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15 Best Team Building Companies in Singapore [2024]

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Team Building Company Singapore

Best Team Building Company Singapore
Best Team Building Company Singapore

There are lots of options for team building companies in Singapore, with experiences for every company that wants to build its team.

The best Team Building company in Singapore for 2024 includes prominent names such as FunEmpire, Team Building Singapore, Terrarium Singapore, Laser Tag Singapore, and Combat Archery Tag Singapore.

When evaluating options for team building in Singapore, you may consider such things as their experience, past results, prices, location and the things they offer.

We’ve done that research, and found the most experienced and trustworthy team building companies in Singapore that can help your team soar.

As we delve deeper, we’ll focus on these major team building companies in Singapore that are very vital in helping to enhance team bonding and performance.

Quick Summary

  • The Best Team Building Company in Singapore for 2024 includes names like FunEmpire, Team Building Singapore, Terrarium Singapore and Laser Tag Singapore.
  • When choosing team building provider, you need to consider their professional experience, price and location, as well as the range of team building activities they offer.
  • Topping the list as the best team building company in Singapore is FunEmpire, with 8,000+ 5-Star client reviews and an impressive track record of over 50,000 successful events to date.

Our Selection Criteria

Our selection criteria for the best team building companies in Singapore include:

  • Proven track record: We chose companies with a proven track record, namely the number of successful events they’ve hosted and the diversity of clients they’ve catered to.
  • Variety of activities: We selected firms that offer a broad spectrum of team building activities in Singapore, as the more options they carry can serve a greater mix of team compositions and interest.
  • Customer reviews: We favoured companies with excellent customer reviews – favouring first-hand experiences and net overall satisfaction percentages.
  • Fun and effective provider: We preferred team building providers who provide fun and also real team building results, such as better communication and collaboration.
  • Customisation: We chose firms that offer highly tailorable events so they can be adapted to the unique needs of each team.

Best Team Building Company Singapore

1) FunEmpire

Phone+65 6016 7147, +65 6515 4146, +65 9792 9179
Opening Hours9am to 10pm

FunEmpire provides the widest range of fun and exciting team building games in Singapore for small and big teams. Their team building activities in Singapore cover Adventure, Quest, Creative, Leisure, and Virtual activities catering to your interests and needs.

Some of the most exciting team building activities in the market can only be found at FunEmpire, such as Laser Tag, Archery Tag, Bubble Soccer, Art Jamming, Terrarium Workshop, Leather Crafting Workshop, Amazing Race, Escape Room, Giant Board Games and many more.

They are dedicated to bringing teams closer and provide the best effective team building activities, with both off-site and on-site experiential opportunities.

Through immersive corporate team building events and thought-provoking workshops, FunEmpire encourages employees to bring out the best in themselves.

Their team of events experts is constantly ideating and improving new concepts for team building challenges, so that teams always have fresh and effective options to choose from.

With their decade-long experience and expertise, FunEmpire’s professional facilitators will accompany your team in their journey towards the rewards of higher morale and camaraderie.

Check out FunEmpire here

2) Laser Tag Singapore

Laser Tag Singapore
Laser Tag Singapore
Phone+65 9792 9179
Opening Hours9am to 10pm

Laser Tag Singapore is the leader in providing the best Laser Tag experience in Singapore!

Reliable, mobile and flexible, they will be right there with all their laser tag equipment and camouflaged tents.

They will make sure to bring all their gear to any location you want for your team bonding, outdoors and indoor, too.

They guarantee that their Laser Tag is one of the best indoor team building activities in Singapore. No room is too small and hard for them!

Check out Laser Tag Singapore here

3) Combat Archery Tag Singapore

Combat Archery Tag Singapore
Combat Archery Tag Singapore
Phone+65 9792 9179
Opening Hours9am to 10pm

If you want the best game of archery tag in Singapore, come to Combat Archery Singapore.

Want to create an unforgettable birthday celebration?

How about a corporate team building event? Or maybe you’re looking to beef up organisational growth with a day of corporate bonding?

Their missions are fast-paced, action-packed, and filled with adventure. You’ll be dodging arrows, planning your attack and feeling the surge of adrenaline.

Combat Archery Tag is not just a game. It’s paintball, dodgeball and archery all mushed into one exciting sport.

It is a great activity for the whole family: Every member of the family can absolutely partake in our full-bodied family team bonding event. No age or level of previous experience required.

Buckle up for a ride guaranteed to provide an experience you will never forget!

Charge forward and witness an unforgettable Combat Archery Tag Singapore experience!

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to make your day extraordinary!

Check out Combat Archery Tag Singapore here

4) Bubble Bump Singapore

Bubble Bump Singapore
Bubble Bump Singapore
Phone+65 6016 7147
Opening Hours9am to 10pm

Bubble Soccer, a fun & exciting game, has spread itself everywhere to USA, Europe, Australia and now Singapore with Bubble Bump Singapore!

