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41 Best Pest Control Singapore Services [2024]

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Pest Control Singapore

Best Pest Control Singapore

When pests invade your home or office in Singapore, it’s not just a nuisance – it can impact your health, comfort, and even your reputation.

The best pest control services in Singapore for 2024 include The Pest Control Company Pte Ltd, PestBusters, Ninja Pest Control, and Bingo Pest.

When selecting a pest control service in Singapore, take into account factors like pricing, reputation, and the methods employed for pest control.

In Singapore, pest control companies are commonly responsible for eradicating various pests such as rodents, cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, and mosquitoes.

Let’s delve into the best pest control services you can find in Singapore.

Quick Summary

  • Best pest control services in Singapore include The Pest Control Company Pte Ltd, PestBusters, Ninja Pest Control, and Bingo Pest.
  • When choosing a pest control service in Singapore, consider factors such as pricing, reputation, and the pest control methods used.
  • Pest control companies in Singapore typically eliminate a wide range of pests, including rodents, cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, and mosquitoes.

Key Considerations Factors

  • Safety: Choose a company that knows how to get rid of pests and uses products that are safe for people, animals, and the environment. Stay away from businesses that use potentially harmful treatments or chemicals in their pest control efforts.
  • Solutions: Select a business that provides a range of remedies that may be customized to your home and the specific kind of pest that you are dealing with.
  • Experience: Choose a service that has been in the industry for a considerable amount of time and has expertise in the region, the environment, and the common pests that can be found in Singapore.
  • Warranty: If you want to be sure that you are protected even after the treatment is over, you should ask the organization whether they provide any kind of guarantee on their goods and services.
  • Cost: Before you choose a contractor, you should compare the prices of a few different ones to make sure you’re getting a good deal. 

Best Pest Control Singapore

1. The Pest Control Company Pte Ltd

The Pest Control Company - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: The Pest Control Company)
The Pest Control Company – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: The Pest Control Company)
Key ServicesResidential Pest Control, Disinfection Service, Commercial Pest Control
AddressPrimax, 22 New Industrial Rd, #02-03 to 08, Singapore 536208
Phone9616 8818
Operating Hours24/7

The Pest Control Company is a National Environment Agency-licensed Pest Control Operator in Singapore. They deal with your pesky pest problems to save you from the agony of knowing about the critters that lurk behind your bed at night. To prevent pest infestation in your house, the pest control company provide a full-fledged professional pest elimination service that includes tracking, identifying and eliminating pests.

A lot of residential homes and commercial spaces in Singapore is continuously at war with pest infestation problems such as ants, cockroaches, mice, termites, and mosquitoes. The Pest Control Company is able to provide professional and effective pest elimination methods by understanding the behaviour patterns for the different types of pests.

Key Differentiators

  1. Operates 24/7
  2. Whatsapp chat or call anytime
  3. Trained Professionals

Client Testimonial

“Exceptional professionals and clearly out to provide clarity with the service offered. My wife and I are very grateful for the promptness of the visit to our house around 12am. In addition, the expert who visited was highly knowledgeable – we felt like we understood a lot more after our conversation. I can highly recommend The Pest Control Company for its services.”

2. PestBusters

PestBusters - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: PestBusters)
PestBusters – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: PestBusters)
Key ServicesIntegrated Pest Management Programs, Pest Control Services, Mosquito Control, Termite Management, Fumigation, Disinfection Service, Germicidal for various organisations, such as: Commercial, Residential, Hospitality, Schools and F&B Establishments.
AddressPrimax, 22 New Industrial Rd, #02-03 to 08, Singapore 536208
PhoneGeneral Hotline: (+65) 6288 2828
24-hour Assistance Hotline: (+65) 9180 9990
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 08:30am – 05:30pm
Saturday: 08:30am – 01:00pm
Sunday & Weekend: 24/7 Standby Service Team
24-hour Pest Control Management Services

One of the leading pest control companies established in 1991, PestBusters continues to provide superb pest control services to solve pest problems for every home as well as business. Notably, they are acclaimed for offering a wide range of professional pest management solutions. Hence, PestBusters remains highly sought-after for its innovative methods and outstanding results.

From humble beginnings in 1991 to their huge success today, PestBusters has grown from the ‘Spray and Pray’ method to the current Innovative Pest Control Management Solutions. Their success assures better treatments in solving pest issues for everyone. Their innovative solutions as well as technologies helps to eliminate pest problems from homes and businesses. Consequently, this leads to the greatest results in pest control services. Like the modern Command Center in PestBusters, it improves staff deployment and increases yield within the operations level greatly.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, they are the first Pest Management Brand in Singapore to receive the nation’s prestigious People Developer Award. PestBusters has also received Singapore’s National Training Award for their training and development efforts.
  • Secondly, they are the first pest management company in Singapore to start its own Research and Development facility supported by A*Star and to have received the ISO 9002 quality assurance award.
  • Thirdly, PestBusters is a member of the US-based National Pest Management Association (NPMA) that allows pest control companies to engage in their courses. These companies will be updated with new techniques as well as technology in the industry.

Client Testimonial

The Pest Control Experts from PestBusters are extremely knowledgeable and responsive. They advised me on how to deal with pest problems in my apartment. I really appreciate their help and professional pest control services. PestBusters will always be my preferred brand choice when I have pest issues!


3. Ninja Pest Control

Ninja Pest Control - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Ninja Pest Control)
Ninja Pest Control – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Ninja Pest Control)
Key ServicesTermites and bed bugs extermination, Residential & Commercial Pest Control Service
Address18 boon lay way #10-138E
Operating Hours9am – 6pm (Monday to Saturday)

Ninja Pest Control is your local pest control expert that is always ready when you need them. They can handle all kinds of pests with the absolute best methods available. Ninja’s pest technicians are also certified by NEA so that you can rely on their work. From the beginning of your call to the end, the process is designed to protect your home and make the entire experience hassle-free!

Key Differentiators

  • All technicians are licensed by the NEA, which means they have been trained in-depth and up-to-date on all pest control issues.
  • They care about and listen to customers’ needs by developing a market expert approach to pest control. They offer their customers effective solutions with low-cost preventative measures for all types of pest control.
  • They build successful relationships with customers by using products that really work.

Client Testimonial

We had Kamil from Ninja pest cleaning, he was very professional and his work is excellent. He did coackroach infestation, he found the root cause of it and clearned all the coackroach eggs and did all the necessary work for reasonable price . No regrets in choosing Ninja pest control. Thank you very much for the best service.

