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4 Rules To Implement For Team Building

Team building sessions are now considered a necessity for companies who intend to promote a healthy work culture/ environment. However, are you really optimising what you are getting from your team building session? There are certain adjustments that can be made to enhance your team building experience easily. Here are the tips.

1. No Phones / Electronic Devices

It is not that I am advocating for you to be a strict nanny boss who is demanding of all the micro details…  In this generation, the phones are so distracting and convenient to us, we can’t help but be tempted to dish out our phones in an attempt to either skip time or avoid awkwardness. Or sometimes, we just have someone texting us and we just reply since we are out ‘playing’. Thus my proposition to introduce a strictly no phone/ electronic devices ban to help promote interaction between colleagues on this important day of team building session.

2. Mix with those you rarely interact with

It makes sense right? There is no use talking to your buddy whom you are already so close with. On this occasion, the company should aim to foster new collegial relationships with those whom they rarely talk to. Though this may be hard to achieve or even facing resistance from the office people. However should you be able to, try creating a rule for the day – to avoid talking with person you are closest to in the office. You and your colleagues will be amazed at the results afterwards, talking and discovering new unique individuals in the office.

3. Winners & Losers

Sometimes you may be faced with unmotivated colleagues on team building day. They will probably be feeling restless that they are spending time doing something unnecessary when they could have simply be doing precious work in the office. Scolding them into being participative is not a solution, so since the stick won’t work, we shall use the carrot! Offer the winners something nice to work for, like a cool looking tumbler or perhaps a limited edition company product that is popular. And well for the losers, give them a light punishment of sorts, but nothing too overwhelming that people will complain, something like a forfeit, doing a dance (if they are incapable, chicken dance is good too) or write alphabets with their butt. This way everyone has fun.

4. Leaders take a break

Well on team building day, it may be better for leaders to take a backseat and let the other employees take the driver seat and see what happens. There are perks to this. Staff may be frustrated with the leaders already (leaders have a tough time with pleasing all sides), so it may lead to inwardly unpleasantness during the experience. Secondly, leaders can use this time to assess potential people who show promising signs of leadership for future roles. Moreover, this is not exactly a working environment, so there is no need to have to follow the company’s hierarchical position so strictly on this off day.