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22 Best Standing Desks In Singapore [2023]

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Standing Desk Singapore

Best Standing Desk Singapore
Best Standing Desk Singapore

If you’re standing on your feet all day, it’s time to take a break and sit down. But standing desks Singapore are the latest trend in office furniture.

A standing desk is an adjustable desk that allows people to work while standing or sitting, with some models allowing for both positions. Standing desks allow workers to alternate between standing and sitting, which has been shown to be more effective than either position alone at reducing fatigue.

If you’re looking for the best standing desks Singapore, here’s the complete list of the top standing desks in Singapore that will suit all budgets and preferences.

We hope that this list helps narrow down your search so that you can find the standing desk best suited to your needs!

Best Standing Desk Singapore

1. Omnidesk Pro 2020

Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Omnidesk)
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Omnidesk)

Do you need something to keep your computer gaming setup upright? This is the standing desk for you if that’s the case. The standing desk not only transforms into a sit-to-stand desk, but it also has gadgets and motors, giving it a futuristic appearance. It’s a one-stop shop for all your needs, with the electric motors allowing you to change the height and provide gaming, working, or luxury settings.

Omnidesk adds new features to its continuous upgrades based on extensive research, allowing for improved functions such as faster height adjustment and no risk of collision. Omnidesks have additional features such as an ergonomic curve to ease the strain on your arms and back.

You may just have the ideal office space where you can complete all of your tasks without stress thanks to the expandable capabilities such as tablet stands, monitor arms, and cable management bars.

Key Differentiators:

  • The ergonomic standing desk is constructed of high-quality materials.
  • 2020 upgrade features that are power-packed
  • Improved stability and mobility
  • Anti-collision 2.0 feature
  • Middle tray cable management has improved.
  • Expandable ecosystem with future upgrades and work/gaming setups

Customer Review:

Decided to go with Omnidesk, after going around courts, ikea and other furniture shops to look for a work desk. After calculating the price comparison, we went ahead with omnidesk pro and definitely no regrets. Very sturdy table, and smooth adjustment of height.

Junhong L.

2. Ecolus Ergonomic Standing Desk

Ecolus Ergonomic Standing Desk - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Ecolus)
Ecolus Ergonomic Standing Desk – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Ecolus)

Ecolus is a fantastic ergonomic desk that is both cheap and stylish. The standing desk is not only simple in design, but it also provides the convenience of a typical workstation. This desk includes wheels, which makes moving it about easy. Its strength and flexibility are both improved as a result of this feature.

The Ecolus Ergonomic standing workstation is fully adjustable. You may choose to use it while sitting or while standing. It’s built of high-quality materials for enhanced stability and durability.

We can all agree that a standing desk is at its best when it complements the minimalist aesthetic. It may appear to be very basic, but this beautiful workstation serves as much as your sofa and may also be used throughout the weekend when you want to relax in bed with a tablet and cup of tea.

Key Differentiators:

  • It features a sturdy, adjustable height and wheels.
  • Compact desk with robust construction materials

Customer Review:

Item is very good quality and worth for money! Slim and stable, and table space is just nice for me, I am very happy with the purchase! Highly recommend.


3. EverDesk+Max

Everdesk+ Max - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Everdesk+)
Everdesk+ Max – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Everdesk+)

The EverDesk+ Max is more than simply a height-adjustable workstation to do your job on. It’s designed to enhance your work performance and health, and it does so in several ways.

EverDesk+ includes a number of useful features, including the Health Coach Controller, which is a sleek table-height controller that allows you to preset your preferred desk heights ahead of time. It also serves as a sit-stand reminder so you don’t forget to switch your position.

The UniGroove will make keeping your desk clutter-free a snap! Use the built-in multifunctional organization tool to keep track of tangled cables, store whatever you need, or customize your desk with add-ons like the Peg Board and modular desk shelves.

You may also add monitor arms, a laptop holder, CPU mount, and more to complete the integration with your #WFH setup.

Best of all, the EverDesk+ Max is 150 percent faster, quieter, and has 71% more weight capacity (up to 120 kg) than other standing Desks.

This is due to its twin motors, anti-collision technology, and zero-wobble construction, not to mention the fact that it lowers by 10cm and rises by 4cm above other desks. This ensures that you enjoy precise sit-and-stand comfort regardless of your height.

