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22 Best Branding Agencies In Singapore [2024]

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Branding Agency Singapore

Best Branding Agency Singapore

When it comes to establishing a powerful brand identity, the right branding agency can make all the difference.

The best branding agencies in Singapore for 2024 include Mustard Art Department, Equus Design Consultants, DDB Worldwide, STUDIO DAM, and HighSpark Pte Ltd.

When selecting a branding agency in Singapore, take into account elements like their experience, expertise, portfolio, and client feedback.

Branding agencies specialize in crafting distinctive brand identities, creating compelling narratives, and formulating impactful marketing strategies to elevate your business’s market position.

Let’s delve into the world of the finest branding agencies in Singapore, and explore how they can help elevate your business to new heights.

Quick Summary

  • Best branding agencies in Singapore include Mustard Art Department, Equus Design Consultants, DDB Worldwide, STUDIO DAM, and HighSpark Pte Ltd.
  • When choosing a branding agency in Singapore, consider factors such as experience, expertise, portfolio, and client reviews.
  • Branding agencies create unique brand identities, craft engaging narratives, and develop effective marketing strategies to enhance your business’s market position.

What is Branding?

Are you unsure what “branding” means? Don’t be concerned! Branding is one of those marketing terms that is open to interpretation and may quickly become perplexing even for people who are experienced with marketing.

The act of associating a business with a certain design or symbol in order to promote its goods and services is known as branding. This was, until not long ago, a fairly accurate definition of branding – at least, according to the conventional thinking.

What your business is known for, or how it is perceived, is usually referred to as branding. It extends beyond your logo, goods, services, functions, and benefits into how customers perceive your brand and feel about it.

Why is Branding important?

Because of the enormous impact, it has on your company, branding is essential for a company. Branding may alter how people see your brand, generate new business, and increase brand value – but it can also have the opposite effect if done incorrectly or not at all.

Branding is crucial in order to attract new clients, and a well-known brand might raise the value of a business by giving it more power in the market. As a result, due to its firmly established position in the market, this makes it an even more appealing investment option.

Choosing a Branding Agency in Singapore

It is difficult to find branding agencies in Singapore that can provide the branding services you need, but this list will help. The branding agencies listed here are some of the best branding companies in Singapore and they offer everything from logo design to marketing campaign development. These branding firms spend years developing expertise in their field and have become leaders because of it; which means their branding services are worth considering for your next branding project.

Best Branding Agency Singapore

1. Equus Brand Consultants

Equus Brand Consultants - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Equus)
Equus Brand Consultants – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Equus)
Key ServicesAnalysis, Research and Development, Brand DNA® Strategy, Brand Narratives & Positioning, Brand Architecture and Nomenclature, Brand Naming, Brand Identity, Brand Identity, Brand communications and packaging, Website Design, Art Direction, Go-To-Market Strategy, Internal Brand Engagement Workshops, Creative Writing
Phone6323 2996
Operating HoursMon-Fri, 9am to 6pm

Equus Brand Consultants (Formerly known as Equus Design Consultants) is a Singapore-based strategy and intelligence-driven brand consultants with a reputation for award-winning work. Innovative and sometimes unconventional, their emphasis is very much on creativity.

They create desirable brands by focusing on the priorities that make the difference – building relevant brand experiences to unlock the true potential of your business. They do this by turning beliefs into behaviours, taking your brand beyond its narrative and giving it a voice.

At the heart of their offer is a rare combination of design thinking and emotional intelligence, with a breadth of services which is difficult to match. For ambitious brands who want to succeed, they offer an unrivalled capability and actionable outcomes that inspire.

They believe a brand must speak with the same voice, wherever and whenever the customer comes into contact with it. They work with a broad range of clients spanning from East Asia to the Middle East.

Key Differentiators

  • Flexibility: They have a sound methodology but are not bound to rigid processes, and tailor their approach to suit every client. They adapt to the size and disposition of their clients, customising their services.
  • Teamwork: They partner with their clients in the creative branding process, meaning they give birth to ideas together. With no silos within their business, ideas are developed by the whole team.
  • Experience: All their partners work on branding project which means you get a wealth of experience from start to finish. This means nothing is ‘lost in translation’ as they work directly with their clients.

Client Testimonial

Equus listened to our vision for Manta Air and brought it to life for us. Through robust discussions and multiple iterations they distilled the essence of our brand and gave it not just a logo but a well-rounded personality with its own style and voice. We are delighted with the end result which has been received extremely well by our customers and look forward to further collaborations in the future.

