Omakase Dining in a Vintage Singapore Home

Get Surprised by a Talented Chef!

Private Dining - Omakase Singapore
Private Dining - Omakase Singapore
Private Dining - Omakase Singapore




3 Hours

Group Size

6 to 10 people


From $210 / person

Savor Fresh Pan-Asian Flavors in a Charming Historic Home

Ready to try something new? This private kitchen is all about discovering fresh flavors every day, thanks to a super talented chef. Chef Justin hits the markets daily to find the best seasonal ingredients and then whips up a delicious pan-Asian feast just for you.

Ever heard of omakase? It’s where the chef chooses the dishes for you. Now, imagine that with a cool Singaporean twist! You’ll start with savory appetizers, move on to the freshest seafood, and then enjoy expertly cooked meats. Each course is an adventure.

But wait, there’s more! You’ll be dining in a charming, historic Tiong Bahru home. How cool is that? This isn’t just a meal; it’s an experience you won’t forget!

Sample Menu:

  • Velvety Soup or Flavorful Broth:
    • Made with the freshest seasonal ingredients.
  • Chef’s Selection of Small Plates:
    • Delicate seafood
    • Fire-touched garden vegetables
    • Creative tartare
  • From the Sea:
    • Wild-caught fish prepared perfectly
    • Juicy Sri Lankan crab with vibrant sides
  • Land-Inspired Delights:
    • Tender Argentinian ribeye
    • Perfectly cooked New Zealand lamb
    • Savory Iberico pork
  • Sweet Finish:
    • Fun and seasonal dessert inspired by the chef’s creativity

What to Expect

  • Get ready to explore a world of culinary creativity. Chef Justin adds a unique twist to every dish.
  • Enjoy A Variety Of Snacks: Taste a variety of dips, flatbread “pizza,” savory croquettes, BBQ dishes, and more.
  • Chef Justin loves sharing his food knowledge. You might even learn a thing or two while enjoying your meal!
  • Dine in a cozy, intimate atmosphere in the heart of Tiong Bahru. It’s a unique and charming experience!


  • 15 Mins: Welcome & Introduction
  • 3o Mins: Market-Fresh Appetizers
  • 30 Mins: Fresh Seafood Course
  • 30 Mins: Expertly Cooked Meats
  • 15 Mins: Dessert & Reflection
  • 15 Mins: Q&A With Chef Justin
  • 15 Mins: Farewell

What’s Included

  • 5-Course Omakase-Style Dinner


  • Mondays & Tuesdays: 12pm to 230pm, 7pm to 930pm

Additional Information

  • Minimum group size: 6 people
  • Smaller groups are welcome but will have a slightly higher price per person
  • Got dietary restrictions? No worries, the chef can customize your meal.
  • Ready for an adventure? Be open to trying new flavors and combinations!
  • BYOB option: Bring your own drinks to pair with your meal (additional charge applies)
    • Corkage fees (S$ 10)
    • Wine pairing (S$ 40).
  • Kid-Friendly (No Minimum Age)


  • Team Building
  • Birthdays
  • Celebrations

Cancellation & other policies

  • To secure your spot, your host will not accept other guests. Therefore, cancellations are not permitted.

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Fatt Leong - Singapore

Meet Your Host

Fatt Leong is all about discovering and exploring flavors. The chef uses a variety of cooking styles and techniques to elevate food into new dimensions with multiple flavor profiles. The journey starts with planning the flavors, followed by a market visit to find fresh seasonal produce and unique butcher’s cuts. The menu is ever-evolving, without limits, and can be customized to meet diners’ dietary preferences.

At FunEmpire, we only work with hosts that are trustworthy and have an excellent track record in providing a high quality group experience. We only recommend what we love, and hope you love them too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I have dietary restrictions?

    No worries! The chef can customize your meal to meet your dietary needs. Just let us know in advance.

  • Can I bring my own drinks?

    Yes, you can! We have a BYOB option. Bring your favorite drinks to pair with your meal (there’s a small extra charge).

  • Is the menu always the same?

    Nope! The menu changes all the time based on what’s fresh and in season. It keeps things exciting!

  • What kind of cooking styles does the chef use?

    The chef uses a mix of cooking styles and techniques to create amazing flavors. Every dish is unique and delicious!

  • How do you choose the ingredients?

    The chef visits the market the day before to find the freshest seasonal produce and interesting butcher’s cuts. It’s all about getting the best ingredients for your meal!

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