Clean Beauty Workshop Singapore - Gua Sha, Double Cleansing & More!

Master Slow Beauty Techniques with a UK-Certified Skincare Expert.

Clean Beauty Workshop Singapore
Clean Beauty Workshop Singapore
Clean Beauty Workshop Singapore




1 Hours

Group Size

5 to 500 people


From $63 / person

Explore Slow Beauty and Understand Clean Cosmetics.

Get ready for the world of clean beauty with Singapore’s Best Sustainable Beauty Brand of 2021! This is no ordinary workshop! It’s a journey led by an expert, certified in the UK. 

You will learn how to harness the power of clean and green beauty by discovering secret ingredients and Gua Sha techniques that promote sustainability. You will also embark on a self-care journey inspired by Slow Beauty.

Slow Beauty is not about striving for unattainable perfection. It’s about loving the unique imperfections we have, using and growing plants to heal both body and mind.

You’ll start with a calming meditation session to set your intentions for the day. Then, get ready for a science-based, super informative session where you’ll learn the wonderful practice of Gua Sha. You’ll discover techniques to refresh your skin, relieve muscle tension, and understand the importance of double cleansing.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! You will get to make your own skincare product, guided by the expert every step of the way.

What to Expect

  • Begin by soothing your mind and setting goals for your radiant skin journey. Take a deep breath, release any tension, and prepare to indulge yourself!
  • Master the technique of Gua Sha, a facial massage, using a rare gem – the Bian Stone – to shape and illuminate your inner glow.
  • Uncover the secrets of double cleansing.
  • Acquire the skills to interpret product labels and make wise choices in your skincare regimen.
  • Get inventive and create your own all-natural skincare product that you can take home. Choose one more skincare item from these options: 2x bath bombs, play dough soap, gel body wash, foaming hand soap, or a multi-purpose scented spray.
  • Bonus for Teams! Want to impress your team? Explore the fully customized workshops. Picture picking fresh strawberries on a beautiful Singapore farm and making strawberry extract – an experience you won’t forget!

Experience Highlights (Photos)


  • 10 Mins: Introduction & Relaxation
  • 15 Mins: Gua Sha Technique
  • 10 Mins: Double Cleansing
  • 10 Mins: Interpreting Product Labels
  • 15 Min: Creating Your Own Skincare Product

What’s Included

  • Guasha & double cleansing workshop
  • Create and take home one wellness product of your choice
  • All necessary ingredients
  • Complete set of lab equipment


  • Thursdays & Fridays: 10am to 11:15am, 3pm to 4:15pm

Additional Information

  • Kid-friendly workshop. Recommended for ages 3 and up.


  • Team Building
  • Birthday Parties
  • Celebrations
  • Couple Dates

Cancellation & other policies

  • To hold your spot, the host will turn away other guests, so cancellations aren’t allowed.
  • Any rescheduling requests must be communicated at least 24 hours before the session.

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Fawn & Co. - Singapore

Meet Your Host

Fawn and Co. was established with the vision of creating a wellness and beauty brand that embraces the principles of Clean Beauty and is driven by innovative design.

At FunEmpire, we only work with hosts that are trustworthy and have an excellent track record in providing a high quality group experience. We only recommend what we love, and hope you love them too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I bring to the workshop?

    Just bring yourself! All the ingredients and equipment you need will be provided.

  • I’ve never done Gua Sha before. Is that okay?

    Absolutely! You’ll be taught everything you need to know, step by step.

  • Can I choose which skincare product to make?

    Yes! You can pick from bath bombs, play dough soap, gel body wash, foaming hand soap, or a multi-purpose scented spray.

  • How long is the workshop?

    It’s a 1-hour workshop packed with fun and learning. You’ll start with relaxation, learn skincare techniques, and end by making your own product.

  • Is the workshop suitable for all skin types?

    Yes! The techniques and products used are gentle and suitable for all skin types. Plus, you’ll learn how to choose the best products for your skin.

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