Sanjay Maniku, Managing Director, Reollo Group (Manta Air Project)

2. Mustard Art Department

Mustard Art Department - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Mustard Art Department)
Mustard Art Department – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Mustard Art Department)
Key ServicesBrand research, Brand Strategy, Messaging & Positioning, Brand Logo, Brand Identity, Print & Packaging, Website Design & Development, Art Direction
Address1 MacTaggart Rd, #02-02, Singapore 368089
Phone8284 9212
Operating Hours9:30am-6:30pm Monday to Friday

At the Art Department, design isn’t everything.

The Art Department is a strategy-first studio on a mission to build memorable brands. The team works closely with you, they make an effort to know you, your business, and your customers deeply, before turning that insight into brand visuals and experiences your customers remember.

Mustard Art Department has partnered with companies from across various industries, from fashion to real estate, and even non-profit organisations. Whether you’re building a brand from scratch or refreshing your existing look, you’re in safe hands here.

Key Differentiators

  • Strategic approach with proven framework – Decisions not made based on “gut feel”
  • Multi-disciplinary team – They look beyond aesthetics/ marketing when thinking about your business/ brand
  • More of a partner, less of a vendor – The team work closely with you at every step of the way

Client Testimonial

The team communicates regularly, manages tasks well, and works thoroughly — they go over each aspect of the branding project in detail. Customers can expect a knowledgeable, reliable, and hard-working partner.

K. Tan, business owner, Coworking & Events industry

3. DDB Worldwide

DDB Worldwide - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: DDB Worldwide)
DDB Worldwide – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: DDB Worldwide)
Key ServicesBranding, Digital Innovation, eCommerce, Shopper Marketing, Social Media.
Address20 Kallang Ave, Singapore 339411
Phone(65) 6671 4488

DDB Singapore is the most-awarded Effie Agency in Singapore, having been ranked No.1 for effective marketing for a record 12 years running. The agency specializes in shopper marketing, digital and social media, data and CRM, and social media for good as part of DDB Worldwide, the world’s fourth-largest communications network with more than 200 offices across 100 countries.


STUDIO DAM - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: STUDIO DAM)
STUDIO DAM – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: STUDIO DAM)
Key ServicesBranding Strategy, Packaging Design, Logo making, Exhibition & Installation, Sustainability Initiatives
Address1013 Geylang East Ave 3 #06-124, Singapore 389728 (Paya Lebar MRT Exit C)
Phone+65 9731 2644
Operating HoursMonday – Friday 9AM – 6PM

STUDIO DAM provides its clients with customized branding strategies that help them differentiate from their competitors. By working closely with each company under their care, STUDIO DAM is able to create a one-of-a-kind brand identity that brings their client’s mission, vision, and values to life.

STUDIO DAM’s primary services include brand identity creation, packaging design, logo design, and rebranding. Their designs encompass simplicity yet still eye-catching, allowing customers to see the key selling point straight away.

They’ve designed for a variety of different industries, from dentistry to dog food. No matter the services or products your business offers, STUDIO DAM’s experienced team of professionals can help your brand stand out and remain competitive in the market.

Key Differentiators

  • Commitment to sustainability: all packaging is made with the environment in mind
  • Physical Creations: physical mock-ups of designs for clients to experience the customer’s view of a product
  • Collaborative approach: their team work closely and connect with their clients at every stage of the branding process

Client Testimonial

Always grateful to the power team at STUDIO DAM who are really the best at branding…they have a unique take on the brand direction and they marry that nicely with mine.
10/10 will recommend to all my friends!


5. HighSpark Pte Ltd

HighSpark Pte Ltd - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: HighSpark Pte Ltd)
HighSpark Pte Ltd – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: HighSpark Pte Ltd)
Key ServicesPresentation Design, ICO Deck Design, Communication Strategy, Corporate Event Services, Startup Pitch Deck Design, Infographic Design, Branding and Identity Design.
Address67 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-10/17, Singapore 139950
Phone(65) 8123 2362

HighSpark Pte Ltd is a leading provider of branding solutions in Singapore. They’re arguably the most experienced experts on visuals, messaging, and branding as a whole. They aim to assist businesses in determining what makes them stand out so they may figure out how to position themselves in their particular niche market.

Their branding services include presentation design, ICO deck design, communication strategy, corporate event services, startup pitch deck design, infographic design, branding, and identity design.

