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5 Best Poolball Game Modes In Singapore [2024]

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Poolball Game Modes Singapore

Poolball Game Modes Singapore
Poolball Game Modes Singapore

When it comes to fun, innovation, and excitement, the unique group activity of Poolball in Singapore takes the cake.

Just picture it – a giant sized pool table where you use your feet instead of cues to kick soccer balls into the pockets. It’s utter chaos in the best way possible!

Poolball has quickly become the hottest ticket for corporate team building activities, private parties, or just a riotous time with friends. With so many innovative game modes on offer, every outing promises gut-busting laughter and friendly competition. So grab your sneakers and get ready to experience the coolest sporting mashup to hit Singapore!

In this article, we explore the best Poolball game modes you can find in Singapore in 2024, ensuring your next outing is packed with laughter, strategy, and friendly competition.

Quick Summary

  • Poolball combines pool and soccer into one hilarious group game played on giant sized pool tables.
  • Popular poolball game modes include Poolball Classic, Poolball Sabotage, Poolball 9 Ball, Poolball Checkmate and Poolball Battlefield.
  • Poolball Games are perfect for group events such as team building activities, Birthday Parties, Celebrations and Gatherings with Friends.

Poolball Game Modes

Poolball Singapore providers offer an exciting array of game modes, each designed to bring out the best in strategy and fun.

1) Poolball Classic

The OG mode sticks closest to regular pool, just…with your legs instead of cue sticks.

It may sound simple, but mastering the art of precision kicking takes real skill and coordination. Players take turns attempting to pocket the balls in the traditional sequence, calling out their shots beforehand.

But be warned – there’s no bridge to help you line up those trickier bank or combo shots! Poolball Classic is the perfect intro for newbies while still providing an engaging challenge for more experienced competitors.

Best of all, it encourages fantastic teamwork as partners devise strategies and cheer each other on. An easy-going vibe that still gets the adrenaline pumping.

2) Poolball Sabotage

If you enjoy a bit of chaos, Poolball Sabotage is your go-to game mode. The basic premise seems simple enough – players take turns trying to kick the soccer balls into pockets, just like in Classic mode. But that’s where the similarities end! At any moment, you may have to draw a “sabotage” card that introduces an outrageously zany challenge. One minute you’re lining up a straightforward kick, the next you’re having to use your head instead of feet! Or maybe you’ll get a time limit imposed, forcing you to make a mad scramble.

The sabotage cards run the gamut from the mildly inconvenient to the downright absurd. You might have to spin around 10 times before shooting, or only be allowed to hop on one leg. The possibilities for comedic mayhem are endless! With wacky new hurdles popping up at every turn, players must think quickly on their feet and devise marvelously creative solutions. Poolball Sabotage is all about embracing the unexpected for maximum laughs.

3) Poolball 9 Series

Poolball 9 Series puts your team work, communication skills and team strategy to the test. This Poolball game follows the rules of 9-ball pool, where players need to hit the balls into the pockets in numbered sequential order.

Will you be able to strategize with your team to pot every pool soccer ball in the correct sequential order? Or will you utilize the shortcuts available to you to thrash your opponents?

Only 9 soccer balls will be on the table. But don’t be fooled – fewer balls doesn’t mean an easier game! Are you up for the challenge with your team?

4) Poolball Battlefield

This intense team-based mode turns the pool table into an all-out war zone requiring strategic planning and tight cooperation. Each team is assigned a specific sequence of balls they need to collect by pocketing them. But it’s not as simple as just running around the pool table rules – you’ve got to defend your turf and assets too.

Teams designate “snipers” to protectively surround and guard their precious ball stashes. Meanwhile, other players go on the offensive, darting around to try and kick opponents’ balls into the pockets to steal them away.

The more balls your team banks from the required sequence, the closer you’ll get to victory.Staying alert is crucial, as enemy teams could launch a blitzkrieg raid at any moment to plunder your hard-earned ball collection.

Players must adapt their strategies rapidly, seamlessly transitioning between secure defense of their assets and bold offensives to systematically capture the sequence pieces they covet.

