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11 Best Team Building Game Show Singapore Ideas [2024]

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Team Building Game Show Singapore

Best Team Building Game Show Singapore
Best Team Building Game Show Singapore

Singapore is renowned for its creative approach to corporate team building, combining fun, engagement, and learning into unique experiences.

The best team building game shows in Singapore for 2024 include Virtual Game Show by FunEmpire, Family Feud and more.

If you are looking for team building game show in singapore, it is all about the budget of the team, size of team and objective.

Virtual game shows are gaining popularity due to their convenience and the wide variety of choices they offer.

This article will give offline and online game show ideas for corporate team building activities.

Quick Summary

  • The most popular team building game shows in Singapore include Virtual Game Show by FunEmpire, Family Feud and more.
  • Selecting a team building game show in Singapore should depend on your budget, the size of your team, and your goal.
  • Virtual game shows are becoming popular for the reason that they offer convenience and more choices.

Benefits of Game Shows for Team Building

  1. Enhances Communication: Game shows involve players talking to each other in order to win – this leads to better verbal and cognitive ability among the players, and makes the team members understand each other better.
  2. Boosts Morale and Engagement: Through the fun, excitement, and novelty of a game-show, staff engagement and enthusiasm will be increased, such that there is more engagement and enthusiasm in staff for their work and for other group projects.
  3. Promotes Problem-Solving Skills: Many game shows are puzzle- or challenge-based team building games which train problem-solving skills.
  4. Fosters teamwork: Success is often about collaboration, so people have to work closely together and play to each other’s strengths.
  5. Identifies Leadership Qualities: Participants on game shows who take an active role in the conversation are more inclined to exhibit leadership qualities like strategic thinking and directing their teams.
  6. Encourages Competition: Like game shows, trivia leagues foster competitiveness but they also create a supportive environment, in which teammates cheer one another on.
  7. Cultivates Adaptability and Flexibility: Game-show participants need to quickly respond to new information or changes to the game, a quality valued at work.
  8. Improves Observation and Listening Skills: Participants have to concentrate on the rules of the game and the position of the opponent’s strokes.
  9. Offers a Break from Routine: Game shows are a fun way to take a breath from the daily tasks of work, refreshing the teams and increase their motivation.
  10. Bolsters Corporate Culture: Game shows emphasize teamwork, communications and mutual respect – all themes of the company’s culture.

Best Team Building Game Show Singapore

Virtual Game Show Ideas

1. Virtual Game Show by FunEmpire

Virtual Game Show - Engage in an electrifying, virtual test of wits and knowledge
Virtual Game Show – Engage in an electrifying, virtual test of wits and knowledge
Team Size5 Pax – Unlimited Pax
PriceFrom $20 per person
Duration1 Hour Gameplay + 30 mins set up & de-brief
Where To

Sit on your couch while cracking fiendish puzzles! In the tournament of your life, you are now entering the most exciting game show ever! Get set for the wildest Wheel of Fortune ride ever!

Check out Virtual Game Show here

2. Murder Mystery

Gather your team for a Virtual Murder Mystery game and work together to uncover a careful detective’s case. This game demands reasoning and collaboration, which is why it’s so popular for building skills such as communication and problem solving.

3. Family Feud

If your team in Singapore is needing something to get them excited and engaged, a digital version of the show Family Feud would be an entertaining way for participants to interact. Divide your team into groups and have them race against the clock to come up with the most popular answers to survey questions. The game tests their ability to think quickly, while strengthening bonds through the process.

4. Pictionary

Turn the Pictionary drawing game into a virtual guessing contest where coworkers try to guess drawings done by their teammates. Create a light-hearted space for play, creativity – and lots of laughs – when teams use drawing and guessing online services to compete against each other.

5. Trivia Challenge

Develop a trivia game tailored to subjects of relevance to your team or your company’s industry: maybe your team enjoys keeping up with pop culture or sports, or maybe your team or business needs a crash course in some aspect of the business. Test and build the team’s knowledge, but do it in a fun way that is competitive and entertaining.

6. Bingo

Host a virtual Bingo night where people can have fun and unwind, without having to expend too much mental energy doing it. You can customise your Bingo cards with themes that are relevant to your group or to current projects, adding a touch of learning to the fun.

7. The Price is Right

Another team-building activity is to give this enduring TV game show a sales spin by requiring team members to demonstrate their knowledge of market trends and pricing strategy. Once again, your team members will get to learn about their teammates’ roles and responsibilities in a fun and engaging way.

In-Person Game Show Ideas

8. Ultimate Game Show

Smoosh ’em together. And then cram in a little of everything, from every game show (Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud). And just like a potluck dinner, little kernels of something for everybody, without putting you to sleep.

9. Double Dare

Have team members complete physical challenges and answer questions to win money in a ‘Double Dare’ style game show. This fun and exciting activity will have team members working hard, thinking fast and working together under pressure.

