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12 Best Chest Freezers in KL & Selangor [2023]

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Chest Freezers KL Selangor

Best Chest Freezer KL Selangor
Best Chest Freezer KL Selangor

A chest freezer is a great investment for those who want to save money and store food without taking up too much space. They are perfect for anyone with limited living space, as they can be tucked away in a closet or corner of the room. We’ve compiled a list of the 12 best chest freezers in KL & Selangor which we hope will help you make an informed decision on what to buy!

1. Sharp 110L Chest Freezer

The Sharp 110L Chest Freezer features a 110 liters chest freezer that’s tiny, compact, and ideal for any small kitchen.

Key Differentiators:

  • Dual Switch Setting
  • High Range Voltage: 160V -260V
  • Built-in safety lock
  • LED Lighting
  • Express Freezing
  • Grip Handle
  • Removable Basket Storage 

2. Faber FREDDO Dual Mode Chest Freezer 100L

The Faber FREDDO Dual Mode Chest Freezer 100L is a chest freezer that may be used as both a freezer and a refrigerator. It features a temperature range of – 25°C to 10°C, is controlled by means of a mechanical temperature controller, and has an adjustable shelf setting.

The freezer has an adjustable thermostat. It has a manual defrost function and uses a direct cooling system. The freezer features a foaming door on its body, as well as a bottom wheel for easier mobility. The appliance is easy to move around the house, providing it with added flexibility.

Key Differentiators:

  • Direct Cooling System
  • Foaming Door
  • Manual defrosts
  • Mechanical temperature control
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Side Basket Compartment Available
  • Handle with Key Lock Available
  • Bottom Wheel for Easy Mobility

3. Khind Chest Freezer

The Khind chest freezer comes in three different sizes, ranging from 93 to 142 and 208 liters. This appliance’s advertised power input is small, making it a very energy-efficient product. All of the freezers have just one door and an external hand grip. The temperature is controlled by a mechanical gadget, allowing you to customize it as you like.

Key Differentiators:

  • Mechanical temperature control
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Equipped with a key-lock function
  • Led light for the inside
  • Stylish white color 

4. Trio Chest Freezer Single Door 129L

Trio Chest Freezer Single Door 129L capacity of only 129 liters. It has dimensions of 574mm in length, 564mm in width, and 845mm in height. It is free of CFCs and features a high-efficiency compressor. The Trio chest freezer is corrosion-proof, adding to its high longevity. This ensures that the equipment will last longer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Eco Friendly and energy saving
  • Designed with extra space
  • Equipped with a lock and drain hole
  • 4 rollers, for easy mobility and movement 

5. Berjaya Premium 520L Chest Freezer

The Berjaya Premium 520L Chest Freezer is energy-efficient and ecologically beneficial. It has a capacity of 520 liters and is particularly built with more room. The device boasts a large amount of storage area, allowing you to effectively store all of your foodstuffs.

Key Differentiators:

  • Eco Friendly and energy saving
  • Designed with extra space
  • Low noise design
  • Easy to clean
  • Heavy-duty
  • Premium quality 

6. Butterfly 303L Chest Freezer Refrigerator with Built-in Sliding Glass Door

The Butterfly 303L Chest Freezer Refrigerator with Built-in Sliding Glass Door has a net capacity of 303 liters, which makes it one of the biggest on the market. It has an inner storage basket that can be removed, as well as a white inner design. The freezer’s grip handle makes it simple to open the door.

Key Differentiators:

  • Net Capacity: 303L
  • White Inner
  • D-Shaped Pipe Refrigeration
  • Removable Storage Basket
  • White Inner & Grip Handle
  • Width: 1104cm, Depth: 67cm, Height: 83cm 

7. Morgan 700L Duo Function Chest Freezer

The Morgan 700L Duo Function Chest Freezer is an environmentally friendly appliance because it is CFC-free. As a result, when you buy and utilize this device, you are aiding the environment in a significant way.

It’s capable of storing 700 liters and includes a deep-freezing option. It also has a high-energy-efficiency compressor, implying that it uses super-duper little electricity.

Key Differentiators:

  • Capacity: 700L
  • Durable epoxy inner body
  • With key lock
  • Deep and quick freezing
  • High energy efficiency compressor
  • Easy to clean 

8. Snow Stainless Steel Undercounter 3 Door Chiller/ Freezer 510L

The Snow Stainless Steel Undercounter 3 Door Chiller/Freezer 510L is a two-in-one refrigerator and freezer with a capacity of 510 liters. It has a diameter of 1800mm x 750mm x 800mm and a maximum storage capacity of 510 liters. Because it’s nearly a big appliance, make sure you have enough space.

Key Differentiators:

  • Build-in lock & key.
  • Digital thermostat & temperature display
  • Economical, powerful & long-lasting
  • Fashionable design for comfortable use
  • Self-closing door 

9. Elba 130L Chest Freezer

The Elba 130L Chest Freezer has a capacity of just 130 liters, with dimensions of 545mm in length, 560mm in depth, and 845mm in height. It comes with a standard caster that allows you to move it freely, making the appliance an especially great choice for a tiny household with little room.

The freezer also features two insulated beverage containers, as well as a convenient storage basket for the inside. This ensures that you can store effectively and to the maximum capacity of the freezer.

Key Differentiators:

  • Color Grey
  • Inner Compartment
  • Universal Caster Wheel
  • Basket
  • Freezer Rating-18°C
  • Defrost Manual 

10. Haier 450L Convertible Chest Freezer

The Haier 450L Convertible Chest Freezer is a two-in-one product, since it may be converted from a freezer to a refrigerator in an instant.

It features an aluminum inner platter that has 100 hours of cooling retention and is chemical-free. The machine also includes a high-efficiency compressor, ensuring significant energy savings. It’s also an environmentally friendly product that won’t cause much damage to Mother Nature.

Key Differentiators:

  • 100 Hours Freezing Retention Without Energy
  • Microcellular Foaming
  • Aluminum Inner Wall (Fast Freezing)
  • Super Freeze Function 

11. Hitec 133L Chest Freezer with Quick Freezing Function

Hitec 133L Chest Freezer with Quick Freezing Functions has a temperature range of -18°C and 100 hours of freezing retention without energy, making it the best supercooling capacity and supercooling retention.

Microcellular foam is utilized in the chest freezer’s body. It has a hand handle and a key lock feature, which makes it convenient to use. You may leave the freezer outside without worrying about losing or stealing the contents.

Key Differentiators:

  • The lock and key are built-in.
  • The temperature is displayed on an LCD screen.
  • It’s efficient, affordable, and long-lasting.

12. Hisense Chest Freezer Twin Door 550L

The Hisense Chest Freezer Twin Door 550L has a storage capacity of 550 liters. It is an energy-efficient appliance with a four-star rating, indicating that it is an efficient device with the best energy-saving function.

The model is available in blue or white. It has a metal liner and can hold up to 23 kg of ice per 24 hours, making it ideal for frozen drinks. The freezing range is between – 18°C and 0°C. The appliance is very quiet and considered an environmentally friendly option.

Key Differentiators:

  • Metal Liner
  • Temperature Control
  • Adjustable-Wire Basket
  • Castor Wheels 

Chest Freezers KL Selangor

Chest freezers are appliances that can be used to store food and other items, such as drinks. Get one now!

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