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9 Best Men’s Health Clinic In Singapore [2023]

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Men’s Health Clinic Singapore

Best Men's Health Clinic Singapore
Best Men’s Health Clinic Singapore

Men’s health is a topic that every man should be concerned about. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 years old or 60, it is important to maintain your physical and mental well-being at all stages of life. If you are looking for the best men’s health clinic in Singapore, then we have compiled a list of 9 clinics based on their location and experience with male patients.

1. Noah

Noah - Men's Health Clinic Singapore
Noah – Men’s Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: Noah)
Address45 Kallang Pudding Road #09-08A
Singapore 349317
Phone +65 6980 0905
Operating Hours 24 Hours

You’ll get the most effortless healthcare encounter you’ve ever had with Noah. They understand that asking for assistance is a stressful process for others, so they take care of everything for you.

At most health clinics, you would simply answer the most difficult inquiries during an online assessment done in your home. This is so that your doctor may have more time to figure out the best therapy for you.

Their doctor will contact you at a time that is convenient for you after consulting with them. This is done to guarantee that your consultation time may be conducted in privacy.

You pay nothing for medication delivery if you have a prescription. You will get the medicines at your home within four hours after your consultation, thanks to the delivery fee and the medications being handled by pharmacists.

Noah is the ideal clinic to reach when you want a contemporary and private approach to maintain your health.

Key Differentiators

  • May use code “SG56” at checkout to enjoy 21% off Vigour and Sex Therapy
  • 24/7 Patiemt Care Support
  • All-natural products

Customer Testimonial

“Service was good,friendly and last not least…product genuine,unlike others online fake. Most important is your product approved by the board and safe to consume.kerp up the pure work.”

“Great experience from the online assessment, doctor phone assessment and the medication arrival. Non intrusive, fast and simple.”

2. Dr. Ben Medical

Dr. Ben Medical - Men's Health Clinic Singapore
Dr. Ben Medical – Men’s Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: Dr. Ben Medical)
AddressRaffles Place
1 Raffles Place, #04-50

Jurong West
221 Boon Lay Place, #02-160
Boon Lay Shopping Centre
Phone Raffles Place
+65 888 67890

Jurong West
+65 888 12344
Operating Hours Raffles Place
Monday to Friday: 8am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 2pm
Sunday: 9am – 2pm

Jurong West
Monday: 6pm – 9pm
Wednesday: 6pm – 9pm
Friday: 6pm – 9pm
(by appointment only)

Dr. Ben Medical is a men’s healthcare facility in Singapore. They consider themselves to be different from other clinics in that they create a non-judgmental, accessible environment for males to discuss their concerns with safety and premium care.

Dr. Ben is a General Practitioner who specializes in men’s health, ears, nose, throat, and dermatology. We’ve noticed that they have virtually all of the answers for these sorts of concerns when it comes to their andrology services.

They are here to help you overcome whatever issues you’re facing. Whether it’s erectile dysfunction, infertility, or any other sort of sexual problem, they’ve got your back.

We believe that if you’re searching for a clinic that is quick, private, and discreet, they are the ideal option for you. You can put your confidence in them and they will assist you without a doubt whether it’s an issue or not.

Key Differentiators

  • Provides services to local and international patients
  • Friendly and approachable staff
  • Ensures that everything is kept confidential

3. OneCare Medical

OneCare Medical - Men's Health Clinic Singapore
OneCare Medical – Men’s Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: OneCare Medical)
AddressClick here for OneCare Medical’s locations
Phone/Email Click here for OneCare Medical’s contact details
Operating Hours Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

The island’s only fully integrated healthcare provider, OneCare Medical, is located in the heart of Singapore. It has more than 15 locations throughout Singapore, making it the only medical clinic on the island with that many branches.

We adore how OneCare Medical tailors its medical therapies to the demands of its patients. So, whatever your medical issue is, OneCare Medical will ensure that the therapy you receive is appropriate for your condition.

