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9 Best Mattresses Singapore Has To Offer [2023]

Mattress Singapore

Best Mattress Singapore
Best Mattress Singapore

As humans, we actually spend a third of our lives in bed. Hence the mattress we use is actually very important in ensuring quality rest to power us throught the day. The perfect mattress is vital to a good night’s sleep and in achieving good back health. But finding the right mattress involves getting both the right support as well as the right comfort level. This means that mattress hunting should be an intimate and personal process and there’s no such thing as miracle mattresses in Singapore.

Interrupted sleep comes from owning a mattress that doesn’t meet your preferences. Because your comfort is compromised, it can leave you feeling unrested in the morning. A good mattress can last up to 10 years, so it should be a worthwhile investment. For your comfort, The Fun Empire has gathered -in no particular order – a list of the Best Mattresses in Singapore.

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Origin Sleep Pte Ltd - Mattress Singapore
Origin Sleep Pte Ltd – Mattress Singapore (Credit: Origin Mattress)
Key ProductsOrigin Hybrid Pro Mattress, Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow, Origin Contour Ergonomic Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Address36 Kaki Bukit Pl, #01-01 Entrance across Enterprise One carpark gantry, Singapore 416214
Phone+65 6864 9634
Operating Hours11am to 5pm Daily

In 2018, Origin was established to enhance the sleep experience of its customers by using the most innovative technologies. They manufacture all of their products with the help of their award-winning German design team and a global alliance of doctors (chiropractors, physiotherapists, etc.). Now that they have expanded across regions, their products are available in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.

Their Purpose: They believe sleep is the superpower that enhances or changes everything people do.
Their Vision: As a leading provider of sleep technology, their vision is to empower people to live their most productive lives.
Their Mission: The mission of Origin is to improve sleep worldwide by cutting out the gimmicks and focusing on what matters: the products and the technologies.

They place a high priority on customer satisfaction with their products. As a result of their customers’ experiences and reviews, they can improve their products to meet the needs of their customers.

Key Differentiators

  1. 120 days trial
  2. 15 years warranty
  3. Free Delivery & Returns
Origin Hybrid Mattress - Mattress Singapore
Origin Hybrid Mattress – Mattress Singapore (Credit: Origin Mattress)

Made from Origin’s signature pressure-relieving foams paired with an added layer of high-quality springs and natural latex, the Origin Hybrid Mattress gives you added bounce and luxurious support where you need it. With its high durability, magnificent support, and certified comfort, you can be sure to awaken fresh and revitalised!

Customer Review

Innovative product with cool feeling when sleeping. Customer service was courteous, well-explained the product features, and provided quick delivery the very next day. Refund policy is a plus point.

Would not hesitate to recommend to others.

Azhar Katib (Google Review)
Winter Sleep Pte Ltd - Mattress Singapore
Winter Sleep Pte Ltd – Mattress Singapore (Credit: Winter Sleeps)
Key ProductsE-commerce mattress brand
AddressMactech Building 2 Kallang Pudding Road #02-04 S349307
Operating Hours11am-5pm Daily

Based in Singapore, Winter Sleep is the latest and most advanced luxury mattress brand with a focus on creating the most cooling sleep environment for their customers living in this hot climate. Research suggests a cooler sleep environment helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with less disturbance.

With the help of an orthopaedic team and Swiss technology, their hybrid mattress can reduce temperatures by 8 degrees. They believe in making the mattress buying process as convenient as possible, hence their mattresses are delivered in a compact box and if someone is not satisfied after using the mattress, they may return it within 120 nights for a full refund.

Their showroom is located within Mactech Building.

Key Differentiators

  1. Their Swiss design team has developed their own NanoFibre Glacier Silk™, MemoryCloud Latex™ and WinterCool Massage Foam™ layers. There are 6 layers in total
  2. They are the only premium sleep product brand in Singapore with expertise in cooling sleep technology.
  3. Their mattress benefits mental and physical well-being. It has been proven to reduce insomnia by up to 70%. Temperatures can be decreased by up to 8 degrees, to reach the best optimum sleep temperature.
Winter® Mattress - Mattress Singapore
Winter® Mattress – Mattress Singapore (Credit: Winter Mattress)

Designed in Switzerland, this is the world’s 1st ever mattress to feature 3 new innovative layers (NanoFibre Glacier Silk™, MemoryCloud Latex™ and WinterCool Massage Foam™), that brings a whole new meaning to cooling and comfortable sleep.