Key Differentiators:

  • Offers variety of colors
  • Has a customizable sit-stand reminder, as well as remembering your preferred heights so you can quickly change between them.
  • Dual motors enable you to move 150% faster and 30% more quietly than typical standing desks.
  • Carries up to 120kg
  • When the desk is moving up or down, anti-collision technology in the lift detects obstructions and halts movement before harm is done.Zero-wobble structure to give maximum stability and no distractions while you work
  • It’s been certified and tested in a variety of ways.
  • 7-year warranty (with free 3-year extension)

Customer Review:

I freaking love my desk! I really like that I can make it adjustable to fit my height at any given time. It’s the perfect standing desk for anyone with back problems, or who stands for an hour at a time. Also, there’s a friendly reminder in the software to promote healthy lifestyle changes.

Lincoln A

4. takeAseat Ergonomic Laptop Desk

takeAseat Ergonomic Laptop Desk - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: takeAseat)
takeAseat Ergonomic Laptop Desk – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: takeAseat)

The takeAseat Ergonomic Laptop Desk is a wonderful sit-stand desk for Singaporeans who want to use their laptop with it. It’s thin and portable, so you can put it on top of your own desk with no trouble at all. When you’re done using it, just fold it up and store it away.

It’s ideal for the workplace since it comes with a total of five distinct height settings, giving you complete control. You may simply choose between the preset heights and push the button to change the height.

Key Differentiators:

  • It offers ultra-slim design and 5 preset adjustable height levels
  • It is foldable and can be stored.

Customer Review:

Love this laptop riser so much! I was looking for a standing desk that’s adjustable but the price is really too high. happened to see this laptop riser and after making sure that my current desk can fit, I bought it. no regret! It’s very easy to adjust and it’s big enough to put all the things that I need, for working.


5. ErgoEdge EverDesk

ErgoEdge EverDesk - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: EverDesk+)
ErgoEdge EverDesk – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: EverDesk+)

The most recent version of the EverDesk+, the Ergo Edge, is highly customizable. It’s available in three different sizes: 120cm x 60cm, 140cm x 65cm, and 160cm x 70cm. Its surface can also be made from standard engineered wood or natural wood.

It has six distinct top coats to choose from: Lily White, White Oak, Dark Walnut, Onyx Black for traditional models, and Aged Dark Walnut and Raw Ashen Oak for naturally finished tops.

The EverDesk+ has several compartments and systems that you may utilize for a wide range of purposes. The EverDesk+, like its name suggests, has a pocket for everything.

Aside from these adjustable features, we appreciate that the EverDesk+ is simple to put together. Despite this, Ergo Edge performs installations based on demand.

The EverDesk+ also has a T-shape design, making it sturdy and wobble-free at all angles and heights. To top things off, the height adjustment of the EverDesk+ produces no more than 65 decibel noises.

It also comes with an unbeatable 10-year warranty, as well as the option for a 4-year extended warranty for an extra $150. This is for you, if you want the finest standing desk in Singapore that will fit with your living area.

Key Differentiators:

  • It has 3 different surface sizes and can carry up to 70kg.
  • Nooks can be used to store all manner of wirings, tablets, phones, and accessories
  • At all heights, it’s completely silent and rock-steady.
  • The warranty period ranges from 10 to 15 years.

Customer Review:

The desk is perfect and have remedied my backache by adjusting to appropriate heights ‚Äî sitting and standing. I should have bought the bigger size table. 🙂

Joel D.

6. Solos Advanced Standing Desk

Solos Advanced Standing Desk - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Solos)
Solos Advanced Standing Desk – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Solos)

The Solos Advanced Standing desk has earned its name because of its dual turbo motors, which are a contemporary feature that allows for easy height adjustment without disturbing your coworkers. From 8 to 48.4 inches tall, this sophisticated standing desk provides smooth height adjustment.

The premium finishes, in particular the hexagon-shaped legs and the walnut veneers, add a professional look and elegant design to this desk, which is especially appealing to individuals searching for an office desk. It’s a strong all-around performer regardless of employment status. The device can also improve the aesthetics of your working environment.

Its strength and sturdiness are enhanced by a high-quality steel frame. You’ll be able to use this desk for a long time. The reminder and anti-collision features are two more important elements to consider. The Solos Advanced standing desk has a high-quality workstation. With a capacity of 125kg, the Solos desk is ideal for physical paperwork and computers without the risk of it shattering.