Finally, OneCare Medical is known for providing preventative, accessible, and professional medical care. These characteristics set it apart from other medical clinics and are also why we consider it one of the finest male health clinics in Singapore.

Key Differentiators

  • Affordable healthcare
  • Accessible locations
  • Competent medical staff

4. InSync Medical

InSync Medical - Men's Health Clinic Singapore
InSync Medical – Men’s Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: InSync Medical)
Address66 East Coast Rd The Flow #07-01
 Singapore 428778
Phone +65 6635 2551
Operating Hours Mon & Tues – 9am to 9pm

Wed & Thurs – 2pm to 9pm

Fri – 9am to 5pm

Sat – 9am to 3pm 

Sun – 9am to 1pm (reserved for FDWs & urgent cases)

If you’re searching for a clinic that specializes in sexual health and wellness, InSync Medical might be a good option. It’s a GP+ facility that focuses on sexual health, male well-being, and women’s health.

Having a sexual health and wellness issue may be embarrassing to some, but with InSync Medical, you can rest assured that your privacy and information is kept private and secure.

They promise to make you feel comfortable in opening about your issues to them without shame or guilt. 

Key Differentiators

  • Professional Doctors
  • Approachable Doctors
  • Efficient Service

Customer Testimonial

“Great place! I went there for some tests and one of the tests was taking it’s sweet time at the lab. The clinic staffs opened a whatsapp conversation with me and started providing daily updates.
I really appreciate their diligence, professionalism and proactive support. Highly recommend if need a GP in this neighborhood.”

5. MY Clinic

MY Clinic - Men's Health Clinic Singapore
MY Clinic – Men’s Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: MY Clinic)
Address9 King Albert Park #01-50 S598332
Phone +65 6610 8335
Operating Hours Mondays to Fridays
9:30am to 1pm | 2:30pm to 5pm

9:30am to 1pm

Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

Drs Alan Liem and Sabrina Yee run the company. Both Drs Liem and Yee have extensive experience with both male and female adults, as well as children.

General Medical Care, Chronic Care, Children’s Health, Vaccinations and Travel Medicine, School Health Check, Women’s Health, and Men’s Health are just a few of their services.

My Clinic’s Dr. Alan is a board-certified Family Practice physician with extensive experience in clinical practice and a concentration on general surgery, emergency medicine, pediatrics, and family health care.

Dr. Sabrina and the rest of their crew work hard to provide high-quality healthcare at a reasonable price to the community. The clinic is currently open six days a week, from Monday through Saturday.

Key Differentiators

  • Wide range of services and treatments
  • Accommodates adult and child patients
  • Open six days a week 

Customer Testimonial

“An understated clinic located in King Albert Park Mall with an awesome and patient-centric Dr Alan Liem. A seemingly relatively smaller clinic but has the essential medicine required; at least for the 2 visits that we had.

Our family also did the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and AMD w him, taking up much of his time and he was patient to go through even though it is just an additional service he provides at a super reasonable cost without letting one feel hurried.

And the Clinic Assistant hmmm i think his name is Derek, was v friendly and helpful too! “

6. Sincere Healthcare

Sincere Healthcare - Men's Health Clinic Singapore
Sincere Healthcare – Men’s Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: Sincere Healthcare)
Address8 Sinaran Drive #06-08/09/10/11/12/13/14/ 16/17/18/19 Novena Specialist Center
Singapore 307470
Phone +65 6507 0766

+65 9088 0620 (Booking / Enquiries)
Operating Hours Weekdays, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Saturday, 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Sincere Healthcare Group, which was founded in 2010, provides a wide range of healthcare services to both men and women. Their IVF success rate demonstrates their high-quality service, as they deliver excellent quality services.

They also participate in various training and research and development to expand their scientific and educational field.

