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16 Best Android Boxes in Malaysia [2024]

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Android Box Malaysia

Best Android Box Malaysia
Best Android Box Malaysia

If you are in the market for Best Android Boxes in Malaysia for 2024, then you have come to the right place. This blog post is going to give you all of the information that you need about android boxes so that it will be easy for you to get one that works for your needs. You can find android boxes with 4K streaming capabilities, android box coming with Kodi pre-installed, android box which support voice search and many more!

Quick Summary

  • Best Android boxes in Malaysia for 2024 are MALATA Android Box, Minix NEO U22-XJ, X96 MAX+ Box, H10 MAX+, and Q Plus Android TV Box.
  • When choosing Android boxes in Malaysia, consider the compatibility, performance, connectivity, software, price, and customer support.
  • Android box here in Malaysia gives a very easy and cheap way to convert all TVs into a smart home entertainment system where any streaming services or applications can be accessed and consumed.

Key Considerations

  • Compatibility: Make sure the Android box you buy can work with Malaysian streaming services and provide local content in proper formats.
  • Performance: Avoid a box with insufficient RAM, a poor processor, and small storage; one that can run apps and save media smoothly without lags.
  • Connectivity: Check that your laptop supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ports like HDMI, USB, and USB to connect various devices and peripherals.
  • Software: Go for the box that will have the latest (Version of) Android and with access to the Google Play Store, you will be able to download a lot of apps and updates for all of them.
  • Price: Think about your budget and check prices from the different brands which can help you to decide on the best features for the best price.
  • Customer Support: Go for a brand that is popular and easy to contact as well as has warranties to provide you with help and peaceful sleep.

Best Android boxes in Malaysia

1. MALATA Android Box

MALATA Android Box - Best Android Boxes in Malaysia
MALATA Android Box – Best Android Boxes in Malaysia (Credit: MALATA Android Box)

The MALATA Android Box has 8GB RAM and 64GB ROM, thus it’s ideal for storing large quantities of digital content. It includes a lot of storage so you can keep your favorite shows on it! The MALATA Android Box is connected via Bluetooth and 5G Unroot Version Smart TV.

MALATA Android Box, like other TV Boxes, allows you to watch your favorite program in the most enjoyable way possible. It also has a 3D screen and 4K Ultra HD display output. More than 10,000 popular Live Channels and LatestApp have been pre-installed on the Android box. Now you may keep yourself up to date with your favorite shows from all around the world, even though they are broadcasted in another country.

Key Differentiators:

  • 8gb Ram + 64gb ROM
  • 3D and 4k Ultra HD display output
  • 10,000+ pre-installed Live Channels

2. Minix NEO U22-XJ

Minix NEO U22-XJ - Best Android Boxes in Malaysia
Minix NEO U22-XJ – Best Android Boxes in Malaysia (Credit: Minix NEO U22-XJ)

The MINIX NEO U22-XJ is a mini PC that aims to revolutionize your entertainment experience with hardware that is capable of capturing the cinematic experience. It also strives to provide a dynamic audio and visual experience, putting you in the midst of the action. The MINIX NEO U22-XJ comes with Android 9.0 Pie and a powerful processor. These improve the speed of the TV’s response, ensuring that the MINIX Media Hub can operate more smoothly.

The Minix NEO U22-XJ is an Android TV with true 4K Ultra HD picture quality. You’ll get a cinematic viewing experience, just like at the cinema! The television can also handle numerous HDR codecs, including as HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision.

NEO U22-XJ has a really fast wired and wireless connection for connectivity. 802.11ac 2 x 2 MIMO Dual-Band Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet are available. This feature ensures a reliable streaming. There is also a Micro SD card reader, which is ideal if you want to expand the storage capacity of your device.

Key Differentiators:

  • Android 9.0 Pie
  • 4K Ultra HD Quality output
  • Fast wired and wireless connectivity
  • Dolby Vision

3. X96 MAX+ Box

X96 MAX+ Box - Best Android Boxes in Malaysia
X96 MAX+ Box – Best Android Boxes in Malaysia (Credit: X96 MAX+ Box)

The X96 MAX+ Box is an excellent illustration since it provides the greatest bang for your buck. With an immersive 8K video quality that will transport you into the virtual realm, HDR+ support, and a cutting-edge Android 9.0 operating system, you’ll wish you had more.

This TV box is a powerful 4G smartphone with Android 8.1, and it comes with a 3D UI. It also has an octa-core processor (4x 1.5GHz + 4x 0.1GA), 8GB RAM, 64 GB ROM storage capacity, Dual-Wifi 2 .4/5 GHz & Bluetooth.