4. Bingo Pest

Bingo Pest - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Bingo Pest)
Bingo Pest – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Bingo Pest)
Key ServicesAnt Control, Bed Bug Control, Booklice Control, Cockroach Control, Fly Control, Rodent Control, Termite Control, Ticks & Fleas Control, Residential Pest Control, Pest Control for Business, Car Fumigation, Disinfection Treatment
Website13 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, #01-06 Braddell Tech, Singapore 319261
Phone65179989 (Call)
88103189 (WhatsApp)
Operating Hours8am-8pm Monday to Friday, 8am-3pm Saturday

Bingo Pest focuses on delivering quality pest control solutions and disinfection services with the highest standards and expectations. They are enthusiastic about understanding their customers’ pest control needs and providing holistic pest protection solutions to homes and businesses with an array of safe yet effective treatments. Their services are affordable and competitively-priced because they believe in improving quality of lives with their pest control solutions. With a strong and highly-experienced team of pest specialists and professionals, Bingo Pest is committed to bringing their customers the best pest control service in Singapore.

Key Differentiators

  • Fast response time with same-day pest control service available island-wide in Singapore because they know pests cannot wait.
  • 24/7 customer service ensuring all enquiries are attended to promptly and professionally. This gives their customers a sense of security knowing that they are readily available to resolve any pest concern.
  • Dedicated, knowledgeable, energetic and experienced team with close to 2 decades of experience. Their pest specialists are all NEA-certified to carry out pest control treatments safely and effectively.

Client Testimonial

Great service. Service team takes time instead of rushing through during inspection. Very detailed and dedicated team! Highly recommended!!

Ms Sera

5. Pestopia

Pestopia - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Pestopia)
Pestopia – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Pestopia)
Key ServicesAnt Control, Bed Bug Control, Booklice Control, Cockroach Control, Fly Control, Rodent Control, Termite Control, Ticks & Fleas Control, Residential Pest Control, Pest Control for Business, Car Fumigation, Disinfection Treatment
Operating Hours8:30am-8:30pm Monday to Saturday

At Pestopia, they understand the importance of having a pest-free home that provides a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family. With their reliable pest control services, they are committed to ensuring that your home remains a sanctuary, free from the nuisance and potential health risks associated with pests.

Their team of skilled technicians is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to tackle any pest problem you may encounter. From sneaky cockroaches to annoying bedbugs, they have the resources to eliminate them effectively and efficiently. With their experience and dedication, their technicians are committed to providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Key Differentiators

  • 24/7 Rapid respond
  • NEA-approved chemicals and environmentally sustainable and efficient treatment
  • Highly-trained service specialists

Client Testimonial

The two pest control personnel, Mark and Jason from Pestopia were very courteous and professional in carrying out their duties. Mark was quick to identify the source of the pest’s entry point and immediately proceeded to sealed up the area. Afterwhich, he applied the treatment paste and sprayed a form of chemical insecticide at various points, as well as the skirting along the bedroom walls. Jason was on hand to advise how these pests behave and what measures we should take to mitigate this pest issue. Am sure that with such positive staff on the job, most customers will be satisfied with the service rendered by Pestopia Pest Control.

6. Ironman Pest Control

Ironman Pest Control - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Ironman Pest Control)
Ironman Pest Control – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Ironman Pest Control)
Key ServicesPest Control
Website6001 Beach Rd, #02-27 GOLDEN MILE TOWER, Singapore 199589
Operating Hours8am-8pm Monday to Saturday

Pest problems can be rather unpredictable and is a common concern, they can humbly say that they serve with pride and integrity. Despite being just over three years old, they have dedicated experience in the field and has firmly established themselves as a master in the field. Here are three key differentiators that set them apart:

Comprehensive and Customized Solutions

What truly sets them apart is their commitment to personalized service. They understand that no two pest situations are alike, and thus, they tailor their solutions to ensure that they exterminate or keep the pest infestations at bay. Their comprehensive approach includes thorough inspections, in-depth pest assessments, and the development of customized pest management plans. This ensures that every customer receives a solution that is not only effective but also environmentally responsible.

Innovative Technology and Methods

They stay at the forefront of pest control technology. Not only do they incorporate cutting-edge methods and tools to address various pest problems. This includes the use of effective traps, eco-friendly baiting systems, and monitoring devices. Their commitment to innovation means that clients can benefit from efficient and robust pest control, minimizing risks associated with traditional extermination methods.

Specialized Pest Expertise

One of their expertise is on termites, bedbugs, and rodent control. They specialize in eliminating and preventing these infestations. This specialized approach ensures that their technicians have an in-depth understanding of pest behaviour, biology, and control methods. As a result, they can offer highly targeted solutions that are both effective and sustainable. They used NEA approved chemicals.

In conclusion, Ironman Pest Control is Singapore’s premier pest control company specializing in eradication, control, and prevention of pests, with over three years of dedicated experience. With their specialized expertise, innovative technology, and commitment to customization make them the top choice for individuals and businesses seeking effective and sustainable solutions for pest infestations. With Ironman Pest Control, you can trust that your pest control needs are in capable hands.

Key Differentiators

  • Comprehensive and Customized Solutions: They stand out by providing personalized pest control solutions that are effective, environmentally responsible, and tailored to each unique situation.
  • Innovative Technology and Methods: They utilize cutting-edge technology and innovative methods for efficient and eco-friendly pest control, minimizing risks associated with traditional extermination.
  • Specialized Pest Expertise: They specialize in termites, bedbugs, and rodent control, offering effective and sustainable solutions with an in-depth understanding of pest behavior and NEA approved chemicals.

Client Testimonial

We were stunned by bed bug issues at my parent’s place today and we found Ironman Pest Control! Jim was as very responsive and Sam came shortly after to evaluate the situation in the house. Sam was very assuring and patient in explaining to my parents as to what was the issue that they faced.

Understanding the anxiety faced, he tried to assure them that everything is under control. He even tried to get them the fastest slot when my mum decided to go ahead. We are looking forward to eradicating the issue

Dorothy Wyn Hui Tay

7. PestWerkz

PestWerkz - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: PestWerkz)
PestWerkz – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: PestWerkz)
Key ServicesPest Management: Cockroach control, rodent control, termite control & Disinfection Services
Address186 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #03-01R Singapore 757515
Phone+65 9146 7333
Operating HoursMonday – Friday (9am to 530pm) Saturday (9am to 12pm)

At PestWerkz Solutions, they aim to help you to solve all kinds of pest problems you might be facing, from tiny bedbugs to huge cockroaches, rodents, as well as termite infestations. They are trained as well as licensed with National Environment Agency (NEA) to deal with these situations. They only use effective and up to date equipment as well as technology. Your Trusted Solutions.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, fast response
  • Secondly, effective and efficient treatment
  • Thirdly, honest pricing

Client Testimonial

I had a terrible case of bedbugs that lasted 4 months and no other pest control services could resolve it. However when Edwin and his team came, within a month we had it cleared out of our house. I’m so grateful to him and his team and he is definitely someone you’d go-to to resolve all your pest issues

Toren Yuen

8. PestOff

PestOff - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: PestOff)
PestOff – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: PestOff)
Key ServicesPest Control Services Singapore: Various Pest Control (Termites, Rodents, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Ants), F&B Pest Control, Commercial Pest Control Services
Address25 Kaki Bukit Pl, Singapore 416203
Phone6280 0777
Operating Hours24 hours

With their vision to protect the wellbeing of the community, PestOff aims to provide the highest standard of pest control for clients. Moreover, they possess the expertise to solve pest problems. Their professionally trained staffs are specialised in various sectors such as the food industry, termite, bed bugs and many more. PestOff has served a wide range of clients, namely in the residential, commercial as well as industrial sectors.

