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6 Best Curtain Cleaning Services in Australia [2024]

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Curtain Cleaning Australia

Curtain Cleaning Australia

So you have a curtain that needs cleaning? Don’t let it go for too long. The longer the curtain sits there, the more dust and dirt will attach to it. This can lead to a lot of problems, such as allergies and asthma. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of six curtain cleaners in Australia who are ready to take on your job today!

1. My Home Curtain Cleaner

Key ServicesCurtain Cleaning Australia
AddressAdelaide SA, Australia
Phone0488 846 256
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours

My Home Curtain Cleaner specializes in curtains and is known for cleaning them effectively. Their technique ensures that your curtains are completely cleaned from the inside out. Personalized cleaning treatments are available, depending on each customer’s needs. They go above and beyond to give you peace of mind, from removing your curtains to hanging them back after cleaning.

My Home Curtain Cleaner employs cutting-edge cleans techniques and tools to remove dirt particles from the curtain and suck them out. They also have a spin cleaning function, which uses high-tech equipment to eliminate even the stains, dust, and odors that accumulate deep within the fabric.

2. Marks Curtain Cleaning

Key ServicesCurtain Cleaning Australia
Address45 Amelia St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia
Phone0488 849 391
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours

In Melbourne, Marks Curtain Cleaning provides the best onsite drapery cleaning, blinds cleaning, and curtain steam/drying treatments. Their expert curtain cleaners have a number of techniques to restore your window coverings to their original condition. They also clean and restore roman, Venetian, vertical blinds, mini blinds, and panel blinds. They are therefore here to clean and repair your window coverings, including curtains, blinds, and draperies to the highest possible standard at a reasonable cost.

3. Dr Drapes Curtain Clinic

Key ServicesCurtain Cleaning Australia
Address2/61 Reserve Rd, Melton VIC 3337, Australia
Phone1300 652 866
Operating Hours9am-5pm Monday to Friday

Cleaning curtains and drapes is a difficult task. Dr. Drapes Curtain Clinic, as one of the most-trusted curtain cleaners in Melbourne, will not disappoint with its services. They have been assisting Melbourne citizens in improving their lives through clean curtains since 1983. While their cleaning procedure is rather time-consuming and takes up 5 days, they can assure you that it will restore your curtain to its original condition. You may also use their temporary block out curtains while they clean and renovate your curtains.

4. Sparkling Clean Services

Key ServicesCurtain Cleaning Australia
AddressBrisbane, QLD, Australia
Phone0488 853 006
Operating HoursBy appointment

Sparkling Clean Services provides a variety of curtain cleaning solutions. They’ve established themselves as one of the most-trusted cleaning service providers in the region, servicing Brisbane and other nearby areas. Aside from making them seem new and trendy, your curtains will last longer, saving you money in the long run. When you choose their assistance in dealing with your curtains, you can also expect their staff of expert cleaners that are all polite and considerate of your time.

5. VIP Cleaning Services

Key ServicesCurtain Cleaning Australia
AddressMelbourne, VIC, Australia
Phone1300 912 255
Operating HoursBy Appointment

Melbourne’s leading cleaning service provider, VIP Cleaning Services, is an all-around cleaning company. One of their specialties is curtain washing, which they specialize in. When their staff of expert cleaners gets involved, contaminants, dirt, germs, and allergies are no match. They claim to clean every layer of your curtain to ensure that no harm or pollutants are left behind. If you have worries about filthy curtains, they provide a wide range of services to help you maintain the quality and ambiance of your home.

6. Total Cleaning

Key ServicesCurtain Cleaning Australia
Address517/585 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC – 3000
Phone1300 424 114
Operating Hours9am-6pm Monday to Friday

Cleaning your curtains and blinds is a quick and easy task, especially with Cleaning Services by Total Cleaning. Their proprietary formulation for curtain and horizontal blind cleaning ensures that they can be properly cleaned without shrinkage or distortion. They clean all sorts of curtains and horizontal blinds, utilizing steam cleaning techniques, after assessing the fabric with a test before starting and obtaining your permission before beginning to ensure that the steam cleaning process is appropriate for the sort of cloth.

Curtain Cleaning Australia

Curtain Cleaning Australia is an important service that should be done by a professional curtain cleaner. The curtain cleaners we’ve listed in our blog post are reputable and offer many different services for curtains of all sorts, from roman to vertical blinds, mini blinds, and panel blinds. They come highly-recommended as well as provide competitive pricing. We hope you enjoyed reading this article about the best curtain cleaning companies in Australia!

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How much is curtain cleaning services in Australia?

u003cbru003eThere are many curtain cleaning services available in Australia. The prices of these services vary depending on the company, the type of curtain, and the size of the job. However, there are some general price ranges that you can expect to pay for curtain cleaning in Australia.u003cbru003eSmall curtain jobs (up to two curtains) will typically cost between $60 and $80. Medium curtain jobs (three to five curtains) will typically cost between $100 and $150. Large curtain jobs (six or more curtains) will typically cost between $200 and $300.u003cbru003eIf you have a very large job, or if you need your curtains cleaned urgently, you may be charged a premium price. However, most curtain cleaning companies in Australia offer discounts for multiple curtain jobs, so it is always worth asking about this before you book.

What kind of services does a curtain cleaning company provide?

Most curtain cleaning companies in Australia offer a range of services, including curtain dry cleaning, curtain steam cleaning, and curtain stain removal. Dry cleaning is the most common type of curtain cleaning, as it is gentle and effective on all types of fabrics. Steam cleaning is often used for heavily soiled curtains, or for curtains that have been affected by mould or mildew. Stain removal is usually an additional service that can be added on to a dry cleaning or steam cleaning job.

What are the benefits of curtain cleaning?

Curtain cleaning has a number of benefits, both for your curtains and for your home. Curtain cleaning will extend the life of your curtains, as it will remove dirt, dust, and stains that can damage the fabric. Curtain cleaning will also make your curtains look cleaner and brighter, and it will freshen up the whole room. In addition, curtain cleaning can help to remove allergens from your home, which is especially important for people with asthma or allergies.

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