Key Differentiators:

  • Best value for money
  • 8K video quality
  • Supports HDR+
  • Android 9.0
  • Preinstalled apps and movies
  • 12 months warranty

4. H10 MAX+

H10 MAX+ - Best Android Boxes in Malaysia
H10 MAX+ – Best Android Boxes in Malaysia (Credit: H10 MAX+)

The H10 MAX+ has gone through several operating systems, starting with Android 7.0 and ending with Android 10.0. The TV box has kept itself up to date with the most recent demands for higher quality output and a strong graphic processor.

The H10 MAX+ is also powered by the AllWinner H313 SoC, which is one of the most powerful quad-core CPU on the market. The processors integrate a Mali-G31 MP2 GPU with native decoding of H.265 and VP9 codecs, as well as HDR10 video support. This android box has 2GB of RAM and 16GB ROM.

The H10 MAX+ comes with 4K Ultra HD and HDR. This means you may enjoy your shows on the big screen in the highest quality available. Can’t get to a movie theater? There’s no need to worry since you may feel like at the cinema while watching TV using the TV box and enjoying 3D stereoscopic vision at home!

Key Differentiators:

  • Android 10.0
  • Latest quad-core Cortex-A53 processor
  • 4K Ultra HD, 3D, and HDR supported

5. Q Plus Android TV Box

Q Plus Android TV Box - Best Android Boxes in Malaysia
Q Plus Android TV Box – Best Android Boxes in Malaysia (Credit: Q Plus Android TV Box)

The Q Plus Android TV Box comes in three different memory sizes: 2GB/16GB, 4GB/32GB, and 4GB/64GB. The most recent version is the 4 GB / 64 GB. The Q Plus Android TV Box features DDR4 technology. It sets up 4GB DDR3 Run to ensure that you may watch television and play games without interruption.

Premium 6K Ultra HD video is fully supported by the Q Plus Android TV Box. In place of a slow CPU and GPU, it has a powerful 64-bit CPU and T720 MP2 GPU combination. This enables you to view 6K videos as well as offer high-quality real life images.

Key Differentiators:

  • 6K Ultra HD resolution (close to blu-ray quality)
  • Connectivity options
  • Pre-installed with movies and Android Games

6. Tanix TX6

Tanix TX6 - Best Android Boxes in Malaysia
Tanix TX6 – Best Android Boxes in Malaysia (Credit: Tanix TX6)

The Tanix TX6 has a video accelerator from AllWinner, the Phoenix 3.0. This Android box is able to process video up to 6K at 30 frames per second and 4K at 60 frames per second using this accelerator. Two Core Shaders are included in order to keep up with the intense 3D games.

On the back of the Tanix TX6, you’ll find USB 3.0, USB 2.0 ports, an HD output, a power input, an Ethernet connection, and a SPDIF connection. You have a lot of options in terms of connectivity with this product. Tanix TX6 is capable of producing more distinct video output thanks to its HDR10 and HLG DHR Smart Color 3.0 display system technology. It also supports HEVC H.265 decoding, which means it can produce clearer pictures with greater detail and clarity.

With a microSD card inserted, the 4GB of DDR3 RAM and 32GB eMMC onboard storage may be expanded up to 128GB. 5.1 surround sound is also provided by the TV box, allowing for improved ambient and realistic audio immersion. It’s a system that lets you stream video, music, and games to your TV from Android devices. It comes pre-installed on Android 7.0 Nougat-based devices, allowing you to install numerous apps, multimedia players, and games on the big screen.

Key Differentiators:

  • Most popular and highly rated
  • Android 9.0 
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Includes pre-installed apps and movies
  • 6 Months Local Manufacturer Warranty

7. MXQ Pro 4K TV Box

MXQ Pro 4K TV Box - Best Android Boxes in Malaysia
MXQ Pro 4K TV Box – Best Android Boxes in Malaysia (Credit: MXQ Pro 4K TV Box)

The MXQ Pro 4K TV Box enables simple access to video streaming and downloading apps from the Play Store. This is due in part to the Android 10.1 operating system on this TV Box. This Android Box has 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, allowing you to have more storage for media files while also running the gadget smoothly. It is compatible with TF Card Reading of up to 64GB.

The H.254 in MXQ Pro 4K TV Box provides amazing decryption capabilities. This enables the decoding of a wide range of file types at present. The screen output is 1920 x 1080 P HD with 10-bit framerate (60 frames per second). Once the MXQ Pro 4K TV Box is linked to Wi-Fi or RJ45, the HDTV will become a smart streaming device. Furthermore, using voice remote control hands-free operation may be used.