Aside from just providing pest control management and solutions, they are also passionate about practising a sustainable pest management strategy through education as well as mechanical measures. Hence, PestOff is committed to providing the best pest control solution for its clients.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, their staffs are professionally trained and equipped with proper skills to deliver the results for clients.
  • Secondly, insurance coverage is provided across all their services.
  • Thirdly, PestOff uses NEA-approved chemicals and environmentally sustainable treatments for their services.

Client Testimonial

The consultant Sze Jia was very helpful and patience in explaining the baiting treatment process to me. The technician Zaidy and Hairil who came down was very professional and friendly. They informed me on their findings and the treatment process. They even take photograph and show me. Thanks for solving the termites issue.


9. Singapore Pest Control Services

Singapore Pest Control Services - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Singapore Pest Control Services)
Singapore Pest Control Services – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Singapore Pest Control Services)
Key ServicesPest Control Services Singapore: Pest Control for residences, offices, workstations, commercial buildings and living spaces
Address11 Woodlands Close #05-40 Woodlands 11, Singapore 737853
Operating Hours24/7

Worried about facing bed bugs infestation in your home or workplaces? Singapore Pest Control Services can be the answer to your problems! With their 24/7 service, they are ready to help you solve your pest problems. Regardless of the venue and timing, Singapore Pest Control Service is able to cater to the clients’ different needs. They aim to create a safe as well as comfortable environment for clients, by helping them get rid of the foreign creatures present near them.

Rest assured as the company only uses high-quality as well as effective treatments for their pest control services. This is mainly due to the vast experience that their staffs possess. Aside from pest control and management, they also offer pest inspections for clients who have just relocated to a new building or area.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, they provide 24/7 service across all their services.
  • Secondly, their exterminators are experienced and professionally trained.
  • Thirdly, provides specialised pest control and management such as bed bug control, rodent control, home treatment, office treatment and bed treatments.

10. Origin Exterminators

Origin Exterminators - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Origin Exterminators)
Origin Exterminators – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Origin Exterminators)
Key ServicesPest Control Services Singapore: Residential, commercial pest control services, and industrial pest control services
Address01-01 Tailee Industrial Building Singapore 577182
Phone(65) 6280 5666
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Origin Exterminators provides residential pest control and commercial pest management in areas such as general pest management, vector control, mosquito control and termite solutions. In addition, they are committed about protecting their clients from the risks of pest-related diseases. With more than 35 years of experience, they are always innovating themselves. As a result, they consistently practice sustainable and eco-friendly pest management methods. In addition, they use safe and non- hazardous pesticides.

However, the company does not just stop there. They also have their own in-house biologists, entomologists and environmental experts in their team. This adds value to their services. Hence, you will not have to worry about the quality of their services.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, they are the first pest management company in the world to be awarded ISO 14001 EMS certification in 2000. This is to recognise their innovation in creating a sustainable pest management solution.
  • Secondly, their efficient solutions and services are backed by science and technology.
  • Thirdly, notable clientele includes Marina Square, Port Singapore Authority, Jewel Changi Airport, Mediacorp and many more.

Client Testimonial

The staff are all well trained. The company has been very responsive whenever there are pest infestations and they are thorough in their inspections. Origin Exterminators is very reliable and trustworthy.

Edwin Low

11. EcoSense

 EcoSense - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: EcoSense)
EcoSense – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: EcoSense)
Key ServicesPest Control Service Singapore: Mould Remediation, Decontamination, Pest Control, Anti Mould Painting, Cleaning Services, Bed Bugs Removal, Disinfection Service, Mosquito Fogging and Termite Control.
Address10 Raeburn Park, #02-08, Singapore 088702
Phone+65 9819 8432
Operating HoursMonday 9 am–6 pm
Tuesday 9 am–6 pm
Wednesday 9 am–6 pm
Thursday 9 am–6 pm
Friday 9 am–6 pm
(Labour Day)
9 am–6 pm
Holiday opening hours
Sunday Closed

Being an environmental pest control service, EcoSense is conscious about using safe pesticides and treatments. They believe in practising eco-friendly pest management and sustainable solutions as it helps to reduce energy consumption and air pollution. In addition, it leads to a safer and more effective treatment for your pest issues. With their vast experience in this field, they are committed to protecting the property of their residential clients, commercial and industrial clients. They aim to create a safer environment for their clients by using state-of-the-art technologies and equipping their staffs with the proper skills.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, EcoSense uses commercially graded equipments and chemicals. These equipments are essential in ensuring that their jobs are completed quickly and efficiently.
  • Secondly, they are an insured and licensed company. Notably, they acquired the industry’s leading certification for pest and mould management.
  • Thirdly, their chemicals are approved by the National Environmental Agency and EPA.

Client Testimonial

I received their service to remove mold. Thomas, James and his team was professional and made immediate and appropriate action for the treatment. In addition, they made immediate update through chat about the progress of their treatment. I was very satisfied with their service and certainly use their service again if necessary. Thanks.

Jung Eun Kim

12. NBW Pest Control

 NBW Pest Control - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: NBW Pest Control)
NBW Pest Control – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: NBW Pest Control)
Key ServicesResidential and Commercial pest control
Address653 Hougang Avenue 8 #05-395 Singapore 530653
Phone+65 3159 4308
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours

Pests can be bothersome, particularly in commercial enterprises. Fortunately, NBW Pest Control provides cost-effective and timely services. They are made up of a team of pest control professionals that are both knowledgeable and experienced.

Their technicians are licensed, certified and experienced. They offer personalized protection for clients in their community. Their team is dedicated to treating all of your pest control needs at an affordable price with exceptional service!

Key Differentiators

  • Quick Response Message Box
  • Solutions and affordability
  • Outstanding Customer Service

Client Testimonial

Engaged nbw for a cockroach infestation ongoing at the basement. Now it looks pretty good. Fast and good rates as well.

valerie seow

13. Greencare

 Greencare - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Greencare)
Greencare – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Greencare)
Key ServicesPest Control
Address60 Albert Street
#08-02 OG Albert Complex
Singapore 189969
Phone+65 6920 8656
Operating HoursContact for more information

Greencare is a well-known pest control firm in Singapore. They also provide cleaning services and lawn care treatments, among other things. Their specialists are very competent when it comes to their job. Your residence will surely be free of pests with their assistance.

