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8 Best Office Games Singapore [2024]

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Office Games Singapore

Best Office Games Singapore
Best Office Games Singapore

Whether it’s a lively party game, a strategic challenge for all the members, or classic board games, play games in the office can significantly enhance team cohesion and workplace morale.

The Best Office Games in Singapore 2024 are Human Train, Build a Bridge, Back-to-back Artist, Clue Names, and Marshmallow Challenge.

When the clock strikes the end of a bustling workday, transitioning to an entertaining team member communication activity like a classic game can transform the routine happy hour into an unforgettable bonding experience.

Enhancing team dynamics through fun activities and communication activities can further solidify relationships among colleagues, creating a more harmonious and productive work environment.

Incorporating these games into regular office routines not only serves to boost morale but also fosters open communication among team members.

8 Best Office Games In Singapore

1. Human Train

Human Train
Human Train

You must divide your group into teams of equal numbers. You may create as many teams as you like, and they can be of any size, but we recommend between 4 and 6 people per team.

Every team forms a line, with their hands on the person in front of them. Every member of the line must be blindfolded, except for the last individual! Each team must successfully navigate an obstacle course guided by the person at the rear of the line, naturally.

One should avoid complex menu navigation and stick to a simple shoulder touch – left for left, right for right – which is conveyed up the chain. The person at the rear of the line will improve his or her timing and coordination abilities, as well as learn to trust others.

2.  Build a Bridge

Build a Bridge
Build a Bridge

Unless your team has the appropriate insurance, it’s probably not a good idea to have them build real bridges. However, you may get them to collaborate to construct a tiny bridge out of paper, old bottles, and glue!

The most common way to balance a beam is with two markers, a few feet apart. The bridge must be distinct from one marker to the next. The prize will go to the bridge that can bear the greatest weight and yet remain standing.

3.  Back-to-back Artist

Back-to-back Artist
Back-to-back Artist

This is another fantastic game for team members to communicate with one another. There are several variations of this game, but the one we adore the most is when you split your group up into pairs.

Each pair is back to back. Give one person a photograph and a pencil and paper, then have the other person describe what they can see to their partner – who must try to sketch a replica of what they saw as closely as possible.

You can’t just slap a photo of your puppy on the wall and call it a day. The images will almost always be different from what they’re supposed to be. Some, on the other hand, may surprise you. In either case, your team members will be exposed to new ways of communicating as a result.

4. Clue Names

Clue Names
Clue Names

The game of Clue Names is a fun game for two teams where one must communicate and find clues. You should try to give hints to your own team while avoiding giving away information to the opposing side.

In Clue Names, you’re not just considering how to talk with your pals in the most effective way possible. You’re also attempting to think of strategies to keep your conversations from being overheard by your enemies!

5. Marshmallow Challenge

Marshmallow Challenge
Marshmallow Challenge

In this scenario, several teams compete to construct the highest freestanding structure with specified materials in a set amount of time.

This game is a fantastic icebreaker as well as a team-building exercise since it promotes collaboration among team members by having them brainstorm together.

In conjunction, the Marshmallow Challenge encourages individuals to explore Plan B if their initial option does not work.

So, with the Marshmallow Challenge, you may sharpen your team’s problem-solving skills while also having some fun. It’s definitely a win-win situation in my opinion.

6. Team Sports Tournament

Team Sports Tournament
Team Sports Tournament

Organizing a sports tournament between teams is a fantastic method to get the blood pumping and promote some healthy rivalry. You might want to reserve a whole day for this or perhaps split it up over several days during lunch breaks or on weekends.

Games such as Poolball, Archery Tag, and Bubble Soccer.

7. Ping Pong Run-Around

Ping Pong Run-Around
Ping Pong Run-Around

A great game to try at work if you want to play with many people at once is a large game of run-around. The game plays best with around 8 players, but it’s enjoyable to play with 4-15.

Players stand in a circle around the table with a bat in their hand. The two players at opposite ends of the table will begin, one serving the ball to the other. Each player, however, will attempt to make their way toward the far end of the table while leaving the player behind them to return the next shot.

