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8 Best Endocrinologist in Singapore [2023]

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Endocrinologist Singapore

Best Endocrinologist Singapore
Best Endocrinologist Singapore

Every endocrinologist is different and will offer a unique service. However, there are some endocrinologists which you should avoid at all costs. This article helps you learn more about the top 10 endocrinologists in Singapore for your convenience!

1. Vivien Lim Endocrinology Specialist Centre

Vivien Lim Endocrinology Specialist Centre - Endocrinologist Singapore
Vivien Lim Endocrinology Specialist Centre – Endocrinologist Singapore (Credit: Vivien Lim Endocrinology Specialist Centre)
Key ServicesTax free
Address6 Napier Rd, #03-17/18, Singapore 258499
Phone+65 6471 1928
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

If you’re searching for a top endocrinologist in Singapore, look no further than Dr. Vivien Lim! Dr. Lim is a graduate of National University Singapore with expertise from both local and foreign hospitals.

In addition to his work as a consultant, Dr. Lim also teaches at various institutions in Singapore, where he is a lecturer for medical students. Her enthusiasm for educating has grown into opportunities to speak at international conferences about endocrinology.

Key Differentiators

  1. Fellow of the Academy of Medicine
  2. Full range of services
  3. With local and international exposure

Client Testimonial

Very detailed doctor and address all the concern that i am facing. Thank you Dr. Lim

2. The Endocrine Clinic

 The Endocrine Clinic - Endocrinologist Singapore
The Endocrine Clinic – Endocrinologist Singapore (Credit: The Endocrine Clinic)
Key ServicesHolistic Healthcare
AddressMount Elizabeth Novena 38 Irrawaddy Road Suite 08-55/56/57
Phone+65 6570 2683
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

The Endocrine Clinic is made up of three specialists with varied specialties. Furthermore, these doctors have local and international expertise, making them some of the most qualified endocrinologists on the island.

The Endocrine Clinic is one of the top endocrinology clinics in Singapore, according to us, because each doctor pays individual attention to every patient. Patients have also claimed that they receive some of the best diabetes specialists in Singapore.

Key Differentiators

  1. Committed doctors
  2. Offers patient education
  3. Personalised treatments

Client Testimonial

Dr. Alvin is great! After almost 10 years of doctors contradicting each other regarding my diagnosis, Dr. Alvin was 100% sure after just my blood test. He then put me on treatment, and after almost a year under his care – my symptoms have almost disappeared and fell SO MUCH BETTER! I’m healthier, stronger, thinner and so much happier since I started seeing him. Couldn’t recommend more!

3. Dr. Abel Soh Wah Ek

 Dr. Abel Soh Wah Ek - Endocrinologist Singapore
Dr. Abel Soh Wah Ek – Endocrinologist Singapore (Credit: Dr. Abel Soh Wah Ek)
Key ServicesThyroid Treatments
Address3 Mount Elizabeth, #07-08, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore 228510
Phone+65 6262 2008
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 8.30 am – 5.00 pm
Saturday: 8.30 am – 1.00 pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Dr. Abel Soh is regarded in the field of endocrinology for his work on pregnancy diabetes and many of his publications are highly regarded. He now serves various services, treating patients with diabetes, lipid problems, adrenal thyroid diseases, and a variety of other issues.

Key Differentiators

  1. Wide range of treatments available
  2. Individualised approach on treatments
  3. Skilful endocrinologist and professional staff

Client Testimonial

I’ve been seeing Dr Abel Soh for coming 4 years now… Very honest and humble person… Always trying his best for you… Overload with patience and professionalism… I’m just glad he hadn’t given up on me… And also not forgetting his two beautiful and cheerful receptionists… Which always makes things easier and always helpful. Much appreciated to them all.

4. Specialist Endocrine Clinic

 Specialist Endocrine Clinic - Endocrinologist Singapore
Specialist Endocrine Clinic – Endocrinologist Singapore (Credit: Specialist Endocrine Clinic)
Key ServicesExcellent Patient Care
Address1 Orchard Blvd, #04-03 Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 2486491 Farrer Park Station Road #13-11 Singapore 217562
Phone(65) 67354066, (65) 64448870
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

In terms of professionalism and personalized attention, we have yet to discover a clinic that compares with Specialist Endocrine Clinic. It’s an endocrinology clinic that offers medical treatments for thyroid diseases, diabetes, hormonal issues, osteoporosis, and other problems.

Dr. Foo Joo Pin is the founder and director of Specialist Endocrine Clinic. He has spent years studying and practising medicine in both locales and abroad, so you can feel confident that you will be in good hands.

Key Differentiators

  1. Local and international experience
  2. Personalised medical treatments

Client Testimonial

Dr. Foo is one of the rare specialists, who are both highly competent and highly empathetic. I’ve been seeing him for nearly 3 years, and each visit, he spends a significant amount of time walking me through my test results, explaining the various outcomes and the latest research on my condition. Despite his advanced degrees and outstanding depth of knowledge, he treats his patients with the utmost respect. Through his treatment, my condition has dramatically improved – I highly recommend him to anyone in search of an Endocrinologist.

