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6 Hybrid Team Building Activities for Singaporean Teams [2024]

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Hybrid Team Building Singapore

Best Hybrid Team Building Singapore
Best Hybrid Team Building Singapore

Welcome to a thrilling exploration of hybrid team building activities Singapore designed specifically for the vibrant and diverse teams of Singapore!

The best hybrid team building activities in Singapore include Hybrid Amazing Race, Virtual Candle Making, Virtual Terrarium Workshop, SaberFit, and Virtual Art Jamming.

When selecting a hybrid team building activity, take into account your goals for team bonding, budget constraints, and the culture of your company.

Hybrid team building exercises can foster stronger relationships, enhance communication, encourage leadership and teamwork, and uplift spirits within your Singaporean team.

Get ready to transform your traditional understanding of team building and elevate your team’s spirit to new heights!

Quick Summary

  • Best hybrid team building activities Singapore include Hybrid or Remote Amazing Race, Virtual Candle Making, Virtual Terrarium Workshop, SaberFit, and Virtual Art Jamming.
  • When choosing a virtual team building activity, consider factors such as team bonding goals, budget, and company culture.
  • Hybrid team bonding activities can help your Singaporean team bond, improve communication, promote leadership and collaboration skills, and boost morale.

Best Hybrid Team Building Activities in Singapore

1. Hybrid Amazing Race

FunEmpire introduces the inaugural Hybrid or Virtual Amazing Race in Singapore, a unique blend of physical tasks and online puzzles. Delve into Singapore’s rich history, iconic landmarks, and delicious cuisines as you navigate its heritage.

This exceptional race format is perfect for large groups seeking to foster physical connections while adhering to group social distancing. Prepare for an exhilarating hybrid journey filled with creativity, exploration, and laughter.

Whether for friends, family, or colleagues, FunEmpire’s Hybrid or Virtual Amazing Race promises an engaging and challenging experience.


  • Engaging mix of physical and virtual challenges
  • Promotes teamwork and problem-solving skills
  • Explores iconic landmarks of Singapore


  • Highly popular – difficult to get slots
  • May be challenging for remote participants with unstable internet connections

2. Virtual Escape Room

Immerse yourself in a thrilling Virtual Escape Room experience where teams must work together to unravel mysteries and solve puzzles.

From deciphering codes to uncovering hidden clues, participants will test their communication and critical thinking skills in a race against the clock.

With Singapore-themed scenarios, this virtual adventure promises an unforgettable bonding experience for teams.


  • Stimulating puzzles and mysteries to solve
  • Fosters communication and critical thinking
  • Convenient for remote teams to participate from anywhere


  • Highly popular – difficult to get slots
  • May be challenging for remote participants with unstable internet connections

3. Virtual Terrarium Workshop

Get hands-on with nature in our Virtual Terrarium Workshop, where teams learn the art of creating miniature ecosystems.

Guided by expert facilitators, participants explore the principles of plant care and design while fostering teamwork and creativity.

Bring the beauty of Singapore’s lush greenery into your home or office with these stunning terrarium creations.


  • Hands-on activity promoting creativity and relaxation
  • No prior experience necessary
  • Creates a lasting souvenir for participants


  • Highly popular – difficult to get slots
  • May be challenging for remote participants with unstable internet connections

4. Virtual Art Jamming

Ignite your creativity and bond with colleagues through a Virtual Art Jamming session.

Guided by professional artists, teams express themselves through painting while enjoying lively discussions and laughter.

With no artistic experience required, this inclusive activity encourages self-expression and collaboration in a relaxed virtual setting.


  • Encourages self-expression and creativity
  • No artistic skills required
  • Facilitates bonding and relaxation


  • Highly popular – difficult to get slots
  • May be challenging for remote participants with unstable internet connections

5. Virtual Leather Workshop

Discover the art of leathercraft in our Virtual Leather Workshop, where teams learn to craft their own personalized leather goods.

From wallets to keychains, participants master basic techniques under the guidance of skilled artisans.

This hands-on experience fosters teamwork and attention to detail, resulting in unique keepsakes to cherish.


  • Hands-on craft activity promoting teamwork and attention to detail
  • Creates personalized keepsakes
  • Can be tailored to different skill levels


  • Highly popular – difficult to get slots
  • May be challenging for remote participants with unstable internet connections

6. Virtual Candle Making

Indulge in the sensory delights of candle making with our Virtual Candle Making workshop.