Key Differentiators

  • Free quote available
  • Expert pest control technicians

Client Testimonial

Hello Team Greencare. Thank you for providing a good pest control servicing to our various food shop outlets. Rosman did a great job in disinfecting the areas as well a being punctual in attending the scheduled servicing and easy to approach (friendly). Special mention to Amanda and Azhar for being professional in terms of handling my queries, requests and arrangement of their workers. Keep it up and stay safe always!

Erica Aurelio

14. Rapid Pest Control

 Rapid Pest Control - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Rapid Pest Control)
Rapid Pest Control – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Rapid Pest Control)
Key ServicesAdvanced rodent management techniques
Address35 Selegie Road # 01-29B Parklane Shopping Mall (S) 188307 Singapore
Phone+65 64557962, +65 83876903
Operating HoursWeekdays and Saturdays: 9am–6pm

Rapid Pest Control uses cutting-edge methods to control rodents, resulting in long-term results. Their trained experts use hygienic and ecologically friendly strategies that eliminate the need for concern about health risks. They provide an integrated pest management program that incorporates bespoke solutions to fit clients’ demands. Using the most appropriate treatments will aid in the elimination of the problem and provide greater benefits to your business or home.

All of their services are reasonably priced and delivered on time. For individuals with a tight budget, this is the ideal rat control service in Singapore! Their rodent control professionals work with both residential and commercial clients.

Key Differentiators

  • 24/7 support system
  • Effective spray and credible solutions
  • State-of-the-art technology and equipment

Client Testimonial

Rapid Pest Control Pte Ltd is a trusted Pest control service provider company in Singapore. I highly impressed from its dedicated team and their services. Chemicals used by them are eco-friendly and odorless. I highly recommend them.

Jorgr Mov


IKARI - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: IKARI)
IKARI – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: IKARI)
Key ServicesIntegrated pest management (IPM) & eco-friendly pest control
Address625 Aljunied Road, #03-07
Aljunied Industrial Complex
Singapore 389836
Phone(+65) 6743 1313
Operating HoursContact for more information

In December of 1976, IKARI Services Singapore was formed. It is a part of the IKARI Environmental Group, which was established in Japan in 1959. They specialize in pest control, odor reduction, and fungus/bacterial management services. IKARI is one of the best players in the industry when it comes to pest control services.

Key Differentiators

  • Proven track record
  • In-house entomologist
  • Long-term solutions
  • Human-safe and eco-friendly solutions
  • Skilled professional team with specialized IPM knowledge
  • Highly-trained service specialists

Client Testimonial

Ikari offer contracted services to my work place with competitive price . All employees I have dealt with have always been helpful, friendly and professional.

Any pest call outs have been addressed promptly with full investigation.

Recommended !

Desmond Teo

16. Protect Pest Control

Protect Pest Control - Pest Control Singapore (Credit:  Protect Pest Control)
Protect Pest Control – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Protect Pest Control)
Key ServicesAffordable Pest Control Services That Deliver Results
Address21 Woodlands Close #09-37 Singapore 737854
Operating Hours24 Hours

Protect Pest Control is a home-grown pest control business that delivers when it comes to exterminating and removing unwanted pests from your house or workplace. The local knowledge and experience of the 100% Singaporean staff allows them to solve common pest problems in homes and businesses at low cost. They are always ready to serve their clients as rapidly as possible, with over 30 vehicles available for same day or emergency services.

The Protect Pest Control team is made up of more than 30 years of expertise and dedication. This means they may handle a wide range of pest problem solutions and provide results. Protect Pest Control is the first business in Singapore to enable clients to buy a pest control service directly from their eCommerce site.

Key Differentiators

  • Over 30 years of Experience
  • 100% Local Experts
  • Focus on complete customer satisfaction
  • Free and thorough inspection
  • Safe for Children & Pets

Client Testimonial

Marvellous Team!! Team is dynamic. A professional, friendly and easy to speak with on my areas of concerns!! We have ants in our new apartment, despite alternative pesticides but all failed!! Called Protect Pest Control, was beyond words- now ZERO ants seen!! Thank you Protect Pest Control!! Highly recommended 🙂

Hezlin Adenan

17. Innovative Pest Management

 Innovative Pest Management - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Innovative Pest Management)
Innovative Pest Management – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Innovative Pest Management)
Key ServicesCustomised, science-based & safe pest control solutions. Integrated pest control services.
Address192 Pandan Loop #05-24 Pantech Business Hub Singapore 128381
Phone+65 6100 5266
Operating HoursContact for more information

Innovative Pest Management is one of Singapore’s most well-known pest control companies. They have experienced pest control experts that can assist you in getting rid of pests from your home, school, workplace, restaurant, or even a ship. Before proceeding to address any insect concerns, they provide free pest inspections.

Bizsafe 3 and BCA certification have been given to Innovative Pest Management by the Ministry of Manpower. It also has 1 million Public Liability Insurance, allowing them to tackle huge pest control projects.

Key Differentiators

  • Growing international presence
  • Boasts high-profile clients in the hospitality industry
  • Innovative technology applications for integrated pest management solutions
  • Latest pest control techniques

Client Testimonial

Been using their services for a year. Staff always very professional and on time. Any issue they will promptly come down to check and assure me, very happy, will recommend

Laura Lim

18. Penta Pest

 Penta Pest - Pest Control Singapore (Credit:  Penta Pest)
Penta Pest – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Penta Pest)
Key ServicesComprehensive range of pest prevention, control & reactive Services
Address31 Woodlands Close #04-02
Woodlands Horizon
Singapore 737855
Phone6483 1416 / 9058 7761
Operating Hours24-hour emergency services

Penta Pest is a fully authorized and certified pest control firm in Singapore that has a valid permit to handle hazardous materials. They have a staff of skilled, trustworthy, and highly qualified experts. More than 20 years of expertise in the pest control industry have allowed them to develop a well-rounded experience in delivering effective pest control solutions.

Key Differentiators

  • 24-hour emergency services
  • NEA-registered vector control operator licensed company (NEA201837308M)
  • Comprehensive range of pest prevention, control, and reactive services
  • Competitive rates
  • A team of dedicated, reliable, and highly trained specialists with over 20 years combined field expertise

Client Testimonial

Penta Pest has very effective solutions on pest issues. I booked one for company apartment, they arrived within 3 hrs and get the job done effectively. After 13 days, no sign of recurrence. Well done!

