Bendemeer Primary School

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Bonding Through Fun and Leadership

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The teachers at Bendemeer Primary School were sourcing for suitable team building vendors in Singapore to organize their annual Primary 5 Leadership Camp for the cohort.

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FunEmpire Team

Bendemeer Primary School

The teachers at Bendemeer Primary School were organizing their annual Primary 5 Leadership Camp for the cohort. They were sourcing for activities which were in line with the camp's objectives- for students to learn the importance of leadership and teamwork through games.

The teachers were happy to know that our unique games were able to meet their camp's objective. After a few meetings, they decided to engage us to organize a memorable and exciting camp for the students.

The Activity

Apart from meeting the requirements of the camp, we had to ensure fun was not compromised. A proposal was drafted that took into account various factors such as the age of the students and their energy levels after an intense camp programme. We made sure that instructions were easily understood and objectives clearly set.

We coordinated with Mr Ngai, from the PE Department, who was in charge of planning the activities. Eventually, Mr Ngai opted our Combat Archery Tag experience - a fun and safe activity for all ages!
FunEmpire Team
FunEmpire Team

The Event

Managing a large group of excited children is never an easy job. Our handpicked facilitators were the crème of the crop, who are experts in running our events and also highly capable in controlling large crowds. Special mention also goes out to the teachers, who were on hand to help limit the rowdiness of the children.

The students listened attentively to a concise briefing of game instructions and safety pointers before getting on with the games. Few had tried out archery before but for most, it was their first time playing Archery Tag. Once the games got going, it was high energy levels all the way, as those on the sidelines cheered their friends who were in the arena.

Remarkable Results

It was heartwarming to see the students display sportsmanship while remaining competitive to win their games. The children had so much fun, they could hardly contain their happiness at the end of the session! Our faciltators also left with a smile on their faces, knowing that the time spent at Bendemeer Primary School was well worth it.

Overall, it was a fulfilling session for all and we look forward to holding more of such events!
FunEmpire Team

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