5. Dr Matthew Tan Diabetes and Endocrine Care

 Dr Matthew Tan Diabetes and Endocrine Care - Endocrinologist Singapore
Dr Matthew Tan Diabetes and Endocrine Care – Endocrinologist Singapore (Credit: Dr Matthew Tan Diabetes and Endocrine Care)
Key ServicesHolistic management of all hormone disorders
AddressDr Matthew Tan Diabetes and Endocrine Care
1 Farrer Park Station Rd, #11-01 Connexion, Singapore 217562
Phone+65 6432 8252
Operating HoursMon – Fri: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sat: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Dr Matthew Tan Diabetes and Endocrine Care is a fantastic alternative if you’re looking for a medical facility that specializes in treating most hormonal issues.

The present medical director and senior consultant, Endocrinologist is Dr Matthew Tan Zhen-Wei. He has always delivered excellent service to each client who requires help with hormonal issues, such as thyroid and adrenal disease.

Key Differentiators

  1. Weight management
  2. Adrenal disorders
  3. Thyroid disorders

Client Testimonial

Dr Matthew Tan is an experienced endocrinologist (hormone specialist) with excellent clinical skills and a wonderful heart for patients. He does not rush through consultations but devotes time and attention to all patients. Will definitely recommend him as the go to specialist for any hormone related disorders.

6. Arden Endocrinology Specialist Centre

 Arden Endocrinology Specialist Centre - Endocrinologist Singapore
Arden Endocrinology Specialist Centre – Endocrinologist Singapore (Credit: Arden Endocrinology Specialist Centre)
Key ServicesDiabetes Treatment
Address38 Irrawaddy Road, 09-45/46, Singapore 329563
Phone+65 6334 2301
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Dr. Ben Ng is the director of the Arden Endocrinology Specialist Centre, which is Singapore’s top endocrinologist for diabetes. So, if you’re looking for a good endocrinologist in Singapore who specializes in diabetes, keep Dr. Ben Ng’s name handy!

Dr. Ng also specializes in endocrine disorder treatment, including diabetes testing, screenings, and treatments as well as thyroid issues and other endocrine system-related problems.

Key Differentiators

  1. Advanced medical technologies
  2. Diabetes treatments

Client Testimonial

Dr. Ben has been very thorough and detailed since day 1 that I went to see him. I have a long history of underlying medical conditions. Dr Ben really took time to analyse my medical history, in order to get to the root of my current condition and came up with my treatment plan. Very patient and friendly Dr, I trust him fully for his professional advice and consultation.

7. Mount Elizabeth Hospital

 Mount Elizabeth Hospital - Endocrinologist Singapore
Mount Elizabeth Hospital – Endocrinologist Singapore (Credit: Mount Elizabeth Hospital)
Key ServicesHealth Screenings
Address3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228510
Phone+65 6250 0000
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
24-hour walk-in clinic and emergency

The staff at Mount Elizabeth Hospital is made up of board-certified specialists with expertise in all areas of endocrinology. The team includes endocrinologists, dietitians, and podiatrists.

Patients can anticipate comprehensive health evaluations, checkups, and other therapies necessary to their condition and recovery. It specializes in the following diseases: adrenal disorders, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, osteoporosis, and thyroid cancer.

Key Differentiators

  1. Professional support medical staff
  2. Experienced doctors
  3. State-of-the-art equipment

Client Testimonial

1-night stay for a minor bone operation. Excellent staff, service, and care. Wide meals menu selection, bed was comfortable. Even complimentary transport home from the Victoria lounge.

8. Dr. Marilyn Lee

 Dr. Marilyn Lee - Endocrinologist Singapore
Dr. Marilyn Lee – Endocrinologist Singapore (Credit: Dr. Marilyn Lee)
Key ServicesEndocrinology care
Address38 Irrawaddy Road #06-52
Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre
Singapore 329563
Phone6873 3711
Operating HoursMondays to Fridays: 9am to 5pm
Saturdays: 9am to 1pm

If you’re searching for an endocrinologist, Dr. Marilyn Lee is the ideal option! She has studied and practiced medicine in both locales as well as foreign countries. In addition to her achievements in the field of endocrinology, she has also achieved a number of other successes.

She’s a seasoned and highly qualified endocrinologist with a variety of specializations. She offers a wide range of medical services for a variety of health issues, such as diabetes, thyroid disease, osteoporosis, and reproductive endocrine disorders.

Key Differentiators

  1. Full range of medical services
  2. Highly experienced endocrinologist

Client Testimonial

Dr. Marilyn Lee and staff are very helpful. It was a smooth experience. Dr Lee was thorough with her explanations. I felt assured with her words. Staff didn’t mind me asking for further info added in the docs needed by our insurance provider.

Best Endocrinologist Singapore

Endocrinologists are specialists in the endocrine system, which includes the glands that produce hormones. Singapore has many endocrinologists, and the 8 best are listed in this article. They are highly qualified and offer a variety of services for different endocrine system-related problems.

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