dr. Loo Suat Chin, Columbia Asia Bukit Rimau, Klang and Soh & Loo Women’s Specialist Centre Sdn. Bhd

Dr. Loo Suat Chin from Columbia Asia Bukit Rimau is an enthusiastic, committed, and optimistic gynaecologist. She has her own clinic called Soh & Loo Women’s Specialist Centre in which she encourages natural childbirth. Even if you choose otherwise, she is encouraging and reassuring. She has a reputation for being pleasant, patient, helpful, tranquil, kind, and competent in her area.

 8. Dr. Wong Yat May, Sunway Medical Centre

Sunway Medical Centre employs Dr. Wong Yat May, a woman of few words and a straightforward approach. She is a very professional ob-gyn but will only go into detail if necessary or if anything goes wrong during pregnancy. She has been known to be a little snarky on occasion. Her fee is in the typical range and is frequently reasonable.

Female Gynaecologist KL Selangor

From respectable doctors with years of experience to newer practitioners who are passionate about supporting mothers-to-be, there’s something for everyone on our list. We hope this article has been helpful!

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