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10 Best Grocery Stores In Singapore [2023]

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Grocery Store Singapore

Best Grocery Store Singapore  
Best Grocery Store Singapore  

If you’re looking for the best grocery stores in Singapore, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Grocery Stores in Singapore. Whether you’re looking for organic produce, international brands, or a great loyalty program, these stores have something to offer everyone. Check them out today!

But before that, here are some key things to consider when choosing a Grocery Store in Singapore!

Key Consideration Factors

  • Location: It is important to choose a grocery store that is conveniently located and accessible.
  • Prices: Compare prices between different stores to ensure you get the best deals on your groceries.
  • Quality of food: Check for freshness and expiration dates before purchasing products from a grocery store in Singapore.
  • Range of products: Consider what type of product range the store offers, including organic produce or international brands if required
  • Loyalty program: Look out for loyalty programs offered by certain stores so you can enjoy discounts when shopping at their outlets regularly
  • Storage and packing options available: Determine whether the store provides storage solutions such as freezers, refrigerators or other packaging materials that are needed for storing items safely
  • Delivery options: Find out if delivery services are provided, so you can order online and have your items delivered straight to your doorstep
  • Payment methods accepted: Make sure that the payment methods accepted by the supermarket align with what is convenient for you (e-wallets/credit cards/cash etc.) 9 Customer service & support – Ensure that quality customer service & support are provided at all times, both during in-store visits or via phone/online chat.

Now, here are the Best Grocery Stores in Singapore!

Best Grocery Store Singapore

1. Giant

Giant - Grocery Store Singapore
Giant – Grocery Store Singapore (Credit: Giant)
Key Services Grocery Store, Supermarket
Address21 Tampines North Drive 2 #03-01 Singapore 528765
Phone 6891 8000

Giant has a wide selection of home goods, electronics, and apparel in keeping with its name. Giant is Singapore’s biggest mass-market shop, with over 62 locations throughout the island, and is home to a wide selection of general goods to satisfy not just your stomach but also your shopping wants.

Key Differentiators:

  • Pleasant shopping experience
  • Lower Prices That Last
  • 100% Freshness Promise

2. NTUC FairPrice & FairPrice Finest

NTUC FairPrice & FairPrice Finest - Grocery Store Singapore
NTUC FairPrice & FairPrice Finest – Grocery Store Singapore (Credit: NTUC FairPrice & FairPrice Finest)
Key Services Grocery Store, Supermarket

NTUC FairPrice & FairPrice Finest offers a wide range of goods and excellent discounts. Check out the FairPrice house brands for some incredible savings. their ‘basket of 500 essential items’—all of which are kept competitively low. Its objective is to keep 90% of its Everyday Low Price goods on the market in order to lower living costs.

Key Differentiators:

  • Singapore’s largest supermarket retailer
  • Network of more than 100 outlets
  • Multiple retail formats

3. Cold Storage

Cold Storage - Grocery Store Singapore
Cold Storage – Grocery Store Singapore (Credit: Cold Storage)
Key Services Grocery Store, Supermarket, International stuff
Address21 Tampines North Drive 2 #03-01 Singapore 528765
Phone 6891 8000

Cold Storage is a pioneer in bringing high-quality, unique goods from across the world to Singapore’s residents. These family-friendly shops are always looking for ways to satisfy their customers’ changing demands and deliver with the freshest quality selection from all around the world.

This supermarket, with both local and non-local selections, is where expats who are feeling a little homesick or locals who want to fill their stomachs with foreign flavors go.

Key Differentiators:

  • Freshness Guaranteed
  • Exclusive Selections from All Over the World
  • Great Quality at Great Value Everyday

4. Ryan’s Grocery

Ryan’s Grocery - Grocery Store Singapore
Ryan’s Grocery – Grocery Store Singapore (Credit: Ryan’s Grocery)
Key Services Grocery Store, High-quality natural food, Specific dietary Supplies
Address29 Binjai Park, Singapore 589831
Phone (65) 6463 3933 or (65) 9737 0247

Ryan’s Grocery only purchases high-quality natural food that is appropriate for people who need special eating restrictions, such as lactose intolerance, gluten-free diets, and nut allergies.

Key Differentiators:

  • Sustainable & Ethical
  • Allergen Friendly
  • Extensive Range

5. Meidi-Ya

Meidi-Ya - Grocery Store Singapore
Meidi-Ya – Grocery Store Singapore (Credit: Meidi-Ya)
Key Services Grocery Store, Selection of fresh food from Japan.
Address1 Kim Seng Promenade, #B2-111 to 121 Great World City, Singapore 237994
Phone (65) 6771 1111 

Meidi-Ya is an essential component of the Japanese expat community. This market is one of two overseas outposts for Meidi-Ya, which sells a diverse selection of fresh food from Japan.

A Japanese supermarket with a pharmacy, gelato stand, several food trucks and a restaurant are all included. Also, Meidi-Ya offers a variety of in-house items, including a rainbow of colorful syrup for the best tasting drinks known as “My Syrup.”

Key Differentiators:

  • Huge variety of fresh food 
  • Imported directly from Japan
  • Online shopping is also available

6. Little Farms

Little Farms - Grocery Store Singapore
Little Farms – Grocery Store Singapore (Credit: Little Farms)
Key Services Grocery Store, Organic, Farm-fresh produce
AddressValley Point Shopping Centre, 491 River Valley Road #01-24 Singapore 248371

Little Farms is a grocery store that sells organic, farm-fresh produce and pastas, as well as milk and preservative-free meats from Down Under.