Key Differentiators:

  • It features twin turbo engines that allow for simple height adjustment.
  • Enhance the appearance of the workplace
  • Easy to assemble and has anti-collision feature

Customer Review:

Good product. So far so good although the assembly was fairly challenging. Retailer is good, prompt and attentive.

7. Altizen Active

Altizen Active - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Altizen)
Altizen Active – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Altizen)

The Altizen Active is completely adaptable. It has a silent motor with two memory heights, so it’s never noisy. The disk’s basic characteristics are no different from those of the other products on the list. However, it comes with a wireless handset to increase convenience.

Altizen is a company well-known for its high-end and high-quality office furniture. It’s one of the most popular adjustable workstation brands on the market. It has simple height adjustments that are done manually. Its adaptability will also appeal to you. You can swap between a single, dual monitor configuration and a laptop with ease.

Altizen is the finest value for money because it is built of high-quality materials. The 80 x 48cm working area allows you to put your work tools like papers, laptops, and phones on the desk. It also has a 6mm radius working surface that will allow customers to work in maximum comfort.

Key Differentiators:

  • The motor is quiet and has two memory heights.
  • It also features a wireless handset to make operation more convenient.
  • Switchable between single monitor, dual monitor, and laptop mode with a single click.
  • Customizable monitor heights with 11 different heights

8. Build Your Desks Model K2

Build Your Desks Model K2 - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Build Your Desks)
Build Your Desks Model K2 – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Build Your Desks)

The Model K2 is the most versatile standing desk on the market. The standing desk has a variable height range and a gentle 4cm/s speed, making it their bestseller. Finally, you may select between a variety of wood types and sizes for the table top, or go with no tabletop at all!

This is the most streamlined sit-to-stand desk available in Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • Adjustable height
  • This is a table top mounting tray that can be used for a 1m to 1.8m-long tabletop.
  • Suitable for someone who is 1.4m to 1.85m tall

Customer Review:

Received with good quality. Awesome product that solved my back n shoulder ache problems. Reasonable price n fast respond from the seller. Had recommended to my friends and colleagues.


9. Fitfit Health Electric Standing Desk

Fitfit Health Electric Standing Desk - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Fitfit Health)
Fitfit Health Electric Standing Desk – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Fitfit Health)

Unlike the other standing desks on our list, FitFit Health Electric Standing Desk is a one-of-a-kind and practical piece of furniture that will add a punch of creative and contemporary style to your home or workplace. If you’re searching for a standing desk that complements your business, this one is perfectly tailored to your specifications.

The desk is height adjustable by means of a button press. It also has two-toned platforms, which change color when you flip one side. Both hues are visually appealing.

The desk’s design incorporates a number of interesting features to prevent frequent difficulties such as noise and stability. On the top surface, there is good wood construction on a frame. Steel materials are used in the foundation. As a result, you can be certain of its longevity. The keyboard and mouse are firmly attached to the desktop.

FitFit Health Electric Standing Desk is a stylish and affordable workstation that has plenty of capacity for two monitors and a laptop. It also includes a detachable keyboard tray and USB charging ports, giving users a taste of the tech world. Most importantly, it’s simple to put together.

Key Differentiators:

  • Height adjustable by means of a button press
  • It also has two-toned platforms that change color when you flip one side.
  • To avoid frequent issues such as noise and stability, the desk’s structure includes a number of intriguing elements.
  • It includes a stylish and inexpensive workstation with enough space for two monitors as well as a laptop.
  • There are USB charging ports and a detachable keyboard tray.

Customer Review:

The build of the table is very sturdy. It will not slip on your table , it takes effort to move it, which is a good thing. It fits neatly on my very small workspace table. I am very satisfied with this.

Aivan R.

10. VariDesk Pro Plus 36

VariDesk Pro Plus 36 - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: VariDesk)
VariDesk Pro Plus 36 – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: VariDesk)

If you’re looking for a sit-stand desk that can be used at home and in the office, this is the one to get. You may save time by purchasing the VariDesk Pro Plus 36 pre-assembled instead of assembling it yourself. It has a scratch-resistant 3D laminate finish with a heavy-duty base and substantial steel frame that can carry two monitors.

VariDesk Pro Plus 36 has a rowing and dual handle lift mechanism for reducing back strain when you raise the desk. It also features numerous height settings so you can quickly determine which one is ideal for you.