Anyone aged seven and above can don these exhilarating inflatable bubbles, which encase their head and torso, like an armor.

Their high-quality materials keep them in place, personal, and safe so players can fully concentrate on the game.

This innovative gear invites anyone to enter the uninterrupted amusement of Bubble Soccer.

Imagine you are running and bouncing and laughing inside the bubble and you collide with a friend, or enemy player – laughter and fun are contagious. Bubble Soccer is simply fun, anytime, anywhere, by anyone!

All you need to love Bubble Soccer is a sense of humour. It does not take much to play Bubble Soccer.

The combination of sports and leisure activities makes bubble soccer a popular game to play at parties, for team building events or simply for having fun with your mates and family.

Get ready for laughter, bouncing collisions, and unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime!

Check out Bubble Bump Singapore here

5) Poolball Singapore

Poolball Singapore
Poolball Singapore
Phone+65 6016 7147
Opening Hours9am to 10pm

Poolball Singapore is an adrenaline-pumping team building activity that will leave corporate teams laughing and raring for more.

Think of a giant pool table, and a soccer ball, but instead of using your arms you use your feet to pot the soccer balls in the pockets.

So bring your friends, colleagues or team mates and have a fun filled team bonding session with Poolball Singapore while creating memories, stronger bonds and having a whole lot of fun from a completely unique sport!

Check out Poolball Singapore here

6) Escape Room Singapore

Escape Room Singapore
Escape Room Singapore
Phone+65 6016 7147
Opening Hours9am to 10pm

Embark on a thrilling adventure through Escape Room Singapore’s escape room themes, created by their talented game designers to draw you into a suspenseful storyline, filled with intricate riddles and puzzles that will have you thoroughly engrossed until the final minute.

Escape rooms in Singapore make the best corporate team building experience as well as for family or friends bonding moments and just for chilling out with your friends.

Welcome to the world of secrets, of thrill, of mystery. Explore the puzzles that await you and discover the hidden treasures that lie ahead.

Start your game of Escape, a unique experience like no other. Book your Escape room game today.

Check out Escape Room Singapore here

7) Terrarium Singapore

Terrarium Singapore
Terrarium Singapore
Phone+65 6016 7147
Opening Hours9am to 10pm

Unleash your creativity and design a unique terrarium for the glass!

Connect with your friends and family with our award-winning one-of-a-kind Terrarium Workshop.

Professionals are on hand to guide you through the entire session to make sure you have the best possible terrarium-making experience in Singapore.

Plan your next team building in Singapore experience with an all-inclusive terrarium workshop including all essential tools, materials, guidance, and inspiration.

Check out Terrarium Singapore here

8) Art Jamming Singapore

Art Jamming Singapore
Art Jamming Singapore
Phone+65 9792 9179
Opening Hours9am to 10pm

Welcome to an art jamming experience that is relaxation and bonding in one, where you release stress and reinvigorate your mind and creativity while getting to know your team mates better!

Feel free to explore your inner self as you create vibrant masterpieces with your own personal touch at Art Jamming Singapore!

Their Art Jamming workshops provide a relaxing space to unwind, and all the necessary art supplies you need: canvas, acrylic paints and brushes will be provided!

All you need to do is just come and experience the stress-free art jamming.

Check out Art Jamming Singapore here

9) Candle Workshop Singapore

Candle Workshop Singapore
Candle Workshop Singapore
Phone+65 6016 7147
Opening Hours9am to 10pm

At Candle Workshop Singapore, they are committed to making the joy and pleasure of DIY candle-making accessible to everyone.

They have no doubt that this kind of creative activity brings people together and creates special moments.

That’s why they offer many different candle-making packages – for various occasions – be it team building, birthday parties, bachelor parties, or gatherings/

Check out Candle Workshop Singapore here

10) Leather Workshop Singapore

Leather Workshop Singapore
Leather Workshop Singapore
Phone+65 6016 7147
Opening Hours9am to 10pm

Bring your coworkers together in a fun and memorable team building activity as you make a company leather card holder personalised to your department!

At Leather Workshop Singapore, they believe in ‘fit for purpose’. They believe in helping their guests discover their inner leadership and creativity through collaborative teamwork.

Anyone, young and old, can take part in their workshops – no experience is required; just a little bit of enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

Get inspired by their team-building events that will stimulate your creativity and leave you proud of your creations!

Check out Leather Workshop Singapore here

11) Team Building Singapore

Team Building Singapore
Phone+65 6016 7147
Opening Hours9am to 10pm

As Singapore’s premier corporate team building provider with over 30,000 events organised, Team Building Singapore stands out as the leading team building company.