Corrine Oh

19. Aardwolf Pestkare

Aardwolf Pestkare - Pest Control Specialist Singapore (Credit: Aardwolf Pestkare)
Aardwolf Pestkare – Pest Control Specialist Singapore (Credit: Aardwolf Pestkare)
Key ServicesComprehensive rodent monitoring method
Address26 Third Lok Yang Road Singapore 628015
Phone+65 6268-1771
Operating Hours24 hours

Aardwolf Pestkare uses eco-friendly pest control methods to eliminate pests and maintain a clean environment. They develop their own pest management plan to fit each property’s unique requirements. An installation of a tiny video camera at the rodents’ entry is the first step in their treatments.

They’ll set traps, baits, and monitoring stations to get rid of the rats. They’ll also eliminate burrows, rat-proof gaps, and entry points to ensure that they can’t return again. In addition to domestic services, they are well-versed in local food safety and standards. For those who operate a restaurant or eatery, they could get rid of pests without closing down their place.

Key Differentiators

  • Traditional treatment methods and digital technology
  • Food outlets and factories services
  • Pest control and prevention program

Client Testimonial

Very good experience with their car fumigation service. The whole process only took 30 mins and is 100% hassle free. The technician was very professional and explained the whole process to me. Highly recommendable if you’re looking for good quality service! Price point is decent too.

Ken Ong

20. Pest Clinic

 Pest Clinic - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Pest Clinic)
Pest Clinic – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Pest Clinic)
Key ServicesPest control services for various industries
Address3 Ubi Avenue 3,
#05-03A Singapore 408857
Phone+65 63975677
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday,
8.30am to 6.00pm.
Including public holidays.

PestClinic, with over 30 years of expertise in the business, delivers high-quality service at a reasonable price. They provide pest control, termite control, and disinfection services for both houses and offices. To ensure that you get the safe and successful pest removal, they employ skilled experts that have earned National Environment Agency certification. All you have to do is to sit back and watch the pests flee your home or office!

Key Differentiators

  • NEA Certified
  • Free Consultation
  • With over 30 years of experience

Client Testimonial

Awesome service from PestClinic. We have been working with them for a few months and so far so good. Recently we had a very pungent smell in our premise. Suspecting that it was a dead rodent, the dispatch team swiftly sent down their technician on the same day the issue was raised. Luckily there was no rodent, but the other pests have been dealt with. Appreciate the fast response!

Lee Wei Bin

21. Pest Control Compared

Pest Control Compared - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Pest Control Compared)
Pest Control Compared – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Pest Control Compared)
Key ServicesExtensive Pest Control Services
Operating Hours24/7

Pest Control Compared is a website that can help you locate the finest pest control services in Singapore. This is ideal for people who want to compare different pest control prices, services, and areas of coverage. You can be certain that they will be able to identify the best firm and treatment solution for you because they work with only the most reliable pest control firms available.

Key Differentiators

  • Wide range of pest control services
  • Expansive directory of pest control providers
  • Free inspection
  • Free quote available

22. Termibug

Termibug - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Termibug)
Termibug – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Termibug)
Key ServicesTermites specialist team
Address201 Henderson Road, #07-02, S159545
Contact+65 8776 3622
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours

They are your most reliable bed bug and termite control partner in Singapore. They are the country’s first choice for expert bedbug and termite treatment. Bed bug and termite control treatment options utilising proven integrated eco-friendly, greener technologies for a low price.

Key Differentiators

  • Same Day Service
  • Comprehensive Warranty
  • Free Consultation

Client Testimonial

Fast and responsive, very smooth communication flow from the office staff to have my appointment arranged. – Joohi Soni

23. Advance Pest Management

Advance Pest Management - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Advance Pest Management)
Advance Pest Management – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Advance Pest Management)
Key ServicesTermite Control, Rodent Control, Biting Insect, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Ants.
Address7 Soon Lee Street #05-29 iSpace Singapore 627608
Contact+65 6266 4055
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours

Advance Pest Management is a well-known pest treatment business in Singapore. They offer efficient treatment choices for eliminating and eradicating insect problems. Years of experience in the field, as well as access to the most up-to-date technology and resources, back up their services and procedures.

They use cutting-edge, ecologically friendly, and non-toxic pest control methods and procedures in Singapore. Their personnel is capable of providing the finest pest control in Singapore, whether it’s for a residential or commercial property.

Key Differentiators

  • Service Guarantee
  • Pest Management
  • Major Credit Cards Accepted

Client Testimonial

Provide professional services, always meet customers’ needs after signing the contract, especially week End attend the call. – Khoo Enlin

24. Killem Pest Pte Ltd

Killem Pest Pte Ltd - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Killem Pest Pte Ltd)
Killem Pest Pte Ltd – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Killem Pest Pte Ltd)
Key ServicesCockroach Flush Out, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Pest Audit, Rodent Flush Out
Address48 Toh Guan Rd E, Singapore 608586
Contact+65 6896 6607
Operating HoursMonday-Fri: 8:30am–5pm | Saturday: 8:30am–12:30pm | Sunday: Closed

Since 1993, they’ve been serving commercial, residential, and government customers with integrated pest management services. They have pioneered treatment approaches such as bin chute flushes and bee relocation services to meet the increasing demands of their clients, in addition to conventional pest control services and soil treatment.

Key Differentiators

  • Quality and Reliability
  • Innovative and Socially Conscious
  • Commercial & Residential

Client Testimonial

The technician did a tough termite inspection for our house. Door frame, cabinets, toilet, sink, and walls etc. Lucky there is not any termite infestation there, only some ants. – Yan Heng

25. Aegis Pest Services

Aegis Pest Services - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Aegis Pest Services)
Aegis Pest Services – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Aegis Pest Services)
Key ServicesAnts, Bed Bugs, Bees, Wasps and Hornets, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes Fleas and Flies, Rodents, Termites
Address75A Killiney Road, #02-05, Singapore 239529
Contact+65 69138146

Aegis Pest Services is Singapore’s largest pest control firm. Ant, rodent, bed bug, and termite treatment are just a few of their highly specialized services, which may be provided in a number of settings and circumstances, including residential homes, food and beverage outlets, commercial buildings and offices, as well as open spaces.

Their team of seasoned professionals has years of expertise in the service sector and is supplied with top-quality gear to guarantee that they do their best to give the finest pest control services.

