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6 Simple Steps to Regroup and Revitalise Your Team [2023]

Team Building

March is coming to an end as April creeps in. If you’ve been having a bad couple of months despite the fairly new year, it’s time to pull yourself and your team together to get through to this adversity. 

Here is the starter-pack into regrouping and revitalising your team in times of adversities. 

1. Understand the reason things went wrong

It is normal for humans to pinpoint their most recent decision as the reason why things went wrong. In this case, a business decision that was made. This decision can be anything from hiring an extra employee to even losing a client. 

However. Most people do not realise that recent decisions only make up one portion of their business. Look through long-term issues that have not been addressed and tackle it. 

Ignoring what is right in front of you does not benefit anyone. 

2. Make firm decisions

After identifying what went wrong, do not hesitate to make decisive actions. Unable to afford to keep an employee as much as you’d like to? Let them go. Do what it takes to sustain the business before it gets worse. At the same time, keep a lookout for potential customers whom you think will be a joy working for and with. 

3. Remember your company’s vision

Every company has its own focused vision of whom they want to serve and the problems they would like to resolve. When a company is failing, chances are they could have strayed away from their initial vision. 

In times like this, remember what inspired you to start the business in the first place. Only then will you be able to find the energy to make a positive change in the company. Be able to adapt to change and grow from the challenges that arise. 

4. Engage in team building activities 

Most of us are sitting on our desk all day while trying to complete our work before it is time to leave for home. Given it was somebody else; they would not have been able to withstand doing the same thing over and over again for a long period of time. The best way to take a break from work is through team building activities. 

Not only does it inspire camaraderie, it encourages bonding and creativity. It could be anything from participating in a game of combat archery tag to football and followed by a barbecue session in the evening.  This is a great way for companies to resuscitate great team spirit among employees.

Continue reading below to find out why investing in team building activities is crucial. 

5. Get inspired to feel motivated

With inspiration comes the motivation to do anything. Keeping this in mind, an employee is only able to feel motivated if they are invested in the company. Allow them to brainstorm ideas, voice out their opinions, and take action. 

You can do so by putting your employees away from a traditional office setting and giving them time to think about great ideas. Lastly, if ideas proposed are feasible, implement them and watch the results.

6. Recognise achievements and reward the team

If there is one way to show appreciation for your employees’ hard work, it is to recognise their efforts. Bring your employees out for lunch with a delicious buffet spread, get them luxury gifts, or even something small that is practical. Rewards like these will keep them motivated to hit their new KPIs and also be more productive at work. As a result, you will receive quality work too.

So why is investing in a team building activity crucial? 

For the purpose of teamwork and good team rapport, companies are more willing to dedicate time for team building activities for its employees. 

Especially since the introduction of more unique and engaging activities, companies now have more options to choose from. But if you are still not convinced of its value, here are some of its benefits. 

Team building activities keep employees motivated and engaged

Unmotivated and unengaged employees impacts the company negatively as productivity levels decrease. To combat this, a corporate team building day would provide an opportunity for employees to step out of the office, de-stress and clear their minds. 

All work and no play is not the correct way to go. 

Employees feel a sense of appreciation 

Showing appreciation to your employees can be done through organising a fun team bonding activity for them. Employees will feel cherished and hold a place of value in the company. 

This could encourage them to work harder and achieve better results. Feeling valued by the company will improve workplace culture and the relationships among each other. 

A team building activity improves the sense of community 

A sense of community is established when employees are well-bonded and treat each other like family. Fostering these kinds of relationships is beneficial for both the company and its employees. They will help each other out and share a similar energy to growing the company.

A community spirit celebrates the diversity in the workplace and creates a common ground that allows employees to feel welcome and comfortable. This thus, increases everyone’s morale. 

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