The Whole Kitchen’s gluten- and refined sugar-free snacks can also be found in their aisles, near Soma Organics energy bars and Doodles Creek sauces, as a homegrown brand.  

Key Differentiators:

  • Great value for money
  • Freshness Guaranteed
  • Artisanal Groceries

7. Sheng Siong

Sheng Siong - Grocery Store Singapore
Sheng Siong – Grocery Store Singapore (Credit: Sheng Siong)
Key Services Grocery Store, Budget-conscious consumers
Address6 Mandai Link Singapore 728652
Phone +65 6895 1888

For those on a tighter budget, any Sheng Siong store is an excellent place to satisfy your cravings. Sheng Siong supermarkets, like other stores, sell groceries and basic needs at reasonable rates – however, with a larger range of items and even lower prices. They offer a similar product selection as a wet market and are just as fresh.

Key Differentiators:

  • Provides both wet and dry goods
  • Wide range of products 
  • Attractive prices

8. Redmart

Redmart - Grocery Store Singapore
Redmart – Grocery Store Singapore (Credit: Redmart)
Key Services Grocery Store, Online Supermarket Shopping

Redmart, despite being only available on Lazada, is still quite worthwhile and is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods to shop at a supermarket in Singapore. Whether you want to avoid the inconvenience of going to a physical store and getting your meals delivered straight to your home, or if you simply prefer not to do so!

Key Differentiators:

  • Fresh online groceries
  • Wider Varieties
  • Free gifts 

9. Koryo Mart

Koryo Mart - Grocery Store Singapore
Koryo Mart – Grocery Store Singapore (Credit: Koryo Mart)
Key Services Grocery Store, Korean Grocery
Address4 Toh Tuck Link#04–00 singapore 596226
Phone 6268 – 8846

There’s no need to fly halfway across the world to stock up on all of your Korean cooking essentials. Koryo Mart offers a wide selection of food where you can get everything you’ll ever need for kimchi, rice cakes, instant rice, and other Korean snacks and beverages.

Do you want to learn how to make bibimbap but don’t have the necessary equipment? They also include metal spoons and chopsticks with the tools you’ll need.

Key Differentiators:

  • Fast Delivery 
  • Manufactures in Kora 
  • Dedicated Service Team

10. Sri Murugan

Sri Murugan - Grocery Store Singapore
Sri Murugan – Grocery Store Singapore (Credit: Sri Murugan)
Key Services Grocery Store, Indian Supermarket
Address5 Second Chin Bee road,Singapore 618772
Phone 67343045

Sri Murugan is your best bet if you don’t have a slew of Indian relatives flying in spices on demand. Sri Murugan, a popular Indian supermarket chain, offers a wide selection of fresh produce, spices, and international foods at reasonable costs.

There are numerous retail outlets on the island, or you may order from home with Sri Murugan’s shopping app and have your purchases delivered to your home.

Key Differentiators:

  • An authentic taste of India
  • Fresh veggies, spices and Indian groceries 
  • Reasonable prices

Grocery Store Singapore

There are many different online grocery stores in Singapore, each with its own unique selling points. Whether you are looking for organic produce, a wide variety of products, or affordable prices, there is a store that will meet your needs.

Since you have made it to the end, it would be great if you could check out the awesome articles that we have written for you! Maybe, it will help you add more fun to your daily lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Grocery Store in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Grocery Stores in Singapore below:

Are there any other stores that offer grocery shop services?

Yes! There are also mini marts and convenience stores such as 7-11 and Cheers, which offer a wide selection of snacks and beverages as well as some essential household items. Additionally, there are retail stores such as Mustafa Centre, which offers a variety of items from groceries to electronics at a lower price. The best groceries are still the supermarket near me.

Are there any online grocery shopping options in Singapore?

Yes! There are numerous online supermarkets in Singapore and grocery stores such as Redmart, Happy Fresh, Shine Korea, Hao Mart, Amazon Prime Now and more that offer delivery services right to your doorstep. These online shops also often offer household products, household appliances, and other household goods for your daily necessities at a minimum spend requirement.

Are there any other options aside from physical stores?

Yes! You can also buy groceries online with delivery services such as Redmart, The Warehouse Club, Happy Fresh, Amazon Prime Now, HAO Halal Hub, and more in Chinatown point. This can be a great way to save time, as you don’t need to go out and search for items in physical stores and struggle with items that have metric and imperial units. Additionally, many of these online stores offer promotions and discounts that can help you save money when shopping for groceries.

Where can I find fresh meat and organic fruit in Singapore?

The answer is that there are a variety of places where you can purchase fresh and high-quality organic meats in Singapore. For instance, Cold Storage and FairPrice supermarkets offer a wide selection of fresh, frozen, and processed meats including beef, pork, lamb, and game. Additionally, there are also several independent butcher shops that you can visit to purchase your desired cuts of meat. Lastly, for those who are looking for halal certified meats, there are a number of halal-certified supermarkets such as Tanglin Mall, Prime Supermarket, Millenia Walk Mall and Mustafa Centre where you can find what you need. There are also unique shops that offer Japanese goods and seafood.

There are numerous places in Singapore where you can purchase organic fruits. For instance, there are supermarkets such as Cold Storage and FairPrice that offer a wide range of certified organic produce including fresh fruits and vegetables. Additionally, there are also specialty health food stores such as Nature’s Glory, where you can find organic fruits and other health foods. Lastly, for those looking for online options, there are also a variety of delivery services such as Redmart that offer organic fruit from local farms.

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