Key Differentiators

  • Residential
  • Food and Beverage
  • Outdoor Spaces

26. TopGrid Pest

TopGrid Pest - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: TopGrid Pest)
TopGrid Pest – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: TopGrid Pest)
Key ServicesCockroaches, Ants, Mosquitoes & Flies Management, Rodents Management,
Soil Treatment, Corrective Treatment, Termite Baiting System, Bedbugs, Dog Ticks,
Cat Fleas & Booklice Management, Snakes, Bees & Hornets Management
Address11 Mandai Estate, #09-17, Eldix, Singapore 729908
Contact+65 6438 3368
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 8am–5pm | Saturday8am–12pm | Sunday: Closed

Pest control is critical for the food you offer, the rooms you rent, the space you live in, and everything else in your property. They simply want to be the pest control professionals you can count on. They appreciate delivering great service to all of their customers. Each customer has their own set of standards and requirements. They pay attention to their clients and work with them to satisfy all criteria in a safe and efficient manner, using the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timeline) approach.

Key Differentiators

  • Anti-Microbial Disinfection
  • Food Safety Program
  • Pest Management

Client Testimonial

Excellent customer service and support. Took the initiative to understand customers’ needs and ensure that the right solutions were given. Highly recommend topgrid for any of your pest control needs.  – Sonia Gill

27. Four Solutions

Four Solutions - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Four Solutions)
Four Solutions – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Four Solutions)
Key ServicesTermites, Cockroach, Bed bugs, Rodent, Flea and tick, Car fogging, Mold and fungal removal, Grass trimming
AddressT-Space Singapore
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 9am–6pm | Saturday: 9am–6pm | Sunday: Closed

The Pest Division of Four Solutions, situated in Singapore, seeks to solve your vexing problems promptly and effectively. They offer a wide range of pest control services in Singapore with the goal of satisfying all of their customers’ needs and supporting you in better controlling your pest problems. They attempt to provide the greatest and most effective strategy in order to save time while also locating the source of the problems and resolving them in the safest and most dependable manner possible.

Key Differentiators

  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Vehicle Disinfection

Client Testimonial

Called due to my car having roaches problems, got it fixed, very pleased with their services, didn’t charge me extra even though i delayed the drop off timing! Keep it up! – Valerie

28. Fidz Pest

Fidz Pest - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Fidz Pest)
Fidz Pest – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Fidz Pest)
Key ServicesResidential Pest Control: Ants, Bed Bugs, Booklice, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Rodents, Termites, Commercial Pest Control: Pest Control Contract for Business, SFA Food Shop/Food Stall, Offices, Industrial, Warehouses, Building MCST, Hotels, Schools
Address22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76 Midview City Singapore 573969
Contact+65 97820482
Operating HoursOpen 24hours

Fidz Pest Management’s only goal is to serve the needs of its clients, and it does so as a premium pest control firm. “To get rid of pests FULLY, QUICKLY, FOREVER.”

Fidz Pest Management was founded in 2019 and is committed to the protection of the environment. Fidz has been successfully assisting thousands of clients by continuously improving their treatment solution through the active collection of customer feedback and on-site inspections.

Key Differentiators

  • 24 Hours Service Hotline
  • Food and Beverage
  • Food Production

Client Testimonial

They were very clear during explanation. Price was affordable and very grateful to have met them. The unwanted pest in my shop are slowly reducing as we opt for monthly servicing. Highly recommended! – Khairul Soly

29. WTG Pest Control

WTG Pest Control - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: WTG Pest Control)
WTG Pest Control – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: WTG Pest Control)
Key ServicesBedbug, Booklice, Termite, Crawling and Flying Insects
Address526 Hougang Ave 6, Singapore 530526
Contact+65 9781 9797
Operating HoursOpen 24hours

WTG pest control has provided industry-leading quality, pest management, and consulting services to commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.

Since beginning, WTG Pest Control has consistently attracted a large number of customers and recommendations, many of whom have verified and confirmed track records. As a result, they’ve been able to put their success strategies into practice.

WTG Pest Control aims to continuously improve its professional skillset and use sophisticated solution solutions to give added value services to the market.

Key Differentiators

  • Trusted Strategies Solution
  • Reliable Treatment
  • Hassle-Free Booking

Client Testimonial

Very good service and helpful staff. Technician was very experienced and calmly eradicated the termites. Follow-up inspection was thorough and reassuring. Thank you! – Ming Ming

30. Bed Bug Specialist Singapore

Bed Bug Specialist Singapore - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Bed Bug Specialist Singapore)
Bed Bug Specialist Singapore – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Bed Bug Specialist Singapore)
Key ServicesExtermination, Fumigation
Address61 Bukit Batok Cres, #05-04 Heng Loong Building, Singapore 658078
Contact+65 8754 7524
Operating HoursOpen 24hours

For over ten years, they’ve been solely focused on Bedbug Control in Singapore. Their Bedbug Specialists are well-trained and NEA-certified, and there’s no doubt that they’ve successfully eliminated bedbug infestations in hundreds of homes and dorms throughout Singapore.

They understand how inconvenient it is to have bedbugs. They irritate you by keeping you up at night. With the help of their professional bedbug specialists, they will be able to assist you in eliminating your bedbug issues. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with them to set up an appointment for an inspection.

Key Differentiators

  • Eco-Friendly
  • 24/7 Hotline
  • Low Cost

Client Testimonial

Detailed, specific, honest, responsive. Civil yet friendly service. So happy with the progress since the start of the session. Amazing job done, THANK YOU AZEEM! – Irah M

31. Absolve Pest Control Pte Ltd

Absolve Pest Control Pte Ltd - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Absolve Pest Control Pte Lt)
Absolve Pest Control Pte Ltd – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Absolve Pest Control Pte Lt)
Key ServicesPest Control for Residential, Commercial, Construction
Address3 Soon Lee Street #04-12 Pioneer Junction Singapore 627606
Contact+65 69011105
Operating HoursOpen 24hours

The goal of APC is to become Singapore’s preferred pest management provider. They strive to attain industry-leading standards and long-term business success by protecting the health, safety, and environment of their staff, customers, and communities in which they do business.

They ensure outstanding service and a culture of continuous development by recognizing that their workers are the linchpin of their success.

They also provide the most comprehensive pest management services in Singapore, which are all in line with Singaporean laws. They care about their clients, which is why they go to great efforts to keep your house, business, and investment free of pests.

Key Differentiators

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Construction

Client Testimonial

Finally a solution to the problem at home.. Many cockroaches come out at night and we really believe it’s from the rubbish chute, The condo pest control disappoints us. After we engage Absolve, we don’t see the baby roaches anymore. – Lillian Tan

32. Maximum Pest

Maximum Pest - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Maximum Pest)
Maximum Pest – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Maximum Pest)
Key ServicesTermite Control / Residential General Pest Management / F&B Pest Management
Address54, Maude Road Townshend Building #02-06 Singapore 208346
Contact+65 62920515
Operating HoursOpen 24hours

Since 2012, Maximum Pest Management has been providing a trustworthy pest control service in Singapore. Maximum Pest Management guarantees that their clients receive the highest level of quality and effectiveness in pest control services. Their top priority is to solve your pest problem. They get recommendations, referrals, and renewals as a result of their excellent service quality. They take the issue of your pest infestation very seriously, and they put the client’s needs first all the time!