Key Differentiators

  • Highly professional
  • A warm and caring environment
  • Nominated for 2020 Best Fertility Clinic / Medical Centre in the Asia Pacific

Customer Testimonial

“A friend recommended Professor Ng to me and I decided to pay him a visit, and true enough, I was blessed with my own baby boy. During my first trimesters saw quite a few episodes of bleeding and urgent trips down to A&E. But throughout the journey, Professor Ng and the staff at Sincere were always calm and reassuring. This gave me tremendous amount of confidence that my pregnancies will pull through.” – Jamie Yee

7. Atlas Pacific Medical

Atlas Pacific Medical - Men's Health Clinic Singapore
Atlas Pacific Medical – Men’s Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: Atlas Pacific Medical)
Address428 River Valley Road, 01-10 Loft@Nathan
Singapore 248327
Phone +65 6386 9098
Operating Hours Mon: 8:30am to 8:00pm
Tues – Fri: 8:30am to 2:00pm, 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Sun: 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Public Holidays: Closed

If you’re searching for a clinic that specializes in HIV and STD/STI testing, Atlas Pacific Medical may be one of your options. They are proud of their highly qualified expert specialists who specialize in all aspects of HIV and STDs/STIs.

They can assist you with understanding the symptoms and indicators that you may be having, as well as how to overcome them. They feel there is no need to be ashamed of being cautious with your health; in fact, it helps to solve the problem and get your health back in excellent form.

Key Differentiators

  • Qualified Doctors
  • Friendly and Approachable Doctors

8. Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic

Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic - Men's Health Clinic Singapore
Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic – Men’s Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic)
Address1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-06, Singapore 082001
Phone +65 64433101
+65 96622880
Operating Hours Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 08:30 PM

Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic is one of Singapore’s most well-known and respected medical institutions. It has clients from all walks of life who can vouch to how great and reliable the medical care there is.

Furthermore, one of Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic’s specialities is men’s health. It also provides a number of medical treatments for male-specific illnesses including erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire, early ejaculation, and low levels of testosterone.

Another reason we believe it to be one of Singapore’s top male health clinics is that it does not restrict itself to a specific field of expertise. It also offers medical services to women, children, and even infants.

Key Differentiators

  • Full range services
  • Health screenings
  • Experienced doctors and nurses

Customer Testimonial

“Definitely one of the best clinic i have even been too. Many doctors out there work just for the sake of making money. But Dr Quak goes all out not only in giving the right medication, he even goes all out to advice regarding food and nutrition .”

9. DTAP Clinic

DTAP Clinic - Men's Health Clinic Singapore
DTAP Clinic – Men’s Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: DTAP Clinic)
Address10 Sinaran Dr, Novena Medical Centre, #08-31, Singapore 307506
Phone +65 6397 2095
Operating Hours Monday to Friday 8:30am–5:30pm

Saturday 9am–1pm

Sunday Closed

If you’re looking for a clinic that offers a comprehensive range of services, DTAP Clinic is the place to go! Since 2005, DTAP Clinic has pursued healthcare diving-in with you.

It’s a GP chain with a specific focus on comprehensive and holistic male health, women’s health, and other acute and chronic medical issues.

Health screenings, HIV testing, male fertility, prostate cancer screening, penile infection treatment, adult circumcision, and a variety of other services are available at the DTAP Clinic.

Furthermore, Dr. Tan’s method of medicine is somewhat distinct. It employs a comprehensive approach to diagnosis, treatment, and management of all male medical issues, including geriatrics and fertility problems.

Furthermore, our HIV/AIDS testing, screening, treatment, and management services comply fully with Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) standards.

Key Differentiators

  • Holistic approach
  • Wide range of services
  • Experienced staff and specialists

Men’s Health Clinic Singapore

If you’re looking for the best men’s health clinic in Singapore, there are plenty of options to choose from. Look through our list and find one that fits your needs! For those that are new and are lost, we would highly recommend trying out any of these 9 options as we are confident they would not disappoint!

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