The MXQ Pro 4K TV Box’s 3D Graphics Processing Unit improves the viewing experience. It makes you feel like you’re in a movie theater. At your own convenience, you may enjoy the 3D cinema-like stereoscopic vision at home.

Key Differentiators:

  • 4k Resolution
  • 60fps
  • 3D GPU
  • TF Card Reading up to 64GB

8. Xiaomi Mi Box S

Xiaomi Mi Box S - Best Android Boxes in Malaysia
Xiaomi Mi Box S – Best Android Boxes in Malaysia (Credit: Xiaomi Mi Box S)

The Xiaomi Mi TV Box S is the ultimate 4K UHD entertainment device. The built-in Google Assistant ensures that you can easily start any movie and adjust your entertainment with voice commands, in addition to its Android 8.1 operating system. It gives you access to a lot of different apps from the Play Store.

The Xiaomi Mi Box S is also suitable for watching 3D movies from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to its premium Dolby and DTS audio, it’s also possible to watch with the ultimate three-dimensional surround sound from within the cinema. It’s simple to connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB for fast file transfers. Plus, this device only takes three simple actions to set up, so you can start using it right away.

Key Differentiators:

  • 4K Ultra HD video
  • Android 8.1
  • Built-in Google Assistant
  • Premium Dolby and DTS audio
  • Great connectivity
  • 3-step set up

9. NVIDIA Shield Android TV

NVIDIA Shield Android TV - Best Android Boxes in Malaysia
NVIDIA Shield Android TV – Best Android Boxes in Malaysia (Credit: NVIDIA Shield Android TV)

We recommend the NVIDIA Shield Android TV Pro if you want an Android TV box just for gaming. It’s arguably the finest gaming device because to its NVIDIA Tegra X1+ chip, which ensures no lags or sluggish visuals. You may also use a separate game controller for an even better gaming experience.

Furthermore, this TV box has an integrated Chromecast 4K for screen mirroring and Google Assistant so you can use it without touching it. Not to mention the surround sound technology Dolby Atmos and Dol Better yet, this device is equipped with NVIDIA Shield Android TV for extra storage space, as well as vivid picture quality and NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro.

Key Differentiators:

  • Best for gaming
  • NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor
  • Chromecast 4K and Google Assistant
  • Premium sound and pictures

10. EVPAD TV Box 5P

 EVPAD TV Box 5P - Android Box Malaysia
 EVPAD TV Box 5P – Best Android Boxes in Malaysia (Credit:  EVPAD TV Box 5P)

The EVPAD TV Box 5P is dubbed the “world’s first voice-controlled AI (artificial intelligence) television box” by EVEVPAD. It makes use of the EVAI voice assistant. The TV box is capable of projecting a 6K high-definition image. It can, however, display 4K and 2K resolution videos at full HD 1080P (60 frames per second). These characteristics enhance your viewing experience by allowing it to change for each resolution you watch.

The EVPAD TV Box 5P’s huge storage capacity of 4G + 32GB allows you to install a plethora of outstanding applications, watch extended cuts, and play more games while still getting quicker performance and stability. The 2.4G/5.8G Dual Band & Dual Channel WiFi on the TV box makes downloading and transferring HD videos and large files.

The update also adds support for Bluetooth 4.2, which means the TV box may be linked with wireless game controllers, speakers, headphones, and even other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This Android box has an embedded Bluetooth chip that allows it to connect with most smartphones. With this feature, the TV box may be operated at any angle with fast access to entertainment.

Key Differentiators:

  • Fast booting time
  • Video resolution close to blu-ray quality
  • Connectivity (Wifi, Bluetooth 4.1, LAN, USB 3.0)

11. LongTV Louie Smart Android Media Box

 LongTV Louie Smart Android Media Box - Android Box Malaysia
 LongTV Louie Smart Android Media Box – Best Android Boxes in Malaysia (Credit:  LongTV Louie Smart Android Media Box)

You don’t have to settle for a basic device that only lets you use streaming services and sing your heart out. The LongTV Louie Smart Android Media Box includes a karaoke speaker with more than 100.000 songs to play around with, so you can access any service you desire. The TV box is a smart device that allows you to watch an infinite number of movies and television shows.

This LongTV set comes with a 4K Ultra HD screen, 3D Blu-Ray, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi in addition to an Android 7.0 system. Even better, its AI technology may suggest content based on what you watch!