Led by experienced chandlers, teams explore the art of fragrance blending and wax pouring to create custom candles.

As scents fill the air and candles take shape, participants bond over shared creativity and craftsmanship, making memories that last long after the workshop ends.


  • Engages multiple senses with fragrance blending and wax pouring
  • Creates personalized candles as mementos
  • Promotes teamwork and creativity


  • Highly popular – difficult to get slots
  • May be challenging for remote participants with unstable internet connections

Hybrid Team Building Singapore

Exploring the diverse array of hybrid and virtual team-building activities available in Singapore reveals a shared objective: to foster stronger connections, promote creativity, and enhance teamwork in a world increasingly dominated by remote interactions.

These meticulously designed experiences not only cater to the evolving dynamics of team collaboration but also ensure that the essence of camaraderie and shared achievement transcends physical boundaries.

Whether it’s solving puzzles in a remote escape room, crafting a piece of art together online, or engaging in physical challenges, each activity is a step towards building a more cohesive, resilient, and motivated team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about Hybrid Team Building in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Hybrid Team Building Activities in Singapore below:

Can team building activities Singapore be customized for different team sizes?

Yes, most of our hybrid and virtual team building Singapore can be tailored to suit teams of various sizes, ensuring that each participant can engage actively and benefit from the experience, regardless of the team’s size.

How are virtual team building materials delivered to remote participants?

For activities requiring physical materials, such as the Virtual Leather Workshop or Virtual Candle Making, we arrange for the materials to be delivered directly to participants’ addresses prior to the event. We work closely with reliable delivery services to ensure timely and accurate deliveries.

Are there options for teams with members across different time zones?

Absolutely! We understand the challenges of coordinating teams across different time zones and offer flexible scheduling options. Our team is available to help plan sessions that find the most convenient overlap for all team members, regardless of their geographical locations.

Do participants need any specific software or technology for virtual team building event?

Participants will typically need a stable internet connection and access to a video conferencing platform such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Any other required software or specific technological needs will be communicated well in advance by our team.

What if a team member is unable to attend the scheduled corporate team building event?

We encourage all team members to participate for the best experience. However, we understand that conflicts can arise. Depending on the nature of the event, we can provide recordings of the fun team building activity or look into rescheduling options to accommodate all team members when possible.

What are the benefits of incorporating virtual team building games into our Singaporean team’s activities?

Virtual team building games offer numerous benefits for Singaporean teams, including promoting team morale, enhancing team cohesion, and fostering a memorable team building experience. These games provide an opportunity for the entire team to bond, regardless of physical location, and can be tailored to suit different preferences and objectives.

How does the remote amazing race differ from traditional team building activities?

The remote amazing race offers a unique twist on traditional team building activities by combining physical and online challenges. Participants engage in a series of interactive tasks and puzzles inspired by iconic Singaporean landmarks, all while competing against their colleagues in a virtual setting. This innovative approach to team building ensures an exciting and memorable experience for all involved.

Can online team building activities effectively boost team morale and cohesion?

Yes, online team building activities can significantly boost team morale and cohesion, even in virtual environments. By providing opportunities for team members to connect, collaborate, and celebrate achievements together, these activities foster a sense of camaraderie and belonging within the team. With the right virtual game, Singaporean teams can strengthen bonds and enhance productivity regardless of physical distance.

How can a team building company help us choose the best team building activities for our Singaporean team?

A reputable team bonding company specializing in virtual events can offer expert guidance and recommendations tailored to the unique needs and preferences of your Singaporean team. By understanding your objectives, budget, and team dynamics, they can suggest the best team building activities to promote employee cohesion and engagement. From virtual games to interactive workshops, a professional team building company can help you create a memorable and impactful experience for your team.

Can virtual team building activities be as effective as in-person events, especially for teams with a decade of experience?

Absolutely! Virtual team building activities, facilitated by professional facilitators, can offer just as engaging and impactful experiences as in-person events, even for teams with more than a decade of experience. By leveraging interactive virtual activities in a dynamic virtual environment, teams can foster employee cohesion, boost morale, and keep employees engaged, regardless of physical location. Whether completing challenges online or in person, the key lies in the creativity and expertise of the facilitators in tailoring activities to meet the unique needs and preferences of the team.

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