Customer Review

As I write this I am actually lay on the bed after a good nights sleep, the way the mattress cushions my body and supports it is second to none.

The springs that hold you in just the right place makes you feel like your sleeping on air, the mattress is medium to firm in my opinion.

It allows you to easily move without to much effort compared to other foam mattresses. Highly recommend Winter mattress.

Genevieve Teo
Snow Slumber - Mattress Singapore
Snow Slumber – Mattress Singapore (Credit: Snow Slumber)
Key ProductsCold Mattress
Address110 Lorong 23 Geylang #05-08 Victory Centre Singapore S388410
Phone8467 6587
Operating Hours11am – 5pm

The coldest and comfiest mattress you’ll ever experience. Along with our ActivSnow+ Material, heat will start to dissipate within seconds and you’ll feel a soothe cooling sensation. Fall asleep naturally in an instance as you sleep cool for the next 8 hours or more.

Key Differentiators

  1. Coldest Mattress In Singapore
  2. Hybrid Mattress
  3. Home-grown Start Up.

Customer Review

This is like sleeping on the softest firm thing ever. If that sounds ridiculous it’s because I don’t know to describe it. It’s just perfect. If you’re looking for a mattress you sink into and need to call a mountain rescue team to get out of, this is it. It gives just where it should and holds up just where it should as well. I like a firm mattress, my wife likes a soft one, and where we are both satisfied with this mattress.

Swee Choo Poh
Luxury Mattress Gallery - Mattress Singapore
Luxury Mattress Gallery – Mattress Singapore (Credit: LMG)
Key ProductsPremium American & Australian Mattresses and Bedding Accessories
Address44 Kallang Place #05-14 Four Star Building, Singapore 339172
Phone6909 0022
Operating HoursWeekdays 10am to 5pm
Weekends 12pm to 5pm (By Appointment)

Luxury Mattress Gallery (LMG) was founded by an ex-senior management member with regional responsibilities in the premium bedding industry. They make luxury sleep experiences affordable so everyone gets to elevate their sleep experiences. 

LMG supplies genuine hotel and domestic mattresses in Singapore at a fraction of heavily marked-up retail prices. Their premium bedding brands are backed by international presence and heritage.  Avoiding OEM factories supplying mattresses at lower cost, their in-house manufacturing facilities invested time and resources in Research and Development making sure that they deliver bedding solutions with high quality of material, craftsmanship and after-sales services.

Key Differentiators

  1. Remain focused on delivering freshly crafted mattresses & beds at affordable prices, LMG strictly does not supply old inventories of goods at heavily discounted prices via clearance, warehouse sales etc.
  2. Skips the middleman and ship directly to you from their factory, cutting off unnecessary retail markups. Resellers & trade partners follow the same pricing mechanics such as ishopchangi.
  3. Conduct theirr product presentation based on the technical specification of each mattress model and share market insights during their visit.  Aspire to work with customers closely so they can make well-informed decisions and not lure them into making purchasing decisions by using discounts and gifts.   

Customer Review

TBH I was surprised at how premium the mattresses were when I went down to their office to see them in person. But even more importantly, they could explain every detail of the mattress and I learned more than what I came for. The experience was pleasant and not forceful unlike in retail stores.

I am a thinker when it comes to big purchases so it meant a lot to me. What makes it worth is that the pricing of the mattresses was better than my expectation. They explained that they are originally a B2B company and also a distributor, thus we’re skipping all the retail overheads and salesman fees. On top of that, we also received premium bedsheets as a gift for our mattress order. If you’re someone who likes to see value in the products you purchase, you definitely won’t regret visiting them. I recommend the Van Vorst range of mattress.

