Our Editorial Guidelines

We are committed to be a reliable source of information for the best things to do in Singapore

What we do to provide useful and reliable information

Our editors and writers are committed to ensuring the FunEmpire Singapore Blog is a reliable source of information for the best local group experiences, activities and services in Singapore. Our primary mission is to provide our audience with knowledge and advice that is useful, easily accessible and up-to-date. Every editor and writer involved in our content creation process adheres strictly to our editorial guidelines that help maintain the high quality, accuracy and reliability of each article.

Building trust and putting our readers first

From researching to post-publication upkeeping, we are dedicated to providing value for our readers. Content ideation starts with identifying the questions and needs of our audience. Then, each approved topic is thoroughly researched by our industry experts. Each writer specialises in one of our main niches: Team Building Events, Group Activities, Celebrations, Gatherings, Event Venues, and Virtual Events. To maintain transparency, every article includes information about all contributors and the date when it was last updated.

Keeping ourselves to high standards

Our writers follow specific guidelines to ensure the content is reader-oriented, error-free and presented in an accessible format.

Reviewing and updating existing content

All of our existing content is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure the information we provide is always accurate and up to date. This excludes Newsroom articles and reports, which are typically time-sensitive and don’t require such rigorous updating. Every piece of content published on the FunEmpire Singapore Blog comes with a date stamp indicating when it was last updated.

Our Editorial Process, Created for You

From keeping our writers up to strict standards to reviewing and updating our content on an ongoing basis, our transparent editorial process helps us provide you with knowledge that is accurate, trustworthy and accessible. If you have noticed any issue on the FunEmpire Singapore Blog that you would like to report, please reach out to us at hello@funempire.com.