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10 Best Online Shopping Platforms in Malaysia

Online Shopping Malaysia

 Online Shopping Malaysia
Online Shopping Malaysia

Malaysia is a great country with many shopping options. It’s also home to some of the best online shops in the world. And we’re not just talking about any old website – these are all reputable and safe places to buy your next pair of jeans or that new laptop you’ve been eyeing for months. If you’re looking for something specific, there’s no shortage of sites offering it at competitive prices, so take a look through the 10 Best Online Shopping Platforms in Malaysia and see which one suits your needs best!

1. Shopee

Shopee  - Online Shopping Malaysia
Shopee – Online Shopping Malaysia

Shopee is Malaysia’s most popular e-commerce site, even outdoing its competition in Southeast Asia. This platform only launched in 2015 and has already earned a reputation for being less expensive than other online stores. Shopee distinguishes between three types of sellers: normal vendors, preferred sellers, and Shopee Mall merchants. Preferred sellers are highlighted by Shopee for having a strong sales track record and high product ratings, among other things. Official brands or top sellers are the choices of Shopee Mall merchants.

2. Lazada

Lazada  - Online Shopping Malaysia
Lazada – Online Shopping Malaysia

As of January 2020, Lazada was the most searched shopping destination in Malaysia. It was established in 2012 and subsequently acquired by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. On Lazada, there are three sorts of vendors. Official brands or authorized sellers are known as LazMall sellers, while local merchants refer to those based in Malaysia. Local entrepreneurs operating out of China, Korea, or Japan are referred to as LazGlobal sellers. This implies that you may purchase a variety of goods as a consumer.

3. Carousell

 Carousell  - Online Shopping Malaysia
 Carousell – Online Shopping Malaysia

Carousell, which began in 2012, is a marketplace for both new and used goods. The platforms are primarily utilized by individuals who are selling used products. There’s something for everyone on the sites, including clothing, consumer electronics, sports gear, and even automobiles and homes. Fashion and health & wellness items are prevalent on Carousell. There’s also a Carousell Protection option. This allows you to make a payment using one of the supported payment methods, but your money will be withheld from the seller until you’ve confirmed that you’ve received the item as advertised. Items that are designated as “Carousell Protection” are eligible for this feature.

4.  - Online Shopping Malaysia – Online Shopping Malaysia is a well-known online classifieds marketplace in Malaysia, having been established in 2007. Carousell, an internet commerce platform, purchased it in 2011. ‘Find almost everything’ is a tagline on ‘’. It’s not just a slogan. You’ll discover job listings, houses for sale used goods, and even live animals (we thought you’d have to pick up the animals yourself, but we discovered a few vendors offering delivery.

5. eBay

 eBay  - Online Shopping Malaysia
 eBay – Online Shopping Malaysia

eBay was one of the first famous e-commerce sites in the world, having been founded in 1995. Despite this, it is still one of the most popular auction sites in the United States. It’s a fantastic location to look for unusual items, antiques, or odd collectibles. While other e-commerce sites are useful for quickly locating what you need, virtual window shoppers will enjoy paging through the listings to uncover excellent offers and hidden treasures. Many things, on the other hand, will be up for auction, so you’ll have to bid on them rather than purchasing them right away.

6. Amazon

Amazon  - Online Shopping Malaysia
Amazon – Online Shopping Malaysia

Amazon is the most famous e-commerce platform in the world; the juggernaut that has propelled founder Jeff Bezos to the top of Forbes’ Richest People in the World list for three years running. Amazon isn’t nearly as popular as it is in the United States. Small and large companies, major brands, and even Amazon itself sell on the site. Because of this, you’re likely to find whatever you’re searching for on the internet; however, you may end up paying a lot for shipping.

7. Zalora

Zalora  - Online Shopping Malaysia
Zalora – Online Shopping Malaysia

Zalora is an online fashion store with over 50,000 items for sale, including skirts, timepieces, dresses, shoes, and other goods. Their best feature is their exceptional men’s clothing collection, which is not often seen on fashion sites. They offer hoodies and sweatshirts for males, as well as shorts, leisure shoes, bags, and other items.

8. Sephora

Sephora  - Online Shopping Malaysia
Sephora – Online Shopping Malaysia

Sephora is the only e-commerce site on this list that is primarily dedicated to cosmetics. It provides customers with a wide selection of beauty and skincare goods. Sephora has one-stop shopping for all of your cosmetic needs, making cosmetics purchasing as easy and hassle-free as possible. It sells both its own branded items and cosmetics from a variety of different companies.

9. Lelong

Lelong  - Online Shopping Malaysia
Lelong – Online Shopping Malaysia

Lelong was Malaysia’s first e-commerce marketplace, preceding Lazada, 11Street, and Shopee. It was established in 2007 and has since expanded to become the country’s largest e-commerce platform. Lelong is still among the top five e-commerce platforms despite losing its top spot.

10. PrestoMall

PrestoMall - Online Shopping Malaysia
PrestoMall – Online Shopping Malaysia

Some may be wondering where 11Street Malaysia went, but it was rebranded to PrestoMall and has remained active. It began operations in 2014 as a subsidiary of its Korean parent company, which was founded in 2008. It used to be Malaysia’s second most popular online marketplace.

Online Shopping Malaysia

For those in Malaysia, the internet has made shopping easier than ever before. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite online stores for both fashion and beauty products so that you can find what you need without having to leave your home or office!

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