With an impressive track record of organising events for more than 1 million people ­– and still counting – they guarantee a commitment to delivering a quality experience.

Let their team of dedicated staff bring your next corporate teambuilding event to life with their wide range of more than 60 fun and enriching activities.

All of these activities are perfect for birthday parties, but also suitable for pretty much any other occasion – they are guaranteed to bring fun to all parties.

Check out Team Building Singapore here

12) Team Building Activities Singapore

Team Building Activities Singapore
Team Building Activities Singapore
Phone+65 9792 9179
Opening Hours9am to 10pm

Are you looking for an unforgettable team bonding activity?

Look no further than Team Building Activities Singapore!

They can guarantee you that your team will have the best team bonding activity ever because they are the number one provider of team bonding activities in Singapore and Asia with more than 40 different games to choose from.

If you want to have an unforgettable experience with your team, contact Team Building Activities Singapore today!

Check out Team Building Activities Singapore here

13) Team Building Games Singapore

Team Building Games Singapore
Phone+65 6016 7147
Opening Hours9am to 10pm

Team Building Games Singapore features the largest selection of affordable and fun team bonding and ice-breaker games in Asia.

Located in Singapore, their services include corporate fitness and ice-breakers. Regardless of what kind of team building event you’re planning for your team, it will definitely be a memorable one!

Their unique services cater from birthday parties, family day, carnivals to National Service Cohesion programs. Not stopping there, there is a long list of services which will suit everyone.

Team Building Games is here to help with event planning and management!

Check out Team Building Games Singapore here

14) Virtual Team Building Singapore

Virtual Team Building Singapore
Virtual Team Building Singapore
Opening Hours9am to 10pm

Looking for a way to get your remote team energised and more connected?

Virtual Team Building Singapore offers you 15+ Virtual Team Building activities and workshops to get your team in Singapore (and the world) on the same page!

Their virtual team building activities are the best possible way for the whole team to have a fun time together, whatever your goals, team size or budget.

They are fun and exciting – these experiences are truly the best virtual team building activities out there.

Check out Virtual Team Building Singapore here

15) Archery Tag Singapore

Archery Tag Singapore
Archery Tag Singapore
Phone+65 8754 8729
Opening Hours9am to 10pm

Archery Tag is the leading Archery Tag Singapore provider, with packages for corporate team building events. Get ready for the ultimate Archery Tag experience with the most action!

Developed with your safety and comfort in mind, game play takes place using foam‑tipped arrows.

Indoor or outdoor, they can deliver the best Archery Tag experience to you!

Check out Archery Tag Singapore here

Key Consideration Factors When Choosing a Team Building Event Company

  • Expertise and Experience: Opt for a company that has a great track record in organising team building activities. Amazing experience means that they can design and conduct the perfect activities.
  • Customization: A quality team-building provider will have some flexibility to adjust programming to your company’s specific objectives, company culture and team characteristics.
  • Range of Activities: From a provider that offers a wide range of fun team building activities in Singapore, from outdoor team building activities to indoor workshops, you know that you have a variety of options to choose from that the team might fancy.
  • Relevance to Objectives: Will the company’s offerings help your team achieve its objectives? If yes, what are they? For instance, will it help your team work together better, figure out how to lead one another, or get more creative?
  • Facilitators’ Expertise: A good professional facilitator needs to be capable of running an event, delivering its activities, inviting participation, and drawing out the learning from those activities.
  • Participant Feedback: Always look for some positive feedback on what past clients or participants have to say about the company. This can be an indication of the effectiveness of their programmes, and the quality of their offerings.
  • Safety Measures: If you are participating in an outdoor team-building activity or any physical activity, you should check whether the company encourages safety measures, provides the necessary protective equipment, and plans for a contingency.
  • Cost Transparency: Ensure that the company will be clear with the cost and break down of the services. This is helpful so that the customer can make a conscious decision based on the services rendered within their budget.
  • Flexibility: Task the company or give them instructions that are compatible with your schedule and preferences Flexibility in terms of timing, location and customisation is the key.
  • Innovative Approach: Look for companies that bring creativity and innovation to their activities. The more unique the concept or activity, the more special the team building experience is likely to be.
  • Post-Event Support: A comprehensive team-building provider will provide ongoing or post-event support to incorporate the outcomes and learning back into your workplace.
  • Alignment with Company Values: Choose a company that can understand and align values with your company so that your team can easily adopt and integrate with your company’s culture.