Ryan Kong

5) Sleep Space

SleepSpace - Mattress Singapore
SleepSpace – Mattress Singapore (Credit: SleepSpace)
Key ProductsOnline bed and mattress store retailing mattresses from 20 top leading brands. They also specialise in non local sized beds and mattresses, including UK, US and Euro sizes.
AddressBizhub28, 28 Senang Crescent , Spore 416601 (office only, no showroom)
Phone6677 7645

Sleep Space is an online bed and mattress store retailing mattresses from 20 leading brands. They specialise in non-local sized beds and mattresses, including UK, US and Euro sizes, as well as other custom sizes. Sleep Space also works with physiotherapists and chiropractors to recommend the appropriate mattresses for their patients with various back conditions. 

 Key Differentiators

  1. Non-Singapore Size Mattresses
  2. Custom Size Mattresses
  3. Expertise in recommending suitable mattresses for people with various back conditions

 Client Testimonial

I LOVE SleepSpace as a mom who bought 2 mattresses for her teen kids who are both growing picky about their bed. I wouldn’t recommend anything else! From the friendly guidance and the advice by SleepSpace, I felt really assured in purchasing the mattresses. And my kids enjoy it! And as a physiotherapist by profession, I’d highly recommend SleepSpace for anyone who needs help in figuring out which mattress works for their body type and their aches/pains.

6) Woosa

Woosa - Mattress Singapore
Woosa – Mattress Singapore (Credit: Woosa)
Key ProductsMattresses, Pillows & Adjustable Base
Address1 Tampines North Dr 1, #07-01 T-Space, Singapore 528559
Phone9848 5822
Operating HoursWeekdays: By Appointment Only
Weekends: 11am-8pm

The founders of Woosa began by wanting a really comfortable mattress that wouldn’t burn a hole in their wallets, and ended making it themselves. The more they learnt about the industry, the more they wanted to change it, and share the incredible experience they got from sleeping on a phenomenal mattress. They are now dreaming bigger, to shape the way you think about mattress, sleep, and your shopping experience.

Woosa believes that everyone should be entitled to great quality comfort. So they work with the best manufacturers in the world, to sell the best possible product at the price it should cost. No cutting corners, no excessive add-ons you don’t need, just honest materials and good craftsmanship.

Key Differentiators

  1. Made in Belgium
  2. Constructed with best Latex and Memory Foam
  3. Made and tested for Singaporeans

Client Testimonials

Currently sleeping on cloud nine for the past 1 year and I must say, it is extremely comfortable and sometimes, will miss the mattress even when I am staying in an overseas hotel. Recommend all to purchase one, really affordable and comfortable beyond words! Thank you Woosa for this wonderful mattress!

Png Chin Tek

7) Origin Mattresses Singapore

Origin Mattress - Mattress Singapore
Origin Mattress – Mattress Singapore (Credit: Origin Mattress)
Key ProductsMattresses, Pillow top, Bed Toppers & Bed Frames
Mactech Building, 2 Kallang Pudding Road #02-04, S349307
Phone6MAt977 9637
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday: 11am – 5pm
Closed on Public Holidays

After experimenting with more than 10 different mattresses and carrying dozens of sleep trials, Origin mattress has come up with the perfect combination of memory foam, foam, and pocket springs to make the mattress that’ll take your pains away. Highly comfortable yet deeply supportive, the Origin Hybrid Mattress will give you the sleep you deserve.

With the mission to stop dishonest mattress sales, the company started Origin Sleep to change all that and to provide a premium mattress at a highly affordable price.

Key Differentiators

  1. Designed in Germany
  2. 120 Night Trial
  3. Free Islandwide Delivery

Client Testimonials

I was sceptical about the quality of the mattress because of its price but it turned out to be one of my best decisions. It is on par, if not better than most brands out in the market.


