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8 Fun Online Escape Room Singapore To Try [2024]

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Online Escape Room Singapore

Best Online Escape Room Singapore
Best Online Escape Room Singapore

An online Escape Room in Singapore lets you experience the thrill of puzzle-solving that you might have enjoyed in an analogue escape room by recreating the experience of one in the digital realm.

Curse of the Werewolf, Virtual Amazing Race, Virtual Gold Heist, Virtual Time Travel, Virtual Travel Experience are the Best Online Escape Room Games in Singapore 2024.

Whether with friends, family or co-workers, these games often present difficult puzzles and conundrums, but they involve so much communication that teams stay on the same page and solve puzzles and mysteries together.

Running an online escape room game as a group activity can turn an ordinary evening spent at a friend’s house into something extraordinary, a mix of the cosiness of home with the intrigues of a mystery.

Quick Summary

  • Curse of the Werewolf, Virtual Amazing Race, Virtual Gold Heist, Virtual Time Travel, and Virtual Travel Experience are the best online escape room games in Singapore.
  • When choosing the perfect Online Escape Room experience in Singapore, choosing the level of challenge and the thematic appeal that meshes well with your group’s interests.
  • Online Escape Rooms is giving people in Singapore the opportunity to experience a virtual taste of those popular escape rooms without ever setting foot outside their own homes.

Our Selection Criteria

After many hours of research, customer feedback and event planning experience, we’ve handpicked the top Online Escape Rooms in Singapore that you can visit.

  • Client Engagement: We evaluate how well Online Escape Room Singapore providers engage with their clients, analysing interactions and responsiveness to ensure customers are satisfied and enjoy their experience in an online escape room.
  • Variety and Creativity: We are only interested in providers who offer a wide range of themes coupled with creative new puzzles that add depth, drama and play to your remote immersive experiences.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: We recommend providers with conveniently accessible websites and mobile apps for enthusiasts of adventures in Singapore.
  • Scalability: We score providers on their ability to host online escape room experiences for any size group, while ensuring high-quality “adventures” for small teams and large events in Singapore virtually.

Key Considerations

  • Team Composition: Consider the size and dynamics of your team. This will help ensure that the selection is appropriate for all members involved, thereby maximising participation and enjoyment among the group.
  • Technical Requirements: What are the technical requirements? For example, does the experience require a certain device and an internet connection to avoid any problems mid-escape?
  • Difficulty Level: Make the game’s difficulty in line with what your team is used to and how much challenge they are looking for (avoid making the game frustrating if that’s not the goal).
  • Theme Relevance: Choose a theme with the interests of your team in mind.
  • Time Constraints: Be aware of the length of the game and make sure you have enough time to play without feeling rushed or incomplete.
  • Cost: Check that the price is right for you – is it expensive for what you receive?
  • Reviews and Ratings: Check out feedback from previous gamers and ratings to learn about the quality and enjoyability of the escape room.

Best Online Escape Rooms in Singapore

1. Curse of the Werewolf

Curse Of The Werewolf Escape Room
Team Size4 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay + 30 Mins Set Up & De-Brief
Where To

Here, your employees take on the role of the chief’s descendants and are tasked with de-cursing their village. The team must work together – and talk fast – to beat the clock to find a way to lift the curse.

Check out Curse Of The Werewolf Escape Room here

2. Virtual Amazing Race

Amazing Race
Team Size4 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay + 30 Mins Set Up & De-Brief
Where To

Created purely by FunEmpire, the FunEmpire Virtual Amazing Race Experience is a treasure-hunt-style game that requires teams to explore a 360° real-life clue. This is done with an immersive storyline.

The Virtual Amazing Race is another online game where you travel to exotic location without ever leaving your house. You will surely need to improve your power of analysis, logical reasoning and team-work for escape room, one of the most authentic escape room training for a corporate! No limits to group size as well!

Check out Amazing Race by FunEmpire here

3. Virtual Gold Heist

Virtual Gold Heist
Team Size4 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay + 30 Mins Set Up & De-Brief
Where To

You just found out what happened in Big Gold Heist! Now you need to solve the mystery of a bank robbery! The robbery group you are working with has found a blueprint of the bank and some notes: Now, you and your group need to break into vaults and stuff loot bags, before cops catch you. This is the favourite game that your family will ever play!

Check out Virtual Gold Heist Escape Room here

4. Virtual Time Travel

Virtual Time Travel
Team Size4 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay + 30 Mins Set Up & De-Brief
Where To

If you like a puzzle and adventure, this is the best virtual escape room game for you.

Look for objects that have been misplaced (treasure chests that you’ll turn on with an hourglass) that’ll let you travel between time zones. Bond over challenging puzzles solved with your posse in order to complete all your goals in a set amount of time! This is an adult escape game online that’s difficult but fun.