Constant communication and coordinated efforts are key to outmaneuvering opponents in the perpetual tug-of-war over those coveted target balls.

The non-stop action and back-and-forth possession battles ensure Poolball Battlefield always descends into good-natured pandemonium. It’s the ultimate test of leadership, teamwork, and having a riotous time.

5) Poolball Checkmate

Poolball Checkmate transforms several Poolball tables into an breath-taking battle royale arena where its an all-out competition of everyone against everyone. When the opening whistle screams, the gloves are off as you enter a full-tilt throwdown to be the last one standing. The goal? Simple – strategically take out each and every opponent through sheer grit and skill.

Stay light on your feet and two steps ahead, or you’ll quickly find yourself at the mercy of a well-executed checkmate shot.

One wrong move could leave you vulnerable to having your ball pocketed and getting sent to the sidelines. You’ll need to carefully plan each shot, using the layout of balls to set up combos and clear paths of escape. At the same time, you’re constantly scanning the field for openings to strike by pocketing others’ balls.

The tension ratchets up as the playing field steadily shrinks with each elimination. Remaining players find themselves corralled into tighter quarters, forced into more daring risks and nail-biting confrontations. Poolball Checkmate becomes a psychological battle of wits and composure as the pressures intensify. Who will capitalise on the slightest mistake to deliver the final checkmate strike?

This mode hones laser-focused individual skills like never before. Every second counts as you feverishly attempt to outmaneuver and outlast your opponents through sheer grit and intelligence. The last player standing is crowned the supreme Poolball grandmaster…until the next epic battle royale, that is!

Poolball Providers in Singapore

You’ll find no shortage of awesome Poolball providers across the island, each putting their own spin on the experience. Here’s a quick rundown of the top contenders:

1) FunEmpire

Known for its creative and varied game modes, FunEmpire provides both indoor and outdoor Poolball setups. With over a decade of experience, they cater to all group sizes and event types, making them a popular choice for corporate team-building and personal celebrations such as birthday parties and family gatherings. They are popular for customizable packagaes that cater to different group sizes and event types.

2) Team Building Singapore

Team Building Singapore stands out for its high customer satisfaction and extensive experience. They offer multiple game missions that not only entertain but also enhance teamwork and communication skills.

3) Poolball SG

Poolball SG’s exciting Poolball game modes are sure to bring lots of fun and laughter to your group. They have air-conditioned, indoor and outdoor options for you to play your poolball game in Singapore. Their poolball games are suitable for corporate team building, casual fun game, birthday parties and special occasions.

4) Team Building Games Singapore

Offering affordable Poolball sessions, Team Buildin Games Singapore also includes additional services like catering and transport. Their flexibility and customer-focused approach make them a go-to for many organizations and customers.

Benefits Of Playing Poolball

Playing Poolball in Singapore is more than just kicking soccer balls around on a giant sized pool table; it’s an engaging way to build various skills and enjoy physical activity.

1) Team Building and Communication

Poolball games are fantastic for enhancing team dynamics. The need for coordination and collective strategy helps improve communication skills and strengthens team bonds.

Based on our experience as team building experts, Poolball is one of the most unique, fun and effective team building activities in Singapore.

2) Physical and Mental Exercise

Poolball is a great activity to work both your mind and body. The unique blend of physical activity and strategic planning required while playing the game makes Poolball unlike any other game.

3) Accessibility and Inclusion

Whether you’re a sporting pro or newbie, Poolball’s simple rules make it easy for anyone to jump right in.


In the buzzing city of Singapore, Poolball stands out as an utterly unique way to spend quality time with friends, family or colleagues.

With game modes tailored to every personality and skill set, there’s guaranteed to be non-stop laughter no matter the occasion.

Looking to reinforce team dynamics for team building? Celebrate a milestone? Or just seize an afternoon of unfettered silliness? Poolball delivers a supremely rewarding experience that’ll leave you grinning from ear-to-ear.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Poolball game modes in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Poolball Game Modes In Singapore below:

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