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How Office Plants Boosts Productivity [2023]

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Office Plants

In an enclosed office where employees face the computer, papers and their colleagues most of the time, workplace stress is common; as a manager, you want your people to be happy and engaged—not tense and checked out. You’ll be glad to know that adding a few creative innovative; fresh office plants to your space can reduce employee stress. Read Below as we provide 5 reasons why you should have fresh flowers in your office today.

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Fresh Flowers As Productivity Boosters

1. Decoration

Looking to redecorate your office but don’t want to spend too much? Fresh flowers are a creative way to add colour and life to the office! Colours ranging from purple, pink to yellow flowers, these bright flower colours would instantly redecorate the office.

The flowers can be placed around the office, on the side, and even in the lobby. Visitors would feel more welcomed if they entered an office with a vase of beautifully arranged flowers. It might be a subtle change, but it would make a significant impact on your office culture and atmosphere.

2. Boost Atmosphere

Research has shown that employees are generally happier in an environment with fresh flowers and plants at their workplace. Putting flowers or plants in places where everyone could see from their desk acts as a mood lifter and brightens up people’s day whenever they feel jaded after a long day of work. It always feels nice to see something beautiful in the office!

3. Improves Memory And Concentratio

A scientific study was done whereby 3 different scents of flowers were used in a memory test; rosemary, lavender, and an unspecific scent. Depending on the scent, there were varying test scores on the memory test, indicating that certain flowers improve memory and concentration. People exposed to the lavender scent scored lower due to lavender’s calming and soothing properties compared to people exposed to the rosemary scent, which scored the highest in the memory test.

4. Improves Air Quality

If you’ve been listening to your Science classes in Primary school, you should know that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen when undergoing photosynthesise. Most offices are air-conditioned, and the air might be a little stale and dry. Plants and flowers improve air quality by generating oxygen in the office and absorbing harmful compounds from the air that causes asthma and nausea, among others.

5. Flower Arrangement Workshop

Arranging flowers is a great way to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Our creative workshop, flower arrangement workshop not only promotes team building but also helps you develop an aesthetic eye for shapes, colour and artistic coordination. Work together with your friends and colleagues to create beautiful floral centrepieces for your home and office. Similarly, we also offer other workshops such as; Art Jamming, Terrarium and Leather Crafting.

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Office Plants

These are just a few benefits of having flowers in the office, If you want other interesting and fun team building games/ fun team bonding activities, check out these other articles as well! 🙂

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