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5 Best Recording Studio Singapore Selections You Should Not Miss [2023]

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Recording Studio Singapore

Best Recording Studio Singapore
Best Recording Studio Singapore

The Recording Studios in Singapore are a very important part of the music industry. Recording studios usually have state-of-the-art equipment, which is crucial for recording artists to get the perfect sound they want. Recording studios can be expensive and difficult to find, but we’ve compiled a list of some of the Best Recording Studios in Singapore for you!

1) Backbeat Studios

Backbeat Studios - Recording Studio Singapore
Backbeat Studios – Recording Studio Singapore (Credit: Backbeat Studios)
Key ServicesVoiceover Recording, Sound Design, Podcasts & Audiobooks Production
Address 215A Jalan Besar, Singapore 208898
Phone 9677 5539
Operating HoursMon – Fri: 1000-1800

Backbeat Studios is a recording and media production studio that has been delivering top-notch productions for many happy and returning clients since 2006. They enjoy working with like-minded creatives to actualise their ideas into form. Even with the tightest of deadlines or budgets, they know how to pick or craft the right voices and sounds a project would need. This is an intuitive skill that we have developed over the years behind the recording console producing advertisements, branding videos and online content for thousands of clients.

Key Differentiators

  • They see themselves as a collaborative partner in sound for content producers. In essence, they do more than just record. They enjoy getting involved in the creative process and offering inputs  and expertise during the production (and even as early as the pre-production phase) to help content producers bring their ideas to live.
  • A lot of audio is being self-produced at home or in less than ideal setups these days. One of their key strengths is in audio-fixing, turning bad audio into something useable, turning “okay” audio into near-professional quality to meet broadcast requirements.
  • Podcasts have become quite the rage these days…and they have actually been producing podcasts since 2011! So they are well positioned in offering expertise in podcast production for brands and companies who are now beginning to leverage this media form in their marketing efforts. 

Client Testimonial

“I’ve been working with Backbeat Studios for several years now. They never disappoint, deliver on time, show genuine concern for every project. Adrian is as professionally capable in what he does as he is friendly and easy to work with. I once told him that he’s like a surgeon performing an emergency c-section without leaving any scars – that pretty much sums up the miracles he’s performed on some of our projects.”

Edi Torres | Creative Director at Mediafreaks

2) Sonic Studio

Sonic Studio - Recording Studio Singapore
Sonic Studio – Recording Studio Singapore (Credit: Sonic Studio)
Key Services
Address336B, King George’s Avenue
King George’s Building, Singapore 208572
Phone6294 4896 | 9144 7193 (Whatsapp)
Operating Hours9am to 9pm

Sonic Studio was founded in the year 1994 with a vision to be one of the best recording studios in Singapore. Since its inception, it has held a strict motto to provide high-quality music and audio production in the industry equipped with the latest and cutting edge technology and delivering the very best results for its recordings.

The company has produced music arrangements, compositions and other commercial audio projects for clients from all walks of life, including high key names like Warner Music, Universal Studios Singapore, Resort World Sentosa, Marshall Cavendish and CLS International. The studio has proudly been in the international and Singapore music scene continually since 1995. A dedicated team of musicians and audio engineers make it all happen.

Client Testimonial

“I had very good experience with Sonic Recording and Eric is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!!”

Zhen Jin Tan

3) Red Roof Records

Red Roof Records - Recording Studio Singapore
Red Roof Records – Recording Studio Singapore (Credit: Red Roof Records)
Key Services
Address12 Mount Sinai Drive, Singapore 277073

Red Roof Studios is a state-of-the-art audio production facility filled with all the tools and digital power you’ll need for your project. It was built to inspire creative music-making at every stage and is fully capable of handling film and post-production. Their goal is to provide a creative environment for writing, recording, mixing and performing.

They offer competitive rates for studio hires with and without an engineer or a producer. The recording studio and control room are also available for hire separately. The recording studio fits 4 to 6 persons comfortably and is good for band rehearsals or teaching sessions. The control room is perfect for programming, editing or mixing.

4) The Music Parlour

The Music Parlour - Recording Studio Singapore
The Music Parlour – Recording Studio Singapore (Credit: The Music Parlour)
Key ServicesRecording, Jamming & Production
AddressCity Hall
Peninsula Shopping Centre, 3 Coleman Street
#04-20, Singapore 179804

Farrer Park
The Parlour Singapore, 140 Owen Road
Level 2/3, Singapore 218940
Phone8511 6989 (Whatsapp)

Started in 2015, The Music Parlour is a safe space for musicians and artists to practice, explore, and create. The Music Parlour encourage all people to visit and socialise within their space. All their services are customisable because they treasure each and every one of you. Come by and let them partner with you on all your musical endeavours.

Client Testimonial

These guys are fantastic. Marcus was super helpful in making a custom audio track for me. Everything from recording to editing to production. He’s very detail oriented and the product turned out great. It was really pleasant to work with him. Highly recommended!

Gerald Zhou

5) Suite Sound

Suite Sound - Recording Studio Singapore
Suite Sound – Recording Studio Singapore (Credit: Suite Sound)
Key Services
Address21 Media Circle #05-07 Singapore 138562
Phone6289 3733

If you are looking for native speakers of a unique language, the option of working with overseas voice talents is available via Skype supervision or Source Connect. With their regional links to voice talents and studios, they can deliver fast turnaround time for client’s recording sessions.

With their wide selection of dedicated and professional voice-over talents coupled with their expertise in voice direction and production, rest assured that your final product will be quite simply a Suite Sound.

Recording Studio Singapore

How important are studios in music production? Necessary for exceptional sound, studios come with state-of-the-art equipment. If you’re looking for a recording studio, look no further than this list of the best options!

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