Key Differentiators:

  • Adjustable height levels of five different heights
  • Instead of building it yourself, you’ll receive it pre-assembled.
  • It has a scratch-resistant 3D laminate surface with a steel frame that can support two monitors.
  • Has a rowing and two handle lift mechanism for reducing back strain when you raise the desk

Customer Review:

Love this ergonomically friendly varidesk. I had one at my job a few years ago and when I moved to a new job, missed out..I finally bought one on line for myself at home (after a few years of trying to jimmy-rig a standing desk arrangement using my text books etc). The VariDesk is worth every dime. It comes already assembled – super glad for that. It is sturdy and solid, yet easy to shift from sit down to stand up position (I’m a 46 year old woman and this was key for me – the ease and smoothness of being able to shift this up and down, with no heaviness or pressure on me). It smoothly shifts up and down, with no wobbling to my monitors, laptop and keyboard.


11. Altizen Pro Stand Desk Converter

Altizen Pro Stand Desk Converter - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Altizen)
Altizen Pro Stand Desk Converter – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Altizen)

The Altizen pro is one of the most comfortable standingdesks in Singapore. It’s recognized for its ability to monitor people’s sitting and standing activity. It’s made from laser-cut cold rolled steel that conveys its stability and durability.

The use of the Android or iOS app is permitted. Download the Android or iOS app, connect it to this desk, and change the number of hours sitting or standing. It also allows you to customize your own objectives using notification reminders.

Alitizen pro is a more sophisticated standing desk with individual keyboard and monitor adjustments. For better screen visibility, the 98-degree optimum angle is excellent. You can be confident in its sturdiness because it’s built of steel components. The working space is something you’ll never have to worry about again.

If you want a convertable desk with 21st-century smart features and a lot of favorable feedback from consumers, this one is for you.

Key Differentiators:

  • The electric lift has a one-touch memory height and a near-silent motor.
  • The maximum height to which the stair lift can be extended is 50cm. It is suited for users up to 2m tall.
  • Easily switch between single monitor, dual monitor, and laptop configurations.
  • The screen height can be adjusted independently and simply.

12. Decor Viz

Decor Viz - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Decor Viz)
Decor Viz – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Decor Viz)

When it comes to furnishings, you require quality and flair. Decor Viz is one of the finest standing desk models on the market with the quietest twin motors in the business. Its design is basic yet attractive. It has excellent stability and ease of use.

Decor Viz is a Singapore-based company that specializes in creating more attractive home interiors for discerning consumers. Some of its features include a wake-up timer to remind you to get up, a touch screen display, child lock, screen saver, and more. Because they operate out of their headquarters in Singapore and Malaysia, they provide a wide range of customisation alternatives.

It has a 3-column adjustable workstation with a maximum working height of 1280mm. The frames may be adjusted on either the left or right side of the desk. The Decor Viz can support up to 125 kg, so you won’t have to worry about it tipping over.

Viz’s objective is for you to have total control of your comfort and a concealed control box with a wire tray. It’s best suited for professionals who work on big computers or papers.

Key Differentiators:

  • It has three memory settings and a control box with a wire tray that conceals it.
  • The most quiet dual motor on the market, with speeds of up to 38mm/s
  • Free installation and customization options make it easy to get started.

13. IKEA Skarsta

IKEA Skarsta - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: IKEA)
IKEA Skarsta – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: IKEA)

The IKEA SKARSTA table (from $369) is another example of the brand’s iconic simplicity. This desk, which is completely coated in white, instantly brightens up any space and will complement your IKEA furniture nicely.

This one, like all IKEA furniture, comes with a lot of work surface space for two people to share comfortably. Turn the simple crank under the table to adjust the table’s height from 70 to 120cm when you’re feeling a little worn out.

Key Differentiators:

  • For uneven surfaces, it has a sturdy base and adjustable feet.
  • On either side, manual height adjustable cranks

14. ErgoWorks

ErgoWorks - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: ErgoWorks)
ErgoWorks – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: ErgoWorks)

This is the brand to go for if you’re looking for a product that has been certified to be both comfortable and protective. The Chiropractic Association (Singapore) and the Singapore Physiotherapy Association have sponsored and recommended their wide range of goods.

They market themselves as “comfort through science,” with a range of ergonomically designed goods that they term “sickness and pain free.” It’s also believed that improper body posture might lead to illnesses and injuries. As a result, the items will assist you in adapting your working posture to avoid unpleasant situations, allowing you to relax any physical problems. Their brand also includes massage recliners and footrests for a soothing touch at home.

