Bukit Merah Secondary School

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Different Choices, Different Needs

​Zhen Zhen from Bukit Merah Secondary School was searching for a wide selection of activities to cater to the specific needs of the participants and also find a good way to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

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Bukit Merah Secondary School

Bukit Merah Secondary School was looking to hold multiple activities and engage their large number of staff and teachers, in hopes they could celebrate and bond during Chinese New Year through something fun!

With an expected turnout of over 100 participants, they had some concerns initially. They were concerned about the pricing and also wanted to make this team bonding event unique and different from the ones in the past.

Wei Ting, who was this event's salesperson, worked closely with Zheng Zhen to work around the tight budget and after many rounds of quotations, they've collectively managed to settle on 6 different activities. We’ve also suggested a bidding system to get the participants excited for the special occasion.

The Activities

Taking into consideration that many participants did not want physically intensive activities, we did our best to cater to their needs. As a result, the activities we had in store for Bukit Merah were mostly creative workshops, which included Art Jamming, Terrarium, Leather Making and Candle Making. However, there were also sports activities including our unique Saber Fit and Combat Archery.

This team bonding event was slightly different as participants were given the opportunity to choose and bid for their preferred activity. At a designated time, participants would select an activity on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each activity had enough slots for 20 participants. This spurred enthusiasm in the participants as they were able to opt for something they were genuinely interested in.

Right of the bat, slots for Leather Making were fully filled. One participant mentioned that it was a highly wanted activity as many seized the opportunity to participate in a slightly more premium activity. In spite of that, with our wide range of activities and games, participants were still able to get an activity that they were excited about.
FunEmpire Team
FunEmpire Team

The Event

Our facilitators made their way down early to set up the equipment in the respective locations.
Even though it was a hot afternoon, the participants from Bukit Merah Secondary were buzzing! Each activity was kicked off with either a detailed game briefing or a short theory lesson. Each facilitator has undergone the proper training to possess the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out the activities.

As the event started, it was heartwarming to see the participants bond. In the workshop activities, the casual setting has allowed participants to be more comfortable and chatty with each other. Through the process of making their creations, participants were not only able to bring back the knowledge, skills and experience they had with them, but also their creations too!

Meanwhile, participants got to sweat it out in the sports activities, namely Saber Fit. Equipped with LED Light Sabers, participants swung them in a methodized pattern as they followed the facilitators’ instructions and movement. Participants managed to release their tense muscles and also got a much needed workout that they weren’t able to get usually due to their busy schedules.

Remarkable Results

By the end of the event, the response from the participants exceeded our expectations.
From a short interview with one of the participants, he mentioned that he had been to various team bonding events previously. However, the Terrarium Workshop, in particular, was an eye opener as it was not only fun as he was able to tap into his creative side, but also allowed him to learn many new things.

This event has set the mood perfectly for Chinese New Year that is approaching. Overall, the participants definitely had a great time and carried their bright smiles with them. We are also thankful for this opportunity to host this event for Bukit Merah Secondary School and look forward to having another one with them soon!
FunEmpire Team

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