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8 Best Sexual Health Clinics in Singapore [2023]

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Sexual Health Clinic Singapore

Best Sexual Health Clinic Singapore
Best Sexual Health Clinic Singapore

Sexual health clinic Singapore is an important part of the healthcare system in Singapore. With many sexual health clinics to choose from, picking the right sexual health clinic is not easy! We’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of 8 sexual health clinics that offer excellent sexual services at competitive prices. Find out which sexual clinic will be best for you by reading our guide below.

1) DTAP Express

DTAP Express - Sexual Health Clinic Singapore
DTAP Express – Sexual Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: DTAP Express)
Key ServiceSelf-testing
Address11 Unity St, #02-07 Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995
Phone+65 6962 1963
Operating HoursMonday 10am–7pm
Tuesday 10am–7pm
Wednesday 10am–7pm
Thursday 10am–7pm
Friday 11am–7pm
Saturday 10am–3pm
Sunday 10am–3pm

The goal of the TDP Express clinic is to assist you and many others in getting ahead. The center is located near the business area, and it provides a comprehensive service for STD self-testing.

Finally, with the addition of a phlebotomist that can assist customers with blood testing and digitally sends their results, it becomes even easier to get tested at DTAP Express. With just three simple steps, patients may now be tested quickly at DTap Express.  DTAP Express offers quick, hassle-free, and confidential services to help you get through the day.

Key Differentiators:

  • Discreet, quick, fuss-free and confidential
  • Self-testing
  • Easy testing steps

Customer’s Testimonial:

The very efficient booking process, excellent welcome from the staff (Norel), and the test was done very professionally (by Norel as well). A point to improve on would be the access to the brochure, where the prices and tests are clearly indicated.

Laavanya Ramachandran

2) Elyon Family Clinic & Surgery

Elyon Family Clinic & Surgery - Sexual Health Clinic Singapore
Elyon Family Clinic & Surgery – Sexual Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: Elyon Family Clinic & Surgery)
Key ServiceExtensive range of women-oriented services
Address78B, Telok Blangah Street 32, #01-22, Singapore 102078
Phone6802 7208
Operating HoursMon to Fri Day: 8:30am to 1:30pm 
Night: 6:30pm to 9:00pm (except Friday night) 
Closed on Friday Night 
Saturday 8:30am to 1:00pm 

The Elyon Family Clinic & Surgery is a family medicine practice with an emphasis on Andrology (Men’s Health) and Infectious Diseases.

Dr. Vincent Chia, who leads the clinic, has clinical training and expertise in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, and Singapore. He was taught by Professor Johnny Bourke, author of two well-known dermatological texts, Mosby’s Color Atlas and Textbook on Dermatology, and Dermatology: Fundamentals of Practice.

Key Differentiators:

  • Extensive range of women-oriented services
  • Highly experienced doctor
  • Specialise in delicate cryosurgery, genital dermatology and venereology

Customer’s Testimonial:

I visited recently for a trigger finger issue, which was promptly diagnosed by Dr Vincent, who prescribed me very effective meds and hand exercises to alleviate the issue. Feeling much better now! Dr Vincent was professional, patient, and friendly. Thank you for your indispensable help! The staff was friendly and polite too.

May Lim

3) Kensington Family Clinic

Kensington Family Clinic - Sexual Health Clinic Singapore
Kensington Family Clinic – Sexual Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: Kensington Family Clinic)
Key ServiceFull service family medicine clinic
Address14D Kensington Park Rd, Singapore 557265
Phone62884882 and 9295 9585
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 9:30 PM

Kensington Family Clinic is one of the best sexual health clinics in Singapore, with a wide range of sexual health-related services such as STD testing and treatment, vaccinations, HIV testing, and even anonymous HIV Testing. They term it one of the finest sexual health clinics in Singapore because of this.

It also offers comprehensive health checks to clients who want to know the state of their general well-being. Because it offers medical treatments for reproductive system issues in both males and women, it serves as a men’s and women’s clinic as well.

Key Differentiators:

  • Full service family medicine clinic
  • Specialises in HIV and STD testing/screening
  • Insured clinic

Customer’s Testimonial:

I want to commend Dr. Lim, not only is he patient and understanding, he has a big heart and has empathy to patients. The staff also upholds hygiene in the clinic which is crucial especially when COVID-19 cases are rising. Definitely recommend.

Zen Dodo

4) DSC Clinic

DSC Clinic - Sexual Health Clinic Singapore
DSC Clinic – Sexual Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: DSC Clinic)
Key ServiceAnonymous testing
Address31 Kelantan Ln, Singapore 200031
Phone+65 6293 9648
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The DSC Clinic provides its services to men, women, the youth, and the LGBTQ community. It’s one of the few sexual health clinics in Singapore that recognizes the need for sexual health education and services for all sectors. That is why we believe it’s one of Singapore’s finest sexual health clinics.

STD testing and treatment, HIV screening and management, general health screenings, vaccinations, pap smears, and a slew of other services are available.

Key Differentiators:

  • Prevention and education
  • Anonymous testing
  • Patient counselling

Customer’s Testimonial:

The registration staff is very helpful and friendly. Doctors and nurses (male/female) very professional services and friendly kindness. Thanks for doing such a great job and services for all the needs of support to the patients.