Key Differentiators

  • Free Inspection
  • 5 Star Service
  • Residential

Client Testimonial

Definitely 5 stars for Chris’ inspection – very knowledgeable.Quick turnaround of an appointment as well.Thanks! – Charles Raj

33. Wipeout Pest Control Services Pte Ltd

Wipeout Pest Control Services Pte Ltd - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Wipeout Pest Control Services Pte Ltd)
Wipeout Pest Control Services Pte Ltd – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Wipeout Pest Control Services Pte Ltd)
Key ServicesTermite Control, Bed Bugs, Fumigation Services, Bee, Wasp and Hornet, Flies Control, Ant Control, Rodent Control, Cockroach, Mosquito
Address730 Upper Serangoon Road #02-02, Yeley Building
Contact+65 63836831
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 8am–5pm | Saturday: 8am–1pm | Sunday: Closed

They started their business, Wipeout Pest Control Services Pte Ltd, in May 1999 as a result of their prior experience and the potential to develop by getting projects from local town councils, the Ministry of Education, the National Environment Agency, and other diverse agencies. To this day, they have served countless clients in Singapore. They will continue to offer on-time and professional pest control services while aiming for industry excellence.

Key Differentiators

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Mosquito Breeding Inspection

Client Testimonial

they are very efficient & they get the job done without hesitation. the bosses are genuinely nice people. however, work is work & that’s how every company goes. it’s all companies policy to control the vehicles & how it goes as people have abused the use of it. – Caroline Ann Theseira

34. Greencare Pest Control & Cleaning

Greencare Pest Control & Cleaning - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Greencare Pest Control & Cleaning)
Greencare Pest Control & Cleaning – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Greencare Pest Control & Cleaning)
Key ServicesAnt, Bed Bug, Booklice, Cockroach, Fly
Address5008 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #04-03 Techplace II, Singapore 569874
Contact+65 6970 0205
Operating HoursOpen 24hours

Greencare is Singapore’s most experienced pest control and cleaning firm, with over 30 years of expertise. They serve some of Singapore’s top organizations and are appreciated for their commitment to world-class quality service, comprehensive records, and excellent value for money.

They employ cutting-edge, cutting-edge pest control technologies and strategies to destroy pests, not just as a one-time problem but as a continuing process.

Key Differentiators

  • Personalized Solutions
  • Advanced Tools & Equipment
  • Cheapest Prices & Best Value

Client Testimonial

Syed was really helpful and was the highlight of Greencare’s services to me. I look forward to working with him every month moving forward! – Jing Ting

35. Pestology

Pestology - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Pestology)
Pestology – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Pestology)
Key ServicesGeneral Pest Control and Anti-Subterranean Termite Treatment
Address116 Jurong East St.13 #19-394, Singapore 600116
Contact+65 68973353
Operating HoursOpens 24hours

Pestology Pte Ltd, a NEA (National Environment Agency) licensed Pest Control Operator strives to provide high-quality pest management services by combining expertise and abilities. Naturally, they destroy and control pests, but their mission is to find places or sites where pests may be eradicated or prevented from entering in the future.

At Pestology, they specialize in all forms of pest management, including but not limited to termite control, rodent control, bee hive removal, ant control, cockroach extermination and treatment, snake removal and management, and more.

They are certified professionals that can conduct a FOC on-site pest control service assessment at your location. Simply call them now to schedule an appointment.

Key Differentiators

  • Cost Effective
  • Peace of Mind
  • Service Excellence

Client Testimonial

One of the most professional and helpful pest control companies in Singapore. – Terrence Sim

36. Top Pest Control

Top Pest Control - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Top Pest Control)
Top Pest Control – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Top Pest Control)
Key ServicesTermite Control, Bed Bugs, Fumigation Services, Bee, Wasp and Hornet, Flies Control, Ant Control, Rodent Control, Cockroach, Mosquito
Address3791 Jalan Bukit Merah #08-12 Singapore 159471
Operating HoursOpen 24hours

The company has a great deal of expertise and training in the sector. They’ll be able to produce a unique strategy based on your pest control demands. This business has been operating for ten years, so they make certain that the greatest treatment is used to get rid of the pests. They provide a wide range of services, as well as 24-hour phone and talk assistance.

Key Differentiators

  • Home Disinfection
  • Pest Control

Client Testimonial

Clean and efficient job done at the office and pantry area. No longer facing unwanted pest issues such as ants and cockroaches around the pantry. Superb!  – Abel Seah

37. 1800- No Pests

1800 - No Pests - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: 1800 - No Pests)
1800 – No Pests – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: 1800 – No Pests)
Key ServicesAnts Control, Bed Bugs Control, Cockroaches Control, Disinfection Services, Fleas and Ticks Control, Mosquitoes, Rodents Control, Termite Control
Address9010 Tampines Street 93 #02-93, Singapore 528844 
Contact +65 6244 6926
Operating HoursMonday-Saturday: 8:30am–10pm | Sunday 8:30am–5:30pm

1800-NoPests has been designated as a Singapore vector control operator by the National Environment Agency (NEA). They provide reliable pest control management services to a wide range of clients and homeowners. Their pest control experts and technicians are all NEA-licensed, have considerable expertise in the field, and are licensed by the National Environment Agency. Their slogan is “developing long-term partnerships” with their clients, which is why, whether it’s a one-time emergency pest treatment or a yearly pest maintenance requirement, you can always expect high levels of professionalism and customer service when you call our pests experts or technicians.

Key Differentiators

  • Free On-site Inspection
  • Major Credit Cards Accepted
  • Sanitization

Client Testimonial

Came promptly to help with housefly infestation at my home. Thoroughly combed through to identify the root of the problem. – SC Chiam

38. Rentokil

Rentokil - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Rentokil)
Rentokil – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Rentokil)
Key ServicesPest control for home and business, Eco green pest control, Sanitation and disinfection services, Fumigation
Address16, 18, Jln Mesin Singapore 368815
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 8:30am–5:45pm | Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Rentokil is acknowledged as one of the world’s most well-known pest control firms. They were established in 1964 with the goal of supplying businesses and homes with effective security measures through a variety of unique methods. Their firm also has a wealth of knowledge and technological expertise. They have a quick reaction team as well as a large fleet of cars and seasoned personnel. If you need rapid aid, they will be able to assist you.