Key Differentiators:

  • Features a karaoke speaker
  • 4K UHD display
  • 3D Blu-Ray
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Smart AI recommendation

12. SVI Cloud 3Pro

 SVI Cloud 3Pro - Android Box Malaysia
 SVI Cloud 3Pro – Best Android Boxes in Malaysia (Credit:  SVI Cloud 3Pro)

Have you ever wished to watch big-screen movies at home, with sharp and clear pictures? The Svi Cloud 3 PRO can offer you precisely that. This is one of the finest Android TV boxes in Malaysia, thanks to its 9 CPU cores and GPU. The Dolby Surround Sound is a fantastic addition to have, since it allows you to enjoy immersive 3D sounds when viewing.

You also get the option to sync your phone right onto the device, allowing you to take advantage of voice search and other advanced functions. Not only that, but connecting your smartphone directly to the television allows for voice search and other sophisticated features. Plus, the user-friendly interface and outstanding customer service are two more pluses!

Key Differentiators:

  • 8K picture quality
  • 9 cores CPU + GPU
  • Dolby Surround Sound
  • Voice search remote control
  • Superior user experience

13. IQIYI TV Box

 IQIYI TV Box - Android Box Malaysia
 IQIYI TV Box – Best Android Boxes in Malaysia (Credit:  IQIYI TV Box)

The IQIYI TV Box is pre-installed with over 10,000 popular Live channels. It also includes a current App that may be useful to you. The IQIYI TV Box has been designed with 4K Ultra HD in mind, providing a fantastic visual quality and better viewing experience. Furthermore, thanks to the TV’s 3D capability, you can now immerse yourself in fantasies as if they were real life animations.

It has 16GB of RAM. There is 128GB of storage space on the device. Bluetooth connectivity is also supported by the TV box. The IQIYI TV Box allows you to watch channels, programs, and lives from all across the world. To choose which program and nation to view, all you have to do is push the button on the remote.

Key Differentiators:

  • Large Built-in storage
  • Powerful and stable performance
  • Local Malaysian channels and content

14. Roku Express 4K Plus

 Roku Express 4K Plus - Android Box Malaysia
 Roku Express 4K Plus – Best Android Boxes in Malaysia (Credit:  Roku Express 4K Plus)

The Express 4K Plus is powered by Roku OS 10 and has a clutter-free interface that makes browsing and daily activities easier. When an app is launched, its Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A55 CPU performs almost instantly.

Key Differentiators:

  • 4K HDR streaming
  • Easy-to-navigate UI
  • Fast and responsive

15. T9 TV Android Box

 T9 TV Android Box - Android Box Malaysia
 T9 TV Android Box – Best Android Boxes in Malaysia (Credit:  T9 TV Android Box)

Do you want to get a lower-cost Android TV box? The T9 TV Android Box could be a good choice. It has an excellent first impression and is up to date and affordable, with a simple, plug-and-play (using an accompanying HDMI cable) installation.

Key Differentiators:

  • Plug-and-play
  • Affordable
  • 4K Display


 MECOOL KM2 - Android Box Malaysia
 MECOOL KM2 – Best Android Boxes in Malaysia (Credit:  MECOOL KM2)

The KM2’s distinctive white casing with rounded edges stands out among the crowd. It runs on Android 10.0 OS and is powered by a Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, delivering a smooth and steady performance. Some people felt that the low internal storage of 8GB is somewhat disappointing. It does, however, have expandability.

Key Differentiators:

  • Netflix-certified
  • Supports Google Assistant
  • 4K HDR streaming at 60fps

Android Box Malaysia

If you’re looking for an android box in Malaysia, we hope this article has helped. You’ve learned about 16 different android boxes that are available now and how each of them stand out from the rest. We’ll be updating this list as new android TV boxes become available so bookmark our website to stay up-to-date with the latest information on android tv box Malaysia!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Android Box?

An Android Box is a device that allows you to watch movies and television shows, as well as access other streaming services. It uses the Android operating system, which provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of functions.

Is Android TV Box legal in Malaysia?

The most essential thing to know about Android TV Boxes is that they must be certified by SIRIM (Standard and Industrial Research Institute), which is a Malaysian organization.

What is the difference between Android TV and Android box?

Android TV is a television platform that uses the Android operating system. Android box is a device that allows you to watch movies and television shows, as well as access other streaming services. It uses the Android operating system, which provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of functions.

Is there a monthly fee for Android box?

They’re sold with the promise of u0022freeu0022 television — an Android box with software that allows customers to access hundreds of movies and TV shows without a monthly cable expense.

Can I use Android TV without Internet?

Yes, you can utilize the basic TV functions without having access to the Internet. However, in order to get the most out of your Android TV, we recommend that you connect it to the Internet.

Can you watch normal TV on an Android TV box?

Yes, depending on the channel provided and which ones are accessible in the region, you can watch normal TV channels with an Android TV box.

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