Tips For Successful Corporate Team Building Activities

  1. Set Clear Goals: Have a clear picture of what you want to achieve before you start planning corporate team building events. It could be better communication, collaboration, or simply to get employees to know each other better.
  2. Choose Relevant Activities: You should conduct an activity that is relevant to the company culture and would interest your employees. It should be interesting as well as pleasant, where everyone contributes to it equally.
  3. Encourage Participation: If you want fun group activities to work, you absolutely need the team to participate. Enforce the importance of everyone joining in, and ensure that activities are not discriminatory against those who have physical limitations, or personal preferences.
  4. Follow-up: After the fun team building activity, do a follow-up session that brings together the lessons so that they can be taken back to work, reinforced and digested. It doesn’t have to be a formal meeting, but it could be.
  5. Diversify Your Approach: Remember, team building can be embedded into work routines and life, not just in annual retreats or workshops. Have regular team lunches or small games during breaks.

Team Building Company Singapore

Team building is quite an important factor for a productive business, some good team building companies in Singapore making it a good work place.

Whether its fun activities or serious strategic planning sessions for a company retreat, these best team building companies in Singapore has something for everyone who wants to get maximum out of their team.

Improved communications, collaboration and problem-solving skills and improved employee morale are just some of the benefits that you can expect from implementing one of the top-rated team building programs today.

Investing in team building should give your company a positive boost so don’t delay. Get started today and see what magic you can create!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Team Building Companies in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Team Building Companies in Singapore below:

Where can I find more information about different team building companies in Singapore?

The best way to come up with some information on team building companies is through reading online reviews. This is because you can find out information on the quality of services offered, what kind of feedback customers give, prices and so on.

Furthermore, several of the corporate companies have websites developed for their own teambuilding programs or packages for readers to know more.

This is another excellent way for you to find the right team building provider in Singapore. Of course, it helps when you ask friends, family or even colleagues for advice on the specific provider to hire. This way, you will get a better idea of what to expect and who will suit your needs and requirements best.

How can team building exercises help my business?

Team building programs are very useful programs for the business to develop a good and healthy relationship between its employees, enhance their collaboration and improve the morale of its employees.

Good team building activities in Singapore can help employees to communicate with each other, enhance their solving-problem skills and develop leadership skill also.

Team-building exercises, such as those that companies often insist that everyone participate in, get employees out of their comfort zones and into the world to exchange ideas, while discovering new ways of thinking.

How much do team building services cost in Singapore?

The price of team-building services in Singapore typically depends on the nature of team building activities and team building services that you require.

For example, a company that provides team building activities might charge about $20-30 per pax.

At the other end of the spectrum, large corporate team-building companies can cost up to $50 – $100 per pax for a full blown team building package, depending on the activities and add-ons required.

The cost of cool team building activities is also strongly influenced by what facilities and what kind of equipment are needed, and how many people are involved in the activities.

So it is necessary to be frank with each provider to have a better understanding of your budget and needs before making an informed choice and for a free quote.

Are there any virtual or online options for corporate team building events in Singapore?

More and more, businesses in Singapore are organising their own virtual – or in person – team building ideas, often as a remote working tool or supplement to training.

There is a whole host of virtual activities, from video conference calls, board game nights and quizzes, to virtual scavenger hunts and remote escape rooms.

Can virtual reality be used in team building activities?

Indeed, the best team building companies in Singapore present VR in different formats as part of their programmes.

Some require team members to engage in a simulation – supporting each other in ways they may not have to during a typical office day.

This is not science fiction; this is the future of team building as we approach it.

What is the Amazing Race activity in team building?

The Amazing Race is one example of team building activities that involves a group of corporate teams coming together to compete with each other to complete a series of assigned challenges.

Each team would need to score the most points in the shortest time to be the first to complete the race.

This activity is known to generate strategic thinking, quick decision making and most importantly, effective communications between team members.

Are board games effective for team building?

Yes, because board games are a good way to make people work together in a fluid, relaxed way.

They enhance communication skills, strategic thinking and problem solving ability, with the added little incentive of friendly competition as teams score points on their way to victory.

Can a cooking team building activity foster team spirit?

Yes, a cooking team building activity is a great team-building exercise that can help a team to cope with all the challenges and work together successfully.

Usually, in many cases, cooking a meal can be accomplished easily and quite fast. However, the cooking team building activity is created to be different.

The teams are given a quite difficult task, often within a time limit or with restricted resources which are identical to the workplace. This allows the team to collaborate more effectively, exchange ideas, find solutions to problems, and resolve conflicts.

Moreover, while enjoying a meal together, team members can revalidate themselves to work as one unit. They can converse more openly and smile more while attempting to strike a balance between work and fun.

What does a typical team building session look like at the best companies in Singapore?

At the end of a typical team building session at top companies in Singapore these days, you can expect participants to leave with smiles on their faces, having gone through fun activities such as a virtual amazing race where team members have to solve various clues together, or a team music session where each team is given an instrument and encouraged to create a piece of music together.

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