Key Differentiators

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Client Testimonial

The technician Azhari takes the time to explain and share how to reduce the number of rodents and mosquitoes numbers. He is very systematic in setting up the items. Appreciate his friendly nature which eases the stress. – Anthony Sundram

39. Anticimex

Anticimex - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Anticimex)
Anticimex – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Anticimex)
Key ServicesPest Control Service Singapore:

General & Garden Pest Control
Termite Control
SMART Pest Control
Disinfection Service Solutions
Address3A International Business Park, #11-01 ICON@IBP, Singapore 609935
Phone+65 9382 6363
Operating HoursMonday to Friday 08:00 – 18:001

Presently, Anticimex is a leading global preventive pest control agency. They operate in 18 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific as well as the US with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. With 150 branches and 7,100 trusted experts, Anticimex serves around 3 million customers across the globe. In Singapore, Anticimex has a fleet of 200 vehicles with 500 employees to provide local pest control services and Anticimex SMART, for both individuals and businesses.

Anticimex SMART is a smart system controlling pests by constantly monitoring as well as detecting signs of pest infestations at premises. Today, more than 130,000 SMART units have been installed around the world fighting pests with data. Data gathered in the SMART data hub is for constant analysis. Customers would be getting a solution that gives them the best of both worlds – automation and expertise.

Anticimex offers quality services with value for money, get a free quote as well as expert advice on pest control.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, modern method of pest control
  • Secondly, environmentally safe (Non-Toxic and Green products)
  • Thirdly, world-class trusted brand

Client Testimonial

I have requested Anticimex to treat the whole house of potential bird/dust mite infestation. They had done a wonderful job by sending 2 seniors technicians to look into the problem when I complaint that I could not identify the bug issue. The whole conversation and transaction was pleasant. I found that they are knowledgeable and professional in their area of pest management. I will definitely engage them again for future and I highly recommend them to be the solution provider for your pest issue.

Grace Ngan

40. Termite Specialist

Termite Specialist - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Termite Specialist)
Termite Specialist – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Termite Specialist)
Key ServicesPest Control Service Singapore:

Termite Inspection, Baiting System as well as Monitoring Programme
Spot Treatment

(Prevention Programme)

Anti Termite Prevention Programme
Corrective Treatment
Rodding Soil Treatment
Soil Treatment
In-Ground Station
Above-Ground Station
Address61 Bukit Batok Crescent, Heng Loong Building #05-04 S(658078)
Phone8754 7562
Operating HoursMonday-Friday (9 AM-5 PM) 

Once they receive news about a termite problem, they will quickly send their specialist down to do a site assessment, with no charges. So that their termite problem can be solved as soon as possible.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, their services are reliable
  • Secondly, they practice a high level of professionalism
  • Thirdly, highly recommended by their clients

Client Testimonial

Called them when having termite problems. Roy and his team came to inspect with all their termite detection tools. Frequent follow-up and managed to solve my termite issues. 100% Recommended.


41. Pestogo

Pestogo - Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Pestogo)
Pestogo – Pest Control Singapore (Credit: Pestogo)
Key servicesPest control management. Residential Pest Control, Commercial Pest Control Services
Address200 Jalan Sultan #03-02 Singapore 199018
Phone9109 4564
Operating HoursMon to Fri – 9 am to 6 pm

Since 2003, they are a dynamic team of certified treatment specialists with a combined experience of more than 25 years. They have served both residential and commercial properties for 18 years. They identify your problem accurately, as their team of entomologists have gathered a database of pests that include details about their characteristics, behaviours as well as habitats.

At Pestogo, they aim to protect your assets by providing services at affordable rates. Every site as well as situation are different; hence an on-site analysis might be necessary to provide an accurate cost estimate and solution.

Key Differentiators

  • Firstly, provides effective pest control advice on top of the routine services
  • Secondly, provides fast and accurate solutions
  • Thirdly, one of the most competitive prices offered.

Client Testimonial

Thanks for the advice, courtesy and not trying to push unnecessary services! Now I know why you guys are highly recommended on the expat forum

Ms. Angelina

Pest Control Singapore

And there you have it; the best pest control in Singapore. Looking for ant control, bed bug control, and other solutions to control pests? These companies are very well-versed in the area of solving pest infestation issues. With their help, you need not be afraid of being unable to get rid of the foreign creatures out of your home. Therefore, do check out these companies and the pest treatment services that they provide!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Pest Control in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Pest Control in Singapore below:

What are the best pest control services in Singapore?

The best pest control services in Singapore include The Pest Control Company Pte Ltd, PestBusters, Ninja Pest Control, and Bingo Pest.

What are the benefits of using Best Pest Control Singapore Services?

Best Pest Control Singapore Services offer a pest-free environment for both residential and commercial spaces. Our intelligent system identifies and eliminates annoying pests using control measures that are environmentally friendly.

Are the services provided suitable for both homes and businesses?

Yes, our services are designed to cater to both residential and commercial spaces. We understand that each space has unique needs and we provide tailored solutions to meet these specific requirements.

What types of pests do Best Pest Control Singapore Services handle?

We handle a wide range of pests including, but not limited to, flying insects like mosquitoes and flies, rodents like rats and mice, and other common pests like cockroaches and ants.

How does Best Pest Control Singapore Services differ from services traditionally provided by other companies?

Unlike services traditionally provided by other pest control companies, we use an intelligent system that not only eradicates pests but also helps prevent infestations in the future. We also use licensed technicians who are trained to deliver high-quality service.

Do you use environmentally friendly methods in your pest control services?

Yes, we are committed to providing a pest-free environment while preserving the environment. We use environmentally friendly and odorless chemicals in our pest control measures.

How effective are your methods against flying insects?

Our methods are highly effective against flying insects. We use tailor-made solutions that target these pests specifically, reducing their population significantly and preventing them from returning.

What are some of the control measures employed by Best Pest Control Singapore Services?

Our control measures include the use of odorless chemicals that are safe for both humans and pets, regular inspections to identify and eliminate pest habitats, and intelligent systems that predict and prevent infestations.

Are your technicians licensed?

Yes, all our technicians are licensed and well-trained. They are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide effective pest control services.

How can I prevent pest infestations in my property?

With Best Pest Control Singapore Services, we provide regular inspections and use our intelligent system to predict possible infestations. We also educate our clients on different ways they can maintain a pest-free environment. These include proper waste disposal and maintaining cleanliness in all areas of the property.

Who are the best pest control service providers in Singapore?

The best pest control service providers in Singapore are companies that have a team of highly experienced pest control specialists. These companies use scientifically proven treatment methods to effectively manage any pest problem including termites, bed bugs, rodents, and more. They are known for their prompt response, thorough work, and excellent customer service.

How do pest control specialists in Singapore handle a pest problem?

Pest control specialists in Singapore start by conducting a thorough inspection of your property to identify the type and extent of the pest problem. Based on their findings, they will devise a customized plan using the most effective treatment methods. This could include traps, baits, insecticides, or other techniques. The specialists will also provide advice on preventive measures to keep pests from returning in the future.

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