Check out Virtual Time Travel Escape Room here

5. Virtual Travel Experience

Virtual Travel Experience
Team Size4 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay + 30 Mins Set Up & De-Brief
Where To

Featuring live clues, 360º views and the opportunity to explore a virtual Singapore, you’ll enjoy a lifetime adventure from the comfort of your home. Winning over other remote teams requires you to come up with a communication strategy and work together as a team.

This is a cool virtual escape room that you should not miss out on!

Check out Virtual Travel Experience Escape Room here

6. Virtual Jack’s Hangover

Virtual Jack’s Hangover
Team Size4 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay + 30 Mins Set Up & De-Brief
Where To

Here you and your team members will help a slightly hungover Jack debrief on the night before.

You want to know what happened last night, and specifically you’re in a hotel room or at a casino, or you’re in some kind of bar scene, or perhaps you got home, let the dog out, did a sweep of the property and he’s got an early flight in the morning.

Check out Virtual Jack’s Hangover Escape Room here

7. Virtual Time’s Ticking

Virtual Time’s Ticking
Team Size4 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay + 30 Mins Set Up & De-Brief
Where To

Virtual Time’s Ticking is an awesome online escape room theme idea for your events. 1855. You’re aboard the Britannic, on the verge of embarking on a voyage that will bring you to the New World. Your ship is about to leave Edinburgh’s Leith Dock, but all is not well.

Someone is calling into the city saying they will blow it up! Now you and your crew (you’re in ­­­­competition with others) have to discover who is responsible before you, the world, is blown up and many, many people die, or before the time runs out! Keep your eye on the ball! You have limited time to act!

Check out Virtual Time’s Ticking Escape Room here

8. Virtual Food Quest

Virtual Food Quest
Team Size4 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay + 30 Mins Set Up & De-Brief
Where To

Have fun competing in a series of food-related tasks as a team, using your creativity and communication skills while working against the clock, in a bid to be crowned the most amazing foodie around! Join The Fun Empire’s Virtual Food Quest for a brand-new, fun-filled experience that’s guaranteed to bring you and your friends endless laughter.

The Virtual Food Quest helps socially distanced individuals to connect with each other. Food and creativity serve the team as a means of increasing communication, productivity, morale and trust remotely via online escape room.

Check out Virtual Time’s Ticking Escape Room here

Online Escape Room Singapore

We hope that you get better understanding about virtual escape room games after reading this.

We have discussed a few themes for Virtual Escape Rooms that you can try with your team! If you’re interested in any of these, feel free to contact us!

We promise you a great Virtual Escape Room Singapore experience with us!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there anything you’d like to clarify about escape room ? Please visit the FAQ section below!

What are the best online escape room games in Singapore?

The top listed online escape themed games in Singapore are: Curse of the Werewolf Virtual Amazing Race Virtual Gold Heist Virtual Time Travel Virtual Travel Experience.

How does a virtual escape room compare to a real-life escape room?

A virtual escape room promises something close to the fun of a real-life escape room without the need to go outside, using multimedia and video conferencing platforms to try to recreate the immersive nature of a physical escape room.

What do I need to participate in a virtual escape room session?

Taking part in this type of virtual event requires stable internet access, a computer or tablet, and potentially a webcam and microphone if necessary for the game. The exact platform or software required will be indicated by the organiser.

Can virtual escape rooms enhance virtual team building?

Yes, escape rooms are great for virtual team building, and good for those who want to communicate, problem-solve and collaborate together remotely, just like in physical tasks.

Are there different types of virtual escape rooms?

Indeed, you’ll find virtual escape rooms that fall into one of many categories, such as mystery, or adventure, or horror, or historical, or … you name it. It seems that almost every kind of live escape room experience is now available online.

What makes the virtual escape room experience special?

The virtual experience of an escape room, as it is sometimes referred to, differs from a standard escape room in that the interactive puzzles and games are available virtually, while still closely connected to the escape room concept.

It also can be enhanced, leveraging relationships as an opportunity for team bonding, and enriched with powerful, memorable and unique memories.

How do virtual escape room games enhance corporate team building?

One reason why virtual escape room games make good tools on the corporate arena is that they have a built-in collaboratory feature that requires communication, strategy and problem solving among the group members, which help improve teamwork and inter-team coordination. This makes the games perfect for corporate team building activities.

What is the hidden escape route feature in virtual escape room games?

Hidden escape routes can be another element added to some virtual escape room games to add an extra element of mystery when players are completing the game because they must look for secretive passageways or solutions not originally obvious. Thus, it adds an extra element of challenge and reward to the game.

What does a totally immersive virtual environment bring to the virtual escape room experience?

Creating an immersive virtual environment can raise the bar on the virtual escape room experience by making it feel more interactive and realistic. Virtual escape rooms with detailed graphics, sounds and interaction can mimic a real escape-room environment for remote players, making their experience more of a true challenge.

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