10. Jeopardy

Create a custom ‘Jeopardy’ board. Include question categories that relate to your company’s operations, industry trends, and fun facts about your team members. Gauge how much your team learns from one another.

11. Deal or No Deal

Turn up the pressure by having a live version of Deal or No Deal, where what team members decide will send them to one bundle with a different prize/benefit that might benefit the whole team.

Planning and Execution Tips

  1. Picking the Right Game Show: Be aware of your team’s dynamics, interests and goals to select the right game show so all members feel welcome to participate and engage.
  2. Set Objectives: make it clear what you want to get out of the game show and communicate this to the group in advance.
  3. Form Teams Thoughtfully: Create teams that are diverse in role responsibilities, job status, and domain experience.
  4. Give Teams Good Time to Prepare: Give teams sufficient time to prepare before the show goes live to ensure everyone has an equal shot.
  5. Add Rewards and Incentives: If the group is too large, you might consider incentives or prizes for teams that win. It adds a little competitive spirit to the exchange.
  6. Encourage All To Participate And Contribute: The main team should encourage all team members to participate, and provide all of them with an opportunity to make contributions that help the project succeed. This will help to foster inclusivity and increase engagement.
  7. Add Debrief At the End: After the game show, debrief the team together on the lessons learned and insights attained. Debrief at the end.
  8. Take a Photo/Video: Capture the action of the game show with photos and videos to share with other team members and use for future team building experiences.

Team Building Game Show Singapore

Solve an enigma, compete in trivia, play a game of bingo – game shows can invigorate an ordinary team-building event, creating a memorable, fun experience that brings camaraderie to a workplace and bonds a team.

If planned correctly and conducted with inclusion and fun as the priority, these initiatives could improve your corporate culture and enhance the experience for everyone involved.

If you want to impress your higher-ups or wield this as an advantage in your social life, selecting the right games that match your employees’ unique dynamic and objectives is key to establishing a fun and inclusive environment where everyone can feel valued, motivated and connected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Team Building Game Shows in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Team Building Game Shows in Singapore below:

What are the best team building game shows in Singapore?

The most popular team building game shows in Singapore are Virtual Game Show by FunEmpire, Family feud, Murder Mystery , Jeopardy, Ultimate Game Show.

What are team building game shows?

Team building game shows are interactive competitions or quizzes, styled on television game shows, adapted to workplace environments for improving team collaboration and engagement. They can be delivered online or in-person and are designed to blend fun with professional development objectives.

How do team building game shows benefit our employees?

The benefits of team building game shows are: – improving communication between members. – boosting team moral and achievement. – enhancing problem solving skills. – creating a fun and stress free experience. – adding some political flavor to the team. – creating a friendly and cordial atmosphere. – integrating new members into the team.

Can team building game shows be customized for any company?

Indeed, game shows can be fully bespoke for your company’s culture, its values, and wholeheartedly reflect the team – its dynamics and challenges. Questions and challenges can be created to reflect the learning objectives (or, at least, match the team’s interests).

What technological work needs to be done in order to make it possible for the Singapore team to run their gameshow virtually?

A virtual game show can be set up by having a reliable internet connection, a videoconferencing app (eg Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet) and access to game show software or apps to provide quizzes or other interactive content, which could be provided by the videoconference app provider. You could hire a welcoming host or facilitator to run the event, but that is optional.

What are some of the best team building activities in Singapore?

Other exciting activities to try for team bonding in Singapore are amazing race challenge, art jamming, escape room, giant whack a mole, candle making, and bubble soccer.
There are also options of virtual activities for a virtual team building event in Singapore. These activities include virtual amazing race, virtual food quest, and virtual party mania in which remote teams compete in a great manner to have great fun while playing fun games.

How do winning teams typically stand out in team building game shows in Singapore?

Winning teams usually exhibit exceptional team work and strategic thinking. They develop a deeper understanding of each challenge, allowing them to effectively collaborate and leverage their unique strengths. This not only sets them apart from other teams but also showcases the importance of a dedicated team effort that’s carefully planned and executed.

What strategies can help other teams engage more effectively during these game shows?

Different teams can speak about the work and how to do it more effectively, and they can encourage behaviours that make members feel valued and secure. These teams can encourage the give-and-take of expressing questions and concerns, and can appreciate different ways of interpreting the work. To be sure, teams that engage well will come up with better solutions to their tasks and will work more effectively and collaboratively. And members of such teams will engage with the work more fully.

Are there educational benefits to participating in team building game shows?

Yes, participants often gain a deeper understanding of both their team dynamics and individual roles within the group. Additionally, these game shows are designed to incorporate interesting facts and scenarios that can broaden participants’ knowledge base and perspective, making the experience not only fun but also enriching.

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