6. Creativeans

Creativeans - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Creativeans)
Creativeans – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Creativeans)
Key ServicesBranding, Business Design, UI/UX Design, Product Design, Packaging Design, Communication Design.
Address39 Woodlands Cl, #08-55/56 Mega@Woodlands, Singapore 737856
Phone(65) 6957 5696

Creativeans is the first ISO 9001:2015 and management certified brand consultancy design management and branding business in Singapore, Milan, and Jakarta. The branding agency helps companies to develop a unique personality for their brand, build strong relationships with customers and create an exciting experience. They aim to enhance customer loyalty by enabling them to engage in memorable experiences that connect emotionally with their clients.

Their branding services include branding, business design, UI/UX design, product design, packaging design, and communication design.

7. Global Dot com

Global Dot Com - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Global Dot Com)
Global Dot Com – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Global Dot Com)
Key ServicesBranding & Marketing, SEO, Web Design, Event Management, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Copywriting.
Address7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #09-85 Northstar@AMK, Singapore 569880
Phone(65) 6908 5866

Global Dot Com Singapore, a dynamic boutique brand agency in Singapore, provides comprehensive branding services and innovative outputs through its wide range of services.

Their branding services include branding & marketing, SEO, web design, event management, social media marketing, graphic design, and copywriting.

8. TBWA Singapore

TBWA Singapore - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: TBWA Singapore)
TBWA Singapore – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: TBWA Singapore)
Key ServicesIntegrated Marketing, Creatives Creation, Video Marketing, Branding, Advertisement, Graphic Design.
Address991C Alexandra Rd, Singapore 119971
Phone(65) 6225 5288

TBWA Singapore is an award-winning branding firm consistently ranked among the top 10 global advertising agencies worldwide. The branding agency provides branding and marketing services, offering a wide range of branding solutions to strengthen brands.

Their branding service includes integrated marketing, creatives creation for commercials or videos, brand strategy consulting, advertising campaigns, graphic design, and website development.

9. BBH Global (Singapore)

BBH Global (Singapore) - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: BBH Global)
BBH Global (Singapore) – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: BBH Global)
Key ServicesBranding, Digital Innovation, eCommerce, Shopper Marketing, Social Media
Address5 Magazine Rd, #03-03, Singapore 059571
Phone(65) 6500 3000

In 1982, a London-based creative agency began as a modest concept. BBH Global (Singapore) offers to rebrand and repositioning services throughout the globe. The IPA Effectiveness Agency of the Year was also bestowed upon them.

Their branding services include branding, digital innovation to create highly engaging websites, and social media channels which are essential for customer engagement. They also provide eCommerce solutions that will help businesses grow by reaching out to a larger audience online while increasing conversion rates on their sites.

10. DW Branding Agency

DW Branding Agency - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: DW Branding Agency)
DW Branding Agency – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: DW Branding Agency)
Key ServicesVisual Communication, Design, Exhibition Design, Web Design.
Address22 Sin Ming Lane, #06-76 Midview City, Singapore 573969
Phone(65) 6684 1191

Every successful company or brand requires a strong brand identity in order to thrive. As a result, they see it as their duty to assist businesses in determining their natural appeal. DW Branding uses studied data to address almost every aspect of branding, from naming to corporate architecture.

Their branding services include visual communication, design, exhibition design, and web design. They have a team of branding professionals who can help their clients build or strengthen an effective brand identity that will resonate with the target market.

11. Super Union

Super Union - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Super Union)
Super Union – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Super Union)
Key ServicesBrand Identity, Digital Asset Management, Environmental Branding, Brand Governance, Packaging and Retail Design
Address10 Kaki Bukit Ave 1, #02-02, Singapore 417942
Phone(65) 6351 133

Global award-winning advertising, branding, and positioning agency with offices in Singapore. The company has a staff of 750 people distributed across 23 locations in 18 countries.

Their branding services include brand identity creation or rebranding which includes developing a visual language that will make the company’s message more compelling to its audience while getting them excited about differentiating themselves from their competition. It also involves digital asset management solutions for proper handling and branding of digital assets such as websites, social media platforms, and apps. They also provide environmental branding, brand governance, packaging, and retail design.

12. Carbon Interactive

Carbon Interactive - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Carbon Interactive)
Carbon Interactive – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Carbon Interactive)
Key ServicesBrand Development, Web Design, Reputation Management, Web Development, Digital Strategy Marketing
Address50 Ubi Avenue 3, #04-05 Frontier epark@ubi Singapore 408886
Phone(65) 6293 437

Carbon Interactive is an award-winning marketing and branding firm whose services include web design, web development, digital marketing strategy, reputation management, and brand development. Its mission is to make businesses shine through marketing, reputation management, and brand development.