8) Simmons

Simmons - Mattress Singapore
Simmons – Mattress Singapore (Credit: Simmons)
Key ProductsMattresses, Bed Frames & Bedding Accessories
Simmons (SEA) Office :
300 Beach Road, #25-03 The Concourse Singapore 199555
Phone6294 2278 (Office) (Customer Service)

With the vision to be the leading bedding company with regional dominance, Simmons is driven by the passion for healthy sleep. They strive to consistently deliver innovative products of premium quality, to provide a unique customer experience and overall total satisfaction.

The company has an islandwide reputation for being the preferred bedding brand amongst world-renowned hoteliers. Nine out of ten prestigious hotels in Singapore use Simmons mattresses, giving testimony to their distinguished quality standard.

Key Differentiators

  1. The Beautyrest Technology
  2. e-ION Crystal Technology
  3. International Hotels Presence

Client Testimonials

I tried many mattresses in 4 different stores one Saturday and most were fine but as soon as I lay on this Simmons Beautyrest, something felt different. Walked around and tried a few more then came back to the Beautyrest. I knew it was the one – perfect pillow top yet firm as I like it. No more sleepless, tossing and turning nights!

9) King Koil Mattresses Singapore

King Koil - Mattress Singapore
King Koil – Mattress Singapore (Credit: King Koil)
Key ProductsMattresses, Beddings, Linens & Furniture
67 Sungei Kadut Drive, L1 & L2, S(729567)
Phone6732 0078
Operating HoursMon to Sun: 11am to 8pm

In 1898, Samuel Bronstein founded United States Bedding in St. Paul, Minnesota. Throughout the early 1900s, US bedding expanded and improved on the bedspring, under the name King Koil. King Koil has come a long way since, its mattresses representing the epitome of quality & value. Through the 1900s King Koil expanded globally to become one of the industry leaders.

Currently, King Koil can be found in over 70 countries worldwide, with its worldwide headquarters located just outside of Chicago, Illinois. In 2004, the name Comfort Solutions was adopted as the Head Quarter’s company name.

Matsushita Greatwall Corporation (MGC) is Southeast Asia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of numerous international bedding and furniture brands – including King Koil, Silentnight, Stylemaster, Dorma, Wonderland, Ashley Furniture and more.

Key Differentiators

  1. Fully equipped with in-house production
  2. Wholly handcrafted in Singapore
  3. A one stop destination for quality furniture

Client Testimonials

This mattress is comfy! It’s not too firm and not too soft. I love it! I was a little nervous before I bought it because the price is so low. Once I went in the store and tested it out, I knew I was going to get my monies worth. Granted I’ve only had it for about a week now, even my boyfriend has confirmed it’s super comfortable. Get it while it’s on sale.

Mattress Singapore

So, how should you be choosing your new mattress? Apart from the different materials available, which you probably have to try for yourself, it is good to consider a few things. That is, your build, your sleeping position, the presence of a partner or children on the bed, and whether you sweat easily or not. There are many features developed for different needs, so there’s bound to be the perfect mattress for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better foam or cotton mattress?

A memory foam mattress is a great choice for individuals who experience back pain. Other foam mattresses are also improved with memory foam. Cotton beds are vulnerable to insect infestation, sagging, respiratory illness, and other problems. Memory foam is hypoallergenic and responds well to pressure, while high-density memory foam does not collapse easily.

Which foam is best for mattress?

We believe that latex foam is by far the finest foam to use in mattresses. Latex foam has several significant benefits over Polyurethane and Memory foam. Our products never include any other type of foam except 100% natural latex foam owing to this.

Is foam mattress good for health?

Foam can help relieve pain and improve sleep quality for some people. Foam, especially high density foam, can give excellent support and spinal alignment.

How often should we change mattress?

Mattresses should be replaced every 6 to 8 years under normal circumstances. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution, of course.

How do I know if my mattress is worn out?

• Your mattress is drooping, uneven, or lumpy.u003cbru003e• Your mattress is relatively noisy.u003cbru003e• Your mattress has frayed or worn edges.u003cbru003e• It feels different than when you bought first it.u003cbru003e• You can’t seem to fall asleep.u003cbru003e• You awaken feeling painful or achy.u003cbru003e• You’re congested and teary-eyed in the morning.