Key Differentiators:

  • It has independently adjustable dual-motor heights and anti-collision features.
  • It has four memory height adjustments and a desk feet leveler.
  • Overload protection is built in.

15. Omnidesk Zero

OmniDesk Zero - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: OmniDesk)
OmniDesk Zero – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: OmniDesk)

AFTERSHOCK’s height adjustable series of tables are ideal for your sit-standing requirements, created by the same team that creates bespoke PCs. The OMNIDESK Zero is the most cost-effective and adaptable standup desk in Singapore, with the broadest selection of configurable design and add-ons.

The OMNIDESK ZERO is one of the finest and most cost-effective electric height adjustable workstations in Singapore, despite being the entry-level model in the OMNIDESK range (check out their OMNIDESK PRO 2020 series).

Customer satisfaction is just as crucial as it is on their PCs, and you can get everything you need to decorate your PC including the option of Eco Bamboo table tops, monitor arms, and CPU stands all in one order.

Key Differentiators:

  • The height can be adjusted from 70cm to 118cm, and the desk features smooth, silent adjustments.
  • It has a lot of customization options.

Customer Review:

Fantastic table. Easy to use and functions perfectly.

As someone who is currently working from home, my new Omnidesk Zero Electric is the perfect work companion. Being able to change the height helps me maintain movement and remain active even during a long work day.

Clement H.

16. AUKEY SD-01 Dual Motors Height-Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

AUKEY SD-01 Dual Motors Height-Adjustable Electric Standing Desk - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Aukey)
AUKEY SD-01 Dual Motors Height-Adjustable Electric Standing Desk – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Aukey)
Key ServicesConsumer Electronics
Address33 Ubi Avenue 3, #02-21, Vertex Tower A, Singapore 408868
Operating Hours10.30am – 6.30pm

AUKEY is an award-winning Tech brand sold in over 50 countries. They have been featured on Forbes, The New York Times, The Straits Times, and on numerous occasions. 

For its affordable price, the AUKEY Electric Standing Desk offers very advanced features. It comes with dual motors – one in each leg – for enhanced stability and a quiet adjustment. At below 50 decibels, you will be surprised it is softer than a quiet refrigerator. It also has a built-in anti-collision system to detect and react to any obstruction. This helps to prevent accidents or even scratches on the desk. 

It comes in a classy design with LED display and 3 memory buttons for a convenient one-touch adjustment. The 1.2m x 0.6m table top comes with the option of a modern black wooden top or walnut wood to complement your room. It is also made from an industrial-grade solid steel frame that can support up to 82kg. 

As a bonus, AUKEY offers complimentary cable management net, storage bag, and table hook so you can keep your desk uncluttered and wire-free.

Quote FUN5 to get 5% off the AUKEY Electric Standing Desk and Gaming Chairs on AUKEY.SG.

Key Differentiators:

  • Dual-Motor Lift System: Quick and quiet adjustment (<50dB – that’s softer than a quiet refrigerator). Two separate motors (one in each leg) provide enhanced stability during height adjustment. 
  • Anti-Collision System: To prevent damage and ensure safety, the desk detects and reacts to obstructions when it’s adjusting.
  • Free Cable Management Net, Storage Bag, and Table Hook: Includes cable management net to keep cables organized and out of the way. There’s also a storage bag and table hook to hold more things.
  • LED display, 3 memory buttons for convenient one-touch adjustment. 
  • Industrial-grade solid steel frame with a modern wooden top (1.2m x 0.6m) supports up to 82kg.

Customer Review:

Item very well packed & assembly was easy with clear instructions. Thumbs up that the table is dual motor & hidden in legs. Also a nice cutout at back of table to allow wires through the table while flush against the wall, a hook for headphones, side storage area & under table mesh to hold wires.


17. IKEA Bekant

IKEA Bekant - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: IKEA)
IKEA Bekant – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: IKEA)

The BEKANT line of standing desks, produced by IKEA, is popular with most people and comes in a variety of tabletop colors such as black stained ash, white, and light oak. The BEKANT is a wonderful standing desk option at $799. You can check out the electrical version.

Take note, however, that the standing desk is also available in a manual height adjustable version for less than half the price at $319.

Key Differentiators:

  • Adjustable to a range of sizes from 65cm to 125cm
  • At $399, the corner desk design and appearance includes a modest look and style.