Their branding services include brand development to create or reposition a company’s identity through the use of branding elements such as logos, color schemes, and slogans. They have extensive experience in web design which includes custom responsive website designs that are unique for each client they work with. They also offer reputation management, web development, and digital strategy marketing.

13. Eplisontel Singapore

Eplisontel Singapore - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Eplisontel)
Eplisontel Singapore – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Eplisontel)
Key ServicesRemote Peering, Colocation, Cloud Connect, Data Centre Interconnect, Multi-service Port
AddressNew Tech Park, #06-01A, 151 Lorong Chuan, singapore 556741
Phone(65) 6813 4020

Epsilon Singapore is a digital marketing firm that provides services including advertising, brand strategy, brand consulting, web development and sales production. Since its founding in 1968, the business has grown some of the world’s most well-known brands.

14. Louken Group

Louken Group - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Louken Group)
Louken Group – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Louken Group)
Key ServicesBranding, Marketing and Activation, User Experience, Digital Marketing, Internationalisation
Address2 Alexandra Road #06-04 Delta House, Singapore 159919
Phone(65) 6299 033

The Louken Group is a Singapore-based brand transformation firm. They assist businesses in becoming forward—digitizing their brands and teaching new leaders, as well as transforming organizations into brand leaders. Their branding services include branding, marketing, and activation which includes developing a full brand identity that will help to attract customers while differentiating it from the competition.

They also offer user experience design for creating an enjoyable digital platform for their clients’ audience. They have more than 15 years of experience in delivering integrated online strategies including website design, web development, search engine marketing, and branding.

15. Dentsu Aegis Singapore

Dentsu Aegis Singapore - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Dentsu)
Dentsu Aegis Singapore – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Dentsu)
Key ServicesContent, Creation, Business Brand Tracking, SEO, Market Analysis
AddressGuoco Towers, 1 Wallich Street, #22-01, Singapore 078881
Phone(65) 6501 4900

Dentsu is a worldwide network of communication dedicated to business branding. They have one of the most committed teams of branding and marketing experts on earth who work tirelessly to provide businesses with the greatest marketing services and memorable experiences for their customers. Their branding services include market analysis, content creation, business branding tracking, and SEO.

16. Lime Agency

Lime Agency - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Lime Agency)
Lime Agency – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Lime Agency)
Key ServicesBranding & Marketing, Strategy Consulting, Web Design, SE
Phone+65 9062 474

Lime Agency is a small, purpose-driven branding business that has served over 160 clients in just five years of existence. They have a team of branding and marketing experts who are driven by their desire to help brands achieve sustainable growth through branding, strategy consulting, web design, and SEO.

17. NEU Entity

NEU Entity - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: NEU Entity)
NEU Entity – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: NEU Entity)
Key ServicesBrand Strategy, Brand Activation, Brand Visualisatio
Address39A Bussorah St, Singapore 199457
Phonetel: (65) 6240 692

Neu Entity is a branding and website development firm that believes in creating appealing brands. They are all about developing lovely brands. They think that strong branding may assist small businesses in becoming the bearers of good needed in the world. Their branding services include brand strategy, branding activation, and visualization.

18. Grey Singapore

Grey Singapore - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Grey Singapore)
Grey Singapore – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Grey Singapore)
Key ServicesResearch Data and Analytic, Design, Creative Strategy, Experience Mapping, Digital Development.
Address50 Scotts Rd, #03-01, Singapore 228242
Phone(65) 6511 760

By positively influencing the people who count and engaging their audiences less effectively with brands that stand out, Grey Singapore promotes their client’s businesses. The firm has experts that have shown that good branding may create enthusiasm, improve a company’s value, and change perceptions. Their branding services include research data and analytic, design, creative strategy, experience mapping, and digital development.

19. Media One Branding

Media One Branding - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Media One Branding)
Media One Branding – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Media One Branding)
Key Services Digital Marketing Services, SEO Services, SEM Services, CRO Services, Social Media Marketing, Branding Services, Copywriting Services, Email Marketing, Web Design Services, Ecommerce Development
Address64B Boat Quay, Singapore 049852
Phone(65) 6789 9852

MediaOne is a Singapore-based full-service digital marketing and branding agency. The firm claims that every brand has its distinct personality, and it provides assistance for them to figure out their true identity through branding, market research, and detailed analysis.

The branding agency has a team of talented individuals who are knowledgeable and equipped with the latest branding trends and tools to help you create, manage and amplify your brand’s identity. Their branding services include digital marketing services, SEO services, SEM services, CRO services, social media marketing, branding services, copywriting services, email marketing, web design services, eCommerce development which will ensure that your business stands out in the competitive market.