The game continues until 2 players remain, at which point they are eliminated. You may designate these joint victors or hold a play-off to determine the winner.

This game will be a lot of fun for your team, but it will also tire them out.

8. Picture Consequences

Picture Consequences
Picture Consequences

Everyone draws a head, no matter what form it is — perhaps a guy with a mustache and a top hat, or an octopus with seven eyes. Players fold the paper over so that only the bottom portion of the head is visible after it’s completed.

After the body part is placed, the next player on your left takes a head. Each player then draws a torso and arms. This is folded and handed to the next person on your left.

Finally, each player draws legs. Examine the results to see how team effort affects creative thinking!

Office Games Singapore

Whether you’re seeking a fun team building activity to strengthen collaborative skills or a fun team bonding activity to break the ice among new members, the games listed above offer a rich variety of options suited for any corporate environment.

From the strategic planning required in “Build a Bridge” to the light-hearted competition of “Ping Pong Run-Around,” each game is designed to boost team spirit and foster a sense of unity.

Encouraging participation in these corporate team building activities not only promotes a healthier, more dynamic workplace but also reinforces the value of teamwork and mutual support among colleagues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about Office Games in Singapore, check out the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below:

What are the best office games in Singapore?

The best office games in Singapore are Human Train, Build a Bridge, Back-to-back Artist, Clue Names, and Marshmallow Challenge.

Can you recommend a cooking team building activity in Singapore?

Absolutely! A cooking fun team building event is a fantastic way to bond with your colleagues while whipping up some delicious creations. One popular option is joining a cooking class designed specifically for corporate groups. These classes not only teach you how to prepare delectable dishes but also emphasize teamwork, communication, and the importance of each team member’s role in achieving a common goal. It’s a fun, engaging, and ultimately rewarding experience that leaves participants with new skills and stronger relationships.

How can team building games improve communication skills?

Team bonding games are not just about having fun; they also serve as effective tools to improve communication skills among team members. By engaging in exciting team building activity that requires cooperation, problem-solving, and strategic thinking, teams naturally enhance their communication abilities, fostering better collaboration and understanding within the team.

What are some fun games to play for team bonding activities?

Discover a plethora of fun and engaging games suitable for next team building event in our article on the Best Office Games in Singapore. From party games to communication challenges, these games are designed to encourage teamwork, develop skills, and create memorable experiences for your team.

How do communication games encourage teamwork?

Communication games are specifically designed to encourage teamwork by placing emphasis on effective communication and collaboration. By participating in these games, team members learn to listen actively, convey ideas clearly, and work together towards common goals, ultimately strengthening the team’s bond and productivity.

What are some best team building activities in Singapore to practice communicating?

Practice communicating effectively with your team through a variety of activities featured in our article. From team guesses to interactive challenges, these exciting team building activities provide opportunities for teams to hone their communication skills in a fun and dynamic environment.

How can playing games at work help develop skills?

Playing games at work is not only enjoyable but also beneficial for skill development. Many office games are designed to target specific skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, and time management, providing a unique platform for team members to enhance their abilities while fostering a positive and engaging work environment.

What are some classic games that encourage team work?

Classic games such as tug-of-war, relay races, and treasure hunts have long been recognized for their ability to promote teamwork and camaraderie among participants. Incorporating these timeless favorites into your cool team building activities can instill a sense of unity and cooperation among team members, leading to a winning team dynamic.

How can team building events improve team’s communication?

Corporate team building event offers valuable opportunities for teams to engage in activities specifically designed to improve communication among team members. Through interactive challenges, role-playing exercises, and problem-solving tasks, teams learn to communicate more effectively, resulting in clearer understanding, increased trust, and enhanced collaboration within the team.

What are some favourite team building activities for improving communication skills?

Explore a selection of unique team building activities aimed at improving communication skills in our article on the “Best Office Games in Singapore.” Whether it’s through icebreaker games, communication challenges, or collaborative exercises, these activities are sure to empower your team to communicate with confidence and efficiency.

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