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Fun And Cool Activities To Replace Your Regular Workout [2023]

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Working out is not just limited to jogging or cardio at the gym. Expand your horizons by taking up fun activities that are not only engaging, but also allows you to break a sweat and lose those extra pounds!

These activities would be especially great for those who simply do not enjoy working out. Fitness can be a thoroughly satisfying activity for both the mind and body, and here at The Fun Empire, we fully encourage our participants to find the joys in toning ourselves.

As such, here are some fun activities that you could consider to replace your regular workout routine.

1. SaberFit®

If you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise, you won’t be disappointed with SaberFit®. Originated from our Saber Tag activity, participants get to swing around lighted sabers all the while engaging in this high-intensity cardio fitness routine that combines cardio, calisthenic and other conditioning elements together. In this class, we’ll play adrenaline-pumping music that will get you in the mood and ready to sweat off those pounds!

What’s great about our SaberFit event is that it could be customized and altered to the participants’ preference and limit. As such, each and every participant are able to perform at their own pace, so everyone could join in the fun during the workout session!

2. Combat Archery Tag

Do you know that Combat Archery Tag was created due to the international success of the Hunger Games series? Thus, we could all thank Katniss Everdeen and her expertise in holding a bow and arrow for the invention of this highly-engaging activity. 

Combat Archery Tag could be held both indoors and outdoors, so the weather conditions do not affect your chance to run around and hunt down your opponents. For those who are worried about the pain, fret not! Our bows and arrows are all covered with sponge tips, which on the occasion you’re tagged, it feel like a marshmallow is being thrown at you! Popular for birthday parties, Combat Archery Tag is an activity meant for all ages.

3. Trampoline

Trampoline is an In-Thing occurring not only in Singapore, but around the world. Just head onto YouTube or any social media platform and you’ll see many people bouncing here and there and simply having fun. While the activity no doubt targets children more, that does not mean adults should be excluded! The activity is a great stress-reliever, and also helps to tone your body by burning fats during and after the session. Not to mention you could bond alongside your friends and family members, trampoline takes the meaning of fitness to a whole new level.

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