20. VMW Group

VMW Group - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: VMW Group)
VMW Group – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: VMW Group)
Key ServicesBrand Marketing, Design, Branding, Corporate Communication.
Address1 Chang Charn Road, OC Building, #04-01/02, Singapore 159630
Phone(65) 62263837

Carbon VMW group is a Singapore-based branding design firm that is dedicated to providing one-of-a-kind creative ideas and overcoming all branding difficulties in your company. Their distinctive style communicates your company’s brand message to match your specific requirements for growing your business. Their branding services include branding, design, branding, and corporate communication.

21. Ad.Wright

AdWright  - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: AdWright)
AdWright – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: AdWright)
Key ServicesBrand Audit, Brand Strategy, Brand Visual Strategy, Brand Amplification, Brand Digital Strategy
Address100D Pasir Panjang Road #02-11 Meissa, Singapore 118520
Phone(65) 6227 7227

Adwright is a well-established, fully integrated branding firm with offices in Singapore that has been assisting small and large enterprises for more than 20 years.

The branding agency provides branding strategy, brand audit, brand visual strategy, and brand amplification. With a pool of young creative talents who are well-versed in modern branding practices, Adwright is equipped to provide the best branding solutions that will land your brand’s message across clearly while staying on top of all current branding trends.

22. Vantage Branding

Vantage Branding - Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Vantage Branding)
Vantage Branding – Branding Agency Singapore (Credit: Vantage Branding)
Key ServicesBrand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Naming, Brand Environments, Brand Communications, Brand Workshops, Brand Training.
Address1 Fusionopolis Place #03-20, West, Lobby Galaxis, Singapore 138522
Phone(65) 6809 1290

Branding Agency Singapore

If you’re looking for an agency that can help your brand grow, it’s worth considering the best branding agencies in Singapore.

To make this list, these agencies were judged on their creativity and innovation as well as how they work with clients to meet objectives. We’ve also provided information about each of them so you can find out more before meeting with any of them.

If you want a team of experts who will do everything from creating logos to running social media campaigns or designing ads, one of these teams is just what you need! Which branding agency would be perfect for your company?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about branding agencies in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Branding Agencies in Singapore below:

What are the best branding agencies in Singapore?

The best branding agencies in Singapore include Mustard Art Department, Equus Design Consultants, DDB Worldwide, STUDIO DAM, and HighSpark Pte Ltd.

What is corporate branding and how can top branding agencies in Singapore help with it?

Corporate branding involves creating a unique identity for a business that reflects its values, mission, and services. Top branding agencies in Singapore, such as Dentsu Aegis Network and Leo Burnett, specialize in this area, helping businesses stand out in their industry.

How do branding agencies integrate digital marketing solutions?

Branding agencies use digital marketing solutions to promote and strengthen a brand’s online presence. This includes strategies like SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing, all tailored to the communication and marketing needs of the brand.

What does digital branding entail?

Digital branding involves creating and establishing a brand’s identity on digital platforms. It encompasses everything from website design and content creation to social media management and online advertising.

How do these agencies manage brand management?

Brand management involves maintaining and improving a brand’s image and value over time. Branding agencies in Singapore achieve this through consistent messaging, monitoring brand perception, and making necessary adjustments to keep the brand relevant to its target audience.

What does it mean to create brands?

To create brands means to build a unique identity for a business or product that differentiates it from others in the market. This includes designing a distinctive logo, developing a brand message, and establishing a brand personality that resonates with the target audience.

What is the role of a chief creative officer in a branding agency?

A chief creative officer (CCO) oversees all creative and aesthetic aspects of a company’s branding efforts. They work with a team of designers, writers, and brand strategists to develop innovative branding solutions that align with the company’s vision and goals.

How do digital solutions contribute to brand building?

Digital solutions, such as website design, social media marketing, and digital advertising, play a crucial role in brand building. They provide platforms for brands to engage with their target audience, communicate their values, and establish a strong online presence.

What is the function of brand strategists in branding agencies?

Brand strategists analyze market trends, research competitor strategies, and understand consumer behavior to develop effective brand strategies. They play a critical role in defining the brand’s positioning, messaging, and target audience.

How do branding agencies in Singapore understand the target audience of a brand?

Branding agencies use various research methods, such as surveys, focus groups, and market analysis, to understand a brand’s target audience. This includes their preferences, behaviors, needs, and motivations. This information is crucial in creating a brand that resonates with its intended audience.

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