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13 Best Halloween Decorations to Make Your Home Spook-tacular [2023]

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Halloween Decoration

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start decorating! If you’re looking for some spook-tacular ideas, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we will be sharing 30 of the best halloween decorations to make your home look haunted! From spiders and skeletons to ghosts and goblins, we have everything you need to get your home ready for Halloween!

So get ready to get creative and have a lot of fun this Halloween! Get started and make your house the most haunted on the block!

1. Light-Up Witch Hats

These eerie floating witch hats will be a hit with the little goblins that come to your house! All you need for the supplies are witch hats and string lights.


1. Cut a piece of string light to fit around the brim of your witch hat.

2. Hot glue the string light in place and let it dry.

3. Repeat with all of the witch hats.

4. Turn on your string lights and enjoy your spooky halloween decoration!

2. Halloween Skeleton

Let this skeleton pose atop your pumpkin carvings to welcome trick-or-treaters. For this, you will need a large cardboard box, a black permanent marker, a white sheet, scissors, and tape.


1. Cut the top off of the cardboard box and discard it.

2. Cut the sides of the box so that it is open like a skeleton torso.

3. Trace the outline of a skeleton onto the white sheet with the black permanent marker.

4. Cut out the skeleton with scissors.

5. Tape the skeleton to the inside of the cardboard box.

6. Enjoy your Halloween skeleton decoration!

3. Halloween Bat Neon Sign

This neon sign is ideal for subtly incorporating Halloween into any space. Pink or blue versions are also available, but red is unquestionably the spookiest.

4. Skull Decoration String Lights

These skull string lights are essential if you’re seeking for something less creepy but still entertaining. They include a timer, so you won’t have to worry about remembering to turn them off, and they work well indoors or outside.


1. Cut a piece of string light to fit around the top of your skull.

2. Hot glue the string light in place and let it dry.

3. Repeat with all of the skulls.

4. Turn on your string lights and enjoy your Halloween decoration!

5. Halloween Pillow Covers

Maybe you don’t like scary skeletons and enormous inflatables for Halloween. Then put a set of four seasonally themed pillowcases in your shopping basket. They also provide matching coasters as a fun extra.

6. Skeleton Coffin Party Bucket

How does that proverb go? Something like, “If you want some of my punch, you’ll have to pry it from of my cold, dead hands.” This wicked party bucket is equally luxurious and opulent, and it adds the perfect amount of punch and possessive polish to finish off your haunted bar cart display each and every year.

7. Jack-O’-Lantern Mugs

These pumpkin-shaped mugs provide the ideal amount of fright to any breakfast meal. The cheerful coffee cups are available in black, white, and orange to complement both traditional and modern Halloween aesthetics. Get the ominous stoneware mugs alone or in a set of four for gloomy dinners with the family.

8. Midnight Raven Wreath

Prepare for trick-or-treaters with this meticulously made crow wreath, complete with every frightening last detail. The foliage in dark shades of blue, purple, and black gives your stoop a gloomy look, while an all-seeing raven keeps watching over your doorstep throughout the year.

With this raven wreath, you can give your front porch a scary feel. It is meticulously handmade down to the smallest spooky detail. The foliage in dark shades of blue, purple, and black gives your stoop a gloomy look, while an all-seeing raven keeps watch over your doorstep throughout the year.

9. Vintage-Inspired Halloween Print

With this stunning Halloween art pleasure, create the mood for a horror. The eerie poster shows a group of people waiting at a door for treats while dressed up for Halloween. The exquisite art drawing promises to enchant your walls with the spirit of the season because it is rich in detail, texture, and unsettling charm.

10. Frankenstein Candle

The best things really do come in the smallest packages, as evidenced by this quirky candle. It’s more than simply cute, with a Frankenstein’s face on it and a shade of traditional Halloween green; it also has notes of lychee, saffron, leather, and musk.

11. Black Creepy Cloth

In order to turn a setting into a nightmare, drape and hang the cloth all over the place, whether indoors or out. You can use it again the following year.

12. Haunted Dancing Broom

With a broom that dances on its own, start off your Halloween celebration. You might start by playing ominous music in the background.

1. Cut a piece of ribbon to fit around the top of the broom.

2. Hot glue the ribbon in place and let it dry.

3. Repeat with all of the brooms.

4. Hang the ribbon on the ceilings

4. Turn on your music and enjoy your haunted dancing broom!

13. Orange Halloween Lights

These orange Halloween bulbs will give your house a frightening exterior. The lights have eight different lighting settings and are weatherproof.

Halloween Decoration

There you have it—13 of the best Halloween decorations to make your home spook-tacular! From DIY projects to store-bought finds, there are plenty of ways to deck out your space for the season. So get creative and have fun! After all, that’s what Halloween is all about.

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