James Bartholomew

5) Atlas Pacific Medical

Atlas Pacific Medical - Sexual Health Singapore
Atlas Pacific Medical – Sexual Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: Atlas Pacific Medical)
Key ServiceAccurate diagnosis
Address428 River Valley Road 01-10 Loft@Nathan, Singapore 248327
Phone+6563869098 and 8419 1943
Operating HoursMonday – 8:30am to 8:00pm
Tuesday to Friday – 8:30am to 2:00pm, 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Sunday – 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Saturday and PH – Closed

If you’re searching for a medical center that specializes in HIV and STD testing and treatment, Atlas Pacific Medical is a good option.

It’s been really useful for many Singaporeans to learn their STD status. That is why we believe that it is one of the best sexual health clinics in Singapore. Atlas Pacific Medical is a trusted, established clinic that has years of experience testing your blood. Our doctors are highly regarded and experienced in the field of medicine, so you can be confident in their capabilities. Rest assured that their doctors will take good care of you.

Key Differentiators:

  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Detailed consultation
  • Offers rapid testing

Customer’s Testimonial:

Dr Sim is a calm, composed and confident doctor, his accurate diagnosis and treatment plan not only puts me at ease, but I was also fully recovered in a short week. Will highly recommend anyone to Atlas Pacific Medical!

Marcus Goh

6) Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic

 Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic - Sexual Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic)
Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic – Sexual Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic)
Key ServiceAnonymous testing
Address1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-06, Singapore 082001
Phone+65 64433101; +65 96622880
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 08:30 PM

To provide comprehensive services in sexual health, Tanjong Pagar Sexual Health Center offers everything from testing to treatment and education. HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, and herpes are just a few of the STDs it examines for.

Furthermore, it is a potent antiviral that aids with preserving a healthy sex life. Furthermore, everyone on its medical staff is licensed and understands the confidentiality and privacy of each client – patients will never feel discriminated if they are at the clinic.

Key Differentiators:

  • Detailed consultation
  • Anonymous testing
  • Professional medical staff

Customer’s Testimonial:

Dr Kwek is very nice and understanding. It was new year’s eve and the clinic is supposed to close early. Though busy, I only waited for a few minutes.


7) DTAP Clinic

 DTAP Clinic - Sexual Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: DTAP Clinic)
DTAP Clinic – Sexual Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: DTAP Clinic)
Key ServiceOffer GP+ medical services
Phone Locations
Email Locations
Operating Hours Locations

Since 2005, the TATP (Dr. Tan and Partners) Clinic in Singapore has been offering high-quality and dependable sexual health care to locals. Thousands of individuals have benefited from the clinic’s superior services over the years.

We consider it one of the finest sexual health clinics in Singapore because it offers a comprehensive variety of STD tests, all of which are done by skilled specialists and nurses. Furthermore, patients are educated on how to reduce their risk of infection after testing.

Key Differentiators:

  • Offer GP+ medical services
  • Fully accredited for HIV / STD testing and treatment
  • Provide a discreet and comfortable setting for local & foreign patients

Customer’s Testimonial:

Professional doctors and efficient staff. Can get quite crowded sometimes but the counter staff remains polite. Dr Jonathan Ti and Dr Grace Huang are friendly and very empathetic!

Saruman Wise

8) The Health Advisory Clinic

The Health Advisory Clinic - Sexual Health Clinic Singapore
The Health Advisory Clinic – Sexual Health Clinic Singapore (Credit: The Health Advisory Clinic)
Key ServiceOne-stop Healthcare Services
Address1 Raffles place #04-49, Singapore, 048616
Phone(+65) 6226 6442
(+65) 9886 6442
Operating HoursMon – Fri : 0900 – 1800
Saturday : 0900 – 1400
Sunday & PH : Closed

The Health Advisory Clinic is a clinic that provides services to meet the needs of a wide range of medical issues. The bulk of their therapies focuses on male reproductive health, women’s health, sexual health, and preventative medicine.

Our physicians are board-certified specialists with a wide range of advanced services, from laboratory testing to radiology. Their assistance makes it easy for you to address and overcome any medical problem you may be experiencing.

Key Differentiators:

  • Accommodates a wide range of medical needs
  • Convenient location
  • Individualised healthcare

Customer’s Testimonial:

Throughout the visits I’ve had with Doctor Tay, she has been fast, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I am so happy I found her clinic and sought out her professional services. I would highly recommend her and the clinic to anyone.

Inna Salinah

Sexual Health Clinic Singapore

Sexual health clinics in Singapore are some of the best sexual health care providers that exist. This is largely due to their expertise, experience, and dedication to patients’ needs. Whether you’re seeking STD testing or treatment for an existing condition like herpes, chlamydia, HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea or syphilis; sexual satisfaction advice; sexual dysfunction treatments; fertility assistance; pregnancy tests (including prenatal care); family planning services like birth control pills and long-acting reversible contraception (LARCs) – there’s a clinic waiting with your name on it! When you find one near you by using our map above or searching through this list of 20+ sexual health clinic Singapore, just call them up to schedule an appointment today.

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