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10 Things To Do This Black Friday Besides Shopping [2023]

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Black Friday Singapore
Black Friday Singapore

Black Friday Singapore

Once upon a time, Black Friday was a single day of shopping in excess; people woke up early the day after Thanksgiving, headed to malls, and fought over deeply discounted sweaters and televisions.

Nowadays, Black Friday is a vaguely defined period in November (usually 29th November) that mixes together solid price reductions, incredible loss-leader discounts, and a slew of questionable bargains.

Since Black Friday deals now last for more than a day, we have put together a list of activities you can do this Black Friday instead of shopping, queuing for hours, and lugging heavy bags of merchandises.

1) Bubble Bump

Bubble Bump is the recreation sport of playing footbal while being half-encased inside an inflated torus bubble; similar to a zorb, which covers the player’s upper body and head.

Typically played in teams in large indoor spaces or outdoor fields, Bubble Bump follows the same objectives and rules as a regular football game; teams compete to hit a ball into the opposing team’s goal with the added condition that each player must wear an inflatable bubble around their upper torso.

Besides just kicking a ball and scoring goals, there are also different game modes available such as Bubble Bump Invasion, Bubble Bump Zombie, and many more.

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Price: Starting from $15/Pax

2) Combat Archery Tag

Sometimes known as Battle Archery, Combat Archery Tag is a combination of 3 other main sports; Dodgeball, Paintball, and Archery.

Participants would form teams of 5, then shoot at opponents with large foam tip arrows using a bow. To avoid having any casualties, participants wear protective face masks and use wooden bows with less than 30lb draw weight.

The game’s rules closely resemble dodgeball; it begins with 10 arrows at the center of the arena in each team’s court. At the whistle, players will race to collect as many arrows as they can, before firing them at opponents across the playing field.

This exciting, action-packed game features different game modes such as The Domination, The Revival, and The Last King.

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Price: Starting from $15/Pax

3) Laser Tag

Taking an age-old ordinary pastime for kids and transforming it into an extraordinary experience, Laser Tag is a tag game played with guns that fire infrared beams.

Infrared-sensitive target vests are worn by each player during the game, which display each players life and team colour. When shot, the vests will deduct a life from the player until he/she has no more life left, then the vest will start blinking to signal that the player is out.

Laser Tag can be played indoors and outdoors with different game modes available that may include simulations of combat, role play, or competitive sporting events including tactical configurations and precise game goals.

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Price: Starting from $15/Pax

4) Poolball

Poolball is the combination of pool and football played on a human-sized pool table that players are supposed to walk on.

Instead of using a cue-stick, players use their feet to kick the cue ball in order to pocket the other footballs.

Poolball has the exact same rules as regular pool, following the traditional 8 Ball or 9 Ball games, with players playing in teams.

Regardless of age, the unique game modes will definitely be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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Price: Starting from $15/Pax

5) Saber Tag

Incorporating neon combat sabers and velcro vests with velcro balls that represent a player’s life, Saber Tag allows players to engage in real-time saber dueling in a fun and safe way.

Inspired by Star Wars, choose your side; Jedi or Sith, as you battle it out with your opponents for the ultimate goal of completing missions and bringing glory to your team.

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Price: Starting from $15/Pax

6) Escape Room

This is a game in which participants play as a cooperative team to discover clues, solve puzzles, and mysetries in order to accomplish tasks and progress in the story. The ultimate goal eventually is to escape from the site of the game.

Race against time and be on your toes as you navigate through the unexpected turn of events throughout the Escape Room experience. Most importantly, find the key to escape!

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Price: Starting from $20/Pax

7) Art Jamming

Art Jamming is the act of a group of people coming together and creating art, either as individuals or as a team.

The other thing is that you do not have to clean up and constantly change the paint water; yes, it is a dream come true – a painting haven where you can make all the mess you want and not have to clean up, unlike the typical horrifying art classes.

In addition, you will get to witness and be impressed by your own art skills as well as your friends!

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Price: Starting from $19/Pax

8) Terrarium Workshop

Terrariums are usually sealable glass containers containing soil and plants, that can be opened for maintenance to access the plants inside. However, terraria can also be open to the atmosphere rather than being sealed.

They are often kept as decorative or ornamental items, and can also be further decorated by adding colourful sand and figurines in the terrarium.

Build your own little portable garden today and have fun in an eco-friendly way!

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Price: Starting from $28/Pax

9) Leather Workshop

Leather Crafting is simply the practice of shaping leather into craft objects or works of art, using colouring techniques, shaping techniques, or both.

From passport holders, to key holders, to card holders, and to hand pouches; you name it, we have it!

Come together with your friends and create some leather products of your own to take home! The result is much more rewarding than purchasing a leather product yourself from retail stores, during this Black Friday sales period.

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Price: Starting from $42/Pax

10) Candle Making Workshop

New in trend, gel candle making have recently gained tremendous popularity.
Compared to normal paraffin candles, gel candles have a longer burning time!
In addition to that, natural mineral oils are being used to make the gel candles; giving them a pleasant smell and also being a grenner alternative.
Learn how to make your very own customized Candle Making with your friends and colleagues today!

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 Price: $35/Pax

Black Friday Singapore

All in all, Black Friday does not need to be spent splurging and fighting for cut-price goods at retail stores. While everyone is busy battling it out to snatch the last product on store shelves, you and your friends could be spending some quality time together having fun and waiting for the queues to die down; since Black Friday sales today has turned into a two-week shopping event rather than 24 hours.

Furthermore, some “discounts” might not be actual price-cuts since retail stores nowadays have found sneaky marketing tactics to promote their offers as significant price reductions; when in actual fact, there is barely a difference.

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