18. Altizen Standing Desk

Altizen Standing Desk - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Altizen)
Altizen Standing Desk – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Altizen)

Smart standing desks are another story. What about smart standing desks? Alitzen is more than just a regular standing desk because of its motorised elevation that allows you to raise and lower it with the press of a button. It’s here to provide the smart features for stationary workstations.

How does it do this? The standing desk monitors, motivates, and instructs users via sensors and a smartphone app. It’s comparable to a Fitbit in the computer bag. Alitizen will remind you if you need to stand or move so that you don’t forget! The desk will remember your height preferences, and it is motorized and automated to quickly move to any location. It will also move your keyboard and monitor to the most comfortable positions imaginable for you.

Key Differentiators:

  • Have an app that reminds you to stand/sit when you need to.
  • Adjustments are remembered.

19. Steelcase Flex

Steelcase Flex - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Steelcase)
Steelcase Flex – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Steelcase)

Steelcase is a world-renowned furniture manufacturer and one of the largest in the globe. Many organizations, such as our hospitals and schools, have benefitted from Steelcase’s office furnishings solutions. The Steelcase Flex Height-Adjustable Desk is adaptable and dependable, as it features hidden rolling wheels that combine stability and mobility.

Key Differentiators:

  • The adjustable height standing desk can be customized with a regular or electric standing desk with basic touch controller.
  • Adjustable from 57.5 to 123.7 inches
  • Radius corners that are safe for children and pets

20. Tito Dual – Sided Height Adjustable Table

Tito Dual - Sided Height Adjustable Table - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Tito)
Tito Dual – Sided Height Adjustable Table – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Tito)

The Tito Dual-Sided Adjustable Table is the ideal standing desk for the entire family since it may be used as a kid’s study table, an adult’s workstation, or standing tables with a single click of a button.

In order to achieve the maximum level of productivity and comfort, a good standing desk is essential. Keep in mind to stay healthy!

Key Differentiators:

  • On both sides, a firm foundation with electric height adjustment is included.
  • Designed for collaborative workstations and fits in your office.

21. Hollin’s Adjustable Laptop Table

Hollin's Adjustable Laptop Table - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Hollin)
Hollin’s Adjustable Laptop Table – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Hollin)
Key FeaturesSlick Design. Accessible adjusting system
PriceSGD 223

For a sleek desk that blends in with your modern and Marie Kondo-inspired home, consider the Adjustable Laptop Table from Hollin ($236, U.P. $295.80). With a gas lift height adjusting system that allows you to effortlessly raise and lower it depending on your requirements, the desk is shaped like Pixar’s lamp.

This design is ideal for laptop users who can’t bear to sit still since it features a small size and wheels at the bottom to enable it to move around. Do you want to get out of your routine? Simply relocate the desk to a different area.

22. Standing Desk Converter with Height Adjustable Keyboard & Counterbalance Monitor Arm

Standing Desk Converter with Height Adjustable Keyboard & Counterbalance Monitor Arm - Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Amazon)
Standing Desk Converter with Height Adjustable Keyboard & Counterbalance Monitor Arm – Standing Desk Singapore (Credit: Amazon)

We certainly don’t want to work in an uncomfortable posture for a long time, and we don’t have a choice about it. Fortunately, with the appropriate equipment, this won’t happen.

The Standing Desk Converter by Siig will take care of all of your concerns once you buy it. The total design of this standing desk in Singapore was created with the client’s convenience in mind, so it is appropriate for everyone.

It is also quite easy to adjust and store, and it can be used in a variety of ways. It may be adjusted and stored easily. It also helps to alleviate neck and back pain while you work since it has been thoroughly planned with these prevalent problems in mind.

Key Differentiators:

  • It’s simple to alter and it comes with a carrying bag.
  • It is made from a material that can ease neck and back discomfort.

Customer Review:

This product was easy to assemble. It goes up and down at a touch (two hands needed) but it is very easy to operate. I had no trouble installing it by myself because it is quite easy. It did fit on my desk very well. I am finding it very useful. Thank you.

Michel L.

Standing Desk Singapore

To find your perfect desk, you have to first ask yourself what is most important for you. Do you want the best value? The lightest desk? Or something that’s both affordable and lightweight? From our list of 22 desks in Singapore, we hope that there will be at least one option that suits all of your needs!

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